Season 4 Episode 19


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2005 on The CW

Episode Recap

Lois is taking orders at the Talon when a boy, Kevin Grady, comes in and takes money from the register. He points at Lois when she confronts him and wipes her memory so she forgets what she saw. Clark and Chloe come in as Lois notices the missing money and Clark spots Kevin going out the back. Clark blocks him as he drives away but Kevin uses his powers. Chloe comes out to discover that Clark has no memory of who he is.

Chloe brings Clark back to the Kent farm but when he goes in he yanks the doors off its hinges, although Chloe of course isn't surprised, given her knowledge of Clark's powers. Chloe is forced to cover when Lois shows up and Clark's parents are in Metropolis for Jonathan's heart exam. Lana is greeted by Jason who lets her know she got an acceptance to Central Kansas U but she's not sure if she's going. She's also unsure about their relationship given their secrets. Jason gets angry and asks her not to give up on him, and warns her that she's been protecting him.

Outside Chloe works with Clark to relearn his powers and explains the meteor shower and how it gives people super-powers. She also reveals that he didn't tell her but that she would never betray him. Back at the Torch, Chloe and Clark try to figure out the crime and Clark spots Kevin's day pass. He's tempted to reveal his powers but Chloe counsels him not to, but then he spots Lana and is instantly attracted to her . . . as his heat vision goes off.

Back at the barn, Clark goes through his personal life, including his private sketches from the cave, as Lois shows up and tells him to with his instincts. The next day, Clark goes to school and "introduces" himself to Lana, who knows about his amnesia but is taken aback by Clark's unabashed adoration for her and his invitation of a date. At home, Kevin's dad confronts him and tells him he has to go back somewhere for treatment but Kevin's afraid it turned him into a freak. Kevin then wipes his dad's memories and leaves, and Clark, Chloe, and Lois arrive shortly thereafter. Chloe figures out Kevin was at the Summerholt Institute – Mr. Grady reveals Kevin accidentally shot his brother Dylan and they turned to Summerholt to erase his memories. Clark hears Kevin fleeing on motorcycle and Chloe persuades him to catch him at superspeed. Inexperienced, Clark overruns and loses him.

Chloe and Clark go to Luthor Manor to ask Lex to use his contacts at Summerholt to find out more about the memory experiments (like those Lex underwent in "Memoria"). Lex asks for a moment alone with Clark and then tries to jog his memory by taking him to the caves. Clark recognizes the drawings from his pictures in the loft and Lex leads him on into revealing there's a secret room in the cave. Clark begins to suspect something and leaves him hanging.

Chloe breaks into Summerholt and searches a lab for information. She grabs a computer and sends a video file to Lois at the Torch, although she's grabbed seconds later. Clark meets with Lois and they see Kevin being given memories of killing his brother. Clark superspeeds off to the clearing where the "accident" occurred and where he believes Kevin is. They meet and Kevin is puzzled by the fact his powers wiped Clark's entire life. But under Clark's prodding he remembers that it was his father who killed Dylan. Kevin says they need to break into Summerholt to get Clark's memories back.

Lois brings Sheriff Adams along to Summerholt and the latter bulls their way past the receptionist. Clark and Kevin break in with Clark secretly using his powers but there's kryptonite stored around and he weakens. Kevin goes ahead while Mr. Grady prepares to wipe Chloe's memories as far back as he can. Kevin interrupts his father but is knocked out. Clark manages to knock over the shelf with the kryptonite and get to the lab and block the beam, which help shim recover his memories. Two electrical towers fall toward Chloe and Clark grabs them as Lois and Sheriff Adams look on, but Kevin wakes up and wipes their memories to protect his new friend. He also uses his powers on Chloe.

Clark doesn't seem to remember what happened while he had amnesia but his gut says to let Kevin go with a clean slate. Later Lex is at the Kent farm but doesn't say anything about what Clark said. Back at the manor, Lex reveals he grabbed the drawings from Clark's loft while Lana shows up for their date which Clark doesn't remember. She turns to go but Clark refuses to let her go this time and promises "this time" will be different. Does this mean that Clark will tell Lana about his powers, as he did in the comics?

Clark meets Chloe at the Torch and of course doesn't remember what she knows of his secret, but it becomes clear she still remembers what happened.