Season 8 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2009 on The CW
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Clark discovers the truth behind Davis' supposed death and angrily confronts Chloe when he realizes that she has been protecting him... but it may already be too late, as Davis ambushes Jimmy and Oliver at the Talon.

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  • what an episode!

    Chloe is in way too deep with Davis. She claims that she is doing this to protect Clark, but she really loves Davis. Oliver is telling Clark to kill the beast which is Davis and Clark refuses to listen, which is going to cause some grim consequences in the season finale. Jimmy seems like he's going to get off popping pills and start working for Oliver once again. I'm glad that they formed a bond. Smallville is really dark this season and next week's episode looks very promising. But the season finale will be the darkest hour Clark must face.moreless
  • This is it. The episode that Chloe Sullivan is going to regret for the rest of her life. *Spoiler Alert: Unless you've already read the various clues and hints about what takes place in the upcoming season finale, don't read the review*moreless

    I don't get why Chloe has been doing the things she's been doing for Davis recently, but I think that it's obvious by now that this is more than just about protecting Clark from Doomsday. She's letting her personal feelings get in the way of her common sense and it's going to haunt her until the very end.

    Unless I'm wrong, there's absolutely no way that Chloe can survive past the season finale. In case you haven't seen the hints, here they are:

    - Two series regulars are going to die in the season finale. Meaning Clark Kent, Chloe Sullivan, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Tess Mercer, Davis Bloome, and Oliver Queen are all in danger.

    - Unlike previous Smallville deaths, both deaths are PERMANENT.

    - There is a twist involved concerning a death, but that twist does not involve that character coming back.

    - One of the regulars dying is considered a veteran Smallville character.

    - One of the dying characters is a man.

    -Tom Welling and Erica Durance have signed on for a season nine, so that pretty much secures the safety of Lois and Clark.

    So unless they throw a major curve ball and disregard any DC continuity by killing a classic character like Clark, Lois, Jimmy, or Ollie, it doesn't look too good for Chloe.

    Moving on to the actual review, I really enjoyed this episode. The teaser at the beginning was really scary, and definitely qualifies as the most horrific moment of the season. Sam Witwer and Chloe Sullivan did not disappoint in "Beast," but that's no surprise.

    I cannot stress this enough. I LOVED Oliver Queen in this episode. I wasn't too crazy about his downward spiral earlier this season, but I do believe that he has redeemed himself. Justin is incredible and I believe he was the standout performance of the episode. It was great that he's developing a friendship with Jimmy, but does anybody else think that the drug problem enabled the writers a great opportunity to start the legendary Clark/Jimmy friendship? And the Chlollie scene where he yells at Chloe was one of the episode's best. I agree that he totally needs to man up and destroy Doomsday. In the words of Ollie, "Kick his ass, Clark!"

    Of course, Clark wasn't in this episode so much, but this is a Chloe/Davis centric episode after all. The face off in the Fortress was great, but not as great as I had imagined. Hopefully, the showdown in the finale will fulfill all expectations.

    And you can't say you didn't feel for Clark when he realized that Chloe was gone and he couldn't do anything about it. Tom Welling played that scene extremely well and I thought it was an appropriate ending.

    Before I conclude the review, let me end this by saying I am NOT a Chloe hater. I actually love her, but I'm really fearing her safety right now. But you never know. Maybe the Aussiello hint really does say "The person dying is not Chloe"

    Overall, FANTASTIC episode. It was dark, but that was expected. "Injustice" and "Doomsday" (Season 8's final episodes) look amazing. I can't wait. This truly is the best season EVER.

    9/10 - Superb episode!!moreless
  • In an episode that should have been entitled "Desperately Seeking a Hero," Chloe takes the proverbial bull by the horns and proves that sometimes it takes a woman to get a man's job done.moreless

    I watched "Beast" following days of strong anticipation and for the most part my expectations were met. There were great moments of intensity, and the opening scene should go down in history as one of Smallville's best. And congratulations to Allison Mack and Sam Witwer for a well done job of generating much needed sexual heat that is too often missing from Smallville. The scene depicting Jimmy Olsen's and Oliver Queen's desperate moment in the basement with the "Beast" was also brilliantly played. And I am immediately willing to acknowledge the subtle way in which Jimmy takes it upon himself to save Oliver's life by doing a great job of provoking the "Beast" to take his own life – since, one must be taken. This is why it is very understandable that Oliver offers drug-addicted Jimmy a job with his company. Oliver Queen recognized the "man" Jimmy has become, and this leads me to my frustration with how Clark was portrayed and why I rate this episode as mediocre.

    Producers! It is time to let Clark be Superman! Clark should no longer be presented as the confused little boy growing up on the farm. When Chloe showed up in the Fortress of Solitude and completely emasculated Clark, I was stunned and disappointed by such a weak plot development. While I have completely understood that Chloe's actions are motivated by her unrequited love for Clark, I don't understand why Clark has to stand by seemingly powerless while mankind's greatest threat is allowed to completely enslave his best girlfriend.

    Honestly, could Clark have appeared more like a chump then when Chloe popped in and snatched the "Beast" away from Clark just when he was about to send him to hell where he belongs? I was so desperate to make sense of all this that I watched this episode twice to find some reason why Clark should be left standing like an idiot why Chloe began her cross-country, "Bonnie & Clyde," trek. Chloe's line about Clark not being able to live with himself after sending the "Beast" into the Phantom Zone just doesn't work. Clark has sent others to the Phantom Zone – and he and Lois have even escaped from the Phantom Zone.

    What Smallville needs now is a dose of reality (aka "realness") to its mix of fantasy and wonder. Praise the Saints for the smart writing that is handed over to Oliver's character, and I completely agree that Oliver Queen is what Clark Kent needs to be – a man driven to protect all others, no matter the cost. I think the writers are overplaying this idea of Clark not being one to ever "take a life." Puhleeeze. Again, Clark just appears stupid and weak whenever he is presented as having so much empathy for the EVIL that plagues his world.

    By the way, where's Lana? You know I'm not lying when I tell you that Homegirl would swoop in and kick that "Beast's" a** into the middle of next week for even looking at her sideways. Lana is Fierce. Oliver is Fierce. Chloe is Fierce. Jimmy is Fierce. Lois is Fierce. How long do we have to wait for Clark Kent to become Fierce? Sounds to me like a dose of Red Kryptonite is long overdue.moreless
  • An anti-climax in every least now we can guess why the justice league has no record of chloe.

    This show has gone from filler episodes to rock bottom in a few weeks as i see it.

    bringing in doomsday was actually a good idea in terms of closing the whole smallville saga. As he is the only person/thing to actually kill superman in the mythology it is a good inclusion to smallville to push clark kent to becoming superman.

    back in the episode where we saw the justice league they mentioned they'd never heard of chloe, at least we now know gets killed by doomsday is my guess (chloe is annoying me lately and its time for her to disappear) and i would like to see clark step up for the first time and actually do something. Oliver queen is actually my favourite character as he is who clark kent is supposed to be.moreless
  • Much ado about nothing.

    This was another step towards the end of the series, that's all. So, now we've gotten rid of Chloe, who's next. The writers, the actors and possibly the entire crew have lost their interest and are just following the scripts, while their hart is clearly not in it anymore. Even Chloe's tears are void of any emotion. The second half of this season has been a turning point, there is less and less superman and ever more darkness and emptyness. The show has clearly run out of money, as even the fortress can not be illuminated with more than one lightbulb. Yes, I know it's in the storyline somewhere, but come on, this just looks sad. The endless nighttime shootings and dark settings are more depressing than story building. Clark (aka Superman) hasn't done anything heroic in a long time and seems more like a helpless little guy now, than in the first few episodes of season 1. Whatever it is, it's not Superman worthy.moreless
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Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan

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