Small Wonder

(ended 1989)


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  • Lets make a robot girl live with a family and have crazy adventures. What?

    Okay I saw this show when I was a kid. First I never knew that it lasted as long as it did but apparently it did. Let me say that whoever invented this show and put it on the air must have been doing some heavy time coke back in the 80s because this show was way out there. The special effects, if you would call them that, were horrible. Even if you didnt have the budget or the technology to do things dont make a fool out of yourself and do it in a crappy fashion. And lets talk about the acting. The only one that could pull of a cyborg on film was Arnold in the Terminator trilogy. This girl that played Vicky was horrible..I mean horrible. And the cheesiness. Good God, I am getting pissed just thinking about this show. And finally I will admit that if they put it on MeTv I would watch a few reruns drunk.