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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2009 on The CW

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  • what an episode!

    Chloe is in way too deep with Davis. She claims that she is doing this to protect Clark, but she really loves Davis. Oliver is telling Clark to kill the beast which is Davis and Clark refuses to listen, which is going to cause some grim consequences in the season finale. Jimmy seems like he's going to get off popping pills and start working for Oliver once again. I'm glad that they formed a bond. Smallville is really dark this season and next week's episode looks very promising. But the season finale will be the darkest hour Clark must face.
  • This is it. The episode that Chloe Sullivan is going to regret for the rest of her life. *Spoiler Alert: Unless you've already read the various clues and hints about what takes place in the upcoming season finale, don't read the review*

    I don't get why Chloe has been doing the things she's been doing for Davis recently, but I think that it's obvious by now that this is more than just about protecting Clark from Doomsday. She's letting her personal feelings get in the way of her common sense and it's going to haunt her until the very end.

    Unless I'm wrong, there's absolutely no way that Chloe can survive past the season finale. In case you haven't seen the hints, here they are:

    - Two series regulars are going to die in the season finale. Meaning Clark Kent, Chloe Sullivan, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Tess Mercer, Davis Bloome, and Oliver Queen are all in danger.

    - Unlike previous Smallville deaths, both deaths are PERMANENT.

    - There is a twist involved concerning a death, but that twist does not involve that character coming back.

    - One of the regulars dying is considered a veteran Smallville character.

    - One of the dying characters is a man.

    -Tom Welling and Erica Durance have signed on for a season nine, so that pretty much secures the safety of Lois and Clark.

    So unless they throw a major curve ball and disregard any DC continuity by killing a classic character like Clark, Lois, Jimmy, or Ollie, it doesn't look too good for Chloe.

    Moving on to the actual review, I really enjoyed this episode. The teaser at the beginning was really scary, and definitely qualifies as the most horrific moment of the season. Sam Witwer and Chloe Sullivan did not disappoint in "Beast," but that's no surprise.

    I cannot stress this enough. I LOVED Oliver Queen in this episode. I wasn't too crazy about his downward spiral earlier this season, but I do believe that he has redeemed himself. Justin is incredible and I believe he was the standout performance of the episode. It was great that he's developing a friendship with Jimmy, but does anybody else think that the drug problem enabled the writers a great opportunity to start the legendary Clark/Jimmy friendship? And the Chlollie scene where he yells at Chloe was one of the episode's best. I agree that he totally needs to man up and destroy Doomsday. In the words of Ollie, "Kick his ass, Clark!"

    Of course, Clark wasn't in this episode so much, but this is a Chloe/Davis centric episode after all. The face off in the Fortress was great, but not as great as I had imagined. Hopefully, the showdown in the finale will fulfill all expectations.

    And you can't say you didn't feel for Clark when he realized that Chloe was gone and he couldn't do anything about it. Tom Welling played that scene extremely well and I thought it was an appropriate ending.

    Before I conclude the review, let me end this by saying I am NOT a Chloe hater. I actually love her, but I'm really fearing her safety right now. But you never know. Maybe the Aussiello hint really does say "The person dying is not Chloe"

    Overall, FANTASTIC episode. It was dark, but that was expected. "Injustice" and "Doomsday" (Season 8's final episodes) look amazing. I can't wait. This truly is the best season EVER.

    9/10 - Superb episode!!
  • In an episode that should have been entitled "Desperately Seeking a Hero," Chloe takes the proverbial bull by the horns and proves that sometimes it takes a woman to get a man's job done.

    I watched "Beast" following days of strong anticipation and for the most part my expectations were met. There were great moments of intensity, and the opening scene should go down in history as one of Smallville's best. And congratulations to Allison Mack and Sam Witwer for a well done job of generating much needed sexual heat that is too often missing from Smallville. The scene depicting Jimmy Olsen's and Oliver Queen's desperate moment in the basement with the "Beast" was also brilliantly played. And I am immediately willing to acknowledge the subtle way in which Jimmy takes it upon himself to save Oliver's life by doing a great job of provoking the "Beast" to take his own life – since, one must be taken. This is why it is very understandable that Oliver offers drug-addicted Jimmy a job with his company. Oliver Queen recognized the "man" Jimmy has become, and this leads me to my frustration with how Clark was portrayed and why I rate this episode as mediocre.

    Producers! It is time to let Clark be Superman! Clark should no longer be presented as the confused little boy growing up on the farm. When Chloe showed up in the Fortress of Solitude and completely emasculated Clark, I was stunned and disappointed by such a weak plot development. While I have completely understood that Chloe's actions are motivated by her unrequited love for Clark, I don't understand why Clark has to stand by seemingly powerless while mankind's greatest threat is allowed to completely enslave his best girlfriend.

    Honestly, could Clark have appeared more like a chump then when Chloe popped in and snatched the "Beast" away from Clark just when he was about to send him to hell where he belongs? I was so desperate to make sense of all this that I watched this episode twice to find some reason why Clark should be left standing like an idiot why Chloe began her cross-country, "Bonnie & Clyde," trek. Chloe's line about Clark not being able to live with himself after sending the "Beast" into the Phantom Zone just doesn't work. Clark has sent others to the Phantom Zone – and he and Lois have even escaped from the Phantom Zone.

    What Smallville needs now is a dose of reality (aka "realness") to its mix of fantasy and wonder. Praise the Saints for the smart writing that is handed over to Oliver's character, and I completely agree that Oliver Queen is what Clark Kent needs to be – a man driven to protect all others, no matter the cost. I think the writers are overplaying this idea of Clark not being one to ever "take a life." Puhleeeze. Again, Clark just appears stupid and weak whenever he is presented as having so much empathy for the EVIL that plagues his world.

    By the way, where's Lana? You know I'm not lying when I tell you that Homegirl would swoop in and kick that "Beast's" a** into the middle of next week for even looking at her sideways. Lana is Fierce. Oliver is Fierce. Chloe is Fierce. Jimmy is Fierce. Lois is Fierce. How long do we have to wait for Clark Kent to become Fierce? Sounds to me like a dose of Red Kryptonite is long overdue.
  • An anti-climax in every least now we can guess why the justice league has no record of chloe.

    This show has gone from filler episodes to rock bottom in a few weeks as i see it.
    bringing in doomsday was actually a good idea in terms of closing the whole smallville saga. As he is the only person/thing to actually kill superman in the mythology it is a good inclusion to smallville to push clark kent to becoming superman.
    back in the episode where we saw the justice league they mentioned they'd never heard of chloe, at least we now know gets killed by doomsday is my guess (chloe is annoying me lately and its time for her to disappear) and i would like to see clark step up for the first time and actually do something. Oliver queen is actually my favourite character as he is who clark kent is supposed to be.
  • Much ado about nothing.

    This was another step towards the end of the series, that's all. So, now we've gotten rid of Chloe, who's next. The writers, the actors and possibly the entire crew have lost their interest and are just following the scripts, while their hart is clearly not in it anymore. Even Chloe's tears are void of any emotion. The second half of this season has been a turning point, there is less and less superman and ever more darkness and emptyness. The show has clearly run out of money, as even the fortress can not be illuminated with more than one lightbulb. Yes, I know it's in the storyline somewhere, but come on, this just looks sad. The endless nighttime shootings and dark settings are more depressing than story building. Clark (aka Superman) hasn't done anything heroic in a long time and seems more like a helpless little guy now, than in the first few episodes of season 1. Whatever it is, it's not Superman worthy.
  • Oliver emerges as Jonathan Kent, Lional Luthor and Lex Luthor all roled up into one. Jimmy continues to loses is innocent,while Clark still tries to hang on to his.

    Disappointed in Chloe's choices. So, Clark can't live w/sending Davis to hell, but he can live w/his BFF being in the presence of a monster everyday. Even w/Jimmy on a stretcher once again, she could only think about Clark & Davis. Scenes w/Clark, Oliver reminded me of Jonathan,"you can't save everyone", Lex "you have to make the hard decisions, kill him" & Lionel "people change". He has emerged as the rational & realistic one on the show. Chloe became a liability & it brought me back to why Pete left Smallville. He didn't want to be a liability to Clark.
  • The conflict between Chloe's protection of Davis, and his threat to Clark makes for good drama. Oliver and Jimmy get some of their best scenes of the season.

    Back on track from last week's interruption, Smallville's writers pump out heavy drama, using only five cast members. Chloe continues to hide Davis, but his transformation to the Beast is always just moments away, and he draws Chloe ever tighter to himself to keep it in check. We have to feel sympathy for her on one hand, knowing she's determined to protect Clark, but we also question whether her seeming attraction to the human side of Davis is simply delaying the inevitable. Ms. Mack's performance is right up there with her best, while the directing, lighting and sound are superior - and all noticeably better that "Stiletto" last week. When the screenwriting is at this level of excellence, it elevates all the production elements.

    Aaron Ashmore's role, and his performance, are darker than I've ever seen, as he struggles with a painkiller addiction. The script still has him playing a bit too much of a whiner, especially when he tries to wheedle money out of Oliver. It's interesting to watch him act on his belief that Davis is merely a serial killer, while his closest friends all know the much larger truth. His defiance of Davis while he and Oliver are held captive shows a strength of character not often seen in Jimmy - let's hope the writers continue to let him stay at this level of maturity. Eventually Jimmy will return to the staff photographer job at the DP, but that seems a long way off, given this lengthy detour into jealousy, divorce, and addiction.

    Mr. Hartley does a great job as Oliver - the mature one of the cast, more sure of himself than Clark, and I liked the way he continues to press Clark to make difficult decisions - in this case, destroying Davis. His scene in the Talon basement with Davis was a classic. While Clark's belief in redemption for anyone means Davis continues to be a killing machine, he finally attempts to send Davis to a zone far, far, away, only to be thwarted by Chloe.

    Does Chloe really know best what Clark can live with? Her line about Clark not being able to live with himself if he destroyed Davis is the summary of her motives. We don't see exactly how the spacecraft key transported her and Davis from the Fortress to some stateside location, but I fear that her continued commitment to keeping Davis under control puts her in constant danger of fatal fallout from Clark-Davis battles. And I do not support ever writing Ms. Mack out of the cast. Eventually Clark must succeed in disposing of Davis, and this story line has been so central to Chloe's role this season that I wonder how she can come out of this as the Chloe we have always known. For the season-ender, I hope that she and Clark eventually can agree on and work together to send Davis to a better place. It won't be peaceable - I'm sure most of the fans expect a titanic battle.

    This has all been about the supporting cast - what about the star? Mr. Welling gets a good range of emotions to play, trying to uphold his principles, considering Oliver's advice on decisions befitting a superhero, and trying to understand Chloe's actions. But for now, he didn't achieve his objectives, and Davis is still on the loose. That leaves much to be resolved in the final two episodes, and we can see that "Beast" is the first of a three-part season-ender. I won't miss a moment of these, and hope we see Lois featured in the next two - wouldn't it be fun to see Ms. Durance play a pivotal role with Clark and Chloe on the Doomsday threat? For now, I'm going to watch "Beast" again. Re-run rating B+.
  • wat?

    The episode per se wasn't that bad. A lot happened there. I still don't like the Tess Mercer character. I find her out of place and another alien paranoid add-on like Lex Luthor, but this one had more class..

    The Chloe martir story arc is, well, a little weird at best. I mean, Chloe made that guy 'download' a bunch of info from her, basically putting the dude into a coma. She knows Oliver killed Lex and never told Clark about it. She seemed fine keeping secrets from Clark and even killing someone to protect him. But now, she doesn't want Clark to throw Davis into the Phanton Zone, the only way the planet would be safe permanently from a guy like him.. what's wrong with that??

    The writers have been pushing the Doomsday storyline for so long that it's getting too slow, filled with filler episodes like the stiletto nonsense and Lana's superpowered arc.. viewers are starting to lose track of the 'season plot'. Myself, I prefer to laugh watching the sexy Lois Lane in action than shake my head while seing Clark struggling for a solution to the Davis/Doomsday problem and Chloe's babysitter new job..

    Anyways, we all know what's gonna happen. Chloe dies, Tess is written off and next season, hopefully Clark and Oliver will have more "Justice League" kind of adventures. Yay!

  • Beastly self-delusion

    One of the main complaints about previous seasons was the inconsistency in characterization between episodes. The first half of this season was notable for how often that problem was avoided. Since "Bride", however, the writers have fallen into old habits: first with the ridiculous Lana arc, and then with Chloe's decision to harbor a psychopath. This was never more obvious that in the previous episode.

    The writers try to bring the season back on track with this episode, and for the most part, it's successful. Chloe's recent decisions are almost impossible to justify, even with the acknowledgment of her inner conflict between attraction and revulsion. The entire scenario feels contrived to place Chloe in a position to die, sacrificing herself to save Clark after his final battle with Doomsday.

    After all, it would be too easy (and too dismissive of the character) for Chloe to die at Doomsday's hands. Instead, as this episode helps to demonstrate, it makes more sense that Chloe would try to keep Davis away from Clark and fail. It's already been said that Clark and Davis are fated to kill each other, so it's not a stretch to imagine that Clark could be mortally wounded in the process of taking Davis down. From there, it's a small step to Chloe using her healing ability (not mentioned in quite some time) to restore Clark at the cost of her life.

    Still, the writers are trying to justify some of the poor characterization, and it's only partially successful. This episode shows Chloe in the midst of some serious self-delusion. When she tries to convince Clark that her actions have all been about his protection, she sounds like she's also trying to convince herself. But it still feels forced, because it's obvious that the writers are covering previous inconsistencies.

    That said, it was good to see Oliver Queen back in action. Oliver should have been more prominent this season, given how he has been rather important in Clark's heroic development (as both a positive and negative example). Oliver's role as the voice of pragmatic reason in this episode is so necessary that it makes his absence in other episodes all the more glaring.

    Jimmy's character arc doesn't quite seem to be going anywhere yet, though his job for Oliver was kept a secret for a reason. I hope Jimmy's addiction isn't resolved too quickly; it would be all too easy to give it this barely-there treatment, which is a bit of an insult to those actually struggling with painkiller addiction. It's bad enough that Jimmy was treated like a maniac when he was exactly right about Davis from the start.
  • ''What is with this show and brilliant phone calls? Last week we had Clark disguised as the Blue Blur chatting with Lois, and this week we have Chloe biding her adieu to long time pal, Clark.''

    What is with this show and brilliant phone calls? Last week we had Clark disguised as the Blue Blur chatting with Lois, and this week we have Chloe biding her adieu to long time pal, Clark. This is a solid 8 until those final moments – Chloe's goodbye was quite the tearjerker, and Allison just knocks it out of park. I love Chloe. I have to give ample kudos to the writers for dragging her down off of her pedestal right to the basement. ____

    It's not until the last 10 or so minutes that the episode really picks up steam (although what comes before it still impressed, even if it was tonally all over the place). When Clark whooshed Davis to the fortress, the orchestral music blaring, the camera easing in towards our two leads, I got chills. It actually brought on Flashbacks of Buffy Vs Willow. Yeah, I was tad disappointed it only last a few seconds, but as a preview as to what to expect, the finale can't come quick enough!


    This is a Chloe-centric episode and it's a Smallville first, but the storyline is far more complicated than I initially thought (so much so this episode warranted a second viewing). The hour toys with the idea of whether or not Chloe is doing all of these things simply because she's jonesing for Davis or if it's in Clark's best interest. I wasn't so sure until I re-watched the episode and it's apparent that Chloe is doing all of the wrong things for all of the right reasons.


    She has no feelings toward Davis whatsoever. She sees him as this literal beast – hence the title – and views herself as his keeper. Her dream at the start references a time when she did have actual feelings towards Davis (during her Brainiac infected days) and the entire scenario plays out the way, one assumes, she would have wanted it to had things been different. But, of course, even in-dream, she realizes why she stays with Davis and it's to protect Clark, the protector of the world (oh, and that was some fantastic imagery, albeit somewhat startling, of Clark's bloodied torso with the letter S carved into his chest).


    That phone call also tries to reassure fans that Chloe hasn't joined the dark side. She's simply dipping her toe in the pond to stop the world from drowning in it (wow – that was cheesy and a little nonsensical, it's like I'm channeling Chloe herself!). It's evident that Chloe doesn't want to do any of this. Oliver only knows the one side to her story; Clark can't ever seem to look at the big picture and Jimmy just sees his rival. Chloe's realised Davis is unstoppable and that she is the beasts Kryptonite. It'll all go Pete Tong for her come finale time, but it's good to know she means well. I still have a feeling she's being manipulated by's still lingering at the back of my mind. Whatever the case, the writers need to make this crystal come the end of the season.


    The rest of the episode went from hot to cold, to downright lecture-y. OK, we get it – Drugs are baaaaad. The initial scenes with Jimmy and Ollie played out like a bad awareness advert. Having said that, the scene in the basement was terrific - Ashmore, especially, really rose to the occasion. It also seemed to beat around the bush on quite a lot of things. Beast has its fair share of filler moments and I don't know if it was just me, but it felt like the hour was referencing more than what actually went on over the past year. The good came in the form of Ollie, although the writers have seemingly forgotten all about Clark. Where has that assertiveness gone? We're back to Ollie handing him his lazy ass on a plate. It's always good to have characters at each others throat, but it all seemed like so start-of-the-season…ago. ___

    All in all, it's a decent episode of Smallville. Actually, it's probably in my top 5 of the season. I was SO glad that opening sequence was a dream, cos I seriously had issues with Chloe's hair (let alone the fact you needed subtitles for that whole segment); NO ONE wakes up with hair like that. No One. It was bugging me beyond belief! If the next two episodes can keep the likes of this up, Smallville will be going out with its head held high (and hopefully its feet OFF of the ground…)

    I'll get my cape…I mean coat. Arf.
  • Clark discovers that Davis is still alive and confronts Chloe about protecting him. Oliver discovers Jimmy breaking into Chloe's apartment, but things get rapidly worse after Davis jumps from the shadows and attacks both of them

    Finally picking up where episode "Eternal" SHOULD have left off, Davis' inability to control the beast within himself worsens, making him incapable of being out of arm's reach of Chloe, as she is the only person who can suppress the monster within him.

    As Chloe's attempt at hiding Davis comes unwrapped at the seams and Clark struggles to find an answer as to how to deal with Davis, this episode features some of the best writing and acting of the season.

    Even Jimmy, who usually serves as the show's most irrelevant main character, played a critical role while he was tied up in the basement of the Talon refusing to discontinue his verbal assault of Davis,even after Jimmy discovered that Davis and the beast that nearly killed him a few weeks ago were one in the same.

    The scene finally broke Jimmy away from his usual annoying, cardboard script and provided him with actual depth and personality.

    Until very recently, I had my share of problems with the dynamic between Clark and Davis. Both men seemed relatively friendly with each other all season until "Eternal" where they very suddenly became worst enemies to fulfill the needs of the season's plot.

    Now the relationship between the two has been much more firmly established as Clark struggles to come up with a definitive answer how to handle Davis. After Clark comes to the realization that he is unwilling to kill Davis, Clark elects to hurl him into the phantom zone from his fortress after a somewhat short skirmish. Before he can however,Chloe appears, trying to convince Clark that he would never be able to forgive himself for condemning Davis to a life of hell.

    In his momentary indecisiveness, Clark allows Chloe to escape with Davis.

    In a season with far too many plot irrelevant episodes "Beast" was a more than welcome redemption for a season that has for the most part, been disappointingly moot otherwise.
  • Chloe and the Beast

    Beast-Clark discovers the truth behind Davis' supposed death and angrily confronts Chloe when he realizes that she has been protecting him... but it may already be too late, as Davis ambushes Jimmy and Oliver at the Talon. What ever feels one might have after watching "Beast", it's one of the most intense and uncomfortable episodes of the series. Not to mention, it's probably the darkest hour Chloe has ever gone through as the character makes some of the most disturbing decisions I have ever seen. Has harboring Davis/Doomsday caused Chloe to lose her mind? Has she fallen in love with Davis? Is she really protecting Clark? Is some of Brainiac still inside her? These are all questions you're asking yourself throughout this episode wondering what Chloe's true intentions for lying and betraying everyone around, especially to Clark! Allison Mack once again takes some dark, challenging, even confusing material character wise and gives a wonderful performance as usual. She makes Chloe's descent in betrayal really compelling. There are fans right now who hate Chloe for doing this but I for one can't wait to see where this goes whether the character dies in the finale or not.

    It's not only Allison who knocks it out of the park with her performance but all the characters featured. Tom Welling was in top form as Clark stuck to his principles in this episode and anyone who thinks otherwise just doesn't fully understand moral ambiguity of Superman. It was great seeing Clark not only put all the clues together that Davis was still being alive and coming up with a plan to stop him for good. He even stood up to Oliver and Chloe when they told him to do the opposite like killing Davis or why he shouldn't send Davis to the Phantom Zone. Superman is not a killer and killing is never his intention, so why should his pre-Superman self think otherwise? Justin Hartley was stellar, especially when showing Jimmy a helping hand to beat his drug addiction. Yet at the same time, I found Oliver hypocritical in his scenes with Clark and Chloe. First, Oliver has no right anymore to lecture Clark about the greater good...considering he kill a man for revenge. Not to mention when he asked Chloe, "Since when did you become one of the bad guys?", I was like, "Umm, Oliver you should ask yourself the same thing"! Aaron Ashmore was incredible and topped his brilliant performance in "Turbulence". Jimmy should so much strength and courage when confronting Davis about running his life and he had nice moments with Oliver. Looks like the drug addiction storyline has been dropped (good idea!) and now Jimmy has new job working for Oliver I wonder. Lastly, Sam Witwer was at his creepiest and most evil during this episode. When talking about using Chloe's pictures and a strand of his hair to stop from changing was beyond disturbing. Then during his scene with Oliver and Jimmy as he freaks out and almost pushing Jimmy's eyes out of his intense and superbly acted by Sam and Aaron as well as Justin.

    The highlight of the episode for me is the Fortress of Solitude showdown between Clark and Davis. It was like a little preview of the Clark/Doomsday battle in the finale, appropriately titled "Doomsday"! Lets just hope the fight is longer (MUCH longer and more brutal) than Clark and Davis's little tussle. But what I loved more was how ruthless both Clark and Davis were with Clark telling Davis how he must go to the Phantom Zone and Davis wanting just to kick Clark's a$$. It was also cool seeing Davis tap into Doomsday's power, which I hope we get to see a bit more up before the finale, probably not though. But my only other complaint was Chloe's intervention at the conclusion of the battle. Not only did Chloe's speech not make sense, but she shouldn't be lecturing Clark anymore as she obviously betraying him whether she thinks she is or not. I also hated how Clark just let Chloe and Davis just leave as it made no sense for him to let her leave with him. I would have rather had Chloe used kryptonite on Clark long enough for her and Davis to leave the Fortress. It would have made more sense than Clark just standing there like that with Chloe making him look bad. Yet at the same time, the last scene with Clark and Chloe calling each other is heartbreaking. It's a turning point in series for these two best friends as Chloe wants to sacrifice her life just to protect Clark from Davis. Both Tom and Allison truly delivered here with Chloe being so self-sacrificing and Clark being so pissed off over the situation he destroys a file cabinet. After 8 years of friendship and 4 years of being he greatest ally, this is the biggest rift in Chlark relationship and it's sad to think these two might never be on good terms again. "Beast" is a tough episode to swallow with its tragic character developments and disturbing images (Clark's decapitated body in Chloe's dream!), but the performances were phenomenal, Dr. Hamilton makes for a good new ally, the special effects were stunning for the tight budget and it's a great first part to what seems to be a 3 part finale.
  • After Tess prints an article on the front page of the Daily Planet naming Davis a serial killer, Chloe decides they need to flee. Clark discovers Davis is still alive and goes on the hunt for him. Meanwhile, Davis captures Oliver and Jimmy.

    This episode was a mixed bag for me. There was a lot that I did like and a lot that I did not like. I really like the interaction between Oliver and Jimmy. Aaron Ashmore and Justin Hartley have both been underutilized this season. I also like that Oliver realized that Jimmy had a problem, and wanted to help him. Jimmy also finally got his vindication when it came to Davis. Jimmy now knows that everything he thought about Davis was right. Clark taking Davis to fortress to send him to the Phantom Zone was actually a good idea about what to do with him without killing him. I knew he wouldn't kill Davis yet. I guess they are saving that for the finale. I liked Oliver's scene with Clark, where he says that eventually Clark will have to make the tough choices. Now on to what I didn't like. Boy, are they making Chloe look like a braindead idiot or what? She claims that by staying with Davis, she's keeping the monster under control. However, he is still killing people. If the dream is any indication she is torn by her desire to sleep with him, and her horror over his knack for killing people. Especially after seeing Jimmy carried out on a stretcher again, and finding out that he nearly killed Oliver, how can she possibly still justify saving Davis from Clark, and then disappearing? It's not like anything in the Phantom Zone could have hurt or killed him. I actually used to like Chloe back in the first few seasons of the show. Now I can't stand her. Apparently, we are not seeing Lois again until the finale. That is just wrong. She appears in eight out of the first ten episodes this year, and then appears in only four out of the last 12. Are you kidding me? Next season, Lois and Jimmy need to be in every episode.
  • I liked the episode. Once again there was consistency. On all parts.

    First with Chloe. She has fallen deeper and deeper into a hole that she just cant get out of. This season has definitly seen the "mightier than thou" Chloe Sullivan fall into the trap all humans fall into. Love. Wether she admits it or not, she loves Davis. Ollie sees it. Clarks sees it. Jimmy sees it. Hell even Davis sees it. She is beginning to annoy me. I mean, just because Clark gives you the spare keys to his house (the fortess) doesnt give you the right to drop by unanounced. Just saying. Id take the key back

    Davis. Im sorry, but for those of you who still have doubts on wether he's a hero/anti-hero or just a force of destruction cant still have doubts after the basement scene. I mean, its one thing to kill thugs and gangster, but Olliver? Jimmy? And thats a bunch of crock about Chloe being the only one calming him. He seemed pretty calm at the fortress. And lets say he is telling the truth. well, if pictured worked before, but now they arnt. Whats to say that Chloes presence will continue to work. Davis is losing this battle, and he knows it. Infact, Im pretty sure hes already given in. I like how he pleaded with Clark as a brother and Clark set him right.

    Clark was fantastic in this episode. You dont catch it right away. But if you look deeper you see he was on his A-Game. Lets start off by his investigational skills. Its no wonder Lois had so much high praises for him. He's been linking the new murders with Davis's old murders. Even DESPITE Chloe throwing him off the trail he still investigated many leads and even verifying the final resting place of Davis Bloom. He also stuck to his morals. He would NOT Kill Doomsday. He even came up with a plan on his own. No Jor-El, no Brainiac enhanced chloe. All Clark. Using the crystal from season 5, he would open the Phantom Zone and imprison Doomsday. A Good plan. Jimmy and Oliver, the B-Plot of this episode. Although I loved the A-Plot, I have to say I also enjoyed the B-Plot. I like how Oliver, being a previous alcoholic himself, noticed right away that Jimmy was having issues. I also liked how he was willing to pay for his help and treatment but not his drugs. It was also nice seeing him extend a truly sincere friendship. And despite evrything, he even gave him a job. Great scene.

    A Few notes we picked up this episode. Even though the Fortress is "Dark" it seems to still have power. I guess "Dark" only means that the information is gone for good. Not too far to how it is in MOST Superman continuity. Chloe is no longer the head of the Watchtower, being officially fired by Ollie. And the scene with the half torn body of Clarl was creepy excellent.

    I really enjoyed this episode. Not the best this seasonm, but a great way to start off the "Hunt for Doomsday" in next episodes "Injustice".
  • Clark discovers Davis is still alive and trys to find him. Chloe and Davis run away together.

    This episode was very cool. Where to start. I like the little dream that Chloe had, it showed that she cared for Davis. SHe says she will do anything for him but she could just be protecting Clark,or maybe she's doing this for both of them. jimmy is finally coming back to the good side again, thanks to Oliver who's back, awesome. I like the idea that Clark wanted to trap Davis in the phantom zone, but everybody knows and he knows that he will have to kill or be killed. THe fight between Davis and Clark was cool but Iwish there had been more of a fight. Anyway this episode was awesome and this show keeps getting better. Can't wait for the next episode.
  • What is Chloe thinking?

    Smallville has turned the final corner and is heading into an explosive finale.Before i watched this episode,i didn't have high expectations because Tom Welling would be directing Injustice and he would feature lightly in Beast.The same issue occured in Turbulence.While Turbulence surpassed my expectations,Beast didn't.Clark was never the focal point.It was abour Davis' dependence on Chloe as well as Oliver and Chloe's apparent knowledge of what Clark's mission is on earth.The writers have chosen to make Chloe and Oliver two controversial characters.I can live with that but they should never be a position to question Clark's judgment.Chloe thinks that she can help keep Doomsday hidden forever while Oliver believes that Clark can easily kill him.Clark's idea was the right one.Doomsday is an intergalactic criminal so his place is at the Phantom Zone.That was my beef with this episode's writing.The directing was very good and the Fortress scene was nicely shot.Michael Rohl rarely disappoints.

    Solid acting performances in this one.Clark was as much Superman as he can be on this show.I was pleased that he stood firm on what he believed in.I liked that he wanted to give Chloe the benefit of the doubt but at the same time questioned her true intentions.One problem i had, is that he listened too much to Oliver in the last scene.Based on Oliver's actions in Requiem,he shouldn't be talking.Chloe was the person Beast revolved around.Allison Mack did another great job of making her emotions come to the surface but i have to say that this is not my favourite storyline for her.I don't like what they are doing with her because at the end of the day,no one can know for sure if she is doing this for Clark or Davis.I truly hope that what she told Clark at the end was the absolute truth:That she has done all of this to protect him.It should have never been her call though.Finally, we had an episode that dug a bit deeper into Jimmy's problems.Oliver probably was the right person at the right time to get him back on track.He might have become ambiguous as the Green Arrow but as Oliver Queen he is always a person that can be brutally honest and give you the right advice.I was glad Jimmy took his offer in the end.It was evdent by the basement scene that he really didn't care if he lived or died,so i hope now everything is getting better for him.Nice job of standing up to Doomsday by the way.Aaron Ashmore was for one more time in recent episodes very good.Oliver as the Green Arrow has been a shady character ever since Bride.I don't know where his character is headed,but he has gone a long way from the white knight kind of hero we saw in Season 6.I wish he finds redemption down the road.The introduction of Dr Hamilton in Bulletproof was abrupt,so i was glad we got some background info on him in Beast.I hope we will see him again in the future.

    Overall it was a solid episode that was a bit better than Stiletto.I am expecting things to really pick up next week as we move one week closer to Doomsday.Roll on Injustice!
  • Suspense, action and good writing makes this episode one the highlights of this season. Spoilers ahead.

    The episode starts of pretty much where "Eternal" ended, with Chloe and Davis. It starts out in a light, romantic way, but the mood turns dark pretty fast.. and the rest of the episode stays that way.

    To summarize, Chloe contacts a doctor in order to find a cure for Davis. Jimmy struggling with his pill addiction comes to Oliver for money, but gets a firm no as Oliver sees throug him. Clark has suspicions that Davis isn´t dead when the body of Manheim´s guy is found and reported. He x-rays the grave and gets his suspicions confirmed. He then tells Oliver. Chloe lies to Clark and send him to Alaska in disbelief that Davis is there. Davis catches both Jimmy and Oliver at the Talon. Clark eventually saves them, takes Davis to the Fortress, and is going to send him to the Phantom Zone, when Chloe shows up. She asks Clark some moral questions about sending Davis to live in eternity in the Phantom Zone. Chloe takes advantage of Clark´s indecisiveness, and escapes with Davis. At the end Oliver gives Jimmy his money by hiring him as a photographer. The episode ends with Chloe and Davis gone dark, hiding.

    As someone pointed out, the episode is a little Chloe/Davis centric, not to say it´s bad, on the contrary.. It resembles "Prey" in many ways, which is one of my favorites this season. I feel all the cast members shown where given enough screen time to make the plot feel natural. At first it´s mostly Chloe/Davis, then when Clark comes back from Alaska, it´s all about our superhero. I don´t know what to think about Chloe anymore. It´s beginning to look more and more like she is building her own grave.. It´s also nice to see Oliver back again. I, for one, think he´s been underused this season. I would have loved to see more of him and Justice league.. Well, it looks like next episode might fill some of my needs. :) Finally Jimmy is back at his feet again (by the looks of it anyway), and hopefully we´ll see more of both him and Oliver next season.

    The suspense is building slowly all the way, and the second half of the episode kept me, literally, on the edge of my seat. Even though we all know the real fight between Clark and Doomsday is being saved for the last episode, I still felt it could go in either direction. Now, that´s good directing. The special effects were good, and I can´t wait to see the final confrontation between Clark and Doomsday. It´s also nice to some contingency, like the murder from last episode. It´s not amazing writing, but it´s nice to see nevertheless. Smallville also has a record of letting incidents like that go by without dealing with them.

    All in all a top notch episode. I don´t understand the people that didn´t find this episode entertaining and exciting, but hey, everyone´s got a right to an opinion. If you liked "Prey", you´ll find this one even better. Bring on the final two episodes!
  • Great Episode!

    Yes tonight episode i thought was another pretty good episode. The doomsday arc has been a great addition to this season along with the red blue blur arc too. I think what they have been doing has been pretty good. Yes some say its ripping off hulk/betty deal from marvel comics. But dc's doomsday is a pretty one dimension character.

    So with smallville's take they took the monster beast and injected some nice dynamics to him with the whole human guise deal. At first i wasnt really down with it. But now at the end of the season things have been going pretty great with this storyline. I cant wait to see what happens with davis/doomsday in the finale in two weeks.

    The opening dream scene with chloe was pretty weird. at first i thought it was real life scequence but then when we saw a dead and torn up clark i was like WTF! That was an intense scene. It was also pretty good to see emil hamilton again, and learn a little more with how he is working with ollie and the jl. I do hope we get to see more of him next season. Also it was cool that chloe was trying to get his help to maybe cure davis from the doomsday beast. As for chloe herself she is in the right mindset to try to save clark and the world by losing her life and protecting/being with davis. But she is going at it all wrong, clark and ollie are right that davis needs to be taken care of. As for ollie he wants clark to kill him but clark is still trying to do other means of not killing which is against his code.

    As for the phantom zone solution i thought that was a nice ideal and i know i read online others were thinking this is what might happen with davis/doomsday in the finale. The short fight in the fos was pretty nice preview which i hope we get a nice kick butt showdown in the finale. As for chloe running off with davis in the end to protect clark is probably not going to end well with her. Clark doesnt want her to do that and ollie thinks it is wrong too. Also speaking of jimmy his addiction arc is getting interesting too and lead him to get into trouble again with davis. The end where ollie hires him to work for him was cool and nice to see. I cant wait to see what he is going to do with ollie. But i do hope next season they get him back to the planet with clark and lois. As for next week looks interesting and i cant wait to see how the injustice gang episode plays out. They look pretty cool from the members we were able to see in the finale. Also i am a little pissed they are all wearing black i was hoping for parasite/livewire/and the 4th member to have a little bit more color in them. Also ollie with the kryptonite ring of lex makes us wonder what is going down there. Then what is up with tess and the purple orb. Cant wait to see what happens.
  • Chloe's misguided attempt to hide Davis begins to come unraveled as Clark suspects Davis returned from his death and is still out there.

    Near the end of every season, Smallville always tends to start the usual large build up to the massive finale. Storylines start to heat up and the momentum tends to go into overdrive. I expected a lot from this episode as it seemed like both a precursor to the inevitable showdown between Clark and Davis and a major turning point in the relationship Clark has with Chloe. This episode delivered greatly on both fronts to help set up the final showdown. (WARNING: spoilers ahead).

    I felt there were some amazing threads in this episode. The most important, at least in terms of the show, is how the relationship between Clark and Chloe is changed. For the first time ever, Chloe outright lies to Clark and sends him on a wild goose chase to protect Davis. I loved the end when she called him and he asked if her leaving was supposed to make him the man that would save the world. Considering many people feel Chloe's death may push him to don the cape, it was a nice moment and possibly a glimpse of what's to come with Chloe.

    I also enjoyed the story between Oliver and Jimmy. Aaron Ashmore was amazing in this episode, not only in showing a drug addicted, broken down version of Jimmy but also when he realizes what Davis is and asks him to "finish the job."

    One interesting thing about this episode is how the focus is off of Clark and more on Chloe and Davis. Clark is more a secondary character, save for his preemptive showdown with Davis in the Fortress and an interesting confrontation with Oliver. Normally I would complain but for this episode it worked well.

    My only real complaint about this episode was the weak confrontation at the Fortress. Clark is planning to send Davis to the Phantom Zone (using Brainiac's old crystal) as an alternative to killing him outright. They scuffle for a brief moment before Chloe arrives with the Key, tells Clark he'd regret doing this and teleporting out with Davis. Not only did Clark put almost no effort into throwing the "Ultimate Destroyer" in the portal, he just stands there and lets him leave. I wish he'd grow more of a backbone already.

    With two episodes left, this was the one that needed to put all the cards into place for the finale and it succeeds well. Davis and Chloe are on the run, Clark and Oliver are on slightly strained terms and Jimmy has a chance at getting his life back thanks to some help from Ollie. Everything is lining up for what should be an epic finale, featuring the return of the Justice League and Smallville's version of the legendary Doomsday vs. Superman battle.
  • Clark vs Davis (and Chloe and Oliver...)

    I was worried that Oliver was going to give Clark crap about killing Doomsday.

    But at least Clark had a plan. I'll give him that. He said he wasn't going to kill Davis, and that he was going to put him in the Phantom Zone instead. Very good. Sounds like a plan to me. In the Phantom Zone, he'll never age, and the fact that he's the most powerful creature alive means he can probably survive in there. And later, if someone finds a way to cure him, Clark can bring him back. Perfect.

    So why does Clark let Chloe talk him out of doing it, again? And then he just stands there while they leave? What did he think was going to happen next? Overall, this was a solid episode. I liked that Oliver helped Jimmy. I liked that Jimmy wasn't scared of Davis. I liked Clark versus Davis at the Fortress. But that last bit just bugged the hell out of me. What was anyone thinking? Is Chloe planning to live forever? I mean, the Phantom Zone idea is still the best idea on the table. But most likely, Clark will forget all about it, since Chloe gave him a mean look when he tried to use it. And it'll become an issue where the only alternative is to kill Davis. Can Davis even be killed? He's come back once. Why is everyone so sure that Clark beating him to death is a permanent solution? After a really great season where Clark has been more "Superman" than ever, I would really hate it if, here at the end, it all fell apart because Clark drops the ball again. Putting Davis in the Zone is the best thing to do. Killing him would be "wrong," yes I get that. But leaving him out to harm more people is just as wrong, if not more wrong. Chloe thinks she's got everything under control, but Davis keeps freaking out, and almost killed Oliver and Jimmy. The right thing for Clark to do here would have been to tell Chloe to take a flying leap, and send Davis to the Zone. Oh, and take Chloe's key to the Fortress. So as it stands, I really dislike Chloe right now. If Davis is so important to her, she should have just gone into the Zone with him. Still, this was a very intense and enjoyable episode. And one my annoyance wears off (probably after seeing how things work out next week) I'm sure I'll enjoy this one better in retrospect.
  • Lackluster episode...

    This episode was not very good at all. In general, it seemed rushed, out of place, and all over the storyline. I gave it a little higher rating than I was initially going to do, due to a couple of things. Oliver Queen stuns me on this series. This season, he is dark, unrelenting, and almost sadistic. He showed in this episode that he is willing to do what must be done for the greater good. The SMALL showdown between Davis and Clark was also a highlight. Im not a fan of Doomsday, but Davis hasnt been bad this season. I liked how they showed (for those who didnt know) that these 2 are evenly matched, with Doomsday actually being a little stronger. This season has been a let down since and including Bride, and it continues to disappoint me.
  • This episode was AWESOME!!!

    I'm going to keep this short because this review is mostly just a reinforcement of my review for "Infamous".

    This episode was a fantastic set-up for what should lead to being a unbelievable finale. I haven't been this excited for the final stretch of Smallville episodes since Season 5 and even this exceeds that. Bringing in Doomsday seemed like such a terrible idea a year ago, but now it is pure genius. Sam Witwer plays the villain so flawlessly that he's giving Michael Rosenbaum a huge run for his money. From his internal battles to his fantastic chemistry with Allison Mack, Sam Witwer and the writing team have pushed this season to the max.

    This makes me wonder though, with the fantastic build I have so high expectations for the finale that I'm afraid it might be destined to disappoint. This is still a television show and while I admire the way the producers have been able to handle such showdowns as Clark vs. Zod and Clark vs. Bizarro, the Clark vs. Doomsday showdown is bigger than anything they`ve done before and I just don't know how it's possible on a television budget.

    Would you listen to me. I'm talking about the finale so much that I'm almost forgetting that there's one more episode in between. Bring on the Injustice Gang!!!