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Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 04, 2005 on The CW
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Checking out a crater in a cornfield, Clark and Lana discover a baby with no parents and take him back to the Kent farm. However, when the baby, Evan, ages from a newborn to a 7-year-old in less than a day, it becomes clear he is aging at a rapid rate and they turn to Lex for help. Meanwhile, Genevieve suspects Lex has the Chinese Kryptonian artifact and orders Lionel to either recover it...or risk putting Lex in danger of his life.moreless

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    Ageless-Checking out a crater in a cornfield, Clark and Lana discover a baby with no parents and take him back to the Kent farm. However, when the baby, Evan, ages from a newborn to a 7-year-old in less than a day, it becomes clear he is aging at a rapid rate and they turn to Lex for help. Meanwhile, Genevieve suspects Lex has the Chinese Kryptonian artifact and orders Lionel to either recover it...or risk putting Lex in danger of his life.

    "That sucked!" and "What was that s#!%!" are just the few of many phrases one could yell out after watching one of the worst hours of TV, let alone of Smallville. As far metoer freak episodes go, this is one of the worst and most poorly concieved the writers have ever come up with. So what's not to like about this episode? How bout the horribly laugable diaolgue as Clark and Lana play surrogate parents to Evan, a rapily aging meteor freak! How bout the horrible acting from all the Evan actors! How bout the unintentionally hilariously scene of when Evan's real father accidently kills himself! How the hilariously bad climax as Clark comes out of the destruction with his clothes ripped apart and Lana is as gullible as ever to believe Clark's horrilble excuse! The only decent scenes are between Lionel and Genevieve as she threatens Lex's life. Both John Glover and Jane Seymour are exceptional actors who work wonders in an often limited series! Despite that moment of gold, "Ageless" is a worthless piece of crap and has been regard as Smallville's worst hours by fans and critics...who can blame them!moreless
  • 420

    Not a bad episode of Smallville, it was just a very obvious filler that didn't contribute much to the storyline other than the hinting of the Clark & Lana relationship.

    Plus some things here were wildly unrealistic, and I'm not talking about the boy aging rapidly over the course of two days. When I first watched this episode in 2005, I thought of it as almost heartbreaking when Evan died.

    As I re-watched this episode, I just found it completely unrealistic how attached Lana & Clark could get to a baby they found in a field. Lana & Clark playing mom and dad was a bit amusing, but I just found myself rolling my eyes when Lana said she "worried sick" about Evan as if she was his actual mother.

    Evan throwing temper tantrums as a teenager wasn't very entertaining. The death of his father seemed to played out. I doubt they would have something as dangerous as what looks like a dagger pointing in an upwards direction in an auto shop. The only scenes worth salvaging were the final ones.

    Lionel poisoning Genevieve, Clark & Lana crying over the loss of Evan, the climactic explosion, and more of Lex's evil side here. Everything else didn't contribute much to the storyline, and it just wasn't the best episode of Smallville, but it wasn't awful either.moreless
  • Great Episode

    In the middle of the night on the road, a young woman is going to the maternity for the delivery, when she suddenly glows and blows. Lana Lang and Clark Kent are driving a truck along the same road and find a baby in the crater created by the explosion. They take the baby to the hospital, and the Kent family temporarily guards him, who is connected to Clark. Lana and Clark give the name of Evan, and on the next day, he becomes a teenager, precociously aging. The scientists of Lex Luthor study the case and conclude that the boy needs a transfusion of the bone marrow of his unknown father. Clark tries to save Evan. Meanwhile, Genevieve Teague has a meeting with Lionel Luthor and menaces the integrity of Lex, in case the stone is not delivered to her.moreless
  • Clark & Lana discover a beautiful baby boy crying in a crater by the side of the road, which puts them on the path to parenthood and the trials [and weirdness] that go along with it.moreless

    This episode was amazing in every way possible. Not only do some Clark / Lana sparks seem to be rekindling, but this episode shows Clark Kent as a stand-in father. That, in itself, is purely amazing. Tom Welling delivered a spectacular performance in this particular episode. The way his character bonds with this strange little boy is amazing. It reminded me of Clark's protective relationship with Ryan in the first season episode 'Stray' & later in the second season episode 'Ryan'.

    In this episode, Clark must race against time to find a cure in order to save a remarkable child who ages from a little baby to a teenager in 48 hours. The scene with the child as a 7-year-old calling Lana & Clark, 'Mom' and 'Dad', was heartbreaking and sweet.

    There were only two things I didn't like about this episode, however. The first being that the previous episode's ending [with Chloe saying, "You trusted me"] had absolutely no effect on this episode at all. That seemed to be a big deal and left me, and probably others, hoping that Clark might have something to say on the matter.

    The second problem I had with this episode, however, is the way that it ended. I realize that the Kent household is already full, but killing off Evan was a bad move in my book. I don't know about others, but I had to let out a tear as I watched that ending. It was amazing, and left a huge mark on Clark & Lana, but it was extremely sad.

    All in all, this episode was great, but it could have been a little happier.moreless
  • A newborn found in a field by Lana and Clark has bursts of aging, challenging the Kents who take on his care. Lex and Genevieve spar over the missing element.

    A young couple gives birth to a boy, but in a burst of light, the mother disappears and the baby is left in a field and found by passers-by Lana and Clark. Taking the child, whom they name "Evan," to the hospital, Clark and Jonathan explain this event to Sheriff Adams, but the plot is strained when the hospital staff allows the Kents and Lana to play nurse to an orphan. Chloe tracks a 911 call from the couple, so they know the baby's father may still be alive. Clark devises a nifty way of heating baby formula - heat vision - and Lana sees Clark's daddy skills in action. She declares "maybe Evan is an orphan just like we are." Another burst of light, and Evan is transformed into a seven-year-old.

    In the update on the continuing stones story, Lionel sees Genevieve, who was the force behind his release from prison. She demands the "element," believing that Lex retrieved it from the temple in Shanghai, but Lionel informs her that Jason actually had the stone. She denies it, saying Jason "is incapable of such subterfuge," and threatens to get it from Lex herself. Later, Lex informs Lionel that Genevieve had Bridget Crosby murdered for the stone, and he warns Lionel again.

    At the farm, the Kents are discussing what to do with Evan - Clark fears he'll be placed in Belle Reve or in a laboratory for life. Evan has instant reading skills, calls Clark "dad," and asks about his real parents. Clark thinks Lex can help, so back at the now-repaired lab, the scientists tell Lex that Evan's body is storing energy to create a sudden burst of growth - they suggest a bone marrow transplant. Another transformation and Evan is now age 13 and fearing death.

    Clark searches for Evan's real father after Chloe identifies his mother as meteor-infected classmate Karen Gallagher. Clark finds reluctant father Tanner, who refuses to help with bone marrow. Meanwhile, scientists predict the next Evan burst will be lethal to all around him. When Evan finds his father, the fateful meeting results in Tanner's accidental death. Evan then finds Lana - she's in danger but sympathetic, taking Evan for a final view of the scenery from atop a windmill.

    Chloe and Clark locate Lana and Evan via a power disturbance in the local grid, and as Clark zips out, Chloe says, "Go get 'em, Speedy." She's no longer surprised by his quick disappearances. As Lana escapes from Evan's next burst, Clark stays close as Evan is vaporized by his own forces. These family scenes give a hint of how Lana and Clark could be partners - they both see the need to make the most of the time they have.

    Finally, Lionel and Genevieve are meeting again - Jane Seymour is always dressed fit to kill - or be killed. Lionel slips her a deadly drink, offering an antidote only if she returns the stone - but does she have it? Clark again visits Lex, who seems magnanimous in his offer to release all the data on Evan's physiology to the scientific community, and they part in friendship. But soon we find Lex will only release the results "eventually," meaning never outside Luthorcorp. Clark is trusting, Lex is devious - so everyone is still true to character. Rerun rating C+.moreless
Tom Welling

Tom Welling

Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk

Lana Lang

Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum

Alexander ('Lex') Joseph Luthor

Allison Mack

Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan

John Glover

John Glover

Lionel Luthor

Annette O'Toole

Annette O'Toole

Martha Clark Kent

Jeff Ballard

Jeff Ballard

Evan (Age 16)

Guest Star

Colin Ford

Colin Ford

Evan (Age 7)

Guest Star

Pascale Hutton

Pascale Hutton

Susan Gallagher

Guest Star

Jane Seymour (I)

Jane Seymour (I)

Genevieve Teague

Recurring Role

Camille Mitchell

Camille Mitchell

Sheriff Nancy Adams

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (14)

    • When Clark goes to the Torch to ask Chloe if she has seen Evan, she responds "at the rate he's growing, I don't think I'd even be able to recognize him". Chloe has never met Evan and therefore doesn't know what he looks like.

    • When Chloe pulls up the power company grid, the heading at the top says "Kansas State Water and Power" (KSWP). Yet later she refers to it as the Internet web site for the "DWP," an acronym used to refer to the Department of Water and Power in Los Angeles. Since there was no word 'department' on the KSWP website, it's unlikely that DWP would be the acronym Chloe would use.

    • Clark states, "Biological fathers don't always live up to their expectations. Trust me. I know." Which is true but...he says this in front of Lana. Who has no idea he has ever met his biological father. But she doesn't show any curiosity or interest whatsoever, or think he's keeping secrets from her (her big complaint about Clark up to this episode).

    • There's never any attempt made to contact either of the parents' relatives (including their parents) to come up with a suitable donor for Evan.

    • Child Services is around to take children away from people who in large point don't have enough time or resources to deal with their children and thus aren't fit parents. It's either ironic or stupid that in this episode, Child Services doesn't have enough time or resources to deal with Evan.

    • Evan ages fast, but there's no indication that he has any other physical or mental differences or superhuman abilities. Nobody ever says he should have such abilities or that they're part of his mutation. And a matter of hours after becoming a 7-year old, he's learned to read, speed read, and mastered a variety of colloquialisms on the side. Learning of that type is not something that is automatic just because you have a bigger brain - it requires years of applied learning and experience.

    • Hospitals are very careful about not letting people just come in and handle babies. And yet Lana just gets to pick up baby Evan and bounce him around and handle him with no indication of any security.

    • Is Lana really planning on essentially killing herself by preparing to die with Evan at the end? She's seen the explosions and stuff that happen when Evan changes and the LexCorp scientist who got thrown through a window. But if she's that devoted, why does she leave when Clark shows up - is she okay with letting him get killed for Evan?

    • The timeframe near the end is pretty screwy - it's clearly night (and probably not much later then midnight) when Evan confronts his biological father at the garage as Tanner is closing up the place. Clark and Lex know where he's going so they probably don't arrive there more then an hour later. Clark has superspeed, and Evan doesn't. But it appears to be just before sunrise when Evan meets with Lana, and he seems in imminent danger of blowing up. Then Clark goes to the school and it's daylight and there's students in the hall - so it's 7:30 to 8 a.m. and he gets to Evan shortly thereafter. There seems to be some missing time involved.

    • When Chloe brings up the power company map, there are several groupings of power-loss hexes with no connection to any others. But Evan was on foot - how did he get from one group to another repeatedly without causing power losses in the intervening gaps? And why - he only went into town to confront Sutherland so why did he wander from one side of Smallville to the other?

    • What Lex describes of Evan's condition doesn't match with what actually happens. Lex says that "Evan's cell division is increasing" as if it were ongoing. If that were the case, Evan would be getting...well, larger. Or older. Or both. Rather, Evan is storing more energy exponentially, which will eventually be released in a burst of rapid aging.

    • Genevieve is the one who supplied the drinks when Lionel came over, so Lionel presumably made the arrangements to poison the bottle before he got there. How did Lionel manage to do this? There's no indication he slipped something in after he got there, and no way he could know if she was serving wine, or that particular wine, or how he could get to it if he did know.

    • When Evan is born, his burst of energy kills his mother, completely distintegrates the car, and creates a gigantic crater. And yet he only ages about two to six months. But when the baby ages in the Kents' living room it makes a seven-year "jump" and does very little damage to the surroundings. But in the next jump at Lex's lab, windows blow up and people get tossed around. The middle age-jump doesn't fit the pattern.

    • If Evan's cell growth is exponential, as Lex states, shouldn't he be much older after his third "jump"? He goes from fetal to 2-6 months the first time, then 2-6 months to 7 years the second time. But the third "jump" he only ages...about 7 years again (9 tops). In other words, the same as the second "jump." He should age at least 14 years (making him 21), but he's clearly not older then Clark and Lana.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Lex: (to Clark) Look, we're all reflections of how we've been raised. Your parents gave you encouragement and support. Mine chose the opposite track. I plan on leaving a different kind of legacy.

    • Jonathan: There is nothing quite like watching your son grow up into a young man you can be very proud of.
      Clark: It's too bad I'll never know what that's like.
      Martha: Why not?
      Clark: I'm from another planet. I'm not even human. Who knows if I can have kids?
      Martha: Clark, your father and I couldn't have children. We were still blessed with a son.

    • Jonathan: You did everything you could, Clark.
      Martha: I'm sure Evan knew that.
      Clark: All the times that I've run off or disappeared or almost died, how do you guys deal with that?
      Jonathan: Well, it isn't easy, Clark, but it does come with the territory. You see, every parent's greatest fear is that one day they will lose their child forever.
      Clark: It seems like raising a kid is the toughest job in the world.
      Martha: It's also the most rewarding.

    • Lionel: (to the poisoned Genevieve) How about a trade? You give me the stone that you stole from Bridgette Crosby, and I give you (pulls a vial from his coat pocket) the antidote. One more thing... you go near my son, and anything that happens to him happens to you. Is that understood?

    • Lionel: Parenthood. It's an interesting phenomenon, isn't it? The lengths we go to... to protect our children. No limits.
      Genevieve: (choking) What have you done to me?
      Lionel: The wine you've just drunk will kill you in a matter of minutes. I'm told that the pain will be excruciating.

    • Clark: It was my favorite book when I was a kid. I, um, I used to pretend that I was the rabbit. I was just like him, and my parents had brought me to life with their love.
      Lana: My only hope is that Evan felt that way about us.

    • Lana: (about Evan) I can't believe he's gone.
      Clark: I know. Me too.
      Lana: This whole year, I've felt so disconnected. But when Evan came into my life, it was like I finally knew where I belonged. I had a purpose.
      Clark: He only lived for a short time, but it seems like Evan's affected us like we've known him our whole lives.

    • Evan: You better go.
      Clark: No. Evan, I'm not leaving you.
      Evan: I wish you had been my father, Clark.

    • Evan: I'm sorry for what I said.
      Clark: It's okay, I know. It's all right.
      Evan: I'm glad it was you and Lana that found me.
      Clark: I think you found us.

    • Clark: How could someone do that to their own son?
      Jonathan: Clark, being a father is an enormous responsibility. The kid is just too young to handle it.
      Clark: He's Evan's only hope, and Evan's going to die if we can't convince him to help.
      Jonathan: I know that, son, and we're gonna figure it out. But what's more important right now is what are we gonna tell Evan?
      Clark: Maybe it's best I don't even tell him I found his father. He's gonna take it pretty hard.
      Jonathan: Son, an orphaned child has every right to know about his origins. You should know that better than anybody. I'll tell you what... I'll talk to him, okay? I mean, I do have a little experience in that department.

    • Clark: I'm not going to let you walk away from this. You have a responsibility.
      Tanner: Get off me, man. What's your problem?
      Clark: My problem is your son needs your help.

    • Lana: You know how to read?
      Evan: I've read all of Clark's books, but this is my favorite. I also like the encyclopedia.
      Lana: The encyclopedia, huh? That's a pretty long book.
      Evan: I know. I stopped on "W". Windmills. Did you know they were invented in Persia? (Lana stares wide-eyed) Why are you looking at me like that?
      Lana: Um... you are a very, very special boy, Evan. I think that you are the most special little boy that I have ever met.

    • Lana: Clark Kent, changing diapers like a pro.
      Clark: You know, this baby stuff is easier than people say. I think I pretty much got it under control.
      (just then, the baby shoots a stream of pee in Clark's direction)
      Clark: Nice aim, little guy.
      Lana: Clark, we can't keep calling him "little guy." They're gonna make fun of him when he gets to high school.

    • Clark: It kind of changes your perspective when you have someone who depends on you for everything.
      Martha: Yeah.
      Clark: (grimacing) And I mean everything. Could you hand me a diaper?

    • Genevieve: Your son just returned from China with a lost element, and I would like you to retrieve it for me.
      Lionel: No, no, you have the wrong son in mind. It was Jason who brought the stone back home.
      Genevieve: Jason's incapable of such subterfuge. Unfortunately he inherited his intelligence from my husband's side of the family.
      Lionel: Yeah, I never thought you married well.
      Genevieve: Lex, on the other hand, received his genes from a far more cunning source.
      Lionel: You know, there were other treasure seekers in China, Genevieve.
      Genevieve: A farm boy, an ex-cheerleader, and Lex Luthor. Who do you think ended up with the prize?

    • Lana: Well, if you need any help I could come over again.
      Clark: Well, that would be great. Could you pick up some formula on the way?
      Lana: Sure. How are you on diapers?
      Clark: The diapers, pretty good.
      Chloe: (interrupting) Okay. Before you guys start picking out schools for the little tyke, you might want to hear this.

    • Lana: It's really weird. But what's even weirder is the way Clark is with him.
      Chloe: Let me guess, he's completely baby-phobic.
      Lana: Actually, exactly the opposite. You should see the look in his eyes when he's holding that baby. It's like he's completely at ease. Not to mention, he's a natural-born baby burper.
      (Clark enters just then)
      Clark: I've got the spit-up stains to prove it. Sorry I'm late. I was up all night with the crying machine. Every time I put him down, he starts up again.

    • Lana: Here, Clark, you take over.
      Clark: Me?
      Lana: Yeah.
      Clark: Well, I...Lana, I don't really...
      (Lana hands Clark baby Evan, who immediately quiets down)
      Lana: Wow. Looks like someone has the magic touch.

    • Sheriff Adams: Last time I checked, babies don't just fall out of the sky, Mr. Kent.
      Clark: It left a 30-foot crater, Sheriff. How else would you explain it?
      Sheriff Adams: Well, I can't. That's why we're conducting a little something called an investigation.

    • Lionel: You be careful, Genevieve. I regard a threat to any Luthor as a threat to me.

    • Genevieve: Well I assume your visit has . . . cause to celebrate.
      Lionel: Don't all my visits deserve to be celebrated, Genevieve?
      Genevieve: Some more then others.

    • Lionel: Watch your back, son.
      Lex: I always do.

    • Lionel: Genevieve – you know, I'm not accustomed to being summoned like a lap dog.
      Genevieve: Don't be silly, Lionel – I'd never allow you on my lap.

    • Chloe: I found an arrowhead in Evans Field once, but never a baby.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Evan: You must be very kind to him and teach him all he needs to know in Rabbit-land...
      Evan is reading from the classic book The Velveteen Rabbit.