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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2007 on The CW
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During Clark's battle with the last Phantom Zone wraith, Lex is rescued by a mysterious woman. Chloe is declared dead in the ER, while Lois goes to Lex's manor to find out what experiments he was conducting at the dam.

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  • Chloe is pronounced dead.

    This episode was an okay season premiere, I mean I just realize no one is ever dead on Smallville except Clark's father which was meant to happen anyway. But the part I didn't like in the episode was that Kara was introduced, when she saves Lex & I really hate her, I love how Bizarro touches Lois' butt, that was hilarious, but when Chloe was dead & came back to life, that was pretty nerve wracking. Basically this episode is mostly grief & Lionel is missing! I love the end when it shows Lana in Shanghai, that reminded me of Season 4. She looked so Asian! An okay season opener.moreless
  • One of the best episodes in the history of the show.

    Season Seven of Smallville starts out with a bang! Season six left us with Clark facing off against Bizzaro, Lex drowning, Lois and Chloe in the crumbling facility and Lana possibly dead. A lot of situations that needed resolution (about as much as you can get when you know everyone is going to make it out okay..).

    Clark vs Bizzaro was a blast, it was about time that Clark fought someone that could take everything he could dish out. The scenes were great fun and some of the best done in the series so far.

    Lex being thrown into jail for the possible murder of Lana was good but too short lived. It sets the bar high for the season, and in retrospect, the season doesn't quite live up to what this episode offered. Either way, a great season premiere and one of the best episodes in Smallville history.moreless
  • I'm happy Lana lives

    Now that Lana is alive and knows Clark's secret, maybe they will finally have a relationship that lasts more than a few episodes. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for Clois, but right now it's Clana time. I think Tom Welling did an amazing job playing a double role. You actually thought it was two different people. I liked how Bizarro hit on Lois and of course she thought it was Clark. It was sad how Clark thought he lost the love of his life, But we saw Lana was alive in China. But why the wig? Anyways, this looks like it's going to be an exciting season.moreless
  • chloes lives!!

    ok, i love chloe. she is my favorite character & i don't know what i would do if they killed her chracter. i know there's always a good chance that they'll kill her cause they killed johnathan. i think the director dropped the ball by not having clark cry at all. lana had just died & then chloe, i expected him to be more excited when she came back to life than he was. not as much as me, of course!, but more than he was. i was dissapointed. i was not happy to see lana at the end knowing that they are introducing kara. let's say good bye to lana already & have more lois & clark! i guess lex covered up bizarro killing that guard but it was unexpected. there was some good fighting but the super-heating of the flood was anti-climactic. i'm not happy about having super-girl around. not at all.moreless
  • It's a Bizzare New Beginning for Smallville!

    Bizzaro-During Clark's battle with the last Phantom Zone wraith, Lex is rescued by a mysterious woman. Chloe is declared dead in the ER, while Lois goes to Lex's manor to find out more about Lana's death.

    Hard to believe it's already been 6 years of Smallville, but I'm glad to see the show has continued it's tradition of season premieres and finales that truly KICK A$$! Bizzaro is not only a superb episode but a refreshing new chapter of the series. I mean Season 5 and 6 promised us a lot more Superman-espe moments but were kind of a let down in the end. But Bizarro is where I feel the writers are finally living up to Clark's journey to Superman! The episode opens with a beyond incredible sequence that is action-paked and full of out of this world effects for TV. From Clark and Bizarro's brief tussle to the dam bursting open which sends Lex tumbling under water to Clark's massive use of his heat vision to evaporate the tidal wave was must-see-tv! First off, Tom Welling impressed me this whole hour with his performance. I have never seen him act so much like Superman, it's un-real! The way he saved the little boy and his father from the wave to which he gave the Superman nod was classic as it's so reminiscent of the Superman that made Christopher Reeves such a icon. Also, the way he handled Chole's death and Lana's death was understandable. Then accepting his duty to humanity as well as accepting not being human was dialogue fans have been waiting to here for years now! Also Tom was equally impressive as Bizarro as who can tell he had fun playing his most sinister role yet. I especially loved the way his voice deeped! Other great performances are Allison Mack who is always wonderful as Chloe with she reacts to her death as well as Lana's death. But there is still a mystery on what Chloe's power can do, I mean she cried again in this episode and nothing happened which leaves much to be answered in her storyline. Micheal Rosenbuam continues to give depth to Lex, and he handles his sudden "epiphany" well. But we know it won't last for long...hopefully! This episode also had some great use of other DC characters and Superman mythos as Martain Manhunter is becoming one of my favorite supporting characters. He's still quite a mystery yet his mentor scenes with Clark are definately the highlight of this episode. Also, Kara/Supergirl makes her debut and I'm glad the writers made he appearence very vague as boosting her storyline in this episode would have hurt it. But her presence definately left me counting the days until next week episode! I also loved how they brought back that the sun is the key to Clark's powers since it hasn't been since Season 3's "Perry" that they brought that mytho to the table. While the final fight between Clark and Bizarro was brief, it still leaves an opening for him to return since Martin Manhunter (Yes, that was him who grabbed him in the sky) didn't kill him obviously. The only down points about the episode were Lois, which is a surprise since I adore her character. The writers made her look like an unsensitive, selfish weirdo this whole hour especially about Chloe! I mean Erica Durance did well with her weak material but they could have given Lois something better to say and do! Although her reaction to Bizarro grabbing her a$$ was priceless! Lastly, the shot of Lana (who obviously was alive all this time, Come on, that truck passing her car before it blew up was so convenient!) in China in her "hooker" get up was unneeded and felt so out of place. I just hope the writers back off Lana this season as they've haven't given her a decent storyline since Season 4! I mean I'm glad she finally learned Clark's secret last year, but that was it! All in All, this was an incredible premiere full of intense action, astonishing SFX, strong performances and a promising start to Smallville's seventh (maybe last?) season!moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • When Chloe "dies" they cover her face with the blanket while she still has the breathing apparatus in her mouth. They wouldn't have covered her face until after they removed all of the equipment.

    • Lana sees the moon from Shanghai and then we see Clark looking at it from Smallville. However the moon looks exactly the same from both their perspectives, with the same side light. This isn't possible as they're looking at it from opposite sides of the planet.

    • At the dam, Bizarro's face goes metallic right after he recharges from the kryptonite despite the fact he isn't in any sunlight. The script establishes that he gets his "Bizarro" face when he's weakened, so why does it appear here?

    • Keating dies in this episode, brutally killed in Lex's jail cell. The only person who could have killed him is Lex, but no reference is made to this here or in future episodes. It's possible the security tapes would show that "Clark" was the killer, clearing Lex. But then no reference is made of the fact that there's evidence showing Clark killed a man in cold blood either.

    • The relationship between Clark vaporizing the water, and Lex being swept downstream, isn't clear. Lex would have to have been swept downstream past Clark... but it's clear from what is shown that Clark vaporized the water as it reached him, back along its path. So how (and where) could Lex in the police car be underwater?

    • The police lights still work on the police car, despite the fact it's been swept downstream, the interior is flooded, and the engine compartment holding the battery is filled with water.

    • Bizarro has his shirt ripped when he's impaled on the girder. When he gets to the Kent barn, the shirt is intact and he rips it again to expose himself to kryptonite.

    • Chloe steals and later destroys the death certificate, but this in no way eliminates the fact that several doctors witnessed her die and one person put her "corpse" in the morgue drawer.

    • At the start, after Bizarro kicks Clark into the rock, Clark wipes the blood from his lip. When the camera zooms out to show both of them, the blood is back but then disappears again after the close up of Bizarro's face.

    • Trivia: Bizarro's "costume" during the entire episode including the final fight with Clark was a reverse of Clark's clothes. Clark wears a blue shirt with a red jacket; Bizarro wore a red shirt with a blue jacket.

    • Bizarro hit Clark square in the chest during their second fight in this episode. However when Clark got up there were cuts on his hand and face. These could have only been sustained by the pillar he hit, not Bizarro, which should not have been enough to break his skin.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Lex: Soft skin, and her hair, that half-awake smile when she saw me come in, like she didn't know if she was still in a dream. (his eyes fill with tears) She was the only thing I was living for.
      Lex's Assistant: I'm sorry for your loss, sir, but right now, we need to get you airborne. The police will be here any minute.
      Lex: I'm well aware of that. I'm turning myself in.

    • Lex: I was dead. And there was this light. And an angel. Why would she save me... after all I've done?

    • Clark: You want to tell me what really happened?
      Chloe: Clark, as much as I would love to contribute to Lois' divine-intervention story, I was a little busy being unconscious.
      Clark: Chloe, come on.
      Chloe: I don't have time for 20 Questions right now, I've got to get out of here.
      Clark: You just died and came back to life. Don't you think you should at least have your blood pressure taken?

    • Lex: A phantom. You took Clark's body.
      Bizarro: Just a few cells. Clark's still alive. He's out there. And you will help me kill him. I need meteor rocks. A lot of them.
      Lex: I'd never help you kill Clark.
      Bizarro: Lex, redemption doesn't suit you. Why protect a Clark Kent who hates you when you can help the one who wants to be your ally? It's what you've always wanted. Isn't it, Lex?

    • (after crying over Lana's death)
      Clark: There's a lot more people who could get hurt right now.
      Chloe: Yeah. Denial should be our friend right now.

    • Chloe: This guy can fly? God, Clark, you got to get on that one.

    • Clark: When you left here, you were hurt pretty badly. How did you heal so fast?
      John: I just had to leave the Earth's atmosphere. But in my absence, it appeared you did exactly what Jor-El was trying to prevent.
      Clark: I unleashed a carbon-copy of myself. Only without my...
      John: Humanity.
      Clark: What was I supposed to do, let him kill every host he inhabited?
      John: That is one of the hardest trials you will face, Kal-El. While your humanity is your greatest strength, it is also your greatest vulnerability.
      Clark: Well it's part of who I am. And it's who I want to be. I'm proud I was raised to care for people. And I'm not going to apologize for it anymore.
      John: I know. But this creature was discarded at birth as a poor imitation. He was shown no compassion, no conscience. Therefore, he has none. He knows only one thing--survival.
      Clark: How do I stop someone who has all my powers and none of my weaknesses?
      John: By opening your eyes to what you take for granted every day. Your faith in humans is not the only thing that gives you strength.
      Clark: Yellow sun.

    • Lex: (aims ray gun at Bizarro) I may have tracked you around the globe, but clearly you're not a native. Where are you from and why did you only replicate Clark?
      Bizarro: Now you got a decision to make, Lex. What's more important? Destroying me or solving the mystery of Clark Kent?

    • Clark: Chloe, when I heard about Lana, I went to find Lex. And I wasn't gonna let him leave there alive. The irony is I think it was the first time I ever really understood Lex. Loving someone is hard. It's difficult. But hate... hate is so... clean.
      Chloe: Maybe you need to feel this right now. I mean, anger is a natural human emotion.
      Clark: Well, that's just it. 'Cause when that phantom was trying to kill me and I was staring into my own eyes, I saw the monster that I could become if I wanted to. It was a reminder that I am not human.
      Chloe: Tell that to every person you've ever saved. Clark, whether you wanna see it or not, you're one of us now. And the fact you're from a galaxy far, far away just... adds character. And you know I'm here, no matter what side of nature or nurture happens to be winning out.
      Clark: It goes both ways, Chloe.

    • Lois: I forgive you.
      Clark: For what?
      Lois: Oh don't make me relive it. It was traumatizing enough the first time around.

    • Lois: (to Clark) Just trust me on this one. But if you ever grab my ass again, I will be taking your head with me when I go.

    • John: Your father would be proud. He did everything he could to prepare you. But bravery is not something you can learn.
      Clark: How much bravery does it take when you're getting pummeled?
      John: could have ignored all the phantoms that escaped the Phantom Zone, but you chose to take responsibility and stop them. Even one more powerful than you.
      Clark: In a weird way, he may have been right. Maybe I have allowed myself to become weak, caring too much about everything, everyone here.
      John: You've learned a lot from your time in Smallville. These people have made you who you are.
      Clark: They won't always be here. Losing Lana has made me realize no matter how close I get, someday they'll all be gone. And all the time I've spent ignoring my destiny, trying to be something I'll never be...human.

    • Bizarro: Man, how can a guy miss what's been right in front of him all this time?
      Lois: Slow down there, tiger. A little personal-space breach.
      Bizarro: Come on, I know you're looking for a guy who doesn't play by the rules.
      Lois: And on what planet is that you, Smallville?
      Bizarro: Whatever planet you want me to take you to.

    • Bizarro: Hey, Clark. You ever wonder what would happen to all these humans if you weren't here to play savior? I know you do. You just never admit it.
      Clark: You don't know anything about me.
      Bizarro: No, Clark. I know everything about you. I just didn't borrow your DNA, I have all your memories, all your thoughts, every last twisted one of them. When I'm living your life, I won't make those same mistakes.

    • Bizarro: You had the existence I could only dream of, every pleasure at your disposal, and you wasted it. You don't deserve this life, Clark. But I do.

  • NOTES (9)

    • For the new season credits, Aaron Ashmore and Laura Vandervoort receive star credits and Annette O'Toole is removed as a regular. Michael Rosenbaum and Kristin Kreuk switch places in the sequence, Allison Mack receives fourth billing for the first time, and John Glover receives an "and" credit. Additional footage from season 6 and early seven 7 episodes is added from the previous season credits.

    • Despite receiving the star credit, Aaron Ashmore does not appear in this episode.

    • Kristin Kreuk appears briefly at the end of the episode and her only lines are pre-recorded original (rather than recycled) dialogue on Chloe's computer. John Glover also only appears briefly with no dialogue.

    • Music: Sober (Kelly Clarkson)

    • This episode won the 2008 Emmy Award for "Outstanding Sound Editing For A Series". This episode was nominated for a VES Award for "Outstanding Composition in a Broadcast Program or Commercial".

    • Injoke: Kara started her flight from the water tower with an outstretched right arm, which Laura Vandervoort deliberately did to imitate Helen Slater's pose in the movie Supergirl.

    • Starting with this episode and continuing through out the rest of the season, Smallville airs a day earlier in Canada.

    • This episode introduces Smallville's version of Supergirl, Clark's cousin who's real name is Kara. She first appeared in Action Comics #252 and was created by Otto Binder. The pre-Crisis Supergirl came from Argo City, which was the only city to survive the destruction of Krypton. However when Kryptonite began to destroy the city Kara's father, Zor-El, sent her to earth to be raised by her cousin, Superman. On Earth she went by the secret identity of Linda Lee, and had all the same powers as Superman. Post-Crisis Kara was born before Superman and was sent to earth to find the infant Kal-El. Her ship was caught inside an asteroid of Kryptonite when Krypton exploded and so she did not arrive on Earth until after Kal-El had become Superman. Due to being in suspended animation inside her ship, when she did finally wake up she was younger than her cousin.

    • International Airdates:
      Latin America: Tuesday, November 6, 2007 on Warner Channel.
      Norway: Monday, January 7, 2008 10.50 pm on TVNorge
      Australia: Thursday, March 28, 2008 8.30 pm on TEN HD
      Denmark: Monday, April 21, 2008 on TV3
      UK: Tuesday, May 27, 2008 9.00 pm on E4
      Sweden: Friday, May 30, 2008 9.00 pm on TV6
      Turkey: Sunday, September 14, 2008 8.00 pm on CNBC-e
      Germany: Wednesday, September 17, 2008 10.15 pm on RTL II
      New Zealand: Friday, January 23, 2009 on TV2
      Czech Republic: February 15, 2010 on TV Nova
      Slovakia: August 3, 2010 on Markiza


    • Chloe: The fact that you're from a galaxy far far away...

      Referencing the Star Wars movie franchise. Star Wars is an epic space opera franchise and a fictional universe initially developed by George Lucas during the 1970s and expanded since that time. Each movie in the series stars with the words "A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...". This sentence became one of the series' most famous catchphrases, along with other sentences like "May the Force be with you".

    • Lois: I will take my chances with Dr. Evil.

      Referencing the main villain of the Austin Powers movies, played by Mike Myers and parodying Blofield, the James Bond villain from You Only Live Twice.