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  • Meet the parent...and the annoying sister. Again.

    While ''Ambush'' may very well finish with a literal bang, I couldn't help but feel underwhelmed by Lois Lane's family reunion and the return of the Suicide Squad. The thing that bugged me the most about this episode - and it's something that bugs me on a general level - is when Smallville comes across too frilly nilly, there's a forced sit-com feel to the proceedings that completely drains every single ounce of drama and weight from a scene. Almost every moment between General Lane and Clark felt off; the dialogue was completely flat and any attempt to muster up some suspense about the vigilante registration act loses out to the 'oh isn't this wacky!' score that drowns out both actors.

    Even though last week slowed things down to an almost snail-like degree, I appreciated the attempts made at simply focusing on our main characters. It was a nice change of pace and scenery, but we're back in the thick of things once again, and there are more than enough worrying signs that the show-runners have not learned their lessons. I can almost taste the villainy overload already: Suicide Squad, Darkseid, Granny Goodness, Lex Luthor, Tess Mercer (c'mon, you know it's inevitable). The writers know they have a lot on their plate this season, and so they're making huge strides with certain developments for the sake of the overall arc and the plethora of villains that will pepper (and no doubt complicate) the rest of the season.

    What good is a villain if we're not emotionally invested in our heroes? There's some considerable effort made here to bind Tess Mercer to her new role as Watchtower. I really enjoyed all of Oliver's references to their rich history together, especially referring to Watchtower as an island of sorts, and Cassidy and Justin always spark whenever they share screen-time. But none of it feels natural. Oliver can't seem to stand Tess near the beginning of the hour and yet considers her as close as family before the credits. It feels like a strategic chess move to shoehorn Tess into the thick of it just in time for the mid-season finale and her ultimate betrayal, willingly or unwillingly.

    What of mini-Lex? Last week Tess had her hands full with Lex's clone. She barely left the mansion. We saw Alexander shave off all of his hair and embrace his true calling. This week, Tess can't get enough of Watchtower. She even brought in some of her own furniture! There's no natural flow to the episodes and it's exploring this kind of transition (in this instance, something as mundane as moving furniture) that could do wonders for the likes of Tess. We need to see this character as a human being at some stage otherwise what's the point? Even with only two separate story-lines this season for her character, it's already proving too much as they're such contrasting arcs that any progress made on one side is completely undermined by her actions the following week on the other.

    As for the rest of the episode, it never really takes off. Erica Durance gives it her all when confronting her father about the relationship she has with Clark, but his presence only serves as a nuisance and not the reality check I'm sure the writers intended him to be. Lucy doesn't really have a purpose in this episode...but at least she's pretty. This episode felt like your typical episode of Smallville from a few season back, replete with sloppy character work, perfunctory storytelling and hammy acting.

    Come on, Smallville, you're better than this.
  • Not fillers at all!

    Some viewers are complaining that the episodes in the past, including this last one, are just fillers. They want to see more of the main arc: Darkseid, but I think that each CLOIS moment we've seen in the past is not a filler at all, but rather a set up for what will be Clark's saving grace later on.

    It's becoming clear to me that the writers are making a great effort to establish the connection Clark and Lois has because that relationship will be key to probably Clark defeating Darkseid or overcoming something very difficult later on in the season.

    Ambush focuses on how Clark will deal with Lois' family, and from the short reviews I've read about Abandoned, it seems that it is Lois' turn to deal with Kal-El's family. Why let CLOIS deal with each other's family if not to lay down the foundations of the depth and strength of their bond? Remember Dr. Fate's prophesy about Lois in Season 9? "She is the key." That can mean that Lois is the catalyst to Clark becoming Superman. She will serve as Clark's inspiration to overcome whatever doubt he still has about himself, prodding him to defeat the great evil that's to come.

    Now for Lois to be that key, the writers need to show how CLOIS are there for each other, no matter what. This is why I think the episodes, one after another, mainly focus on CLOIS more than anything else: from saying I love you (Homecoming), revealing Clark's most kept secret (Isis), having each other's back (Harvest), making love (still Harvest), to being accepted by each other's family (Ambush and perhaps Abandoned). Each step taken brings CLOIS closer together.

    The writers are carefully developing the foundation for Clark's love for Lois and vice versa, enough for Lois to be that one person who will be able to reach out to him when he's in a dark place.

    In other words, the CLOIS episodes are not just fillers but rather are pivotal elements to the development of the main plot. If the CLOIS relationship isn't developed appropriately, then if the writers do use Lois' influence on Clark later on, the act might not be as believable or convincing as it should be. The effectiveness of the what-would-be climax might all rest on how much the viewers are convinced of the bond between Lois and Clark.

    Of course that's just my two cents. I could be wrong, but then again... I could be right. Whatever the case, I have a good feeling about the rest of the season based on what I've watched so far. After season 9, I didn't know what angle the writers have concocted for season 10. But I didn't think that I would be as hooked with Smallville as I was before. BOY WAS I WRONG! Now, more than ever, I couldn't wait for the next episode. Every Friday the show airs, I couldn't wait to watch the episode, and after I watched that episode, I couldn't wait to see the next. I know, I know...I obviously got it bad! :P

    I totally blame the writers and Erica and Tom's superb acting and explosive chemistry! And I don't really care that others are disappointed in the show. My thoughts - if you've decided not to watch, it's your loss.
  • Great Episode!

    Tom and Michael Ironside had a really lovely chemistry together. Michael is such a natural actor and his maturity really resonated on the screen. I am thrilled that the show stuck to the more 1990's General Lane and avoided the complete decimation of his charcater that occurred in the World of New Kyrpton Arc. I much prefer the more nuanced General that truly does love his children and is simply misguided. Michael Ironside took a character who became, imo, very one dimensional in the current mythos and gave him dimension. Standing ovation for Michael Ironside.

    Tom Welling was fantastic tonight. I loved seeing him struggle between showing respect and standing up for himself. I was thrilled to see him show strength and stand up for what he believed and for his relationship with Lois.

    The first Clois scene in the kitchen was sexy and joyful. I have never seen Clark so peaceful and happy and it's a joy to see. It was so effective to barely have any dialouge. They felt like a real couple just enjoying each other's company. Little touches like Clark giving Lois most of the orange juice and just taking a little bit for himself were small but telling. I have no idea how in the world you have sex on a porch swing but if anyone in the world was going to figure out how to do it I imagine it would be Lois Lane.

    The argument between Clark and Lois worked because there were no under handed insults or low blows. Even couples who love each other fight on occasion. The key was that I never once thought that either of them was hitting below the belt or treating the other one with disrespect--and that's hugre for me. Clark was right to challenge Lois about the way she was acting around her father. She wasn't being herself. She was too afraid of him to really stand up for herself. Lois was right to say something about Lucy. No, it was not Clark's fault that she kissed him. That being said, Clark does have a tendency to let women get in his personal space because he's so damn polite. It's not his fault---but he also needs to take a more active stance when women hit on him so blatently.

    The final conversation between the General and Clark was very touching. The General did a beautiful job of highlighing for the audience exactly what Lois will come to mean to Clark in the future---the link that keeps him human---what he'll fight to come home to after the battles and the dark days. The parallel between the General serving his country and Clark serving the world as the Blur worked well.

    It would be easy to criticize Lois for initially caving to her father's whims and feeling afraid to truly be herself around him. But the bottom line is that his is her father. It's not just a friend or a cousin or a random person. It's her father. He is the person she has been struggling to please her entire life. He's the person whose love and attention she has been craving for her entire life. No matter how much she loves's still painful and difficult to feel like you are alienating a parent. However, I was really glad that Lois drew a line in the sand when push came to shove---she loves her father, she'll remain loyal to her father----but she's staying with Clark no matter what.

    As expected, Lucy remains a troublemaker....although I suppose she's still a well intentioned one. The problem is that unlike Lois, Lucy does not have strength in her own convictions. She's desperate for approval and her father's attention and she's willing to do anything to get it. Lucy definately screwed up tonight. But I still respect that Lois continues to stand by her----just as she said she would do 6 years ago in "Lucy."

    I like Tess working in the Watchtower. I find her very believable in the role. At this point, we know that Tess worked as a marine biologist which means that she must have a pretty decent background in Science. We know she worked for Checkmate. We also know she's spent the last 2 years learning from LuthorCorp resources. I believe she's capable of doing the job. I appreciated Clark defending Tess tonight. Oliver's criticisms were out of line and I think Clark helped him see that.

    Really liked the final scene between Oliver and Tess in the Watchtower. I liked that Oliver was able to acknowledge everything that they had been through together. I appreciated the nod to "family"---it's so nice to think that all of these people are slowly coming together as one big family. With all the backstabbing and hiding that has taken place over the last few years with some of Clark's "friends"---it's just nice to imagine that he might be close to finally achieving a real "family" with these allies. I'm happy to see Tess be a part of that as well.

    I got a little thrill at seeing Clark and Ollie walk into the Suicide Squad van together in uniform. I love Clark in his new red jacket. I like seeing Ollie and Clark work together as a team with honesty and openness between them. Can we keep this dynamic please???

    The final Thanksgiving scene was heart warming. It makes me happy to see Clark happy. I think it's a pretty safe bet that Clark asked General Lane if he had his permission to marry Lois at some point in the future. I don't think that means for sure that we'll get a proposal any time soon. (Which is fine with me.) But it seems very in character for Clark to be a gentleman and ask for his blessing.

    Overall, a very enjoyable episode. Henderson and Whitehead are becoming my favorite writers when it comes to real, emotional dialouge. They write conflict in a way that feels real and packs a punch.
  • Superb and Great Episode.

    I give this episode 10/10
    Thanks again Clark you save the day. Great work by all characters. specially General, BUT Lois and Clark are the best as they ever. SO, Lois and Clark are back to revelling in their open and honest relationship and are ready for a delicious holiday feast. Of course, as it has been written, no Thanksgiving is complete without the rugged Michael Ironside.
    Fortunately, that stipulation has been fulfilled as General Lane makes his triumphant return to Smallville and brings along Lois' long-lost, thieving sister Lucy. This family reunion is short-lived as the Vigilante Registration Act and an assassination attempt on the General serves to really put a damper on the Thanksgiving spirit -- if that is an actual thing.Of course, even with the General's life at risk, that's not going to stop him from grilling his lovely daughter's significant other. With spotlight in tow and years of interrogation techniques under his belt, nothing will stop the General from finding out what Clark's true intentions are with his daughter. Unfortunately, the inquisition doesn't stop there, as General Lane is dead-set on learning Clark's deepest, darkest secret.
  • General Lane and Lucy return with surprising news about the superheroes.

    What a great episode. First off it was nice to have all the characters in the opening in the show for once. Tess and Oliver becoming friends again that's nice. i just hope Tess doesn't betray anyone. Oliver staying away from watchtower, it will be interesting to see what he does and how he will handle reporters and people. Learning about the suicide squad more was interesting and seeing what they are up to next will be very fascinating. But major part of the show. The general and lucy returning wanting to take down the heroes. I like that Clark and Lois both stood up to general lane, he definitley needed to hear it. I like the way they made it so that the general will at least tolerate the heroes because the blur saved Lois. Now I don't know about you but I think the general might have hinted that he knows Clark is the blur. That's just what it sounded like to me. Who knows though. I like that they let Lois and Clark have a little argument and make up like any relationship. I am wondering about hte question Clark had for the general. I think it could be marriage because thats the logical thought but it could be something totally different. Anyway it was a very good episode it gave us good insight to things and next week looks promising as always. See you then.
  • A Lane family reunion.

    This was a nice bounce back for Smallville. The last two episodes did have some character development, but their main arcs were lacking any intrigue in my opinion. Ambush was a much better episode all around for me. I loved the scenes between the General and Clark because Clark got portrayed very strongly and stood up to him. On the other hand, I didn't find a lot of purpose in Lucy's appearance and it doesn't appear that a lot has changed since she was last seen. The Suicide Squad stuff was very interesting and it looks like they'll be a part of the season a bit more. I liked the parts with Tess at Watchtower. Glad to see that she is becoming a part of the team in her own quest for redemption. I wonder what happened with Alexander though. All in all, it was a very solid episode to get us back on track. eally looking forward to Abandoned.
  • 10x07

    It was an interesting episode. As I have said in my previous reviews of this 10th season of Smallville, this show is back as it was in the first seasons. It was nice to see the relationship between Lois and her father now that she is with Clark. And I was wondering what Clark asked to the General Lane at the end of the episode. Will it be a wedding soon or at least will Clark propose to Lois? another relationship which is evolving is the one between Tess and Oliver. For Oliver, it's hard to see Tess in the Tower because she is taking Chloe's place but he's putting a lot of effort to make this work. For Tess, after what she's done in the previous episode (throwing away what could help to save Alexander and driving him to a death sentence), I think that she is a good one now... but for how long?
    Rick Flagg's team is preparing something bad and after what we've seen in this episode, they can go very very far to accomplish their "mission".
  • That's It I Give Up

    Okay I'm going to start off by say this is definitely the last new episode of Smallville I will ever watch. The General and Lucy Lane decide to drop in on Lois and Clark for a surprise Thanksgiving dinner. Clark and the General get off to a rocky start after Lois' father bashes the superheroes and tells Clark he is trying to pass a vigilante registration law. Meanwhile, in an effort to stop the vigilante registration act from being passed, Rick Flag lies to Lucy in order to lure Clark away from the farm long enough for him to assassinate the General. Lois is torn between making her father proud and her love for Clark.

    Yet another bland episode of Smallville. I wouldn't say that this was the worst episode this season, but it was still bad nonetheless. Good:
    The General and Lucy came back. (That's about it)

    The poorly written debates about what a true hero is. (we get it no one likes the blur)
    Tess is still on the show. (What a terrible character)
    The continuous use of the word vigilante. (I swear that word was said like 3 times per scene)
    The fact that a lot happened, but yet it still felt like an uneventful episode. The use of the suicide squad.(I already sat through that terrible checkmate storyline, i dont want to sit through another.)FAIL! YET AGAIN Bottom line: Im glad this is the last season. The writers are clearly out of ideas.
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Dry and predictable story, stereotyped guest characters, over the top behaviors, lazy identity handling, rushed action, some sweet moments

    Don Whitehead & Holly Henderson, the dream team ? Since Metallo and Charade they have been my favorite writers and with Lazarus they confirmed the respect they deserve. However it could all change with Ambush. Of course processing an episode is also a lot about the head but I wish their chemistry had given birth to a more fluid and deep story. Indeed Michael Ironside's performance as Lois father was disappointing because the General was stereotyped and his behavior predictable. I think some scenes were supposed to be funny but they weren't and others were just over the top or not authentic. I was also disconcerted by the lazy excuses they relied on to hide his identity. They're reporters and Clark should know better after all what he has been through. In fact I couldn't help comparing it to the smart and philosophical Hostage. When Oliver mentioned Chloe it made things even worse because as much as I dig Tess she seemed just misplaced at the Watch Tower. Doesn't she have her own company to manage ? Allison Mack we miss you ! Even what should have been a major twist wasn't that thrilling. The inevitable action part was also rushed and seemed like a quick and dirty shortcut to wrap up the episodic story. Last but not least it should make you question the upcoming episodes. With Lazarus and Supergirl I was expecting the season to turn into an apocalyptic chaos with a dark version of Clark or something more original to dazzle us but now I don't think it will happen. What I've seen so far feels more like déjà vu, specially considering episodes like Checkmate. Still the few Lois & Clark moments can only appeal to long time fans but overall it was a very mediocre episode.
  • Father of the Lane

    Ambush-General Lane and his daughter Lucy come to see Lois for Thanksgiving, and meet her new boyfriend. Meanwhile, Rick Flagg tries to stop the General from initiating the vigilante registration act by tricking Lucy into luring Clark away so he can kill her father.

    This season hasn't been much of an arc heavy season. It seems the writers are going back to basics for the final season with a more episodic structure. While we've gotten plot movement in each of the first 7 episodes so far, the episodes are virtually self contained. While many might be finding Season 10 so far to be a bunch of filler or disappointing because of the lack of Superman movement from Clark, I am actually really enjoying it. "Ambush" does a fine of job of continuing to evolve Clark, his relationship with Lois and brings back the Suicide Squad arc for some much needed development.

    I have to say, Tom and Erica had their A game on tonight. The best showcase of their relationship since "Homecoming". One thing I will always love about Clois is the relationship has always felt natural and consistent for the most part. We got to see many sides of their relationship in this episode, we saw how completely in love they were with each other in the teaser, we got to see them do their usual witty banter and we got to see some nice conflict between them that any relationship would have once family gets involved. Every emotion that Clark and Lois felt throughout this episode was beautifully conveyed by the actors and even at their worst, Clois is still such a strong couple. Michael Ironside's return as General Sam Lane didn't disappoint! I like him being against Clark with Lois stuck in the middle. Sure the whole "the boyfriend and the father of the girlfriend being at odds" is pretty cliche for contemporary television, but it works here. The General's stance on vigilante behavior is a constant reminder for Clark that while is has come a long way as a hero, he's gonna have to step up even more as a superhero. I loved Clark not backing down against the General, especially when he gave Clark the photos of him and Kara. He may be Lois' father, but his actions against him and the rest of the world's heroes aren't justified. I'm loving this new commanding personality Clark has now, even defending Tess when Oliver once again questions her trust.

    Speaking of the odd couple, I loved the Tess and Oliver interaction. Although, Oliver's Chloe worship is getting beyond tired. We get it, he loved her! Do we have to hear him whine about her every episode. I'm glad Tess finally stood her ground on Oliver not trusting her and his constant Chloe comparisons. I personally love Tess as Watchtower 2.0. I was worried about it at first, but this episode confirms this new trio is better than when Chloe was Ms. Exposition. For one thing, there's no shadiness or animosity from Tess, she has no hidden agendas behind Clark's back like Chloe had last season. She's just there to help and support the heroes. Even Clark and Oliver as the Blur and Green Arrow provide better teamwork when they turn over Flagg's truck and confront him. I got to say, I'm really enjoying the Suicide Squad plot more than the majority of the fan base. Rick Flagg is a solid nemesis, whose motives are reasonably gray. I like the little back story we got with the former team working for Checkmate. It's a cool little development with Flag recruiting a new team of superheroes to join his cause against those who oppose heroes. Promises many more DC superhero appearances for the future! I also loved the special effects work in this episode! The missile destroying the Talon was stunning and finally, I'm glad we got to see Clark in his new suit in action, that bullet time effect with him saving Lois was flawless SFX! My only gripe with the episode was Lucy. Doesn't matter what Peyton List does with the role, Lucy is written as a condescending, backstabbing sister. Although, that last scene between her and Lois was nice. Also, it's obvious what the "question" was that Clark asked the General. Can't wait to see exactly when Clark will get on one knee and ask Lois another "question"! :) "Ambush" is a superbly strong offering from Smallville, we get great emotional depth/development from Clark, Lois and the General, not to mention some good Suicide Squad plot movement. Another hit for Season 10, which rarely misses! Next week looks like a stuffed hour of television! I haven't seen an episode with this many guest stars (returning and new) and plots since "Doomsday". Uh oh?
  • Amazing!

    I loved the dynamics in this episode. Clark having a successful personal life is essential to the development of the superman character and the gaining of confidence that this Clark needs. Clark could not second guess himself and it was imperative that he hold his own against a 4 star general. Clark did this without ever being disrespectful to General Lane. Clark took every blow the general gave even the blow of watching him walk off with the woman he loved. The general's test was a no win scenerio. It was a test of character. How would Lois and Clark react when faced with a no win scenerio? Would they cave in? Or would they stand against this powerful figure dispite all odds? What didn't work for me was Lucy kissing Clark. I'm not sure why that was in there. I felt that Clark should have stopped Lucy. He has super speed, there was no reason he could not have moved out of the way. Him kissing Lucy is a reason for Lois to doubt his love for her. Clark gave no valid reason for allowing the kiss to ever take place.

    I was glad that Tess and Oliver are on friendly terms. It seems as if the writers are setting them up for a triangle for when Chloe returns.

    This season has showed that the darkness in Clark are all his doubts. The writers are removing those doubts by starting with personal realtionships first. First Lois, then her family and this week the writers will attack Jor-El.

    I am looking forward to the next installment.
  • Ambush

    Ambush was a really great episode of Smallville. I know some people did not think it was so good, however, I believe that it was very relatable as far as family goes. No matter how much you may disagree, there is always that family bond that is difficult to cross. I like how this episode turned out, and there was definitely a lot of character development. This episode was very entertaining and really helps to solidify the bond between Clark and Lois. They have true chemistry, and play their parts perfectly. I look forward to watching what happens next, though I don't want the series to end!!!!!
  • An instant classic.

    This episode was AWESOME. The Lane reunion brought something back to the show that hasn't been there for quite some time: family. Michael Ironside completely owned every scene he was in. Peyton List was a nice addition to the episode and I hope we see more of her soon (take that however you want to take it...).

    This episode did a lot to move the Suicide Squad arc forward with the introduction of the Vigilante Registration Act. To be honest, I'm not what to think yet of this story arc. Rick Flag seems like a really corny villain (The "And the rocket's red glare" line made me cringe), but Warp was cool, and I'm excited to see what they do with a real team of villains (not that completely pointless "Injustice League" back in S8).

    I loved Oliver and Tess in the episode. The constant moping over Chloe is really starting to irk me, but by the end of the episode, I was happy with the Tollie relationship and where they stood. I'm also glad we saw Clark wearing the "holy red jacket" in action as the Blur. The Clark/Lois relationship stuff was definitely a plus. I like how they stumbled in this episode just like any normal relationship. But they overcame the obstacles and Clark's question for Sam Lane at the end can only mean good things.

    Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. It was a tame episode and didn't do a lot to advance Clark's journey to becoming Superman, but it's an example of a really well executed filler. Plus, they blew up the Talon! How cool was that?!? Take that, Lana :)
  • Smallville's producers dole out a bit too much military bias and stereotyping, but redeem themselves with a holiday theme of reconciliation. You could wish for the same between Tess and Oliver - a relationship with more tension than Oliver-Chloe.

    "Ambush" continues the series closeout by bringing back more two characters from the past for their finale in the story. We see how they've changed - both the actors and their characters - but it's a continuing reminder that one of my favorite shows is winding down.

    Occasionally the Smallvile writers and producers come up with some cartoon-like characterizations that are off-putting. General Lane initially is one - a parody of a military officer, made to fit various stereotypes - obnoxious, overbearing, unable to speak in a normal tone of voice or say a kind word. So I see some anti-military bias here, also evident by having him assign Clark a list of 19 tasks, as though he were some nightmare parent-in-law, unable to separate his military outlook from his personal relationships. Only through a near-loss of Lois does he come around to a more complete character, making himself known better to Clark at the end.

    Ms. Durance has the greatest range of acting - romantic, determined, confronting her father, reconciling with Lucy, arguing with Clark. She was also the center of an excellent special effects scene - Clark speeding into the Talon to save her from a missile intended for Sam Lane, and fired by Flagg.

    The Oliver-Tess story line hinted at their past feelings for one another, as they discover he's been tagged by a subcutaneous tattoo-tracker. The big surprise was Oliver revealing that he's decided he must disappear from the public eye to protect the Watchtower's operations, now under the full control of Tess. If that intent plays out, it may lead to Oliver making progress on finding Chloe, a story that has been shelved for awhile.

    For an appropriate theme for Thanksgiving, everyone begins reconciliation and resolution - Lois with Lucy and her father, Clark with the General, Oliver with Tess, and even the General and the Blur. Only one person is missing from the pleasant dinner scene - Martha. I expect Ms. O'Toole will appear in one of the the final few episodes. Clark drops a hint of future developments when he tells Sam Lane that he has a question. That would be his blessing on Clark's union with Lois, but I'm skeptical this story can go very far before the end of the series. We'll probably see some approach and retreat instead, but never an actual wedding. "Ambush" has some goodbyes along with a reasonably-threating adversary, so it's a good mid-range Smallville episode. Re-run rating B.
  • clois sex

    I was so jealous at the fact that Clark and Lois were about to get it on again outside on the swing, then the general and lucy shows up, i got happy. But that scene with lois and clark was out of this world. They make such a better couple than him and lana. So the talon is gone, now where will chloe live now? maybe with ollie. i love that clark is going to propose to lois sometime in the near future. they seriously need to get married already. they are so perfect for each other. lois and clark forever
  • 1007

    A bit overrated as far as plot and intrigue. This episode contained the return of General Lane and Lucy. Someone we haven't seen for 6 years, but really the plot wore very thin, and the episode just felt unresolved by the end. Everything goes back to Clark & Lois' relationship constantly, and I think in this episode they lost focus of the actual action on Smallville. Did anything really happen other than learning that the Suicide Squad contains superheroes?

    Nevertheless, this was still an entertaining "Thanksgiving" episode. I think everyone just rated it a 10 because of the Clark & Lois development, but to me, that hardly matters. Tess & Oliver stole the show here tonight, they just had great interactions. Especially in the end, when Oliver finally considered Tess a friend, not an enemy. Them working together on Watchtower was great to see, although I do miss Chloe, seeing Tess as a good guy really works.

    So a lackluster main plot, and an intriguing subplot and you've got yourself a lukewarm episode, but we got at least some development, so overall, it was a good episode, not superb though.