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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2010 on The CW

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  • We learn all about Tess...sigh

    I harp on about Tess Mercer quite a bit. I realize this. Even during episodes where she barely features, I tend to find the time to dedicate a paragraph or two to the fiery vixen. It's just... she's my new Chloe. My new obsession. My new favorite thing (from Smallville, anyway). I sort of love to rant about how badly written a character she is, but I do love her. Cassidy Freeman tackles whatever silly plot is thrown at her; she admirably keeps her game face on, even when she's bogged down with such ludicrous dialogue only the Smallville writing staff can churn out. Oh, and she's incredibly hot, I've mentioned that, right?

    This episode is extremely Tess-centric, and, I'll admit, actually rather good in parts. However, the crack writing staff have effectively ruined the character for me. I'll never look at her the same again. She can no longer be my substitute Chloe. Even when she dipped her toe in every pond this side of pondsville over the course of the last few years, it has been Freeman's consistently strong performance that has kept me interested in the character.

    But this new development takes the f**king biscuit. Tess Mercer is a Luthor! She's Lex's half-sister! Her real name is -- wait for it, it's classic -- Lutessa. Lutessa f**king Luthor.

    No doubt come season's end we'll find out she's Lois' cousin (twice removed) and that she had a fling with Lana, went to college with Pete, slept with... wait a minute! Wait a minute! She's Lex's half-sister because, obviously, Lionel Luthor (John Glover is due to reprise his role in a future episode) also had a penchant for, ahem, dipping his... toe... in someone else's pond, if ya catch my drift. Lutessa has red hair. Martha Kent has red hair. There are rumors that Martha will be popping up this season... oh my Lordy... Tess is Clark's half-sister too!

    (I'm only speculating at this stage, of course, but the writers are bonkers enough to do it. Please, please do not let this be the case. There may be tears if it is.)

    As for the rest of the episode, there's a fantastic scene involving Lois rummaging through her mother's old keepsakes and finding a tape for Lois to watch. It's a video of her mother not long before her death (Teri Hatcher, separating the men from the boys, with a great stunt performance); it's a beautifully played scene, as well as a fantastic homage and also a neat passing of the baton, if you will, as Smallville's Lois receives a message from Lois and Clark's Lois (replete with old school wig). This motivates Lois to mend Clark's relationship with his own father, Jor-El, resulting in another incredibly poignant message from a deceased loved one, and probably one of Wellings' sincerest performances, even though he doesn't have any dialogue.

    The whole Granny Goodness plot is all rather light fare, even if there are hints at child abuse, but I did have fun watching a bunch of women kick the crap out of Clark. Out of a shirtless Clark. I think Clark should remain shirtless for the rest of the season (I'm only thinking of the show's very limited budget here... every penny counts.) I have to say, though, kudos to the casting team for nabbing Christine Willis (Dead Like Me's gloriously kooky Delores Herbig), she definitely made me like the episode more, and her Granny Goodness outfit towards the end made her look a dead-ringer for her comic-book character!

    So there ya have it... two episodes where the ending has saved ho-hum episodes, and now this one, a solid enough episode that is completely ruined by a mind-numbingly stupid story development. Mind-numbing. I mean, didn't Lex and Lutessa (ugh!), ya know, bump uglies?
  • Tess visits a place from her past. Lois finds out more about Clark and herself.

    Well wow was that surprising or what. First of all i always point out who wasnt in the episode. No Oliver this time but looks like hes back next week. I liked hoe they included Clarks and Lois's parents in the episode it was a cool way of getting them in. Also Teri Hatcher as Lois's mom, why not have Lois from Lois and Clark, who better. The stuff with Granny Goodness was a little strange but i knew she was Darksieds helper so I think we will find out more about her down the road. Lois helping Clark with his problem of feeling like he let his dad down and herself about how she felt about her mom was good. She got to help clark for once. That brought there relationship closer as we saw and hes probably going to propose to her soon. I hope they are creative with it htough because in other Superman shows after they marry it becomes unpopular. Clark at the orphanage getting trapped and everything just seemed like he needed something to do in the episode. I did have two questions about that part though. Where did Granny go after she sucked or attempted to suck his memories away and did Clark ever go back for that little girl? Stuff with Tess was very interesting and suprising at the end. I actually didnt see that one coming. Tess is a Luthor, wow who knew. I guess the red hair could've been a clue because lex had that color too. Wow though it was definitley a highlight of the episode. Her name is Lutessa Luthor. Personally I think she should just stick with Tess because Lutessa sounds stupid. You know just when you think nothing really happens in the episode they pull out something of importance in every episode so far this season. Definitley looking forward to next weeks. It will be good as always. Talk to you then.
  • Holly Freaking Cr@p

    Holly freaking everything! Oh k, So originally I was super excited for this episode. Terry Hachet was goning to finally be on Smallville & Helan Slater was coming back. Well Terry only had an appearance, and so did Slater. That was very disappointing. Very much so.

    Poor Lois was off by herself the whole time, but I must commend her for finding the cave and getting to Antarctica…How did she know to bring a coat?

    I liked Lindsay Hartley (Oliver Queen/Justin Heartley's wife) But I'm not sure why Oliver wasn't in the episode… But I did LOVE Tom with no shirt of for a whole 4 minutes. I don't know why he bothered to grab a shirt AND coat on his way out, but I will gladly take it!! (If I was Clark/Tom…I just would never wear clothes)

    When the show was winding down and at the 8:51 mark I was overall not impressed. (Except for shirtless Clark Kent) But then much t my surprise they made another reference to Lois & Clark getting married. THEN I Exploded When Clark Pulled out a RING! I was impressed! I kinda thought that that would come at the end of the season with only that one reference from Clark asking Lois's dad something in the barn.

    Then We find out Lex & Tess (Lexia?) are half brother and sister!! Whos brilliant idea was it to bring the affair that Lionel had in season 4 back 6 years later?! Perfect!!...But I thought Lex & Tess had kinda hooked up before?...Didn't he used to spy on her with her necklace?

    Whatever, I'm loving the whole marriage thing happening & we all want more shirtless Tom welling! I don't care why it happened, I just want more.
  • A little bit too much for one episode.

    Ok, I liked this episode and it's writing but I was left a little bit unsatisfied by it all. I really enjoyed seeing Teri Hatcher playing Lois's was precious. But when Lois decided to take it upon herself to fix things between Jor-El and Clark, that seemed a bit odd. And what the heck was Jor-El doing to her?
    Now the whole Tess storyline (I say Tess because, come on, Clark was a deux machina here) was different. Granny was a good villain and it all falls into place why Tess is so messed up. She's a Luthor. Now while it goes good with the comics and having Lena Luthor, I am afraid that the writers are having problems with their history. I can see a Lionel Luthor sending Tess to Granny's after the death of Julian Luthor. After all, he thought Lex had killed Julian and their was no Mom anymore in the house due to her suicide. What would Lionel know about taking care of a little girl? But from what I can glean from the scene at the end, this wasn't the case. It felt like Tess should be the middle child of the Luthors and there was no real reason for them to send her there. But at least it makes sense with her having redhair :)
    Overall, a good ep but with the revelation that Tess is actually a Luthor, we could have done without the Lois/Jor-El storyline.
  • Parents and children.

    I liked the theme of this episode. All three of our regular characters got to deal with their parents and how they might have been abandoned by them in some sort of fashion. The returns of Shanks and Slater, as well as the special appearance of Teri Hatcher, gave us some great scenes. I have to say that my favourite was Helen Slater's cameo.

    The A plot was something I had been waiting for a long time. To find out more about Tess. The producers have been going back and forth a lot with her. At the momene, I don't kow what to think about her being a Luthor. In the past, it was implied that she and Lex might have had an affair. But I like that they at least are going somewhere with her.

    The B plot wasn't as good in my opinion. After eight seasons, I think I've made uo my mind about AI Jor El and unlike Lois, I don't think Clark needs him. Jonathan was his true father anyway. And the holograms of Lara and Jor-El didn't make me think that AI Jor-El was better. On the contrary.

    Overall, it was a very enjoyable and emotional episode. Glad to see that the Darkseid arc is on the map again. Bring on Patriot.
  • Great Episode!

    The plot tess learning her whole life was a fake was an interesting play. To lead her back to granny. While this is going on lois is tempted to watch her mom's videos to her. And clark has his problems with jorel at the fos.

    I liked how they played up the granny goodness story. I think it was great to finally getting darkseid storyline finally moving. It hasnt had much action yet this season. Which i hope will change now. Also the female furies were pretty dam cool tonight. They had some good fight scenes with clark and tess. Hope we get to see more of them later.

    The teri hatcher cameo scene was done well. They were so right it was a heart warming and touching scene. It was very sad. I totally felt like i was about to cry during it. Teri did great tonight. Its great they finally got her to appear on the show. Even for how small of a scene it was.

    Also loved how lois went to the fos to help get jorel and clark make peace. The jorel/lara scene was great, I loved we finally got to see a hologram of them both. Sands and slater did great tonight. IT was a good scene for them. Also love that things are good between them now. Plus its great lois and clark are there for engangment stuff/marriage. Lois finding a thing from her mom. And clark already buying a ring for lois. That was sweet.

    The end was pretty cool too with tess remembering her getting dumped at granny. And who her real parents are. I am a bit pissed she is a luthor. I was hoping that rumor wouldnt pan out. also it looks like her mom was pamela, if i remember right she was lex's nanny from season one. if so a great play back to past relationship of lionel.

    Acting was great all around tonight. Tom was great with the lois love scenes, dealing with jorel, and caring and helpful to tess. Tom played it all well tonight. Also it seems like he wasnt in the episode to much. But he usually is in an episode less when he is directing the next episode. So i can forgive it cause of that. Plus the episode was more for granny and tess.

    Erica was great as lois. She has been doing great this season. I love how she is developing this yr. Erica has been playing lois very good. Cant wait to see where things go with her for the rest of the season.

    Cassidy was great tonight. Finally got to have a big part of an episode. Glad to see her get more action tonight. She had a great fight scene with furies and her scenes with granny was pretty good. Cassidy has great range in emotion and plays it well. Also curious to see where things go now that she knows lionel was her dad.

    The actress playing granny tonight was great. A very solid pick and i think she played granny well. She was strong, bold, and very creepy. All great marks for the role. I loved that we finally got some insights on her and darkseid minions. I really hope we get alot more of them now.

    All and all a very great episode tonight. Enjoyed it from start to finished. I hope we got good ratings tonight. It was another top notch episode for the show. Also promo for next week was great. Cant wait to see slade, aquaman and mera. Looks to be a good one.
  • So much goodies were thrown into this episode and something remarkably odd. I wonder how much of that the writers intended.

    Smallville isn't like I rememmbered it. I guess what made me eager to watch it was the whole superman anthology and discovering his abilities. I find it still highly watchable, though so much has changed since then (...a lot). Ten seasons does that especially when it takes off from the protagonists High School days.
    I seriously digressed. Anyway this episode had a surprise guest, that is if your familiar with the old school versions of Superman. And another guest actress that I knew I recognized and I was right. I'm looking forward to the upcoming episodes as I'm sure they will be entertaining if things play out even a little similar to the Superman anthologies. This episode is surely the silence before the storm. And what a bombshell, it's implications are so twisted I won't go into it.
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Inspiring women driven stories, frightening Granny Goodness and impressive performance, heavenly Lois & Clark, delightful fan service and irresistible elements

    We all have family issues and dealing with them is an impossible mission for some people. In this installment Clark, Lois and Tess finally decided to solve their problems to move forward and live at their full potential.

    Now Miss Mercer has become part of the gang it was only a matter of time before she landed a cushy role. Abandoned was probably her moment and a pivotal episode to develop her story and unveil her troubled past. Who is Tess Mercer ? I enjoyed the puzzling way it was answered but wish her arc had been scarier. In the end the black and white scenes weren't immersive enough. They could have tricked us into believing in her nightmare for example. However one can only be impressed by the actress who portrayed the disturbing Granny Goodness. She actually reminded me of Kathy Bates in Misery so I really hope we'll see more of her in the upcoming episodes.

    As for Lois & Clark I was glad the writers decided to split them up. That way we enjoy their reunions even more and it allows the characters to be autonomous and independent. I will never get tired of Lois heroic moments. Moreover Erica Durance makes you believe in love thanks to her moving talent. In fact their arc was covered with vivid roses and as a long time fan I was teleported right into Superman's wicked heaven. From the heartbreaking guest performance to the ethereal holograms it was definitely the boost season 10 needed.

    Like if it wasn't enough there were also plenty of irresistible elements. First one dialog should make you tick if you have been watching Smallville from the very first time. It's funny because it actually triggered my memory and I instantly reminded one of the most beautiful scene ever. It leads us to super Clark as he had to deal with new enemies. His powers were well used, not too much and at the right time. The visual effects were as sweet as Saturday night popcorn and what I like to call the "whip whip" scene should definitely make you laugh. He is such a gentleman ! Last but not least a vital clue was revealed about what's going on between our favorite reporters. They're sister and brother ! Oh I should have said spoiler alert ! Seriously it was almost a flawless episode and even if I still don't know what to think of this season trinity of prophets plot Abandoned confirmed me that Smallville will have the ending it deserves !
  • That is one scary granny

    Tess is a Luthor, her mother is Lex's former nanny from season 1, Clark is going to propose to Lois very soon (I hope)and Clark seeing a video of his parents before they sent him to earth, Lois seeing a video of her mother, and Lois plus Clark now live together. Talk about so much packed in one episode. I really thought that this episode would just be an emotional mess, but I'm glad that it was packed with very important stuff that gives each character development and the gives the story depth and meaning so Clark can become Superman by the end of this season.
  • Little Orphan....Lutessa?

    Abandoned-After seeing a video of her dead mother, Lois goes to the Fortress to make a fateful decision. Meanwhile, Clark and Tess investigate a mysterious orphanage tied to Tess' past, and confront the headmistress, Granny Goodness, and one of her wards, Harriet.

    Jeeze, this one was just chocked full of guest stars, comic mythology and plots wasn't it! Ella Lane, Granny Goodness, Desaad, Godfrey, Female Furies, Jor-El and Lara, etc. No wonder I feared that "Abandoned" would feel too crammed and would ultimately fail because of it. Yet despite some pacing issues that are expected with this much plot going on in on episode, "Abandoned" still manages to give us enough great emotional scenes and epic mythology moments to make the episode work in the end. First, Teri Hatcher's cameo as Ella Lane lived up to it's hype! It was an incredibly overwhelming moment seeing two of these Lois Lanes on the screen. While Erica and Teri weren't in the same room, they certainly gave performances that connected both women. Such a great nod to the past and I was especially touched considering I loved "Lois and Clark" growing up and Teri was my fave Lois Lane before Erica came along! It was great to see Lois find peace with her mom. Although Lois suddenly wanting to mend things between Clark and Jor-El came out of left field, I guess it's understandable considering she wants Clark to feel that satisfying closer between a child and a parent that she had just felt. I did loved Lois' speech to Jor-El about him abandoning Clark. About time someone told off that idiotic super computer to f@#$ off!! Although, Jor-El holding Lois in that forcefield was questionable, what was he trying to do? Lure Clark back to the Fortress to save her and show him the message? Whatever the reason, this bizarre turn of events leads to one of the most heartfelt scenes when Clark watches his parents' last words on Krypton. Helen Slater and Julian Sands return in their respective roles and both deliever fine performances. Finally we under some what why the AI is such a t@@l, but doesn't completely justify his harsh actions either. At least Clark knows just how much his REAL father believed in him and his destiny as well as Lara's overwhelming compassion for Clark. This week we get some serious Darkseid plot movement this week and luckily, my fears over this plot have been thankfully eased! We get a promising spin on Granny Goodess! Christine Willes gives an stellar performance with the perfect balance of grandmotherly sweetness and frightening menance. Not to mention, her powers are awesome! Her chase scene with Tess was intense and I love how she chased Tess back to her old room. Definately a formiable adversary, considering she got the upperhand on Tess and Clark in the end. Adding to that, we get to see members of Darkseid's Elite meet for the first time!It just took one brief yet excellent scene of Granny, Desaad and Godfrey meeting to form an evil Trinity to bring forth some needed depth to this Darkseid plot! Not to mention, they call him Lord Darkseid!! FINALLY!! Shows that the writers are going for an ambitious story arc and that Darkseid might not be as lame of a threat as he was in "Supergirl". Unfortunately, the Female Furies, although we got some references to other Furies like Lashina and Gloitha, they were underused and underpowered! They're just a bunch of crazy chicks with krytonite powered weapons unlike the otherlywordly nightmairsh female warriors of the comics. But this is an appropriate verison for Smallville I guess, but even Lindsey Hartley (Justin's wife by the way!) as Mad Harriet was severly underused, considering her appearence got her some press. Though her little speech about the coming wrath of Darkseid was exciting. But I could have done without the Krueger glove!

    Another fun aspect of this episode was the vast display of Clark's powers. I love it when the writers aren't afraid to push the budget a little! We got superspeed, superhearing, freeze breath and heat vision all in one episode! Clark was very resourceful this episode, managing to escape and taking out a Female Fury in less than a second. But since when can Clark can use his powers near kryptonite? It was cool seeing Clark can escape on his own, but that was pretty inconsistent...although, the way kryptonite cripples Clark has always been all over the place on this show. Then there's Tess being a Luthor!? I'm glad the writers are looking to the comics for this twist, but really? I guess it depends where they go with this, but it just feels like a retcon. Lex and Tess have had a hinted romantic relationship...which is just...yuck! Not to mention, Tess has been trying to break away from her Luthor associations only to find out they're her blood family seems pointless! Tess in just two seasons and a half has been the CEO of Luthorcorp, a religious zealot for Clark and Davis' rivalry, a Checkmate agent, Zod's frienemy, a marine biologist, Editor and Chief of the Daily Planet, Watchtower 2.0 and now in this episode, a Female Fury and a Luthor! It's a good thing Cassidy rocks the role because if it wasn't for her, Tess would fail on so many levels, considering the writers throw more plots at her than they did Lana!

    Lastly, the engagement ring tease was fantastic! Yeah, I know some think this is very pre-mature since Clark isn't even Superman yet or at least officially. But the season is closing all running arcs of the season and Clark finding that right person to spend the rest of his life (no secrets, no real obstacles in relationship, etc) was always a major plot point. So Clark making it official with Lois is just as essential to his journey as it is becoming Superman. I mean they'd had feelings for each other for years, dated for a year, etc. Some people get married faster you know! lol Overall, despite some awakward pacing and some shody developments, it was still a solid episode for what it was with too many emtional breakthroughs and epic scenes to let the minor plotholes and lackluster developments to get in the way. Next week, Aquabro is back!! ....................Yeah, I had the same reaction
  • This episode has its high points... and its low points

    This episode of Smallville is what I would deem as decent. The thing that saves it from me rating it with a significantly lower score is the fact that its good parts more than make up for the bad parts. In the good corner.... I liked the playing up of Granny's orphanage. I also salute Granny's use of her powers. For a few moments in the episode, the producers had me worried that Smallville's version of Granny wold be nothing more than a weak, frail old woman who was just recruiting people to join up with Darkseid. The portion at the end of the episode really sold the story. The conversation between the members of Darkseid's "trinity" all but told the viewer what the main focus for this series is. Hats also go off to the fact that "Darkseid" is actually mentioned for the first time. I don't know how much longer I could have stood Darkseid being referred to as a "Dark Force" or "Something you're not ready to face." The infiltration by Clark and Tess of Granny's orphanage was also masterfully scripted (though it wouldn't have killed the writers to throw in at least one SUBSTANTIAL fight between the furies and Clark or Granny and Clark). On to the problems with this episode. The fighting was flat-lane bird-hockey. It stank. It cold have served as sol fertilizer. Apparently, someone didn't get the memo that a fight is not a fight if Clark is on Kryptonite poisoning the whole time. Nowhere, and I mean NOWHERE, is it mentioned in the comics that the furies used Kryptonite-tempered weapons to fight. Lashina has super-strength (which would make it impossible for Clark to have taken her out with one hit) and ELECTRIC whips (not red ropes). And she isn't just a whiny, brainwashed orphan either. She is from Apokolips, not earth. Same goes for Mad Harriet (who has TWO power gloves [that can also generate energy shocks], by the way). The furies aren't just earth girls with gear and attitude, they're TRAINED warriors. If according to the second or third episode of season 10, Darkseid (or, "The Dark Force" as he was called then) fell through another dimension when Zod was exiled, how have Granny and Desaed been on earth for years preparing people to join up with him. And that scene with Tess at the end just seemed tacked on and inappropriate to me. How is Tess Lionel's daughter but was never mentioned? Didn't she have a fling with Lex not too long ago (disGUSTING)? However, all in all, it was a decent episode. I hope the rest of the season keeps up.
  • A moment for closure

    This was the kind of episode that had to have been more meaningful to the DC faithful than the more casual "Smallville" fan. I'm aware that Granny Goodness is the name of an actual character, and based on some of the chatter with more educated DC fans at the end of the ninth season, I figured she was the one who saved Tess. But I never could have guessed why!

    Some might have predicted the truth about Tess, but I was quite surprised. I actually like this direction for the character, because it justifies, to some extent, the rationale behind her insertion into the series. I can't say if this was just a little convenient retroactive continuity, or something built into the character's DNA from the moment she took Lex's place, but it fits. And it also goes a long way towards explaining her odd relationship to Luthorcorp as a whole.

    Of course, now that Tess remembers the truth, one has to wonder: while this revelation fits into the overall theme of closure with parental abandonment in all its flavors, how does it mesh with the established history of the Luthor family? I take it she is the half-sister of Julian, Lex, and Lucas, which would imply that Lionel ensured that Tess, even after her memory was erased, would be given some degree of favor. (Though, as we know, she still had to earn her status, even if opportunity was provided.)

    Lois had a moment of closure of her own, and I imagine this is just part of a process. It's amazing to think that Teri Hatcher gave a better, more heart-wrenching performance in a couple of taped minutes than several seasons on "Desperate Housewives". It brought home many of the aspects of the Lois Lane character that I had frankly forgotten.

    The other element within the theme, of course, was Clark's moment of semi-closure with Jor-El and Lara-El. It's great to see Julian Sands and Helen Slater again, and it really does bring a sense of completion to the matter. It seems like every episode is showing an important step forward towards the Superman mythos, which is making this season more than worth the while.

    Of course, I can't quite reconcile the overall tone and intention of the Jor-El construct within the Fortress, which has been contradictory over the course of the series, with the simple explanation that it was a version of Jor-El without the emotions. If that were true, why continue to allow Clark to be bound by the requirements of the construct to fulfill his destiny? Ideally, this would have been the moment when Clark was finally freed of those artificial restraints.

    So my understanding is that these hot woman warriors are called the Female Furies, and the main one (played by Justin Hartley's wife) is named Mad Harriet? I suppose she dressed up as a Sexy Freddy Krueger for Halloween this year, given her choice of weaponry. The costumes were a nice bit of fan service, without going too over the top, I suppose.

    I also assume that Granny Goodness, Desaad, and Gordon Godfrey are servants of Darkseid, given some of the information available and other discussions. If my sources are correct, this suggests that the current anti-vigilante movement is based on an actual DC storyline, but I still think it bears a striking resemblance to elements of the Marvel "Civil War" saga.

    At this point, the season is still shaping up to present Clark with a representation of his dark side, thus representing the final hurdle between the younger, immature, and moody child and the confident and beloved man. This episode may have gotten bogged down a bit in DC mythology, but the overall theme was handled well, and it continues to leave me anxious to see how the series ends.
  • Abandoned

    Abandoned was a superb episode of smallville, however I didn't get that perfect feeling from it. I enjoyed watching the episode which revealed many feelings of multiple characters. This episode blended past, future and present while relating to viewers own experiences. I liked how they touched upon the subject of abandonment and explored its results related to human nature, and non human nature regarding Kal-El. I was taken with Granny goodness, who was portrayed by a favorite actress of mine from "Dead Like Me" and by Lois's mother who was played by Teri Hatcher. She really made the connections to others. This episode was filled with intrigue, drama and action. I can't wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds with the information given in this episode!!!!!
  • nice episode

    We all have family issues and dealing with them is an impossible mission for some people. In this installment Clark, Lois and Tess finally decided to solve their problems to move forward and live at their full potential.

    As for Lois & Clark I was glad the writers decided to split them up. That way we enjoy their reunions even more and it allows the characters to be autonomous and independent. I will never get tired of Lois heroic moments. Moreover Erica Durance makes you believe in love thanks to her moving talent. In fact their arc was covered with vivid roses and as a long time fan I was teleported right into Superman's wicked heaven. From the heartbreaking guest performance to the ethereal holograms it was definitely the boost season 10 needed.
  • 8.7, are you kidding me?!?

    This episode was without a doubt the best episode of the season since Homecoming. So many epic moments. So much to talk about. I really don't understand all the complaints, especially since this was wayyy better than Isis, Harvest, and Ambush. Probably the most accurate title of the season, a big theme in "Abandoned" is learning to deal with being abandoned in the past and moving on, somewhat similar to the theme of letting go in "Homecoming". Clark feels "abandoned" by his Jor-El because he thinks his father has finally given up on him. Lois feels "abandoned" by her mother because she never got a proper goodbye. And Tess learns that her birth parents "abandoned" her as a child and left her at that orphanage. So it makes sense. A lot of the elements in the episode just clicked for me. I loved seeing Teri Hatcher as Lois Lane. I adored the emotional hologram of Jor-El and Lara from before Krypton was destroyed. The advancement in the Darkseid storyline was pure awesome sauce. And that twist at the end? A lot of fans saw it coming, but it was effective nonetheless. How you can watch this episode and not get emotional? This isn't just a really good episode of Smallville. This was one great hour of television.
  • It's a Tess-centric episode bringing The Sum of All Her Fears and a shocking ending. A back-story on Lois follows the same theme of abandonment, real or imagined.

    The entire opening sequence is about Tess, and I find her story continually interesting. The orphanage overseer, not so much, although Granny was sinister and sporting some powers of her own.

    As Lois confronts her feelings of guilt over the death of her mother 15 years earlier, she talks a bit with Clark, whom I found uncharacteristically distant and unsupportive in this scene, telling her only how she shouldn't feel. I would have had him stay and talk her through it all, perhaps viewing her mother's farewell videos together. Instead, he leaves abruptly to be "on patrol."

    In a series of flashbacks, we learn more about the early days of Tess, abandoned at a creepy orphanage, a prisoner being manipulated into becoming a warrior vixen, with the touchstone a Nutcracker ballerina music box. That artifact mysteriously shows up in the mansion, making us wonder again how she can have so much security there, but anyone can get in. Then Clark, instead of trolling the night for evildoers, counsels Tess about her fears - something he should have done with Lois instead.

    Teri Hatcher's brief scene showed what a professional she is - it's late in the series to have her do a guest spot, and she gets no interaction with the cast, but she's a convincing mom for Lois. While we only saw one tape of Mom Lane, others are in the box, so we may see more clips of Ms. Hatcher during this "goodbye to everyone" season.

    As if to validate Granny's statement about Tess and her toughness, Tess holds her own in a vicious fight with one of the slasher schoolgirls, but Clark, who still has frost-breath to save himself from Granny's mind eraser, exercises more powers to rescue her before meeting Lois at the Fortress.

    The Clark-Lois relationship is moved forward again, as Lois tries to confront Jor-El the machine. Here, another goodbye features Helen Slater, playing her last scene as Kal-El's mother, and Julian Sands as Jor-El, in a recorded message from the time of Krypton's destruction years earlier. This serves as their blessing on Clark's new life, and as another step forward with Lois. More hints about an engagement follow, but I think that will be left to one of the final episodes.

    Ok, the big shock. Tess made off with her file from the orphanage, and that limo departing with her father, suddenly showing the "Luthor" license, floored us. Lutessa Luthor. This generates many questions - did the producers have this in mind all along? Think back - does this fit with all the previous episodes about Tess and Lex and Luthorcorp? How will this change Tess and her perception of her mission - and her relationship with Clark and the League? I hope there's time to fully develop this story - it has the potential to be one of the best of the series. Re-run rating B+.
  • 1008

    An underrated episode of Smallville to say the least. We got a huge shocker of an ending, and a lot of development. It was a very enjoyable hour. The Clark & Tess interactions were fantastic. Forget Clark & Lois! All kidding aside though, Clark & Tess are great as intellectual partners on Watchtower. They make a great team. The villain of the week sure was scary, Granny Goodness.

    Lois was kind of annoying throughout the episode. Maybe because I was completely engrossed in the Granny Goodness story line, but throughout the whole thing, Lois' plot seemed pointless. She watches videos of her mother, and then she tries to meddle in Clark's life to get his father to talk to him again. But it didn't turn out to be all that pointless since we saw a hologram of Clark's parent which was a great scene.

    I'm not really intrigued with the possibility of Clark proposing to Lois, but I definitely want to know how Tess will take this news that she's a Luthor. Makes a lot of sense now though.
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