Small Wonder

Season 3 Episode 8

The Lawsonville Horror

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 1987 on



  • Quotes

    • Jamie: This is terrific Vicki. I'll be the only kid in the neighborhood with my own ghost.
      Vicki: What's a ghost?
      Jamie: A ghost? Well, a ghost is a strange lookin' thing from another world.
      Harriet: Hi guys!
      Vicki: Hi ghost!
      Harriet: I just came by to see if there was any more ghostly activity last night. But this time, I'm prepared. No ghost will bother me as long as I wear this.
      Jamie: What is that?
      Harriet: It keeps the evil spirits away. It's a string of anchovies.
      Jamie: Anchovies? Harriet, it's supposed to be garlic that does that.
      Harriet: Garlic? Darn it! I spent a whole hour pickin' these off the pizza.
      Jamie: Well, it's not a total loss. It'll keep me away.
      Harriet: Well, Jamie, I really...Oh, no!  (Sees Vicki hovering) Vicki!  She's possessed!  AAAHHH!  (Runs away)