Season 7 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 15, 2008 on The CW

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  • Rating applies to the whole seventh season, but also to this episode. I am not gonna shed a tear when the current writers leave the show.

    From day one I have recorded and watched each episode, purchased the 6 dvds, and pretty much remained loyal. But I think this was the year they beat us over the head with advertising placement mixed into the plots too deeply, particularly the stride gum episode. I felt as if they didn't care any longer where things were heading and rather than develop better story lines they cashed in at our expense.

    Season seven started out with a great episode, Bizarro, and I thought was a great start to the season. Followed up by Kara which also was a good episode. Then they inserted advertising inside for Toyota (Yarus). And also let the stories drift and most of the next episodes seemed like an old rehashing of previous years...Fierce had meteor freaks entering the Miss Sweet Corn Pageant, etc. While I was surprised to see Dean Cain in the next episode it just didn't tie in well. Still nothing was a bad as the Stride Infomercial they did with Pete's return. I am not buying this season's Dvd because of this episode alone.

    Pretty much the season went down hill from there, and it brings us to the Season Finale, which as many people have pointed out was a HUGE let down. Lana leaves a taped message for Clark?! Choloe is taken into custody because super-sharp Jimmy reneged on Lex, DUH! We are left with a fortress that has caved in on Clark and Lex and the image of Kara trapped in the Phantom Zone.

    Season eight is going to require some much needed writing to win back people. It would almost be better to start from Season 5 or 6 and make the other seasons that followed like the shower scene that Bobby had in Dallas...It was all a bad dream.