Small Wonder

Season 4 Episode 20

Vicki Doolittle

Aired Unknown Feb 25, 1989 on
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Vicki Doolittle
A new language translation device (Random Access Multiple Concurrent Linquistic Analytical Sequencer) installed in Vicki enables her to understand any language...even animals, like the bosses' dog. Mrs. Jennings forces Mr. Jennings to fire Ted when Joan balks at doing uncredited work for an affair.

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  • My favorite Small Wonder season 4 episode!

    When I first saw Vicki Doolittle, I thought that this was goin' to be another classic episode of Small Wonder in my book and it was! I really got a lot of laughs once Vicki could understand animals, especially Harriet's parrot despite she couldn't get it to speak at first. Anyway, Vicki really became a "nuts and bolts" Dr. Doolittle in this episode alright! I just loved this episode!
Lucy Lee Flippin

Lucy Lee Flippin

Cynthia Jennings

Guest Star

Ted Pitsis

Ted Pitsis

Harold Jennings

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Ziggy Siegel

Ziggy Siegel

Boy with duck

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The boy with the frog is Jerry Supiran's real life brother, Ricky.  This was the last credited role of his brief acting career.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Jamie: (Lifts a barrel) Vicki this weighs a ton, would you give me a hand?
      Vicki: Give you a hand. (Claps hands)
      Jamie: Thanks.
      Harriet: Hi.
      Jamie: Oh, hi Harriet. How's your bird?
      Harriet: I've been losing my voice trying to teach Waldo to talk. I think he's defective.
      Jamie: Maybe Vicki can find out why he won't talk. She can understand animals.
      Vicki: I'm a "nuts and bolts" Doctor Doolittle.
      Harriet: What do you mean she can understand animals? That's ridiculous.
      Jamie: Just trust me. Make him say somethng, go ahead.
      Harriet: Waldo, say something.
      Waldo: (Squawks twice)
      Harriet: Come on you fraud, say something.
      Waldo: (Squawks twice)
      Harriet: Open that beak and say something!
      Waldo: (Squawks twice loudly)
      Harriet: See that's all he says! (Squawks twice) If you can understand animals, what does that mean?
      Vicki: It means, "But Harriet, But Harriet". He can't get in a word edgewise.
      Jamie: Just like the rest of us.
      Harriet: You mean he'll talk if I just shut up?
      Waldo: (Squawks) Works for me, works for me!
      Harriet: Vicki, you're a genius!
      Jamie: Yeah and I figured a way to use Vicki's talents and make some money. You're lookin' at Doctor Vicki Doolittle, the world's greatest animal psychologist!
      Vicki: (In Waldo's voice) Works for me, works for me!

    • Harriet: (After Vicki blows the leaves away) That was so weird! I just got caught in a leaf storm.
      Jamie: Well, weird attracts weird. Who's your feathered friend Harriet?
      Harriet: Oh, well this is my new parrot Waldo.
      Jamie: Does he talk?
      Harriet: Well, he hasn't said anything yet. Waldo want a cracker?
      Waldo: (Squawks)
      Harriet: Waldo want some birdseed?
      Waldo: (Squawks twice)
      Harriet: Dumb bird!
      Jamie: If he's so dumb, then why'd you buy him?
      Harriet: Because we're color coordinated!
      Jamie: (To Vicki) How are we going to tell them apart?
      Vicki: The quiet one has feathers.

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