Small Wonder

Season 1 Episode 7

The Lie

Aired Unknown Oct 19, 1985 on
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The Lie
Jamie realizes the value of constant truthfulness when he can't convince his parents that he's not responsible for breaking (and secretly gluing together) a teapot caused by Harriet's smart-aleck cousin.

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      • Ted: (sees Jamie dribbling the basketball in the kitchen) Hold it! What did I just say about playing with that in here?
        Jamie: Sorry, Dad. Bad habits are hard to break.
        Ted: (in a strong warning voice) Well, if you don't break that bad habit before you break something in the house, I just liable to break something over your rear end.
        Jamie: (looking nervous and saying nothing)
        Vicki: His rear end gets the message.

      • Jamie: If I'm lying, may I be hit by lightning on this very spot! (looks up)
        Ted: (to Joan) Stand back, Honey.(backs away)
        Jamie: (nothing happens) See?
        Ted: (to Joan) I'll say one thing for him, he's got guts.

      • Joan: (thinking Jamie broke the teapot)Jamie, I think we just solved the mystery of my lamp with the cross-eyed angel.
        Vicki: And the pigeon toads.
        Jamie: Now, one broken thing at a time.

      • Jamie: (to Vicki while glueing the teapot back together) Last month, I broke my mom's antique lamp and I never got caught. I was lucky.
        Vicki: Lucky.
        Jamie: Yeah, cause after I glued the pieces back together, the angel on the lamp was pigeon toad and crossed-eyed.

      • Joan: Am I imagining things or is that teapot leaking?
        Jamie: (nervous) You're imagining things!
        Ted: It sure is leaking, Honey.
        Vicki: It sure is leaking, Honey.
        Joan: I can't understand it, I just bought it.(teapot suddenly falls apart) It's falling apart!
        Ted: Well, no wonder. This thing was glued together.
        Jamie: They sure don't make teapots like they used to.
        Ted: (looks at Jamie suspiciously) I have a feeling this teapot became defective after it was sold.

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