Season 7 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 15, 2008 on The CW

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  • Lex's finale

    Even though Lex comes back later, this is really, truly, what is considered his final appearance, and it's a crying shame. Michael is one of the best actors of the show, and always brought something to each season. I loved how he left, but I wish he didn't leave three seasons in his shadow, because there's no way Tess Mercer can meet that quota that Lex delivered, it's just impossible. Oh well. Very decent episode all around though.
  • Anti-climatic

    The stupid government took away Chloe just as Jimmy proposed - so sweet and I bet she would have said 'Yes'. Anyway, a really good finale that felt like every over season finale except the last two minutes! I mean WTF??? There was no "TO BE CONTINUED" title card at the end, the last moments were not satisfactory as a season finale because I didnt understand what was going on. Usually I get why it says "TO BE CONTINUED" like last season with the whole Bizarro vs. Clark thing but come on - it makes no sense! Or is it just me....?
  • The end of an era

    Smallville closed a major chapter with Arctic.Following John Glover's unfortunate departure in Descent,the show lost 3 more series regulars in this one.Kristin Kreuk and Michael Rosenbaum decided not to renew their contracts while the new showrunners decided Laura Vandervoort's Supergirl character had run it's course.We are into half of season 8 and while i can live without the two female absentees,it's nearly impossible to view a Smallville episode without Lex Luthor.Such was Michael Rosenbaum's affect on the show.On the other hand,i will also miss Laura Vandervoort's presence.She is a very attractive woman and even if she had a slow start,she tried to play her role convincingly.This episode might have been her finest hour.She very much resembled James Masters' Brainiac in her maneurisms. The episode itself wasn't that great.In fact,by season finale standards it was poor.It wasn't lacking in action but it was seriously disjointed.They gave themselves so much to do that they didn't have a chance of tying everything up successfully.They might have been better off if they had offloaded some of the Brainiac stuff in the previous episode.That way they could have dedicated more time in Arctic for the Veritas storyline.Instead what we got was Clark dealing with Brainiac,confronting Lex,breaking up with Lana and getting closer with Lois all in one episode.Too much.Now that Bride has just aired i am happy to say that in season 8 the writing has improved greatly and is much more balanced.It's a shame the new producers didn't have the chance to have more input in Season 7.It would have given the departing characters a more rewarding send off.
  • Whoa.

    A lot of shocking things happen in this episode, it was all put together nicely, first it was Kara wasn't herself. She was Braniac! Clark finally killed someone on purpose. I am so glad he did that. Lana is alive & well and leaving, Lana's goodbye video was so sad. Seeing Clark fall in to Lois' arms like , whoa. Lana is such a B*** for leaving! How can she just leave Clark with just a goodbye video. Jimmy proposes to Chloe!? And then she gets arrested. Lex & Clark have a showdown in the fortress. Kara gets sent to the phantom zone. An amazing cliffhanger, one of the best! Cannot wait for the eight season!
  • Rating applies to the whole seventh season, but also to this episode. I am not gonna shed a tear when the current writers leave the show.

    From day one I have recorded and watched each episode, purchased the 6 dvds, and pretty much remained loyal. But I think this was the year they beat us over the head with advertising placement mixed into the plots too deeply, particularly the stride gum episode. I felt as if they didn't care any longer where things were heading and rather than develop better story lines they cashed in at our expense.

    Season seven started out with a great episode, Bizarro, and I thought was a great start to the season. Followed up by Kara which also was a good episode. Then they inserted advertising inside for Toyota (Yarus). And also let the stories drift and most of the next episodes seemed like an old rehashing of previous years...Fierce had meteor freaks entering the Miss Sweet Corn Pageant, etc. While I was surprised to see Dean Cain in the next episode it just didn't tie in well. Still nothing was a bad as the Stride Infomercial they did with Pete's return. I am not buying this season's Dvd because of this episode alone.

    Pretty much the season went down hill from there, and it brings us to the Season Finale, which as many people have pointed out was a HUGE let down. Lana leaves a taped message for Clark?! Choloe is taken into custody because super-sharp Jimmy reneged on Lex, DUH! We are left with a fortress that has caved in on Clark and Lex and the image of Kara trapped in the Phantom Zone.

    Season eight is going to require some much needed writing to win back people. It would almost be better to start from Season 5 or 6 and make the other seasons that followed like the shower scene that Bobby had in Dallas...It was all a bad dream.
  • This season has been a real dissappointment compared to season seven. Theme was very difficult to pickout at certain ponts. Although this finale was good it still did not compare to others seasons.

    The excitement has been drained from this show this season. I came away from last season very impressed only to be dissappointed. The teasing of the possibility of Clark flying almost every oter episode was completely annoying. To go from a year of the Justice League to a year of Veritas was a mistake.
    Theme changed as constant as the weather this season. From Bizarro to Brianiac to Veritas and back. The other seasons had a more firm theme and created a much more enjoyable unity. Although each idea was great on its own together in sparatic segments didn't cut it for me.
    Clark is going to fly, oh wait just kdding. Just look at how often that panned out this season. Clark meets Kara who can fly and wants Clark to as well. Clark saves beautiful actress and is given a red cape. Brianiac returns and is flying all over so Kara tries to get Clark to fly. On and on this went on and yet still Clark can't fly. When he actually does learn to fly Tom Welling will have grey hair.
    To be honest his was an aright finale, but it just didn't have the wow that other seasons had. The entire seasn was just a blah and they put a simple comma at the end. Other more powerful seasons had a nice exclaimation point to keep you wanting more.
    All in all I hope that next season is better.
  • I tend to agree with everyone else here... very disappointing

    In fact I can't even be bothered to review this episode... I can only say that it was disappointing. In fact I can't even be bothered to review this episode... I can only say that it was disappointing. In fact I can't even be bothered to review this episode... I can only say that it was disappointing. In fact I can't even be bothered to review this episode... I can only say that it was disappointing. In fact I can't even be bothered to review this episode... I can only say that it was disappointing. In fact I can't even be bothered to review this episode... I can only say that it was disappointing. In fact I can't even be bothered to review this episode... I can only say that it was disappointing. In fact I can't even be bothered to review this episode... I can only say that it was disappointing. In fact I can't even be bothered to review this episode... I can only say that it was disappointing. In fact I can't even be bothered to review this episode... I can only say that it was disappointing. In fact I can't even be bothered to review this episode... I can only say that it was disappointing. In fact I can't even be bothered to review this episode... I can only say that it was disappointing. In fact I can't even be bothered to review this episode... I can only say that it was disappointing. In fact I can't even be bothered to review this episode... I can only say that it was disappointing. In fact I can't even be bothered to review this episode... I can only say that it was disappointing. In fact I can't even be bothered to review this episode... I can only say that it was disappointing. In fact I can't even be bothered to review this episode... I can only say that it was disappointing. In fact I can't even be bothered to review this episode... I can only say that it was disappointing. In fact I can't even be bothered to review this episode... I can only say that it was disappointing. In fact I can't even be bothered to review this episode... I can only say that it was disappointing. In fact I can't even be bothered to review this episode... I can only say that it was disappointing. In fact I can't even be bothered to review this episode... I can only say that it was disappointing. In fact I can't even be bothered to review this episode... I can only say that it was disappointing.
  • Frustrating as always and making our hero seem mediocre instead of super….again!

    Couldn't believe this was a season finale, i wasn't left holding my breath exactly, end of season 6 was super and this pales in comparison, the episode was so uneventful that it almost proactively highlighted flaws in continuity with previous episodes.

    1. One of the reviews say why couldn't Clark stay close and watch with x-ray vision, true why not, he is a superhuman being after all, surely some superhuman thought could have been displayed in that little plot.
    2. When chloe does confront Finnes with the super green rock he's unaffected, but flashback, when remains of brainiac were found in previous episodes was it not being kept at bay by the good old green stuff which kept in contained within it's little glass vile??? So how is he now unaffected by it here.
    3. If brianiac is unaffected by the green stuff, then why has he not just killed Clark with this??? Seems simple enough, Clark's been sprung loads of times by ordinary joe's carrying krpto so what stopped the super computer super speeding up to him with it??
    4. The not being able to fly thing is really starting to bug me, when it's obv it's an ability he will have, if you were a superhero in the midst of a battle to save yourself and in turn the planet from destruction, would you not try to get every edge you could over your enemies, or at least ensure a level playing field?
    5. Finally… almost end of rant, why oh why when Clark sees lex with the orb in the fortress when he realises that he can't get to close as this seems to have the same affect as krypto, why doesn't he just give lex a blast of his heat vision, like a shot in the arm to injure, not kill him, but also get the orb away from him, take care of lex, then have it out with big J over the device?

    Why oh why do the writers fluff over the important, and sometimes obvious stuff????
  • I blame the writers strike for this one.

    In economics, it is unfair to ask two people to do the work of three. It is that simple. Likewise, it is unfair for four episodes to do the work of eight. The last sequence of episodes have been incomprehensible, confusing and downright bad. It all comes together seeming as though it is trying to organize every storyline in the series into one grand plan. It fails horribly (not spectacularly, that would mean the denouncement fails to live up to the hype. This is stumbling through everything, step by misplaced step.)

    Robert Picardo is an impressive and popular actor, he usually makes things one level better then it could have been. Here, his performance is intriquing and nuanced, but only has 30 seconds in his prior appearance and here to show his stuff.

    That is kind of like the entire Veritas storyline. It had some potential. It makes you examine Lionels character from the beginning of the series. What really fails is how this conspiracy is revealed and used. We have had a evidence throughout the series that Jor-El is capable of controlling Clark in some way. It does make sense that Jor-El would impliment some way for humanity to protect itself should Clark not be the hero he is supposed to be. But considering the huge cache of Kryptonite lying everywhere, why is this such a convoluted plan?

    We have had a "National Treasure" style hunt that puts even that movie to shame with the stretches of puzzle piece logic. Two keys that open a safety deposit box holding a clockwork dial that plays a random song that is significant to only one person identifying the location of a castle in Europe which happens to have been relocated to Smallville as the Luthor mansion.

    Reading that last sentence, I realize that it is completely accurate, and I still don't know how they got to that point. But as for everything else, Jimmy's spotlight episode a few weeks ago has been rendered null and void. It was almost uneeded now, and was still indulgent. (Let's do a James Bond espionage episode!) Considering his last spotlight episode was a film noir dream, this doesn't bode well for his episodes.

    Considering what has been revealed for the next season, I think it will only get worse. Lana's departure was just sad, it was too obvious that Kristin Kreuk just wanted to leave so she did it by videotape. Michael Rosenbaum is also leaving, after discovering for the thirtieth time that Clark has superpowers. (I'm thinking... he's going to get amnesia.) I have never seen a show limp along this bad towards the end. Maybe with a fresh start with the writers they can make up for this mess.
  • Worst season finale of Smallville I've seen.

    I did not like this season finale very much. I felt that it was very anti-climatic and not much happened. Smallville used to be so much better than this. When will the writers of the show wake up and start producing good episodes again.

    Every time i see Jimmy on the screen i feel like turning the tv off. He adds nothing to the series and just eats up screen time. When he proposed to Chloe i felt like gagging. The agents should have taken him away instead of Chloe so that i never have to see his face again.

    I thought the device was suppose control Clark? How does destroying the fortress do that? Seems like a plot hole to me. Wake up writers!!! The only bright side to the finale is that Lana is gone. Maybe Clark can finally grow up and be a man.
  • So painfull to watch this season finale!

    This was so painful to watch. I couldn't imagine how clark/kal el develop to become a wimp as he is this episode.
    1. He got cold feet when kara was teaching him how fly. all the kryptonians he encountered flew. Why oh why can't he even tried to learn how to do it?

    2. He valued life. But it came to a point to choose between destruction of the fortress (his only link to his homeworld) and harming Lex. But be chose the fortress to be destroyed without a fight. How pathetic this could be!
    He could have easliy overpowered Lex even w/o touching the orb.
    He have all the information/knowledge to weigh things and decide for the greater good but then he chose poorly!
    Clark haven't learn a thing this whole season. This is so pathetic!!!
    Writers wake up!!!
  • exciting finale

    the stories have been leading up to this point with the introduction of the veritas storyline. the story ends with a climactic scene at the fortress of solitude. it's a really exciting episode. but it ends with a cliffhanger, this gives us something to think about when the next season comes. i'm so excited about it. the storyline was fastpaced. the writers surely came up with a cool plot. nothing slows down, everything is getting somewhere. i can think of several possibilities for season 8, but i'm sure the writers will come up with a cool idea next season. i really can't wait.
  • Too heavy on romantic angst, and too light on final confrontations between two combatants over the future of mankind. Some good cliffhangers, but Clark does not come off as the admirable hero we want to see.

    Season finales always present high drama and most of the cast in some kind of jeopardy, and "Arctic" does it all. The "previously on SV" opening covers a lot of territory, all the way back to Lionel's death, Edward Teague and Veritas, and Lana's mental invasion by Brainiac.

    On to new material with Teague at Flight Level 350 in a Lear 25, but the spacious cabin is no Lear - it's as big as a Gulfstream G-5 at least. Curious why the producers don't look for stock footage of aircraft exteriors to match the interior shots. But the lovely flight attendant is - Kara! She reveals to his shock that she knows all about Veritas and Kal-El, but he does not know her. Why the Brainiac-within-Kara has to get answers from him about the Kal-El-controlling crystal is a plot weakness - how would he know? So she punches out the Lear fuselage, sending the not-very-good-CGI aircraft into an exploding dive, and Kara/It simply flies away, presumably ending Robert Picardo's role in Smallville.

    Lex, meanwhile, has been dispatching search teams to the Arctic based on the coordinates revealed to him last week by the kryptonite crystal. The teams have been disappearing, and Mr. Rosenbaum, playing his last in Smallville, is unusually hard and demanding, even for Lex. No humor or hint of redemption here. His blackmail of Jimmy to get more dope on Lois eventually goes nowhere, and Mr. Ashmore has to play Jimmy again as an overeager youth, stammering his way through the script - here's hoping for a more mature Jimmy in the future. If Lois is such a bother to Lex, why doesn't he just can her?

    My favorite line - Lois blows into the Kent farmhouse and is practically in the den when Clark finally quips, "Come on in, Lois." She offers him a job app. for the DP, but he refuses; he'll never work for Lex. So some time must pass before we see Clark and Lois as journalistic partners.

    When Chloe brings news of Teague's death, she gets more data from the "National Transportation and Safety Board" (delete the "and", it's just NTSB). Listening to cockpit voice recordings, they hear what they believe to be Kara. Kara/It arrives at the Luthor mansion, raising the question of why Brainiac continues to keep up this disguise. She finds the crystal, but it can't be touched by a non-kryptonian, or a machine like Brainiac. Then Clark arrives to confront her/it over Teague's death. Speeding back to the farm with her in tow, Clark interrogates her, suspecting red kryptonite or anything to explain Kara's bizarre actions. Claiming to do anything to save the Earth, Kara/Brainiac gets airborne, is cleverly snagged by Clark, but she kicks him across the barn in the best stunt of the episode. Where Kara flies, he cannot follow. In a long-standing SV theme, when someone is not themselves, they should be suspected of not being themselves.

    Jimmy complies with the blackmail, trying to throw Lois off the Arctic trail by feeding her a fiction about Lex merely exploring for oil reserves. Lois seems to buy it for the moment.

    Lex finds Kara visiting, revealing her knowledge of Veritas, Kal-El, and just about everything, including her ability to start the fireplace with her eyeballs. Finally he recognizes her as his savior from the Season 6 finale. Only a human can use the orb, and the Brainiac presence is guiding Lex to the Fortress to destroy the Traveler, playing right into all of his paranoia.

    Back home, Clark is desperate to stop Kara, breaking out the kryptonite and enlisting Chloe for the knockdown. She lures Kara to the Talon, but that dang green rock has no effect on machines - and Brainiac finally morphs back to his Milton Fine persona, right in front of Chloe, then giving her a spectacular dose of mind-altering force via finger-swords. Not only a good cliffhanger for Chloe, but the opportunity for some interesting episodes on the effects of this assault. But even Fine is affected by something within Chloe - her meteor power is formidable. The question of who won here will have to wait.

    Lex departs for the Arctic in the Luthorcorp Hawker HS-125, while Clark finds Chloe in the Medical Center again, pretty much in a coma and giving Clark lots to regret, until her eyes open with that glazed film, and he sees the Brainiac influence. Fine has trouble with a simple task like burning through a chain-link fence, searching for some high voltage to restore his battery-pack, when Clark finds him for another dramatic battle, this time in a substation. But why would Brainiac challenge Clark about killing him - why would that go against Clark's principles? He's just a programmed machine, and Clark finally destroys him - let's hope for the last time. So that's two cast members gone already - halfway through the episode, and we seem to see Kara, drifting along in intergalactic space in a Phantom Zone prism.

    Now another cast disappearance - Lana has left the institution, leaving Clark with a tearful goodbye via video - things are happening fast. Apparently we will not see Lana for awhile next season. Clark is devastated, and Lois arrives about then, just to show us who is taking the romantic lead in the series. Yes, it's Lois, showing love and support for Clark's heartbreak, while the song solo is about...Lana? Or Lois? Nice touch - I hope it's a harbinger of a love-interest transition early next season. Liked the Lois-Clark interaction, did not like Mr. Welling's attempt at tearing-up with grief at losing Lana - and not even a hint of attempting to find her. It's not the credited screenwriter's fault, but rather the story editor who continues to dish up romantic tragedy, everything ending in excessive melodrama. Yet another season wrapup - Jimmy proposes to Chloe, offering only a toy ring, but lots of boyish sincerity. Before she can answer, a team from the DDS bursts in, and Chloe is hauled off to prison somewhere - showing Lex doesn't take "no" from anyone.

    In another bothersome scene, Clark is staring off in space at the farm, wallowing in such self-pity that he can't even hear Jimmy calling him. This is not admirable conduct for the Man of Steel. Jimmy brings the news, finally breaking Clark out of his romantic angst, and sending him to the Fortress, where Lex is already on-site, convinced he's about to save the world. Unfortunately, the writer has Clark offering no effective arguments or explanations to Lex, or even a good self-defense. He just has to hang around while Lex pronounces the final decisions, and Clark isn't even allowed to, say, exit quickly and save himself while Lex does whatever he wants to do, alone.

    Lex doesn't seem evil here at all - he's willing to sacrifice himself to save mankind. I'm not sure we can even say that unequivocally about Clark. When will he be ready to take on that high calling? In the end, Lex has the orb, and it activates, destroying the Fortress and plunging Lex and Clark into some unknown abyss.

    No one escaped this episode, except perhaps Lois. Everyone else is missing, possibly dead, imprisoned, or off in the ether trapped in a prism. Once again, I hope all these hangers won't be resolve with just a few scenes in the Season 8 premiere - it should take some time to enjoy all the rescues and resolutions. Must we say farewell to Mr. Rosenbaum? Hard to get over that, given all his contributions to this series over so many years. Still, I hope for a future guest appearance, at least in the series finale, but I'm not in a hurry for that to come, either. With this story editor, you have to lower your expectations and beware of soap-opera heartbreak. But you have to see "Arctic" to keep up with whatever comes next season. Re-run rating B.
  • a very nice ending to the series but im not sure how the series will pogress from here.

    a very nice ending to the series but im not sure how the series wil pogress from here. any body who knows anything about the superman story knows that its based around the three characters of superman, lois lane and lex luthor. although in this series they have distanced themselves a little from this already written story they still have these characters. getting rid of lex therefore i cannot see ending well or the series, nor can writting out lana, the girl who is effectivley lois in this re-write.

    i can understand why the writers did what they did, and the way they ended the seris with clark and lex at the fortress was great, if not a little anti-climatical. the two characters did need to have a good old head to head before lex left. i cant help feeling thoug that although it was a well written episode they did come up short, they could have done so much more with it if they had taken the time and maybe tried harder.
  • The Seven Year Rip-Off

    Arctic-Lex goes to the Fortress to fulfill his destiny, while Lana awakens from her coma and Chloe is arrested by the government.

    God, does my head hurt! You know, Season 7 looked like a very promising season. Yes, I know other seasons before it looked promising, but after a fairly good improvement in the sixth season, the seventh season looked like it would build on that. The season started out quite well, especially with the writers delving into the House of El/Kryptonian mythology, and then we had this Veritas storyline nicely placed in the second half. It was about time the writers started developing Clark's heritage and destiny more which seemed to be a big boost in his journery to Superman! But yet again, the writers lack insight on what the hell they were doing. Okay, the writer's strike played a big part in this schizophrenic season, but HELLO! so did it for dozens of other shows but I don't see the quality in writing taking a plung, do I! "Arctic" is the worst season finale of the series and one of the sorriest exits from a major character ever! Unlike the building intensity of "Tempest", the heartbreaking drama of "Exodus", the shocking revelations of "Covenant", the epic fallout of "Commencement", the global propaganda of "Vessel" and the climatic showdown of "Phantom", "Arctic" lacks all of these and only has a few good moments to make it even decent!

    I think it's best that I start with the good. Laura Vandervoort impressed throughout this hour. Giving very inconsistent performances this season, I'm surprised the actress managed to play menancing so convincing. She captured James Masters's mannerisms as Brainiac quite well, especially during her very intense scene with Lex. Speaking of Lex, Micheal Rosenbaum works wonders in his last episode of the series (I dearly hope not after the sorry ending!) Even if the material as usual doesn't live up to his immense talent, he truly commits to the final chapter in Lex's journey to the truth. In other news, Lana wakes up and breaks up with Clark. Who cares if it's far-fetched that Lana could make a DVD so quick after waking up and Clark's crying over her was pathetic. It's time these two break-up!! It has been time for years now, it's about to be Season 8 for god sakes and "moving on" doesn't seem to be in these people's dictionary. There were some stunning displays of special effects like Chloe's power draining Brainiac and Clark's superpunching Brainiac through a wall.

    But for every good thing in this finale, there was simply not enough time for the storylines that the writers yet again jammed into this episode. Both Brainiac and Lex's storylines were equally important...actually, Lex's storyline was more important since it is his last episode! Brainiac's return in this episode is poor and he is underused throughout. The final fight between him and Clark is pitiful, as this once great sinister villain is killed so easily yet again! I'm glad Clark got very pro-active that moment, but Clark was also quite underused this episode! It's truly ridiculous how the writers are now struggling to find things for Clark to do, especially when it's finale time! I like that Lois gave Clark some insight about his future, but she too was also underused this episode. Besides that scene with Clark and her comforting him after the break-up scene, Lois contributed nothing here and I'm sick of the writers underdeveloping another iconic character! Jimmy was severally overused, WHAT? What could have been quality screen where Clark and Lex have an actual showdown is wasted by extra minutes of Jimmy babbling on and on and on...ehw! The proposal scene was laughable, lacking depth and emotion, as well as Chloe's sudden arrest. Good thing Allison Mack is coming back next season or that would have been an even worse send off than Lex! I mean after 7 years of friendship, betrayal, deception, and tension between the 2 most significant characters of not only the series, but Superman's 7 decade history are reduced to 5 minutes of anticlimatic bull when Lex discovers the Fortress! There was no showdown! There was no full circle! Geeze, there was even no sense of dread! All we had was a poorly written final speech from Lex and Clark in fear for no reason! Clark just let's Lex use the orb which destorys the Fortress and it collapses on both of them...WTF?? So what the hell was the Veritas/Traveler storyline for then? How exactly does that control Clark in anyway? More importantly, with Micheal not returning, how are they gonna resolve this poorly concieved cliffhanger! Season 8 already looks like a dreadful season in waiting with a butchered concept for Doomsday and Lex's awful sounding replacement, Tess. After this disappointing season and finale, I don't know whether to return for Smallville's final season, maybe after 3 months of solitude this summer, I'll find enlightenment!
  • Finally the Lana-Clark saga is over!!!! YAY

    Lana is gone, Clark and Lana broke up permanently (better be), Chloe got arrested, Jimmy proposed, Brianiac seemed to be destroyed and Clark and Lex battles it out in the fortress of solutide. This was a very good episode. I hope the Lana-Clark rut is really over and they are not going to put them back together yet again and make Clark a little winning baby. I hope Clark becomes the man of steel he was destined to be. What became of Brainiac?, What happened to Kara? Where did Lana go? Will Clark accept the Daily Planet job?, How will Chloe escape?, What will become of Clark and Lex? All these questions and more will be answered in season 8. I hope Season 8 won't have Clark cry over Lana. I hope it's really about Lois and Clark.
  • It all comes down to this...

    It's a fast paced episode, sure, as there are quite a number of storylines hanging in the balance, but nothing seems to gel. Where other finales threw our main guys in the line of peril and certainly had more than their fair share of WTF moments, "Artic" can be summed up by one simple word: meh!

    Smallville has always been rather hit or miss, but at least there was the finales and premiers to ensure a few a classic moments - enough to make you await the next one. Here, though, even with so many opportunities to give the fans what they've been wanting, nothing is resolved here.

    Lana and Lex finally slot into the roles we've been waiting for - Lana knows Clark's duty as a hero is far more important than their love for each other, and Lex certainly does become the villain of the piece. So why the complete disservice to both characters?

    Not only that, but Kara, too, falls victim to character sacrifice. We're supposed to be caught off guard by the fact Brainiac fooled us (and he sure did) but it's yet another character given an uninteresting end, if you can call it that.

    There were so many better ways to deal with this arc-heavy finale and the simple solution was to scrap it and focus on the three main characters, two of the biggest influences in Clark's life! Fans don't care about Veritas, and I doubt we'd mind a few continuity errors, as we could rely on the final showdown between Clark and Lex. But this was merely an afterthought. Pity.
  • Awesome season finale!

    Well well, i know this wasn't smallville's best season finale but it was still awesome none the less, i dont know why its got such bad ratings cuz it was fast paced all the way through and you didn't really know what was gonna happen next. I'm not one for giving spoilers away so i wont, but lex finds out clarks secret and it was a great moment. But what i loved so much about this episode was the scenes of clark and lois, they were sweet and brilliantly acted. every season gets better and this was no different, cant wait for season 8 cuz its only gonna keep on gettin better, but i will miss lana and definately lex. smallville rocks.
  • could have been a good series finale...

    the story was fine, exciting in some parts, nice cliff hanger in the end. i must admit though that this episode was not a very powerful one but this could have been a good way of ending not just the season but the whole series, provided that they resolve the battle between lex and clark. i think smallville have had a very good run and while it is still rating, they should have ended it gracefully i mean with the absence of lana and lex in the coming season, i'm not sure if the show would still be a hit but we'll see. avid fans like me would still support this show for sure but i hope next season would be a blast coz otherwise, i'd have to say goodbye to it.
  • Could have been better.

    I always like finales because they have the recap of the season, "previoulsy on smallville". However, i didn't like how Kara attacked Edward Teauge, she should've been more aggressive to show how evil Brainiac really is. After that when Clark confronted Braniac, he did a good job of finishing him off, so that's one good thing. They cuol've done better when they made the government captured Chloe, it just didn't seem too real. They also shouldn't have out Kara in the phantom zone( she's my favorite character). The final scene was horrible, Clark did nothing to stop lex, we all know he has gotten out of worse situations. (sigh). Please make the 8th season premier awesome.
  • The conclusion to the Veritas storyline in which Lex (Micheal Rosenbaum)finds out Clark's (Tom Welling )identity. Also starring Krisin Kreuk, Allison Mack, Erica Durance, Aaron Ashmore, and Laura Vandervoort. Guest Starring James Marsters.

    This may have been one of the most hyped about episodes of Smallville that i have ever heard, except for Season Six's installment "Justice." However, unlike Justice, this episode disappointed me. When it ended i felt like there should have been more. ill start with something positive, the acting was fantastic, so good job eveybody. But, now to being harsh. So Kara (Laure Vandervoort) is acting all strange like, and very un-Kara, so what could possibly be going on here, she isnt Kara. It turns out that this was correct and predictable as it turned out to be Brainiac (guest star James Marsters). Chloe (Allison Mack) gets put into a coma like Lana (Kristin Kreuk). However, this was also predictable, well acted, but predictable. So Clark (Tom Welling) defeats Brainiac and Lana and Chloe are back to normal. Yea! Lana breaks up with Clark via Dear John Letter, and Lois (Erica Durance) is there to comfort him (another positive, cuz i love Chlois.)Meanwhile Lex (Michael figures out how to get to the Fortress. Jimmy (Aaron Ashmore) proposes to Chloe, YEA! So the whole cliffhanger thing is, Lana and Clark are done, Chloe gets arrested before she can answer Jimmy's proposal, and Clark and Lex are about to face off in the Fortress, well its collapsing. Also, Good-bye Michael Rosenbaum and Kristin Kreuk. We Love You Both!
  • Contains Spoilers...

    I don't even know where to begin with this episode. I mean with Smallville it's season finales are usually the best episodes of the season but this has got to be the worst season finale of the entire series during the seven years it has been on. I blame the writers strike for why the second halve of the season was so lackluster. I was talking to my cousin and he asked what happend in the finale and you know what I said?- Nothing happend. There wasn't very many cliffhangers and having Lex find out Clark's secret was just a big mistake altogether. Season 8 will probably be good what with Green Arrow being a regular member although I'm not sure about Doomsday.
  • Compared to the other Smallville finales, this was very dissapointing. A somewhat lackluster finale.

    There was a lot of build-up both during and before this episode, but the finale showdown was ultimately very dissapointing and didn't make a whole lot of sense. Anti-climactic.

    The episode had some good points:the final fight with Brainiac, Jimmy's proposal, Clark's reaction to Lana leaving (just stay gone, PLEASE) But...other than that...not much else.

    I can't say much other than it was just dissapointing episode. Much of the CG in the episode looked mediocure at best (particularly the destruction of The Fortress) and the ending was just like "uh...thats it?" I hope they can bounce back from this next season.
  • Loved the so on the finale

    I have to admit it's my first time watching the whole series of Smallville (I dont think I've watched a whole season of anything - until now) and I personally loved the season(#7). Maybe it's because the characters are grown up now and no longer in school. Also, maybe it's because I thought this would be the season in which Kalel does find his destiny and begins a new development of his character and journey. I'm assuming the Writer's strike might have been the reason for a disappointing season finale; nevertheless I'll be back to watch the next season. I do hope Smallville will be back for another season.
  • If it can't get more confusing ...

    I love Smallville, but the reasons are not necessarily because it makes sense. The people who play the parts are strong actors and that's where the strength of the show lies.

    Storylines however, makes no sense.

    And the truth is, that since Smallville has been based on bad premises from the very beginning, it's obviously never going to have a good strong storyline.

    And season 7 is truly a shining example of how bad they can weave up things.

    Lex finds the fortress. Game over.

    Lex knows Clark's secret. Game over.

    Now, let's look at how implausible all of this is.

    1) Kryptonians on Earth who adopt Earth lifestyle by blocking their powers with Blue Kryptonite, which makes them compatible to have children? oye vay

    2) Brainiac getting destroyed by Clark, with simple Electricity? (of course, that might not be the case, they will find a way to bring him back, I'm sure)

    3) Time Travel done easy, how did Brainiac and Kara go back to Krypton in the past?

    4) Wait, Time Travel, interstallar travel and so few Kryptonians to make it alive from Krypton?

    5) Kara can fly, but not Clark.. Hell, every kryptonian who arrives on Earth can master there powers, but not Clark.

    6) A secret society which was founded by Doctor Swann and whose purpose was to greet the "Visitor", yet, Kryptonians have been around on the planet for a while "Jorel was on Earth" and whoever designed the Kawatche Caves at some point, there is a kryptonian hand there, more than likely Jorel's too.

    7) Jorel was in talks with Swann?

    8) Jorel giving this society the knowledge to kill Clark

    9) Lex finds the missing clue to the secret of the fortress in his home, yet, Lionel who had the house built by moving it stone per stone, couldn't have deduced it? 10) and it goes on and on...

    Let's face it, this show, in my opinion, has really done a bad job of interpreting and rebooting the Superman mythology.

    What type of logic can they employ to have Lex resurface in Season 8 at some point and where Lex will have no recollection of Clark's secret?

    So many better shows out there than Smallville with better ratings too, have been put to pasture, I'm so wondering how this show can justify a Season 8.

    Oh well, we shall watch and see this last season and how they can wrap things up.

    But anyone with any true lore of Superman knowledge will agree that this show makes it next to impossible to appreciate how all of this can lead to a credible Superman storyline.

  • The ep was good but the end of the ep was horrible

    The episode had a good start but not a good ending how the fortress just exploded in to the Artic water that was stupid if lex could control Clark then he could not get out of the fortress then they would be dead for lex brought the fortress down on top of them they would be death and since lex will leave next season they will have to come up with some great stuff to fix that one for unless that thing that controls Clark dose not work and he was now able to fly out of the Artic there both dead thats the bottom line of how the ended the show (Ihope who ever thought of that got fired or at least suspened
  • I completly agree with Zacharyauger and his point with this episode was just as clear as mine was going to be...

    One of the other things that for me is annoying is that smallville gave a bad season ending for this season and now we viewers have to wait until they repeat the hole season seven agian in order to see whats going to happen in season eight.

    And yes i also think that this season ending would have been done much better if Lex would have a harder time knowing Clark's secret.

    About the flying problem, i hope when the next season comes he gets to touch the sky and gets out from the farm and starts working in the Daily Planet and Finally Knowing his true reason to be in planet earth.
  • Classic Smallville finale

    OK.. So, Lex finds Clark's secret (FINALLY!!!), Lana is out of the show, which is what we all wanted!! So I don't understand why so many people didn't like this episode!! It had action, emotion and the last scene of Lana as a regular, that's it!!! I agree that it wasn't the best of all the Smallville season finales but I don't think it was the worst either...

    I even think that the part when Clark watches the video of Lana saying goodbye was very moving, specially when Lois shows up to give him "comfort". And maybe, JUST maybe, we'll have Clark on the Planet next season!!!

    Can't wait for next season!! :D
  • A very abrupt and unintresting end to the season.

    With the producers making way for someone new next season and a couple of pivitol characters leaving, you would think this years Smallville finale would at least have had some effort put into it to make it a special episode.

    Apparently not though.

    While the pre credit sequence with Supergirl Kara wrecking havok on a plane is pretty intense and the episodes climax that features a Clark/Lex face off in the Fortress Of Solitude is a moment many people will have got a kick out of, nothing in between these moments is really very intresting at all. Not a single character really has a quality scene here, for instance Lana's brief apearence in the episode as she is awakened from her coma is predictabley cheesey and lame, but you couldnt have predicted that it would be quite SO cheesy and lame.

    There is a half decent action scene that takes place roughly in the middle of what has to be one of the most mind numbing season finales of any show I have seen in recent years, but even then its outcome makes no sense when you think about it. Basicaly the whole thing feels like it was thrown together without thought and leaves us with a cliffhanger that, all things considered, must be seriously plauging writers minds to how they are going to dig themselfs out of the gigantic hole they have just placed themselfs into. Disapointing to say the least.
  • An Amazing Smallville Season Seven Finale...

    Lana wakes out of her coma then leaves town, Chloe get attacked by Braniac, Clark kilss Braniac, Chloe wakes out of her coma then she gets proposed to by jimmy and then gets taken away by the police before she can say yes or no,Lex finally discovers Clarks secret and have a showdown in the fortress, Kara is trapped in the phantom zone, Lois is thinking about Clarks future, and finally while Lex and Clark are fighting in the fortress it all of a sudden explodes leaving Lex and Clark still inside. Not too bad for onyl a 40 minute episode lol. I can't wait until season 8.
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