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What are your top 10 episodes of Small Wonder?

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    I say top ten, because I know that I couldn't narrow all of my favorite episodes down to just one, so I say top 10.

    First on the list is episode is the episode where Jaime turns VICI in to Victor, to try to get her on his baseball team. I love how he tells VICI to give the coach her/his fast ball, and she delivers a 90+ mph fast ball. The coach is estatic, until he finds out that Victor is really VICI. He asks Jaime why he dressed her up to look like a boy, and Jaime's response is that it was because he the coach doesn't allow girls on the time. Coach's answer to this is that this didn't apply to girls who can throw 90+ mph fast balls.

    Jaime then starts to feel bad, knowing that his parents are right, and that he shouldn't have come up with the idea of having VICI on the team. This makes him feel so bad, that he then programs VICI to throw her shoulder out so she can't pitch for the team anymore.

    Number 2 is the episode where one of set of Grandparents comes to visit. These areTed's parents. I feel bad, because VICI is just the sweetest thing, dispite being a robot, and Grandpa doesn't like her. He calls her a bunch of names. Included in these names are Worthless bucket of bolds, and erector set, and scrap heap. He threatens to leave. It is while he is picking up his suitcase, that he collapes and complains of chest pain. Jaime, his parents and Grandmother all panic, and leave his bedroom, where the grandparents were staying while they are visiting. Jaime holds his hand and then he realises that he isn't breathing. He freaks out. VICI then comes in to the scene, and tells Jaime to move away from the patient. She listens to Grandpa's chest, and says, "His heart is friberating, the solution is coronary defriberation." Jaime sayswhats that. VICI respones ELECTRIC SHOCK. Jaime says,OK, just do it. She says just do it. She then places her fist on grandpa's chest and gives him two quick jolts to which his body response to and he starts breathing again. Ted, Joannie, and Grandma re-enter the room, and Jaime tells them what VICI did. The scene then shifts to give you the time period of one week later. The Grandparents are about to leave. VICI brings their bags down from Jaime's bedroom and puts them down in the living room to take out to the car later. Joannie tells her mother in law that their plane will be on time. Joannie says she wishes that they could stay longer, but Grandma says that her husband Bill just wants to get home after a week in the hospital. She calls him a stubborn old fool. Ted and grandpa Bill come threw the front door. Jaime ask his grandfather if he is feeling better and he says yes although he doesn't know which was worse all the tubes the hospital staff put in him, or the jello. Joannie interrupts, and says that if their going to make their plane, they had better get going. Ted tells VICI to take the bags to the car, Grandpa Bill's responce is "I don't need that erector set to help me. VICI then utters the best line of the episode, which made me double over with laughter. She SAYS HE'S A STUBBORN OLD FOOL, as she is walking out the front door with three suitcases. She had overheard grandma call him this and pulls it out at the best comedic time. Grandma then tells Grandpa Bill what had happen, and he doesn't believe it. Ted, Joannie, and his wife all confirm it At this point VICI and Jaime walk back in the house. They are about to walk out the door, and Grandpa Bill hesitates. He say that he'd like to have a word with VICI alone, and shews everybody else in to the kitchen. He then tells VICI to sit with him on the couch. She does and he begins to explain how he was toldthat she saved his life. He tells her that he had a very good reason to hate robots. He tells her that he has finally excepted her and loves herjust as much as if she was a real child. They hug, and the family sees this as they peer out the kitchen doorway. He then tells them that they can stop peeping, and rejoin them. Grandma and Grandpa then call VICI to them and proceed to give her a kiss one on each cheek. She then starts to cry, and Jaime notices. She had started to cry earlier in the episode when she was called a worthless bucket of bolts. Joannies says that she is getting more human everyday, and that she is starting to develop emotions. Ted says that maybe she is becoming more like a human female, "SHE CRYS WHEN SHE'S SAD, AND SHE CRYS WHEN SHES HAPPY." He then is punched in both arms by grandma and Joannie.

    Third on the list is the Little Miss Shopping Mall episode. I like this one because aside from a techinical disavantage, VICI would have smoked both the flute playing girl who's parents just so happened to own the shopping mall, and also be the judges, and harriet. I love who Tiffany Brissette (as VICI) comes out on to the stage dressed like a european, and to be specific, a spanish dancer. She then shews the piano player away, takes a seat at the piano and begins to play the piece of music by herself. This is something no single person could do well. What puts the icing on the cake is that not only is she playing the music, but she also begins to sing as well. She finishes by hitting a high note something that is also very difficult to do.

    Fourth on the list is called Class Comedian. In this episode Jaime trys to regain the friendship of his friends. They say that VICI is no fun, and doesn't have a very good personality. This episode begins with Joannie substitute teaching Jaime's 7th grade class. I love how she asks questions, and VICI is always quick to answer them. Joannie praises her, but tells her to ease up a bit, and allow the other classmates to answer. She then asks the class where was President Abe Lincoln born, and calls on Reggie to answer the question. He answers that President Lincoln was born in the state of Kentucky. After he resumes his seat, VICI stands up and says,"that answer is incomplete, the exact location of the log cabin was in larue county Kentucky. The whole class just goans, and Reggies says, "Oh what, no zip code, to which VICI responds 42748. Class is then dismissed for lunch, and Jaime asks his friends if they want to have lunch with him, and Reggie's answer is that none of the guys like VICI because they think that she is unfriendly and stuck up. Reggie calls Jaime a pea brian, and he and Jaimes other guy friends go to have lunch. Jaime sarcastically thanks VICI, and tells her that thanks to her everybody hates him. VICI response by saying "that is incorrect, not everybody has met you pea brain. Jaime then comes up with an idea to mess with VICI's circuts, so she wont' be able to attended school with him for awhile. Later that night they are at home, and Jaime is tinkering with VICI circuts. He says "there done." VICI responses by saying "What were you doing behind my back?" Jaimesays "its a suprise." He then commands her to do something. She is incapable of doing it. Ted puts her right. Jaime then comes up with a new plan to re-program VICI to have a better personality. He teaches her to smile, laugh, and tell jokes. That next day before class starts, Jaime presents the new improved VICI to his friend Reggie. He tells VICI to give Reggie a high five and ask him how he's doing. She does this, and Reggie tells her that he has a headache and what he thinks is the flu. Jaime and Reggie are both confused when instead of showing concern, VICI's response is to laugh. Reggie says that he'd love to see what she does when she hears about train wrecks. He asks " where was she when the marbles were passed out. He then goes in to the class room, and Jaime tells VICI that she isn't supposed to laugh at tradegy, and if she laughs at the wrong time he's dead. VICI response by saying "Oh I'm sorry, I hope you feel better tomorrow." Class then begins, and Joan, Jaime and VICI's mother is teaching the class. She starts asking the students questions and waits for them to answer. VICI disrupts the class by standing up and making a joke at every question her mother asks. Later that evening Jaime and VICI are in their backyard, and Jaime tells VICI that he wishes that he'd never re-programed her to have a sense of humor or a better personality. He tells her to forget EVERYTHING. She says "Forget everything." Ted comes out with the trash, and Jaime says hello to him. He says not to give him any of that hi dad stuff, and says that he is very disappointed in Jaime and VICI for disrupting the class. He then tells VICI that her days as a stand up robot are over andto go to her Cabinet. She doesn't respond. Ted repeats "VICI go to your cabinet. No respones. Ted says a third time in a more angry tone of voice, "VICI GO TO YOUR CABINET!" he asks Jaime whats wrong with her, and Jaime says nothing and that she was normal a minute ago and that they were just talking. Ted says "what were you talking about." Jaime says "nothing, I just told her to FORGET EVERYTHING. Ted say "Oh no, you didn't use those exact words did you. Jaime says that yes he did. Ted says "Oh great Jaime, by saying forget everything, VICI has forgotten everything she's learned since the day I created her. Ted then picks up VICI and carrys her into the house leaving Jaime outside to feel bad, at that point Reggie shows up and tells Jaime that VICI is alright with him and guys, and she can lunch with them anytime. Meanwhile, in the living room Ted is loading VICI's backup memory while Joan watches. He tells Joan not to be so concerned as he made a back up system for just in case this conflict arose. Joan is pleased to hear that VICI is going to be ok. She then tells Ted to tell a worried sick Jaime that his sister is going to beok. Ted says that he wants Jaime to sweat a little first. They leave the room and Jaime comes in and tells VICI how sorry he is for what he did to her. He is amazed to find that his sister is ok.

    Fifth place goes to the gold digging episode where Joan's father comes for a visit. I love how the episode opens with Jaime playing darts and gets a bullseye. He is excited and says "how about that VICI". Her responce is "big deal." Jaime then tell her to try it and she says that she only needs one dart. She then does something that I still have a hard time excepting, she bends over and throws the dart from in between her legs, something that I don't think anyone could do. Then the scene shifts to the kitchen where Joan is making some sandwiches for her fathers arrivial. There is a knock on the door and it is Ida Mae Brindle, Brandon's sister. She enters and starts to insult Joan with little quips. The scene then shifts to the living room, VICI is straightening the furniture making sure everything is set for her grandfathers arrival. Ted and Joan's father come through the front door, Joan's father Jim says "theres my darling little granddaughter, Hi honey." VICI responses by saying Hi honey. He then asks her for a great big hug, and she come over to him and procceeds to give him a GREAT BIG BONE CRUSHING hug.

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