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Smallville tells the tale of a teenage Clark Kent in the days before he was Superman. It is the town where he came from where very strange things started happening with his arrival in a spaceship in the midst of a meteor storm of green rocks. Clark must deal with a variety of individuals given powers by the green rocks, keep his powers a secret, cope with his friendship with a young Lex Luthor, and balance the two girls in his life, Chloe and Lana. The show also shows us how Lex Luthor develops from a friend of Clark's and kinda-okay guy to (presumably) the villain who will plague Superman in his later years.

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  • Tom Welling

    Tom Welling

    Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

    Kristin Kreuk

    Kristin Kreuk

    Lana Lang

    Michael Rosenbaum

    Michael Rosenbaum

    Alexander ('Lex') Joseph Luthor

    Allison Mack

    Allison Mack

    Chloe Sullivan

    Erica Durance

    Erica Durance

    Lois Lane

    Annette O'Toole

    Annette O'Toole

    Martha Clark Kent

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    Fan Reviews (1876)

    • Top Shows - One of the best superhero shows

      Terrific, lots of variety, wide range of powers, plenty of villain of the week arcs, homely feel, cool references, loveable characters, the performance and character: Lionel Luthor, conflicted Clark with his morals and relationships, pretty cool action sequences. Complaint, I never liked Clark acting like Flash with his speed.

      4 seasons (2009-August 2015) 3rd party Video site, TNT
    • Smallville characters

      I really liked the show but the Lana character got really annoying. I can't watch seasons 5-7 because of the Clark, Lana, Lex storyline. I read the message from brandonsmith503 and have a question about the purpose of Lana's character. If she wasn't a main character in the "general" superman story-line, why was she such a central character in Smallville? And why did they put her and Clark together for most of the series and finally put Lois and Clark together by season 9? Why did they wait so long?moreless
    • Some information from someone that was part of the writers and on-set crew

      Alright this message goes out to the members such as tj-tv, osazeeprinzo, etc. I was part of the on-set team of Smallville and have talked to Alfred Gough and Miles Miller on numerous occasions. When writing Smallville they were faced with 2 options. One stick to the "general" superman story-line and have their hands tied writing wise by restricting them to sticking to that story line ONLY or number 2 they can step out of the "general" superman story-line and not be restricted of what they can write about. When beginning writing the show 2 things were said to be set into stone. First being we will not see him fly and the second being we will not see him in the suit. Now even though we changed that at the finale slightly and we saw him briefly fly and in the suit Smallville was created to show Clark Kent's life prior to him becoming the "Man of That was the whole point. In response to sheena115 Chloe was part of "our" story-line. Ultimately Clark is to be with Lois Lane this is why Chloe was fired from the Daily Planet to bring the Lois and Clark characters together. This is the reason why Tom Welling was not chosen to be in the "Man of Steel" films because we with we being us as well as DC and WB decided to keep the television world and movie world separate and not intertwine characters from one to the other. I hope this helped explain why the show ended how it did and if any other questions arise don't hesitate to ask. I will check frequently. Thank you to all the Smalllville fans. As a side note, we are attempting to find a way to bring the entire series of Smallville to Blu-Ray instead of seasons 6-10 only.moreless
    • Smallville

      I want my Smallville SHOW BACK was bad I had to get up at 5:00 am to even watch and I did every day. So now they take it off with out saying a thing. And put on law and order that is on every other channel you turn to any way. So I am not going to watch this channel at all till my show come back on ... I WANT SMALLVILLE BACK ONmoreless
    • BEST SHOW EVER!!!!

      This show guys is a masterpiece. It's a long show because of the ten seasons, but believe me, it's worth it a billion times. It's about Superman, but a part of him that you don't know, and you should know. The action is amazing, in every episode there's a new thrilling story, so for you boys don't worry, you'll get enough blood and fights; but I'm a girl, so the thing that i really loved was the relationship between clark and lois, even with lana is awesome, but trust me, with lois is a whole other story. They complete each other so badly that at the end of every episode you wish to have what they have in you're future with a man or a woman, it's unbelivable. Even the actors are amazing, it's like they were born to be Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Lex grown up with this show, and I felt so bad when it ended, and usually I don't care if a serie ends or a movie saga. Guys you must watch it!!! Definally the last seasons are the best, expecially the 10th.moreless

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