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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 11, 2011 on The CW
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Lois and Clark watch news coverage on TV of Clark's mother speaking at a pro-vigilante rally but things take a turn for the worse when someone shoots the Senator. With Clark worried about his mother's saftey, Chloe and Lois try to cheer him up with videos showing Blur supporters. Meanwhile, the Earth-2 Lionel impersonates his dead counterpart and takes control of LuthorCorp back from Tess and Oliver.moreless

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  • A bit overwrought, but a nice conclusion to the VRA arc

    With less than 10 episodes left for this decade-long series about the development of Superman from reluctant high school hero to worldwide beacon of hope, the writers are certainly laying all the necessary groundwork to bring things to a rousing conclusion.

    When they created the alternate universe and brought over that version of Lionel Luthor, I was a bit wary. It seemed like a way to cheat the death of the character, which was one of the few highlights of the seventh season. But this episode made it clear that it's all designed to restore the Luthors as Clark's true nemesis. It's all feeding into one of the most anticipated series-ending arcs in quite some time.

    If this turn of events is unfortunate for anyone, it's Tess Mercer. Connecting her to the Luthor legacy was a nice touch, but I've never had the sense that the writers knew what to do with her. She was never a villain per se, so as a replacement for Lex, it didn't work. But as someone to mind the store until the Luthors return to menace the world, I suppose she served a purpose. Sadly, I think it will mean that her ultimate fate will be playing sacrificial lamb for Clark's benefit.

    On the other hand, we really don't know how "Alexander" is going to factor into the story. All indications were pointing to his eventual transformation into the Lex we all remember, but the revelation at the end of this episode suggests otherwise. "Alexander" displays a resilience much like Clark. Some speculate that this may be a sign that "Alexander" will become Connor Kent, an incarnation of Superboy. If so, it complicates what seemed to be a straightforward return for Lex. After all, there's still a connection to the Darkseid season arc that needs to be made.

    I'm not sure how to take this latest shift in Chloe's character. The idea that she intentionally left to allow Clark room to grow without her constant protection doesn't quite make sense, given that they weren't getting along for an entire season before she disappeared. And for that matter, he was making his own mistakes for years, with or without her and Martha around. Instead, it seems like a way to gloss over Allison Mack's decision not to be a regular for the final season. Granted, it's not a bad sentiment; it just doesn't add up.

    Perhaps one of the most important elements of the episode, the end of the VRA threat and the revelation that Clark, as the Blur, as become a symbol for humanity's hope, was slightly overdone, but in the best way possible. The testimonials came across as heartfelt, and it fits into Clark's post-Smallville journey towards accepting a broader responsibility. It looks like we'll get to see Clark's final transformation into the iconic character(s) we know and love, which is really all we've ever wanted out of this series.moreless
  • WOW!!!!

    After last week i did not know what to expect this week, but i was simply amazed with what i just watched. To start off with, what a great intro, One of the shorter ones of the entire show but also one of the best i have seen. John Glover is amazing and he proved why i missed him when he left. Then to switch to Martha speaking at the rally to get the word out against the VRA was extremely inspiring and for me caused flashback to season 5 when Jonathan was campaigning for office.

    I love the role that Chloe plays in this episode and i got my wish for a good episode with Chloe in it. She did a great job of bringing back the "High School" Chloe, if you will, and not the "Watchtower" Chloe. I started to get that feeling, with Chloe, Lionel and Martha back that i should expect to see some sign of Lana somewhere, But unfortunately for me, no Lana. Lex is back (well it's not MR, but i was still EXTREMELY impressed) his parts and lines were fantastic and gave me chills thinking about the real Lex doing those things. I am rather sad about the Luthor Mansion being burned to the ground after all of the time that we have spent there over all of the years, but it proved for a great shock. The only part of this episode that i was kind of confused about was the end of it. What was Tess trying to give Lex a shot of and since when does he have powers? and if he does have powers of some sort, why did the Green K bullets not hurt him by being around them? Other than that extremely minor detail i was very impressed with this episode and i hope that the same style of episodes finish us out with the season and the series!moreless
  • Overall this was a good episode.

    OK people listen up. For months now i have been reading about people's disappointment that Clark is still the Blur or parading around as the Blur! Guess what? He will not be Superman until the last episode so get used to it! This is a story about Clark Kent and his journey towards becoming Superman! Just go back and watch the first movie with Christopher Reeve. Notice how in the beginning he went to the fortess as Clark Kent and after some really long training from Jor-El he finally emerges as SUPERMAN and flies away! Why do people think Smallville will be any different? This is about Clark Kent so just wait for the last episode to see Superman. More than likely he will be the Blur almost the entire episode with it finally ending with him in the fortress probably talking to Jor-El when he finally gives him the suit and Superman is born!!! Seriously, you guys say you know all about the Superman mythology and yet you seem to be eluded by the easiest thing to figure out!moreless
  • Now this was a D*m good eps. Plain an simple.

    Where to begin?? Oh yes! Lionel is back nuff said. Oh ok I guess I'll have to say some more. Mrs. Martha Kent is back as well. Still need some more, how about

    this is one of the best eps of season 10 senses the 200th eps. Ok! Lionel is back to re-calm his empire, and doing a very good job of it. Mrs. Kent is out an about trying to over turn the VRA, with a 52 state vote. We have a young Lex out there with the know how on how to stop the blur. I'm hoping MR will come back to give closure to a part he put 7 years of his life into, and send him off with style. The young actor playing Lex did a most wonderful job. This eps had all the cast in it, who did their part in moving the show along. And even Perry White was give a big shout out too. I really liked all the video e-mails that where sent in by Smallville fans and used in the eps. This is one to watch.moreless
  • Ok episode.

    I have to say that I expected more from Beacon. And even though the episode was good in some aspects, it wasn't so good in others. I did like that the VRA story came to an end. It was a long time coming and now we can move on to the better arcs. The Lex arc was very good too. I liked the twist in the end. Maybe this boy won't become the real Lex after all. He seems to be some kind of Superboy.;) Martha's return was much better this time, without the Red Queen or Perry stuff. And I loved her scenes with Chloe and Lionel. Always loved those scenes back in the day. However, there were 2 things about this episode that really brought down this episode for me. The first one was Clark's characterization. It wasn't as bad as Collateral, but we still have a Clark who doesn't confirm what most of those fan videos said: That his greatest strength is his hope. I don't think he needs Lois, Chloe (to a lesser extent) and even Martha tell him what he has to do or how he has to feel in each episode. He should have had hope in the Metropolis people all along. And the 2nd thing that bugged me was Tess' last scene. Tess had a horrible episode in general. She lost her DP office, Luthorcorp and her house got burned down. Her showstealing moment was how she and Clark made Alexander see the light. I loved that scene. And you can see that Alexander is redeemable and how much he cares for Tess. So what does she decide to do? Inject him with cyanide. That's a lightswitch imo. There was no reason for her to resort to that. Did she want to put him out of his misery? She thought about it even before Alexander told her he had problems. Really bad scene for this Tess fan, especially after believing that S10 Tess was becoming a good character that could tell right from wrong.

    Overall, it was an ok episode. I hope the next few pick up the pace as we are just 7 episodes before the finale.moreless
Erica Durance

Erica Durance

Lois Lane

Cassidy Freeman

Cassidy Freeman

Tess Mercer

Justin Hartley

Justin Hartley

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

Allison Mack

Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan

Tom Welling

Tom Welling

Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

Lucas Grabeel

Lucas Grabeel


Guest Star

Anne Marie DeLuise

Anne Marie DeLuise

News Reporter

Guest Star

Jesse Reid

Jesse Reid

Anti-VRA Rally Speaker

Guest Star

John Glover

John Glover

Lionel Luthor

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • If a kryptonite bullet hit Martha's vest and disintegrated (like the one that grazed her shoulder), then she and her shirt would have been covered in kryptonite dust and Clark would have noticed at the hospital. She's clearly wearing the same shirt, since the blood from the graze is on her left shoulder.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Oliver: And while you do that, I'm going to, uh, take a walk. I'm going to stretch my legs out a little bit.
      Chloe: Oliver, your stretching yesterday led to you stopping two muggings and a very public bank robbery.
      Oliver: That's right. I wore the hoodie.
      Chloe: And if you get caught, you're going to be wearing prison orange. Which is not the best color on you.

    • Martha: These are difficult times. With heroes being painted as criminals, it's easy to lose hope. But, if we don't speak up now, then when? My father always said, "Life only asks of you what you can handle." Sometimes we can't do it on our own, that's why we need to join together in this crusade like a family. So that our united strength shines through the darkness like a beacon, inspiring others to find their voices. None of us is born to hate. We're taught to. That's why we need heroes, to remind us that we are all meant to fight for truth and justice. To take a stand against fear and hate. To go to the polls tomorrow and vote down the VRA!

    • Chloe: You know... growing up, I never really had much of a mother figure to look up to... until I met you. You really taught me what it meant to take care of the people that I love.
      Martha: And as Clark's oldest friend, I can't think of anyone better to watch over him.

    • Lionel: You've grown up, Alexander.
      Alexander: I watched your body fall forty stories. It was the greatest moment of my life.
      Lionel: Well, what father doesn't want to make his son happy?

    • Chloe: What's with all the Woodward and Bernstein?
      Lois: Actually, more like Perry and White. These are Perry's files.
      Chloe: Ohh. That explains the smell of Old Spice and young ambition.

    • Alexander: Always making yourself look better by making me look like some kind of monster!
      Clark: You're not him.
      Tess: You keep blaming everybody else, but look who has the gun in their hand. I know how you feel. After living in the darkness for so long, you feel like you can't step into the light, 'cause it makes you feel ashamed. But Clark was the one that changed everything for me. He can do the same thing for you.

    • Clark: I can't believe they're risking coming out to defend me.
      Chloe: You have no idea how much you mean to people, Clark Kent.
      Clark: I don't think a couple of hundred testimonials will be enough to change the vote.
      Chloe: Try a couple of hundred thousand. All of them willing to step forward for you. They just needed a place to be heard.
      Lois: You're an American hero, Clark.

    • Clark: I want to be the man that you made the suit for.
      Martha: Clark, you don't need the suit to be the world's hero.
      Clark: Well, I saw those people willing to defend me. It was inspiring. It got me to thinking that in order for the Blur to be a true beacon of hope, maybe people need to see my face, too. I've been to the future, and I saw the hero that I will become save the city. But I also saw me. I mean, Clark Kent, disguised behind glasses and a bad haircut.
      Martha: Well, I'm sure you still looked very handsome.

    • Martha: What's real is your strength and integrity and compassion. As long as you remain honest to those things, it doesn't matter what you wear or what name you go by, because... you'll always be my son.
      Clark: So, you're saying I should become that hero and step into the light?
      Martha: Clark, you are the light.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Lionel: Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.
      Referencing the famous quotation attributed to Mark Twain, although it is misquoted here. The precise line is, ""The report of my death was (or "are" or "have been") an exaggeration." He made the quote after it was mistakenly reported that he was lost at sea.

    • Lionel: I assume Clark told you about his journey through the looking glass.
      Lewis Carroll (b.1832 - d.1898), whose real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, is best known as the author of Alice in Wonderland (1865) and its sequel Through the Looking Glass (1871). In the latter, Alice was able to go through the mirror into another world on the other side.