Season 4 Episode 19


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2005 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • During the flash of Clark's memories when he gets amnesia, you can see a shot of when Lionel is in Clark's body (from "Transference"). But Clark has no memory of what Lionel did in his body, so how could he have memories of the incident? Also we see a memory of Jonathan healing a badly wounded Clark from "Talisman." But Clark is unconscious in that scene, so again he couldn't have memories of Jonathan healing him if he wasn't conscious to see it.

    • Originally Mr. Grady describes the shooting incident as if he took Kevin to Summerholt after Kevin was unable to handle it. Chloe could verify the shooting and the timeframe of the visits to Summerholt, so Mr. Grady has no reason to lie. But...if Mr. Grady shot Dylan himself, then he would have had to wipe Kevin's memories immediately to avoid being reported to the police.

    • If there was a camera in the lab recording Kevin when his memory was getting fried, why wasn't there a camera recording the same experiment when Chloe was in the chair, and thus picking up at least some of the stuff which Clark did?

    • Although he retains basic motor skills, language, etc., Clark can't remember huge chunks of his life, including the location of his home and the Talon. But he knows where the location of Audrey Clearing is - how'd he remember that?

    • Why does Clark just stare at the cows after running past Kevin? He knew about where the motorcycle is and he has...well, superspeed. Turn around and run back, but don't gaze at the bovines.

    • Not only have we not seen Clark make such crude drawings of the cave and the paintings before, but before the memory-loss incident, why would he have bothered? Does he really need to draw (really crude) drawings to remind himself the cave has a secret chamber, a two-headed dragon, and a eight-sided key? And why would he keep them around, given his loft has been searched at least once before by someone who shouldn't (in "Run").

    • At the end Lex takes one of Clark's drawings from the loft. Why? Clark will notice it's missing and knows Lex was nearby. Wouldn't it be smarter for Lex to take a picture and leave the drawing there?

    • It was a very busy day at the Talon, you can clearly see that Lois is extremely busy behind the counter. However, Lois yells loudly when she confronts Kevin, who uses his powers on her in full view right there in front of the cash register and nobody blinks an eye despite the accusation of robbery and the flare of green light.

    • How did Kevin manage to drop his ID so that it fell underneath the mat at the Talon?

    • When Clark knocks over the kryptonite on the shelf it doesn't go very far away - some of it looks like it isn't more then a foot further then it was before. It seems well within range of where kryptonite has affected him before.

    • Summerholt is in Metropolis, so it's not clear what authority Sheriff Adams has there, or why she'd even go based on Lois' word of...what? Strange memory-wiping experiments? An alleged kidnapping? At the very least given her suspicious nature, you'd think Adams would at least get a search warrant rather then run a bluff on Lois' word.

    • Mr. Grady says he wishes he could wipe Chloe's memories from the last three days but will have to go further back, but at the Kent farm later, Clark says he can remember everything except the last 24 hours (the period he had lost his memories). This establishes that 24 hours has passed since he ran into Kevin. Why does Mr. Grady specify two more days then the time the whole thing happened?

    • When Chloe leaves Clark with Lex she whispers to Clark and he hears it. Normally Clark has to concentrate to hear what he wants. He doesn't appear to do that.

  • Quotes

    • Clark: Chloe, she... she told me that we used to, uh...
      Lana: Yeah. Yeah, we did.
      Clark: What happened? Please, I just... I'd really like to know.
      Lana: So would I.
      Clark: It was me? I don't understand. If I felt anywhere near like I feel now... No, don't tell me. I don't want to know. I don't want to know because this time, it... it'll be different.
      Lana: This time?

    • Lois: Trust your gut. Like, what's it say about me?
      Clark: We don't like each other very much.
      Lois: You're on the right track. Keep it up, Smallville.

    • Clark: My life is a complete void. How would you feel?
      Lois: Oh, pity party. These are fun.

    • Clark: Who is that?
      Chloe: That... is Lana Lang. The love of your life.

    • Clark: You know, I don't know why I was worried so much about what people think. I don't know why I let it rule my life. I mean, you understood.
      Chloe: Yeah, but Clark, unfortunately, some people in Smallville aren't as progressive as your post-amnesia tour guide.
      Clark: That should be their problem, not mine.
      Chloe: Look, I understand how eager you are to throw an impromptu coming out party. I mean, I've only spent the last couple of hours blocking for the man behind the mask and it's not as easy as I thought it would be. But, please, just sleep on it.
      Clark: I know, it's just...I mean, how can anyone ever get to know me if I'm never myself?
      Chloe: I know it's hard. But I imagine that if you didn't tell people, you must've had a lifetime of reasons for not doing it. That's why we need to get your memory back.

    • Chloe: (handing Clark a crowbar) Here. Bend this.
      Clark: This is metal. I can't bend this.
      Chloe: Just like you can't pull a door off its hinges, right? Try it.
      (Clark easily bends the crowbar)
      Clark: How did I do that?
      Chloe: Why did I always picture myself on the other end of this conversation?

    • Lana: Jason, last summer was incredible. But we have to face it. We haven't been able to recreate that here, not with everything that's happened. Not with the stones or your mom and all of the lies.
      Jason: How long have you known? I mean, your feelings don't just change overnight, so you've obviously been thinking about this a while.
      Lana: Yeah.
      Jason: Yeah.
      Lana: Ever since this turned into the same relationship I was trying to leave behind when I went to Paris.
      Jason: Oh, so this is about Clark.
      Lana: No, it's not about Clark. Jason, it's about us. There are too many secrets. I kept wishing that we could wipe the slate clean, but we can't. A chance like that... maybe it only comes around once in a lifetime.

    • Jason: (to Lana, while holding a thick envelope) A little something from Central Kansas. Congratulations. I think if they were gonna reject you, they probably wouldn't have sent a novella.

    • Lois: Yeah, just leave Mr. Memory Reboot to me. I'm getting to be a pro at this. (to Clark) But you know what? You're gonna have to put up with PB and J because that's the extent of my culinary skills.

    • Lois: What the hell happened to the door?
      Clark: You know, I tried to open it, and then...
      Chloe: (interrupting) Yeah, and then some freak wind came and just blew it right off.

    • Clark: I don't know what you did back there or why, but I get the feeling I owe you one.
      Kevin: I like to see it as more of a "now we're even" situation.
      Clark: Something tells me I shouldn't stop you from leaving.
      Kevin: It's better if you don't ask too many questions about me. Thanks for the chance at a clean slate, Clark.

    • Lois: Look, this guy's kid robbed me, then plucked the last forget-me-not petal from my friend's brain. You will let me back there and you can do it with or without handcuffs.
      Receptionist: Like I said, if you would sign in, I'll let someone know that you're here.
      Lois: What part of this isn't getting through to you? The last time I spoke to my cousin, she was here. And I'm sure the psycho is holding her back there somewhere.
      Sheriff Adams: Ms. Lane. (to the receptionist) Maybe they pay you enough to be rude, but I doubt they pay you enough to do time in the county jail.

    • Kevin: I don't get it. I robbed the Talon and I 86ed your memory. I mean, why would you go through all this trouble for me?
      Clark: I guess I just know what it's like to lose a part of your life.

    • Clark: How could someone do that, let Kevin walk around thinking he killed his own brother?
      Lois: Someone who obviously can't live with themselves.

    • Lois: Clark, you've got to look at this. Chloe called and told me to download some files she e-mailed from Summerholt.
      Clark: How'd she get in?
      Lois: I've learned never to underestimate Chloe, especially when it comes to helping you.

    • Lois: I'm here to collect on a little spontaneous line of credit your son decided to take out with the Talon, along with two minutes of my memory.

    • (after finding the amnesiac Clark talking to Lana at school)
      Lois: How did he get here?
      Chloe: Looks like the heart remembers more than the brain.

    • Chloe: (putting out the fire Clark started) Premature combustion. That's one I didn't need to know about.

    • Clark: I guess the whole castle thing didn't take off with the neighborhood. I can't believe I've been friends with a billionaire.
      Lex: Funny, you never seemed that impressed before.

    • Chloe: He has amnesia, and he's having a hard time...
      Lois: Again?
      Clark: What do you mean again?
      Lois: Well, at least this time you got clothes on.

    • Clark: Chloe, I need you to be completely honest with me.
      Chloe: Honest, huh?
      Clark: What did I do?
      Chloe: You trusted me.

    • Clark: Mr. Luthor?
      Lex: Lex. I'm guessing you don't remember it, but we kinda dropped the formalities the day I ran you off a bridge.

    • Chloe: And the Super Wheaties abilities just keep on coming.

    • Lois: You may not remember all the players on the board, but you can still play the game.

    • Clark: I could, I guess . . . I can see through things.
      Chloe: (clutching her jacket closed) Hold on a minute, are you telling me you can see through solid objects?
      Clark: I guess that's one you didn't know about.
      Chloe: No. And that might be one of those abilities you're going to want to keep a lid on.

    • Clark: Please tell me I'm not related to (Lois).
      Chloe: No, I am. You live with her.

    • Lois: Ummm, what, we have a thief with memory repo. I guess that could explain why in some weird Smallvillian way I zoned out eight coffee orders before I found the till empty.

    • Chloe: You spend most of your time over there.
      Clark: In a barn?
      Chloe: Well, 'normal' was never really your style, Clark. (Clark stares) That was my attempt at humor - sometimes I crash and burn. Sorry.

    • Chloe: (to Clark) The University of Miami? I don't see you trading in your flannels for flipflops.

  • Notes

    • Chloe's e-mail address listed here is There is no such e-mail provider site although there is a website.

    • The beginning reference to the University of Miami is an in-joke to the 1988 Superboy series, which was filmed in Florida (although at University of Central Florida).

    • Music: "Let Me Go" by 3 Doors Down. "24" by Jem, "Satie" by Paco, and "This Is Your Life" by Switchfoot.

    • Erica Durance is billed as Special Guest Star.

    • John Schneider, Annette O'Toole, and John Glover don't appear in this episode. However, there is a deleted scene from this episode featuring John Schneider and Annette O'Toole that was not in the broadcast version.

  • Allusions

    • Lana: What's with the Cheshire Cat routine?
      Referencing the Lewis Carroll creation from Alice in Wonderland - an enigmatic cat that disappears leaving only his smile.