Season 4 Episode 19


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2005 on The CW

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  • Mind Warp!

    Blank-When a boy who can make people lose their memories robs the Talon, Clark goes after him but gets total amnesia. Chloe finds out what happened and has to tutor Clark in the use of his superpowers and make sure he doesn't accidentally reveal his secret. While Clark, Chloe, and Lois try to track down Kevin, Clark takes advantage of his "new life" to ask Lana on a date. And Lex tries to turn Clark's memory loss to his advantage by getting him to reveal the secret of the caves.

    When it comes to amnesia storylines being introduced into a series, you know the show is seriously in trouble and the writers have pretty much run out of ideas. But "Blank" is actually a refreshing episode as the amnesia storyline moves a couple of storylines from the season forward. Clark's amnesia brings some great developments to the table, the most entertaing being Chloe playing Clark's unofficial sidekick for the whole hour. Allison Mack really shines in her scenes with Tom Welling especially when Chloe reacts to Clark's heat vision at the Talon.. I loved how Chloe was there for Clark making sure he doesn't reveal his secret and also taught him how to use his powers. Chloe really develops into a great character her and her conversations with Clark about their frienship not to mention trust was well written. Lex's reaction to Clark's amnesia comes as quite a surprise as instead of being there for Clark, Lex uses Clark's moment of vunerablity to find out more about the caves and maybe even uncover Clark's secret. I love this development as Lex is starting to being very manipulative even menancing as it's obvious at this point his dark side from "Onyx" is starting to take over. As weak as some meteor freak episodes might be, Kevin's storyline is well developed. Jonathan Bennett (Kevin Grady) gives a good performance and the backstory about Kevin and his brother is convincing. While Kevin's ability to wipe out the short term memories of others may seem like a countless other storylines the writers rapped up with charatcers forgetting what they've seen, it works in the context of the episode. The best example being after Clark's displays his strength in front of Lois and the Sheriff after saving Chloe, Kevin wipe out their memories as a favor to Clark for helping him. My only real problem with the episode is even after the fact Clark has amnesia, he falls back in love with Lana and asks her out...ehw!!! Again I say...what about Alicia! It's just suck a shame that the writers have forgotten so quickly about that relationship and continue to shove Clana down our throats! With that aside, "Blank" is a fun, fresh episode with a excellent scenes and good meteor freak plot.
  • Kevin Grady, a teen with the ability to cause memory loss in others, uses his powers on Clark, resulting in total amnesia. When Chloe learns what happened, she retrains Clark in his abilities and simultaneaously keeps him from accidentally revealing them.

    At the Talon, Lois and the other waitresses are busy with multiple orders, when a teen, named Kevin Grady, strolls behind the counter and casually swipes money from the open register. When Lois busts him, he wipes her memory of the last few minutes, then makes a quick exit. Clark catches up to him in the alley, then ends up with absolute amnesia. When Chloe finds him shortly after, she realizes what happened and begins retraining Clark in the use his abilities, while keeping him from revealing them to others and even discovering a few new ones. However, Clark, reluctant to get his old life back, takes advantage of his clean slate to ask Lana out. Meanwhile, Lex takes advantage of Clark's amnesia by trying to get him to reveal all he knows about the caves.

    Let me just start off by taking a moment to be thankful for two things this episode: 1) the blow suffered by the Jason/Lana relationship, and 2) the limited interaction between Jason and the others. Sorry to those who actually like Jason, but with the turns his character has taken, he's really starting to annoy the crap outta me. That said, I'm glad the writers were able to give Kevin, the freak of the week, a reasonable enough story without taking away from the focus on Clark and Chloe. And as entertaining as it was to watch Clark re-learn his abilities while Chloe covered for him, I was vaguely reminded of a LOIS & CLARK episode (and I know I'm not the only one). Not that that's such a bad thing, since that's the show that got me interested in the Man of Steel in the first place. Anyway, the episode overall earns nine-and-a-half stars. The only complaint I have is that the eye roll moment of the episode, if not the season, came when amnesiac Clark fell in love with Lana all over again. I found that scene to be slightly sweet, but mostly nauseating. Not only that, I felt bad for Chloe.

    Highlights: Lois busy at the Talon, and busting Kevin; Clark catching up to Kevin in the alley and having his memories erased; Chloe showing the amnesiac Clark around his house; Lois coming home to the Kents', only to find out what happened to Clark; Clark surprised to find he can bend a crowbar, then Chloe explaining her meteor-freak theory; Chloe and Clark investigating at the Talon, only to discover the x-ray and heat visions; Lois's advice to Clark in the loft; Clark, Chloe, and Lois confronting Kevin's dad; Clark superspeeding past Kevin, confused; Lex taking Clark to the caves to "jog" his memory; Clark and Lois watching a video of Kevin at Summerholt; Clark helping Kevin remember the day he supposedly shot his brother; Lois and Sheriff Adams trying to get into Summerholt; Clark rescuing Chloe, having his memory restored, and being caught using his powers by Lois and the sheriff; Clark letting Kevin go; and Clark and Chloe conversing in the Torch office.
  • This episode was amazing! Chloe's my girl!

    This epidsode is really just Chloe's time to shine, and that's what I love about it. Chloe handles the discovery of the rest of Clark's abilities with such grace. She also protects him while he has amnesia with some made manipulation skills. Let's face it, she saves Clark's butt. And the fact that he doesn't remember all she did for him at the end is infuriating. He has to suspect that she knows something, if he had the guts to trust her enough to tell her he would finally have someone to confide in.

    He doesn't deserve her as a friend, she's amazing and he's just being a poo head. Okay, fine, maybe he's just doing what he's done for the past 18 years which is protect his secret at all costs, but still, he needs to find out that Chloe knows.
  • Great Episode

    After robbing the Talon, Kevin Grady (Jonathan Bennett) is chased by Clark Kent and completely erases his memories. Chloe Sullivan helps Clark Kent to protect his secret and recollect his memories, looking for Kevin's father, the scientist Lawrence Grady (Tom Butler). They find that Kevin Grady was the subject of an experiment of his own father. In this episode, the viewer can see how false the friendship of Lex Luthor is for Clark Kent, and how Chloe Sullivan really likes him. The story is only reasonable, but it discloses in a clear way who are the true friends of Clark Kent.
  • This episode holds a very special place in my heart. My grandfather died on the day this episode aired. So this episode will always be one of my favorites.

    The storyline about Clark losing his memory stays with me forever. Everytime I watch this episode I can't help but think about my grandfather. Clark lost his memory while my grandfather died of a brain injury. How can a storyline be so close to real life. Clark has his brain swiped while my grandfather's brain fails. Blank will always stay close to my heart.
  • Clarks memory is wiped and Chloe, with Clark's parents in Metropolis, must help to keep his secret.

    An absolutely awesome episode. Its great to see how Chloe dealt with finding out about Clark's secret- of course she doesn't know about the whole alien from krypton thing yet, but still. Its also good to see how Clark finally finds out Chloe knows. Its all very important stuff, that I missed because I didn't start watching regularly until this season. chloe finding out about clark's secret is one of the smartest moves the writers ever made- and they did it very well, as far as I've seen. Imagine how boring Smallville would be without all the Chloe storylines w e've gotten off of this one development- it's kind of mind-blowing if you think about it.
  • Clark unaware of his secret and the life he leads...

    I thought this was a really good episode. It allowed us to see Clark without the realization of who he is and what powers he possesses. It also showed how good of a friend Chloe is and what she would do to protect Clark (which makes me wonder if some time in the future she'll pay the ultimate price by protecting him, but who knows). On the flip side it showed a little more of Lex's evilness. How he would take advantage of Clark's condition and find answers any way he can. Not only was this episode great but it also had some really good music. Definitely up around the top 5 regarding songs used. I'd say its only downfall was that his parents weren't in it at all, not even in the end. I'm glad they weren't around during the bulk of the episode, but I kind of would have liked to see their reactions and whatnot towards the end of the episode. Overall a really good episode.
  • Definitely Chloe's episode.

    This was a brilliant episode. A prelude to a great refreshment, almost a renewal of Smallville - Chloe being in the secret. It had probably been on the mind of the writers for a while, since Chloe had to know about Clark's power in order to protect him - A few episodes before, Alicia had showed her what Clark was able to do, unbeknownst to him.

    I personnally didn't mind the "Kevin" part of the story. It was overshadowed by something better. My 9.8 score goes entirely to Clark and, especially, Chloe.

    Tom Welling's play was excellent. His eyes seem to have forgotten all about his burden, his pain, and he truly looks like a different person, as anyone would be if they forgot everything about themselves. When the episode ends, he is back to normal, looking like he is carrying the fate of the world upon his shoulders. This actor's performance has improved every season since the very beginning, and from "okay" he rose to "excellent". Knowing that Jensen Ackles arrived second in the race for Clark's role, I'm very happy with the choice they made. Not that Ackles is a bad actor, on the contrary. His performance as Jason Teague is no less than perfect.

    As for Chloe, this is her episode. She has changed quite a lot since she found out about Clark's abilities, but "Blank" really is her stepping stone in the series. From a sometimes irritating wannabee journalist (forgive me my opinion), she then reveals herself to be a confident, and moreover a protector. As she says, her "blocking of the man behind the mask" probably made a lot of viewers see her differently, much to her advantage, and the character needed just that.

    Personnally, being on Lana's side (are we so few?), my favorite part is definitely the conversation at the lockers. Others like me probably loved the scene at the Talon, and yelled THANK YOU! when Clark finally keeps Lana from leaving yet again in awkwardness. But don't stone me yet: other moments were great, such as the locked door rampage, the conversation where Clark's powers are revealed to... Clark, Chloe's advice to Clark when she leaves the mansion and, of course, two of the best moments in the season, Lois and the sheriff witnesses at Summerholt and the final conversation at the Torch.
  • I absolutely LOVED this episode as Clarke's memory loss was awesome to watch and as usual he gets you in! I would recommend this one to any fans wanting to re-watch favorite episodes, as it will remind you why you LOVE this show and cast of characters!

    Clarke looses his memory and becomes the cute and needy and to see Chloes tenderness and "elite friendship" never waver is SOOOO kool! This one gives us a great look at the "what might have been" and as usual Tom is Superb and keeps us entertained to the max! As usual unfortunately Lana is a bit weak and it makes you want to see Lois come into the picture VERY quickly! But all in all I lOVED it and Chloe is showing her true colours as a terrific little actress.
  • Great episode.

    A boy with the ability to zap people's memories steals something in the Talon. Clark tries to stop the boy but the boy zaps his memory. Clark totally forgets everything, even the part where he has superpowers. Chloe helps out Clark with everything, including how to use his power without getting caught using it. This is a funny episode, Clark having amnesia is really funny. Lex Luthor becomes evil when he takes advantage of Clark's memory loss. A lot of stuff happens in this episode, it's well written and well directed. The actors did a good job, they all hit their marks.
  • Great episode!

    This episode is really cool, and I think that is one of the bets episodes of Season Four because is just really great. First of all, we meet Kevin a guy who has the ability to make to get amnesia, but when he hits Clark he gets total amnesia, as Clark's parents are gone, Chloe must help on her own to help Clark remember everything, as Chloe discovers the abilities from Clark on her own, and well I think that this episode is really cool, and I think is one of the greatest epiosdes!
  • Chloe helps Clark keep his secret.

    I really liked this episode because, at least for a little while, Chloe finally got to let Clark know she knew. It proved that Chloe really could be trusted. She even helped keep the secret from Lex. This was really special because she has known Clarks secret for so long. She was finally able to be the person Clark depended on. It also provided her with an opportunity to see more of what Clark can do. She saw powers she didn't know he had. She could better understand many of the things that had gone on in the past two years.
  • One of the best episodes of season four and full of heart touching moments....

    "Blank" is a very special episode.
    Clark has amnesia and Clhoe helps him and finally shares with him that knows his secret....

    He has a fresh new start, and makes the same choices : Sees lana for the first time again, and again falls in love with her.....
    The same not getting very well relationship with Lois....with alot of chemistry between them.
    It's great to see the chemistry between Clark and Clhoe.

    The best of the episode is probably the end, where Clark and clhoe have a heart-to-heart conversation:
    "What did I do"?
    "You trusted me".....
  • One of my favorite episodes of the season.

    Chloe finally got to share in Clark's powers (something I have been wanting for quite some time). I just wish Clark would have told her at the end. I loved how we got to see the possibility of the real Lex (how tricky). I just really like the interaction of Chloe and Clark. I wish they would get rid of Lana. Her storyline seems stretched. Just let her go off to college and out of Clark's life. Bring in Lois and keep Chloe. Great episode.
  • Clark Kent's: Who am I?

    Kevin (guest star), a boy who can cause people to temporarily lose their memory, turns his powers on Clark (Tom Welling) and causes him to have total amnesia. Chloe discovers what has happened and must teach Clark about his superpowers while simultaneously trying to keep him from accidentally revealing them to others. On his trip down memory lane, Clark meets Lana (Kristin Kreuk), falls in love all over again and decides to share his secret with her. Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) takes advantage of the situation and convinces Clark to show him where the three stones are hidden.
  • Don't read if you hate spoilers!

    Lois is taking orders at the Talon when a boy, Kevin Grady, comes in and takes money from the wallet. He points at Lois when she confronts him and wipes her memory so she forgets what she saw. Clark and Chloe come in as Lois notices the missing money and Clark spots Kevin going out the back. Clark blocks him as he drives away but Kevin uses his powers. Chloe comes out to discover that Clark has no memory of who he is. Chloe brings Clark back to the Kent farm but when he goes in he yanks the doors off its hinges, although Chloe of course isn't surprised, given her knowledge of Clark's powers. Chloe is forced to cover when Lois shows up and Clark's parents are in Metropolis for Jonathan's heart exam. Lana is greeted by Jason who lets her know she got an acceptance to Central College U but she's not sure if she's going. She's also unsure about their relationship given their secrets. Jason gets angry and asks her not to give up on him, and warns her that she's been protecting him. Outside Chloe works with Clark to relearn his powers and explains the meteor shower and how it gives people super-powers. She also reveals that he didn't tell her but that she would never betray him. Back at the Torch, Chloe and Clark try to figure out the crime and Clark spots Kevin's day pass. He's tempted to reveal his powers but Chloe counsels him not to, but then he spots Lana and is instantly attracted to her . . . as his heat vision goes off. Back at the barn, Clark goes through his personal life, including his private sketches from the cave, as Lois shows up and tells him to with his instincts. The next day, Clark goes to school and "introduces" himself to Lana, who knows about his amnesia but is taken aback by Clark's unabashed adoration for her and his invitation of a date. At home, Kevin's dad confronts him and tells him he has to go back somewhere for treatment but Kevin's afraid it turned him into a freak. Kevin then wipes his dad's memories and leaves, and Clark, Chloe, and Lois arrive shortly thereafter. Chloe figures out Kevin was at the Summerholt Institute – Mr. Grady reveals Kevin accidentally shot his brother Dylan and they turned to Summerholt to erase his memories. Clark hears Kevin fleeing on motorcycle and Chloe persuades him to catch him at superspeed. Inexperienced, Clark overruns and loses him. Chloe and Clark go to Luthor Manor to ask Lex to use his contacts at Summerholt to find out more about the memory experiments (like those Lex underwent in "Memoria"). Lex asks for a moment alone with Clark and then tries to jog his memory by taking him to the caves. Clark recognizes the drawings from his pictures in the loft and Lex leads him on into revealing there's a secret room in the cave. Clark begins to suspect something and leaves him hanging. Chloe breaks into Summerholt and searches a lab for information. She grabs a computer and sends a video file to Lois at the Torch, although she's grabbed seconds later. Clark meets with Lois and they see Kevin being given memories of killing his brother. Clark superspeeds off to the clearing where the "accident occurred and where he believes Kevin is. They meet and Kevin is puzzled by the fact his powers wiped Clark's entire life. But under Clark's prodding he remembers that it was his father who killed Dylan. Kevin says they need to break into Summerholt to get Clark's memories back. Lois brings Sheriff Adams along to Summerholt and the latter bulls their way past the receptionist. Clark and Kevin break in with Clark secretly using his powers but there's kryptonite stored around and weakens. Kevin goes ahead while Mr. Grady prepares to wipe Chloe's memories as far back as he can. Kevin interrupts his father but is knocked ouit. Clark manages to knock over the shelf with the kryptonite and get to the lab and block the beam, which help shim recover his memories. Two electrical towers fall toward Chloe and Clark grabs them as Lois and Sheriff Adams look on, but Kevin wakes up and wipes their memories to protect his new friend. He also uses his powers on Chloe. Clark doesn't seem to remember what happened while he had amnesia but his gut says to let Kevin go with a clean slate. Later Lex is at the Kent farm but doesn't say anything about what Clark said. Back at the manor, Lex reveals he grabbed the drawings from Clark's loft while Lana shows up for their date which Clark doesn't remember. She turns to go but Clark refuses to let her go this time and promises "this time" will be different. Does this mean that Clark will tell Lana about his powers, as he did in the comics? Clark meets Chloe at the Torch and of course doesn't remember what she knows of his secret, but it becomes clear she still remembers what happened. She told Clark that even without his memories he made the same decisions, except that he trusted her. Is this her way of telling her that she knows about his powers - his secret, and does Clark pick up on the fact that she does know about the powers and trust Chloe as he once did with Pete?

    There were a few interesting things in this episode. First while Clark has amnesia, Clark revealed to Lex that there was a hidden room behind one of the walls. Second Clark's Kryptonian abilities were revealed to Lois & the Sheriff - however their memories of this event were erased (but will the ever remember?). Third Chloe told Clark that without his memory he still made the same choices, except for one - that he trusted her. I suspect that she meant he shared his abilities, but was this a way for Chloe to get Clark to share the truth about himself to her. But did Clark do so, or if not, will he do so in season five? And finally forth - Clark told Lana at the end that he was not going to let Lana go this time. What did he mean? Is he finally going to tell Lana the truth about himself? In the comics Clark told Lana about his abilities after their high school graduation when Clark took Lana for a "flight" around Smallville, so do that mean that next season Lana will also learn the truth? Some issues to ponder!
  • Great.

    Apparently, I am the lone person that thinks that this episode was outstanding. I would have to say that it is my personal favorite from any of the four seasons. Clark trusts Chloe, with everything. And she proved that she could be trustworthy. I also liked how Clark made the same decisions as he did in his normal life, loving Lana, wanting to help people, everything.... which means that his life is right where he wants it to be if the one he already has is identical to the one he can make with his clean slate. Also, when he tells Lana this time it will work, but then forgets everything about it... he still says something about this time it will work which means that it is truly geniune and comes from the heart!
  • An otherwise great episode ruined by the ending. Spoilers

    This episode is a fine example of how this show is on the cusp of being a great sci-fi show such as Farscape or Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but refuses to take a risk but instead takes the formulaic safe route.

    Unlike the other two shows, Smallville very rarely has any real developments that last. This episode saw a plot trick that numerous of the other Smallville episodes had. Virtually every episode in which someone finds out about Clark also has that person losing their memory. This episode not only had that (in the form of Lois and the Sheriff) but it also had Clark forget that Chloe did know about him. And that's the part that disappointed me. There is no reason why Clark couldn't realize that Chloe had known about him, but had kept his secret. Other than the fact that Clark's secret must be kept secret, and nothing can change. Everyone has to be knocked out when Clark rescues them so they can't see him doing it or they have to forget it all.

    I realize that they can't have everyone find out because eventually Clark has to become Superman and his dual identity must be kept secret from Lois, Lex, etc. Yet, there has to be some risks with the other characters. They took a good step with revealing the secret to Chloe, but it's time that they explored the ramifications of that with Clark. This episode was the perfect time for the show to do so. And because it didn't do so, the episode which would have been a 9 for me, was a disappointing 7.5.
  • Turns out very little happened in this episode

    This episode kind of annoys me. Here they have a chance to make a great and unexpected episode (though amnesia is a cliché if there ever was one) and what happens? We get Lana and Clark pining over each other in the same way they’ve pined over each other for several seasons know. Disappointing. I would have really liked to see at least one episode where we didn’t have those two staring longingly at each other. I had great hopes until Lana came down the stairs and made Clark feel all hot and bothered. (Really, Clark, did you have to kill that lamp?) Luckily Chloë *almost* manages to save that scene with her "premature combustion"-line which was hilarious.

    The fact that Clark, in the end, promptly forgot about the 24 hours that had passed was another disappointment. This makes it feel like very little happened in this episode: how long will Clark walk around not knowing what Chloê knows? And either Clark’s got to fall in love with Chloë fairly soon or she needs to get herself a boyfriend because I feel sorry for her still being in love with him for this long.

    Blank turns out to be one of too many Smallville eps where I can’t stop thinking about how good this show would be if Clark and Lana just forgot about each other and Lana moved to Paris and stayed there. Really, this is getting to be too much.
  • Not different at all

    I think this episode in particular wasn\'t good. For me this serie is losing it gas if you know what I mean.

    Problems so easy to solve are so difficult at the same time. This is really pissing me off.

    For example:
    Clark should have kissed Lana in this one or
    Chloe should have told Clark about her feelings and etc