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  • Missing the 80's...

    Some of the best shows I've ever seen were made in the 80's. Small wonder is one of them. Family oriented, always funny, one of the best comedies ever.
  • I would watch a blank screen before watching a moment of this turkey. Quite possibly the worst show on television during those years (and maybe since).........

    Quite Possibly the worst show to ever air on network television.....un-imaginable that this thing lasted more than a single season. I was in Europe when it aired, watching it on Armed Forces Network....most people thought that it had never even aired in the States because it was so atrocious. Story line was poorly conceived and weakly delivered, character development was non-existent, episode plots were ludicrous, AND...without being too rude, the actors were about the weakest that television had seen at that point. For an alleged comedy there were precious few laughs. I hope that the network suits that allowed this thing to move forward were appropriately fired and banned from working in television. If I were submitting resumes to work in the industry, and had come even close to this stinker, I would make certain that I conveniently forgot this portion of my employment history.
  • One of the cutest shows I've ever seen!

    I never got a chance to see Small Wonder in my youth until I saw it on the net last year. After watchin' the first episode, "Vicki's Homecoming", I fell in love with the show. After watchin' it lots of times, I think Small Wonder is one of the cutest shows I've ever seen! Vicki and Harriet are my faves. While Harriet may be a sneak and a pest, she's a cute and adorable sneak and pest! Seriously. I've seen most of the episodes. This ranks as one of the 3 cute shows of the 80's in my book. Punky Brewster and Webster are the other 2.
  • The Small Wonder Experience- the band named after the show

    Small Wonder has a special meaning to me that influenced a major part of my life in a way its creator could never imagine personally. It reflects a time in my history that got the ball rolling on my creativity. The musical band I play in is named The Small Wonder Experience in honor of the one show that defined my growing years and also the immortal guitar legend Jimi Hendrix. We have played a psychedelic blues rock version of the theme song often.
  • Nostalgic.

    This show may seem cheesy by today's standards, but back then it seemed like the best thing on TV. Later it would be termed as one of the worst shows on TV. But when I watched this as a kid, I had still not developed a critical eye. I was hooked from the first episode. It would have been great if they had produced more episodes. The characters were funny and almost all the episodes were great. It's really sad that this show is not available on DVD yet. But there are rumors that it will be released next year. It would truly be nostalgic to watch Small Wonder again. I may not enjoy it as much as I used to, but it's sure to bring some childhood memories back.
  • My first favorite

    This is the first sitcom i can remember calling my favorite, i was about 3 years old when it first came out. I would rush into the other room during supper to catch the song and the show. I was absolutely hooked on it, but i have hardley any recollection of it since i was so little. I do remember Vicki and he ruffly red dress and she talked in a robotic voice. Sometimes she'd go haywire and her dad would have to fix the jumble or parts in her back. And sometimes she'd spin in a circle. For as much as i loved it, the odd thing is, i can't even remember any specific episodes or lines. I'd like to see it shown any, for old times sake, and see if it brings back any memories. A weird show, i admit, but i guess iv'e always liked weird things ;)
  • I love this show, I think they should make new seasons for it!

    This is a really fun show I used to watch in my old country when I was little. It actually showed originality in someone inventing a robot and labeling its name! One episode shows the robot has feelings and that is great too.
    This show is really funny sometimes, I like Vicky's way of talking and I have a great time watching it.
    This show should have new seasons and they should start airing it again so we could all have more good times and remember those times of childhood we had while watching it.
    They should also make a movie about it for a return or something! But well that's Life!
  • It's a Small Wonder...

    Small Wonder is truly a wonderful, clean and entertaining TV show that lasted for four seasons 1985-1989. It features a typical family with a robot sister named Vicki (VICI). Ted Lawson (the father figure) invented the robot daughter. Very few people know about the secret of Vicky.

    I love most if not all the episodes. Absolutely hillarious and entertaining. They do not make shows like this anymore. I know the special effects and the story line can be quite cheesy but that is part of its charm. I am truly proud to own Seasons One and Two on DVD. The condition of these episodes is simply amazing. Very few glitches but that is to be expected from a show that is at least 25 years old.

    I hope Seasons 3 and 4 will be release sooner than later. It is truly an awesome TV Show.
  • i'm SO glad i found some of the episodes of this show on

    i was very young when i started watching this show. I was surprised to see that it began earlier than i thought. This was one show i enjoyed watching and wish they played on cable tv or on the tv channel Antenna TV. I miss this show alot and when i saw Tammy Brissette on Dancing with the stars, i almost didn't recognize her. That show was entertaining and funny, unlike half the comedy shows on today.
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  • Comedy show !

    All time favourite show.. in hearts forever
  • A sci-fi that laid foundations and inspirations to cartoons and movies.

    Hehe, my level reminded me of this show! It's about a robot girl, Vicky, invented by his father. It's actually family oriented and displays good messages. It's quality shows how retro it is, which makes it more good. *sighs*. I miss this show. Good to watch. Worth your time. Notice the cartoons and other shows, movies today used this to make one. Ex. My Life as a Teenage Robot, and Arificial Intelligence.
  • I loved this show to death.

    I think I was about 9 years old and in the 4th grade when this show premiered. I was always one to check out all the new shows. And I fell in love with this one right off the bat. I also had an enormous crush on Tiffany Brissette who played Vicki (which stood for Voice Input Child Identicant). Every Friday I thanked Ted Lawson (Dick Christie) for creating Vicki. Joan was your typical housewife. Jamie Lawson was the hilarious son who was constantly sought after by freckle-face next door neighbor Harriet Brindle, daughter of the nosey nitwitted Brandon Brindle and the extremely annoying but funny Bonnie Brindle. I watched the show from 1985-1988. I never knew there was a 4th season. Would love to see it. The one thing that was weird was that the show was aired on ABC's Friday night lineup but it was considered syndicated. I loved it perfect score. If anybody has any up-to-date pictures of Tiffany Brissette or any news of Small Wonder coming to DVD please let me know.
  • Good show

    I loved this show! If anyone can tell me where I can buy or get the series email me
    I am looking for out of this world also.. thanks
    I grew up in te 80\'s and I am about to have a daughter I want her to be able to watch these shows
  • What can I say I loved it.

    This show had the cool robot that was young and if I remember right she even went to school. I watched this show alot when it was on. Believe it or not it took me 8 years to figure out what the title of this show was. I e-mailed fox 3 years ago because I remembered that they were the ones that aired the show originally and I never got a response. I would absolutly buy this set in any format it came out in. It was cute and a very good family show. I think that there are alot of people like me wishing that this would come back on tv.
  • I want this on DVD, since it\'s probably never going to be on TV again. Or if it does end up on TV again, it should be on either Nick at Nite or on TV Land.

    I just LOVED this show. My favorite character was Vicki the Robot. I had a crush on her/it, and I would (and still do) sometimes have dreams about her/it. I also thought that it was funny how Harriet would always come on to Jamie. I remember, and I\'m sure a lot of you do, too, that \"She\'s a smaaaaaaaaall wonder...\"
  • a great show ,wished it was still on

    this show was great when i was growing up. i wish it was still on ,i have 4 kids and they would probaly enjoy it also.i know growing up i would have to watch this show every night it was on.i loved it .now days they don\\\'t make alot of good shows that kids enjoy .just to name a few some of the shows i loved are ,small wonder, punky brewster,adams family, different strokes,webster.i\\\'m sure you know what i\\\'m saying. living in the 80\\\'s was great.
  • Loved the show at the time

    I was really little when this show was on. At the time i really really really loved this show. I would make the family watch it. Even visiting my grandparents, i would make them watch it. I have no idea what i saw in it at the time, but it just struck my fancy. Now i think the show is hookie and only okay. But i use to love the little boy and his robot sister. I think it would have been wonderful to have a sister that you could turn off. At the time to me this was a great show.
  • Odd but entertaining...

    I used to think I made this show up. I recently started asking my friends about it and they thought I was crazy! However, when I saw it mentioned on I Love the 80's, I knew I wasn't. I used to have a crush on the little boy who played Jamie. I thought he was so cute. The show was odd but still entertaining. I don't really think I could have stood having Vicki as my sister, but it would have been interesting. This is one of those shows you had to see to believe.
  • This was a really cute and creative show!

    This show provided a lot of afterschool entertainment, as I remember. It was sort of goofy, but it was one of those shows that's fun to watch anyway. I enjoyed the actors and seeing them in more popular shows such as Mama's Family and the Golden Girls. Vicky was a robot, but she had enough little girl in her to make her a star in this sitcom.
  • Older comedy/sci-fi show.

    If this is a show that you do not normally watch and you are sitting at home with nothing to do, you are going to wish you had it on tape. Having it "on tape" had become the generic term for recorded programs. Today you are more likely to have the show on Tivo or DVR than VHS, or god forbid Beta!! It is kind of like how a lot of people still call CD's "records" or "albums." Anyway, back to the show. This is the type of show that is really pretty good if you would just give it a chance. So on those cold, lonely, rainy days, pop in your tape or DVR or whatever if you were smart enough to tape it. If not, check to see if it is on as a re-run. After all, as they say, if you have never seen it, it is new to
  • Wish there were more shows like this

    Somehow the theme song from this show just popped into my mind last night. I asked my daughter if she remembered the show, and she did. It was a great family show that we never missed!
  • I want to see the cast how they look and where they are at today (a reunion). I would most definitely buy the entire DVD series if they ever put this sitcom on DVD.

    I like the show on the rate of 8. I own almost every episode but in poor quality. I won it on ebaY last year, 2004. I wish someone would know how to get in touch with the right contact to bring this show to DVD. What do you say?
  • A pretty cute show that I hardly remember.

    This was such a cute show. I hardly remember it though because I was really young when it was on the air. I do remember, however, that I always wanted to be able to read as fast as Vicky! I liked this show but I doubt that I would have watched it as I got older. As a kid the concept of a robot child living with a human family is a lot more appealing. Now I think it would be in the "unintentionally funny" category! The fact that it was on the air for as long as it was is baffeling, but that was the 80's I guess! Gotta love them!
  • A decent family show about a man, his family and their robot.

    Small Wonder was one of those shows that caught my interest because nothing else was on the tube. Watch it enough times and I found myself starting to enjoy it more each week.

    The cast was okay, the son was a little irritating at times. The mother was the ever-so-sweet and doting companion.

    But I think it was the quirky neighbors that really gave the show a little spice.
  • This show was about a family who's dad was a scientist and he created a daughter who was a robot. It was cute.

    This show was kinda stupid but I loved it. Who doesn't want a sister who's really a robot. :) This show was about a family who's dad was a scientist and he created a daughter who was a robot. It was cute. The show is great for a young audience.
  • An engineer invents a robot to become part of his family.

    I remember watching this as a kid. Now looking back, it's easy to see its flaws, but at the time it was a semi-popular show. The shows is all about the Lawson's living with Vicki whose a robot. It seems that Ted wanted to advance his career so he made Vicki. He had a small rival in the evil nerd known as Brindle. The Brindles were very annoying. They are truly the neighbors who look like losers, whom you don't want to know.

    This show clearly had a young audience. We see Vicki trying to live like a kid, but we see her abnormal actions (such as her strength) which leads others to try and discover her secret. Other times like "Three's Company" is a show about the chaos that happens when things get out of hand.

    Acting-wise, the acting was average, very average and noneo of the actors really had long TV or Movie careers except maybe William Bogert (who already was a couple of movies). It's an ok show, I've seen worse. For fans who liked it, it's a sign of some of the more enjoyable, but off the wall shows of the 80's.
  • If you didn't live in the late 80's you never heard of this one.

    I was still a teenager when "Small Wonder" came out. I enjoyed it at the time, but I think that if they brought it back now on in reruns, I would look at it like it was garbage.

    I was surprised to look back and see that it ran for FOUR years! WOW!

  • Lets make a robot girl live with a family and have crazy adventures. What?

    Okay I saw this show when I was a kid. First I never knew that it lasted as long as it did but apparently it did. Let me say that whoever invented this show and put it on the air must have been doing some heavy time coke back in the 80s because this show was way out there. The special effects, if you would call them that, were horrible. Even if you didnt have the budget or the technology to do things dont make a fool out of yourself and do it in a crappy fashion. And lets talk about the acting. The only one that could pull of a cyborg on film was Arnold in the Terminator trilogy. This girl that played Vicky was horrible..I mean horrible. And the cheesiness. Good God, I am getting pissed just thinking about this show. And finally I will admit that if they put it on MeTv I would watch a few reruns drunk.
  • It is not because something was a part of our childhood that it means it is good.

    Small Wonder was a terrible, terrible, terrible show. Ignoring the fact that the protagonist was a robot (what is not a problem at all), the acting was awful, and the stories unfunny. If you haven't watched the series, but want a good children's sitcom, I recommend you Punky Brewster!