Season 8 Episode 20


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2009 on The CW

Episode Recap

Chloe is going to bed when her cellphone rings. She answers and Davis tells her that he's had another dream. She assures him that he's safe with her but he asks her to come see him. She hangs up and then goes down to the basement. She finds rose petals strewn on the stairs and candles lit on the shelves. She figures he left the basement and warns that it's dangerous, but he insists he had to go out. Davis thanks her for her help and notes it's more than what a friend would do. Chloe insists it doesn't change their relationship, but Davis says his feelings for her haven't changed. He asks her to stay and they end up kissing. However, Chloe notices a trail of blood leading across the floor. She follows the trail and finds Clark strung up from the ceiling, ripped in half… and wakes up from her nightmare.

The next day, Chloe is making a cappuccino when she gets a text message from Davis. Clark arrives and she hastily hides her cellphone, and then claims she didn't get a lot of sleep. Clark shows her Tess' article in the Planet identifying Davis as the serial killer. Clark wonders if Davis is still alive since they've found one of Mannheim's goons, torn apart the same way as Davis' other victims. Chloe tries to deflect Clark's suspicions and suggests that Clark is worried out of fear.

At Ace of Clubs, Oliver is meeting his people when Jimmy asks to talk with him in private. Oliver says he's busy but Jimmy insists it's important and Oliver agrees. Jimmy asks for a loan of $600 to fix his car, and admits he was fired from the club. Oliver accuses him of lying and suggests he gets treatment, but Jimmy refuses to acknowledge his accusation and walks off.

Chloe meets with Dr. Emil Hamilton of WebMD and tells him about Davis. He suggests they go to Oliver, who helped form the web site, but Chloe notes that Oliver killed Lex Luthor and isn't thinking straight. Emil warns that there's only so much he can do with a few cells to find a cure, and needs to see Davis in person. Chloe refuses and the doctor agrees to do what he can. As he leaves, Chloe finds Davis waiting for her on the street. He tells her that nothing except her presence helps to quiet the beast within. They go back to the Talon and Chloe shows him the newspaper headlines. Davis worries about will happen if the cops find her, and Chloe says that if that occurs, then they'll leave together. Davis warns she can't say goodbye to anyone, even Clark, and he wonders if he's really the most important thing in her life. She insists she would do anything for him. Davis agrees that they should leave Smallville and Chloe says they'll leave at sundown, as soon as she closes off the paper trail.

At LuthorCorp, Clark meets with Oliver and tells him he's checked the grave where Oliver buried Davis and there's nothing there: someone clawed its way out. Clark figures Davis will go after Chloe, and he asks Oliver to get her to safety while he goes to the Fortress to find a way to stop it. Oliver tells him to kill it once and for all, but Clark refuses to kill even to save thousands and vows he'll stop Doomsday on his own terms.

Emil contacts Chloe at Isis and informs her that he can't figure out a way to destroy the cell samples. He suggests that intense emotions like obsession may help to prevent the change. Emil warns that Doomsday is a danger and they need to warn people, but Chloe warns that he doesn't want to be on Davis' bad side. Emil agrees not to say anything, but warns that it's all on her. Clark arrives just after Emil cuts off, but Chloe lies and says she was talking to a patient. Clark has proof that Davis is alive and needs her help to find him. He explains he's found a crystal belonging to Brainiac that can open a portal to the Phantom Zone. Chloe warns that the portal could suck Clark in as well, but Clark insists he needs to take the risk. Chloe say she's heard of similar murders in Alaska. Clark leaves to investigate and Chloe wishes him luck.

Oliver goes to the Talon that night and hears something upstairs. He goes up to Chloe's apartment and finds Jimmy stealing money. Jimmy insists it's just a loan. Davis arrives and knocks out Oliver, then advances on Jimmy and knocks him out as well. They recover consciousness tied up in the basement. They wonder what's happened to Chloe but Davis emerges to insist that he'd never hurt Chloe. Jimmy doesn't believe him at first, and then realizes that Davis was the beast that attacked the wedding. Chloe calls Davis to tell him she's on her way. Oliver calls out for her to stay away. Davis claims some thieves broke into the apartment and he's holding them. Chloe asks him to let them go but Davis says they can't go free until they're out of Smallville. Once he hangs up, Jimmy starts to taunt Davis' against Oliver's advice. Oliver tries to calm him down but Davis warns that the only other way to calm himself down is to kill one of them. Jimmy asks Davis to kill him, because he has nothing left. He tells Davis that Chloe could never love him and she'll find out the truth eventually. Davis starts to transform and kill Jimmy, but Oliver calls out that Chloe will never forgive him if he does. Davis controls himself enough to simply knock Jimmy unconscious, and then turn to Oliver as someone Chloe doesn't care about as much.

Clark arrives at the Talon and uses his superhearing to locate Oliver choking downstairs. Clark superspeeds down and pulls Davis away, then demands to know where Chloe is. Davis refuses to answer, and Clark whisks him away.

Chloe gets to the Talon and finds LuthorCorp agents all over the place. Oliver has brought Emil in and the EMTs are taking Jimmy away. Before he goes, Jimmy warns Chloe not to trust Davis. Oliver demands answers from Chloe, and wonders when she became one of the bad guys. Chloe says that Davis needed her but Oliver says everyone else needed her too, and her plan to control Davis was seriously flawed. She vows to find Davis but Oliver tells her that Clark will handle it from here on out. She asks where Clark is and Oliver tells her that Clark is finally going to finish it.

Clark arrives at the Fortress and explains to Davis that he can use the technology there to send Davis to a place where he can be himself. Davis refuses to let Chloe go and claims that Chloe chose to protect him. Clark tries to explain that she doesn't have feelings for Davis, but Davis insists that Chloe is the only way for him to stay human. He asks Clark, his Kryptonian brother, to let him have his chance. Clark refuses and prepares to use Brainiac's crystal. Davis throws him away and Clark knocks him back and inserts the crystal. A portal to the Phantom Zone opens, but Davis vows to take Clark with him. The two struggle on the edge of the portal, but suddenly Davis weakens. Chloe comes in, holding the Kryptonian key. She shuts down the portal and tells Clark that she had to stop him, as he would never forgive himself for exiling Davis for eternity. She activates the control console with the Kryptonian key and she and Davis disappear in a flash of light.

Later, Jimmy comes to see Oliver for information on Davis, but Oliver has nothing to report. Oliver suggests he needs to deal with his addiction but Jimmy says he isn't interested. Instead, Oliver gives him the $600. Jimmy refuses to take a handout, but Oliver explains that he can use someone with Jimmy's guts and intelligence. Jimmy insists he's no hero but Oliver wants someone with his instincts. When Jimmy refuses, Oliver tells him to take the first step to changing his life and accept his offer. Jimmy agrees and shakes his new employer's hand.

At Isis, Clark tries to find Chloe on the computer systems when Oliver comes in. He warns Clark that Chloe doesn't want to be found, but Clark insists Chloe isn't herself. Oliver warns that Chloe does care about Davis and Clark should have killed Doomsday when he had the chance, but Clark doesn't believe it. After Oliver leaves, Clark gets a call from Chloe, saying that she's okay. Chloe tells him not to try and find them, and insists that she'll be okay. She continues to insist she's doing it for Clark, but he says that he'll keep looking for her. Chloe says that now is her chance to really save Clark, then hangs up. Wiping away tears, she goes to Davis and they go on the road.
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