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(ended 1989)

Some company needs to buy the rights to this show, and buy the complete rights!

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    Some company needs to buy the rights to Small Wonder, and they need to buy the complete rights to the whole series. I say the whole series, so that they would own the rights to all of the seasons, not just one at a time. I know, that that is the mistake that a company called SHOUT FACTORY made when they were purchasing the rights to another great 80s tv show Punky Brewster. They made the mistake of not buying the rights to the whole series, and just settled for the rights to each season one at a time. Unfortunatly for them, when Punky Brewster seasons started to sell well, Sony Entertainment the company that owned the rights to Punky Brewster, saw how well they were selling, and when SHOUT FACTORY came to them for the rights to the fourth and last season, Sony denied them the rights. Now the fate of this other great show is now in limbo, because these to companies are now at legal war with each other for the rights. So what I say is SOMEONE BUY THE COMPLETE RIGHTS TO SMALL WONDER, AND GET THIS GREAT 80'S TV SHOW OUT ON DVD PLEASE!

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