Small Wonder

Season 3 Episode 11

The Fats of Life

Aired Unknown Nov 21, 1987 on
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The Fats of Life
Vicki literally balloons after Ted unwittingly upgrades her energy-supplementing polynucleotide processor with an appetite, which creates excess digestive gases and causes her a date problem for the school dance.

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  • Very Funny Episode!

    The Fats of Life was a very funny episode of the third season of Small Wonder! I absolutely loved every bit of it! The best parts included Vicki devouring a platter of pancakes and then chug-a-luggin' down the pitcher of milk! Also I really loved the part where Harriet shows Vicki how to use feminine wiles in order to get someone to go with her to the dance. Once Vicki gets fat however later in the episode, it gets more funnier! Still, once Vicki's back to her old self in the end she looks so beautiful in the dress she's wearin' to the dance! I just love this episode, it's just so hysterical!moreless
Jennifer Less

Jennifer Less


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Brett Johnson

Brett Johnson

Ernie Henderson

Guest Star

Lihann Jones

Lihann Jones


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Daryl T. Bartley

Daryl T. Bartley


Recurring Role

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    • Harriet: Anbody asked ya to the dance Vicki?
      Vicki: Nobody asked me.
      Harriet: Well, if you really wanna go, use your feminine wiles.
      Vicki: If I knew what they were, I'd use them.
      Harriet: I'll show you. If a boy mentions the word "dance", just sort of style up to him like this (pulls her collar down to reveal her left shoulder) and lower your head like this and shyly say "Hi, you're cute!". And then look up at him all out of breath and say "Oh wow, how'd ya like to take me to the dance, big guy?". (Blinks eyes)
      Vicki: That's feminine wiles?
      Harriet: Sure. Flattery, trickery and pretense.

    • Harriet: Hi Vicki!
      Vicki: Hi Harriet!
      Harriet: Hello man of my dreams!
      Jamie: Goodbye woman of my nightmares!
      Harriet: Oh, I love it when he acts indifferent!

    • Jamie: Pour me some milk please Vicki.
      Vicki: The milk. (Takes the pitcher of milk and drinks it all.)
      Jamie: Vicki, that milk was for me.
      Vicki: Not anymore!

    • Vicki: I'm starved, I could eat a horse.
      Ted: Any questions?
      Joan: Not anymore. Well Vicki, I made some pancakes. Hmmmm?
      Vicki: No sausage. No eggs.
      Ted: You're lucky it's not a bucket of rustoleum. Eat.
      Vicki: Eat. (Devours one pancake at a time)
      Joan: Giving a robot an appetite, that incredible! (After Vicki finishes with the pancakes) She ate the whole platter.
      Vicki: (Belches and wipes her mouth off) How about seconds?
      Joan: Vicki, that was supposed to be for the entire family.
      Vicki: Not anymore!
      Joan: Whose appetite did you give her, Refridgerator Perry's?

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