Small Wonder

Season 1 Episode 20

Good Ol' Lou

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Feb 22, 1986 on

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  • Not one of the better episodes.

    This episode is unfortunately not one of the better episodes. Basically it is about Ted's buddy Lou who gets sick then later passes away. Ted was affected by this plight and he is worried about his own mortality. His whole family is trying to convince him to snap out of it. It wasn't until Vicki mimics what he does and says that he realizes that life is worth living and to not exaggerate so much.
    Although there were a few laughs, I did not enjoy this episode very much. One of the weaker efforts from Small Wonder. I believe it is one of those spur of the moment episodes created to fill out the necessary 24 episodes per season.
  • Basically this entire episode is about how the dad is scared of becoming ill and then possibly dying. The family isn't going for it and is trying to talk sense in him all the time but he must see the error of his ways only through vici's help.

    I thought this episode was bland not very entertaining at all. I think I almost fell asleep. My eyes drifted away from the screen many times and when I was looking at it I could hardly get my brain to pay attention to what was actually being said. The father could not carry the show if he had to. This was not such a worthy episode. I think the classification explains this episode well, filler episode. blaa blaah blaab blaah. I need filler. I need filler. Talk like Vici. I need filler. I need filler. Still more filler. One more word.