Small Wonder

(ended 1989)


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  • An engineer invents a robot to become part of his family.

    I remember watching this as a kid. Now looking back, it's easy to see its flaws, but at the time it was a semi-popular show. The shows is all about the Lawson's living with Vicki whose a robot. It seems that Ted wanted to advance his career so he made Vicki. He had a small rival in the evil nerd known as Brindle. The Brindles were very annoying. They are truly the neighbors who look like losers, whom you don't want to know.

    This show clearly had a young audience. We see Vicki trying to live like a kid, but we see her abnormal actions (such as her strength) which leads others to try and discover her secret. Other times like "Three's Company" is a show about the chaos that happens when things get out of hand.

    Acting-wise, the acting was average, very average and noneo of the actors really had long TV or Movie careers except maybe William Bogert (who already was a couple of movies). It's an ok show, I've seen worse. For fans who liked it, it's a sign of some of the more enjoyable, but off the wall shows of the 80's.