Season 7 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 15, 2008 on The CW

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  • This season has been a real dissappointment compared to season seven. Theme was very difficult to pickout at certain ponts. Although this finale was good it still did not compare to others seasons.

    The excitement has been drained from this show this season. I came away from last season very impressed only to be dissappointed. The teasing of the possibility of Clark flying almost every oter episode was completely annoying. To go from a year of the Justice League to a year of Veritas was a mistake.
    Theme changed as constant as the weather this season. From Bizarro to Brianiac to Veritas and back. The other seasons had a more firm theme and created a much more enjoyable unity. Although each idea was great on its own together in sparatic segments didn't cut it for me.
    Clark is going to fly, oh wait just kdding. Just look at how often that panned out this season. Clark meets Kara who can fly and wants Clark to as well. Clark saves beautiful actress and is given a red cape. Brianiac returns and is flying all over so Kara tries to get Clark to fly. On and on this went on and yet still Clark can't fly. When he actually does learn to fly Tom Welling will have grey hair.
    To be honest his was an aright finale, but it just didn't have the wow that other seasons had. The entire seasn was just a blah and they put a simple comma at the end. Other more powerful seasons had a nice exclaimation point to keep you wanting more.
    All in all I hope that next season is better.