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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2007 on The CW

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  • Interesting, but was it really necessary?

    While this had an interesting concept of bringing Lara El back to life and bringing Zor El back around for a can't really see any of that story interesting. Blue Kryptonite was, but it only removed Clark's abilities, something that happens in every season regardless. While taking away from the typical format was welcomed, the material was so-so. The end of the episode was amazing though - Kara losing her memory in Detroit and the Julian Luthor reveal,
  • Jillian Luthor Lives!

    This episode was going on alright, not really all that great until Grant Gabriel revealed that he's Julian Luthor. I don't know how the writers are going to explain how Julian lived after it was cleared that Lex's mother, Lillian, suffocated him in his crib. We learned Zor-el and Jor-el are sworn enemies and he tries to kill Kal-el. Also trying to kill Kara, but Clark made the sacrificed and broke the crystal and rid of Zor-el and his mother to save Kara. Kara disappeared into Detroit, losing her powers and her memory. Jor-el warned Clark and once again doesn't listen. When will Clark realize that Jor-el is protecting him? Now he has to pay the consequences. I wonder what it is. I guess we have to wait all the way at the end of January because of the writer's strike.
  • Jillian Luthor lives.

    Seemed pretty boring at first, but then when you find out Zor-El is alive, you get in to it. Unluckily Kara is in the episode & she turns on Clark and goes on her father's side, no surprise there. Yet there is another kind of kryptonite on the loose. and it is blue, which strips Clark from his powers. Surprised he didn't die. The final showdown in the fortress was amazing. And Kara is gone!? Hopefully forever. Definitely a cliffhanger. Seems like the episode "Wrath" never happened though. It turns out Grant is Jillian Luthor! That was breath taking. And Lois & "Grant" continue with their relationship recklessly, definitely worth it.
  • Clark's desire to see his mother Lara looses on the Earth a dangerous Kryptonian, Kara's father. An office romance between Lois and Grant leads to a major revelation about Grant's identity.

    "Blue" continues several story lines from a couple earlier episodes, putting some good continuity back in the series. Clark's kryptonian mother Lara appears again, played well and effectively by Helen Slater. Most of the episode is kryptonian-based, with four extraterrestrials battling over the future of the Earth and the El family's destiny. Clark's desire to know Lara leads him back to Kara's blue crystal, which Clark found and hid in the barn in "Lara," two episodes back. The crystal's force calls him to the Fortress, where he defies Jor-El's admonition to put it aside.

    Lara's essence - or a replicant - we're not sure what - materializes in the Fortress, and Clark is completely convinced she is real. But activating the crystal also looses Zor-El, Kara's father, and the adversary in this episode. He's played by Christopher Heyerdahl, who comes across as intended - menacing and dangerous. When Clark brings Lara to the farm, Kara realizes that Clark has found the crystal and did not tell her. Lara warns that Zor-El's replicant is right behind her.

    And he is, flying into the barn to meet Kara, who is first skeptical of her father's intents, but wants to trust him. In his "Matrix" style outfit, he loses little time in revealing his true ambition - to wipe out the Earth and repopulate it with the descendants of Krypton's survivors. He sends her to the Fortress to wait for him, and then confronts Lionel, who is still Jor-El's vessel, and Mr. Glover's stunt double is tossed across the room, saved only by Clark's intervention. No explanation is given about how Clark knew to come to the Luthorcorp tower at just that moment, and the total screen time for Mr. Glover is about one minute, giving him just enough time to warn Clark that Zor-El is seeking someone named Lara.

    The sub-plot is about the budding romance between Grant Gabriel and Lois, but Chloe warns Lois about the appearance that she got her job and assignments based on her relationship with chief editor Grant, not on her journalism skills. Break it off before it breaks her career, Chloe advises.

    Clark hides Lara at Oliver's apartment, though she does not fear Zor-El. Replicant-Lara tells him his real mother already died, but Clark is overwhelmed by finally having even an illusion of her. Lana enters too, but gets only a short role in this episode. Lara gives Clark a victory ring from Jor-El, a family tradition, but when he puts it on, his eyes change to "Blue," showing some sort of transformation - and in the next confrontation with Zor-El, Clark finds he has lost his powers. Zor-El throws him onto a Porsche 924, telling him the blue mineral ring was known to have that effect - he knew Lara would give it to Clark . "Your destiny is to rule," he tells Clark, who rejects the offer. But he lets Clark live for Lara's sake.

    Back in the tower, Zor-El knocks Lana right out of the episode and takes Lara to the frozen north, leaving Clark to counsel with Chloe, Clark still insisting that Lara is "not a zombie," and believing that Kara betrayed him by revealing Lara's location to Zor-El. Hard to accept that he would believe anything Zor-El said, given his good relationship with Kara. His efforts to remove the ring are futile, until Chloe remembers the octagonal key from the spaceship. He will use this to reach the Fortress, an unseen trip that several reviewers thought was completely unexplained.

    A scene with Grant and Lex is very revealing - Lex insisting that Grant break it off with Lois - she's too curious. Grant wants his own life and decisions, but Lex insists. At the DP, they both are ready to end their unprofessional and inappropriate relationship, under pressure from others. Or they seem to be. Wait, one more lip-synch.

    At the Fortress, Kara awaits, and only learns about Zor-El's treachery when he and Lara return and he threatens to destroy Kal-El. His plan - begin eliminating those human pests through an artificial eclipse, a nice sun-sky special effect witnessed by Chloe and Clark at the farm. Lara and Kara attempt to end Zor-El's life with Jor-El's dagger, but her attempt is futile, and Zor-El determines to kill Kara. Clark arrives at the Fortress at that moment, with a chunk of kryptonite to disable Zor-El. But he must destroy the crystal and lose Lara in order to save Kara. He shatters it, and is left alone in the Fortress.

    Here ends an interesting parallel in this story - both Krypton-expatriates Clark and Kara long so much for their lost parents that they risk their own lives as well as others to have even a chance at a relationship - and with a replicant at that. It's a strong statement about familial bonds in this episode, but their desires are not to be - in fact, both will suffer major consequences for their actions. I see the writers admonishing both to grow up and relinquish the parent-child relationship, and find the love and support they need from among their own. Their past is painful, but they must let go.

    Kara's consequences appear immediately - she awakens in the middle of a rain-soaked Detroit street, and through a dialog with a store owner, we learn that she does not know who or where she is. A difficult wet-and-cold scene for Ms. Vandervoort, but played with skill. This creates an amnesia storyline for her for some future episode(s).

    Lana gives Clark counsel and support as he regrets his human-emotion-based decisions. Lana has similar misgivings over her own life and darkness, but Clark also gives her lovingkindness.

    At the DP, Lois loses the exclusive on the eclipse phenomenon to another reporter. But the appearance of a breakup with Grant is just that - they still plan to meet that night. Later, Grant claims to Lex that he has broken up with her, but is offended by Lex and his spying on him - now comes the big revelation. What is their secret? Lex is hiding the truth about Grant to protect him from Lionel - he is actually Julian Luthor! Another secret identity is revealed, and calls for much more clarification on this development.

    At the Fortress, Clark demands Jor-El's help on finding Kara - but the Voice refuses. Clark's defiance cannot go without consequences. Those will have to come in a future episode, as "Blue" ends with several hanging storylines. It's well-done, maybe even "adventurous," although the emotional impact is slight, partly because Clark lets his human desires overcome his judgment, leading to a threat to the entire planet. The epilog lets him consider his actions, but these second thoughts don't always lead to better decisions in the future. Progress toward destiny is sometimes painfully slow. For production values, script and an interesting concept, "Blue" is above average. Re-run rating C+.
  • Clark loses his powers..

    "Blue" introduces us to the Blue Kryptonite that strips Clark of his powers. I liked Zor-El's plan to get the ring on Clark. It showed Clark's human weaknesses and how they'll always be a constant threat to him as he evolves into Superman.

    More importantly than this, the episode also reveals that Grant Gabriel is actually Julian Luthor, which is a revelation that I absolutely loved.

    Kara also gets sent to Detroit with a free memory wipe to boot, which is nice because... she really doesn't have much to do other than look hot, which she does incredibly well.

    "Blue" holds up as one of the better entries in the pre-strike run and is worth a watch.
  • yet a luthor

    so i really guess another luthor is in town... gonna be very exciting to see how this developes ..... and the "affair" with lois, how will that go . .... and poor kara, no memory at all what so ever....detroit, like she knows where that is .... that little lost girl ... .and lana who just keeps getting hitting around and around without a bruise to show for it, it's unbelievable what she can take, while mr. luthor was sent in a ambulance after zor-el's attack .. . . she's a though nut to crack i guess .. . lol ;)
  • this was ok

    ok! This was way much better than last weeks episode, for sure. The special effects were good and it was well written to. Allison Mack did a wonderful job as Chloe when she confronted Lois about her relationship with the Editor(Grant Grabriel). it terrible to have relationship with your boss period! Tom Welling always does a great job as Clark and he proved it in this episode. Lex wasn't in this episode that much but the time he was he had shined. This episode was exciting and kept me to the edge of my seat. This was one of the better episodes this season. I was a little shocked that Jullian Luthor is still alive but I can't judge it, so I'll just have to watch the rest of this great season. It was ok.
  • Important info revealed in this epi. Kara is lost and has no memory of anything. Lois is shacking up with the editor who turns out to be Lex's dead brother Julian. Chloe sees them and tells Lois to stop. Clark saves the day paying the price of his mom.

    I know that many didn't like this episode, but it is one of my favorites so far. The twists at the end was 'jump out of my seat' good. I can't wait for the next episode. Outside of the ending, my two favorite parts were Chloe trying to save Lois from another bad relationship move instead of going against her cousin, and Lana talking with Laura. I think that Chloe continues to show her integrity and her loyalty to those she loves. And the converstaion between Lana and Laura gave me hope that the writters might just turn Lana back to the good side :)
  • Nice episode, but please can´t Clark learn to fly soon. I really want that to happen

    This episoden was really nice. But i hope we will see Clark learn to fly soon. Because i have waited for 7 years to see him fly. But the blue kryptonite was i nice plot. But why do the need to change what blue kryptonite does to Superman. Nice to see Clark´s mother and see what she looks like. But please make Martha Kent come back soon to one of the episodes. And maybe Pete could come to. That would be a nice episode. Make more episodes with the Justice League, i loved that episode. Sincerely Platina.:) :) :) :)
  • 7th season and this is what the writers are coming up with? There is only one reason why I can't stop watching this awful series... and thats because I seriously cannot waste 7 years of my life.

    It happened again in this episode. Clark was being as childish as before and once again failed to listen to Jor-El.
    How proud is he now? And I can bet you this is not the last time this will happen this season because the writers are fond of frustrating the viewers. The seen where Lana and Lara-El are having tea, it seemed like people from Krypton are psychic as to how she read Lana's mind easily.
    Clark puts on the ring without realizing he had lost his powers... idiot. Then I really wonder how he got to Zor-El in the alley......(he probably took the bus lol)
    After this episode, I wonder if Clark is really the last son of Krypton because these aliens keep on popping out of portals and crystals every 5 episodes.
    This might not be associated with this specific episode but how do people manage to break into the Luther mansion so easily straight to Lex's office? What kind of security is there in a million dollar mansion?
    The progression in this series is so slow Clark is going to learn how to fly in the 17th season. And the funny part is some silly human will again absorb his powers and instantaneously learn how to float in mid air. Annoying isn't it.
    By the 27th season I'd be dead and thats when Clark will fall in love with Lois.
    It is so irritating as to how I can't stop watching this series. I wish the writers could feel my pain.
  • A decent episode with a few kicks...

    It was great to see Helen Slater appear for longer than previously, and she looks stunning to boot!

    Having Clark actually meet his mother is quite a risky move considering the fanboy audience of this show, yet it didn't make this a huge focus of the episode.

    The mystery about Grant Gabriel was interesting, and the payoff, whilst totally disobeying previous continuity, was nonetheless pleasantly surprising. Hopefully Julian is going to stick around for most, if not all of this season.

    Kara has now wound up in Detroit, which I guess is a way to write her character out for a few episodes (as I believe Laura Vandervoort is only contracted for 12 or 13 episodes of the season), and Clark is about to endure some form of punishment, which was an intriguing way to end the episode. Unfortunately, we have a while to wait until the next installment.
  • If Clark had one chance to see his mother what would he do.

    Clark hears his mother's cries from Kara's crystal and decides he must save her, even with Jor-El telling him not to do it, that it would come with a price. After all these years you would think that Jor-El would get the fact Clark would do what he wants no matter what his biological father has to say about it. So Clark brings Lara back, not knowing she has company. And of course Kara is all mad at him for lying about where the crystal was all this time.

    Soon it is discovered that not only did Zor-El put Lara's DNA in the crystal, he put his own, in the hopes that Kara would free both of them. He goes to his daughter to convince her that he has changed, blah blah blah, and that he wants the four of them to be a family, with her all unaware of how evil he really is. He tries to kill Lionel, but all of the sudden Clark just happens to appear and save him. Rather odd that Clark would just decide to visit him at the very moment his life is in danger.

    Well Clark tries to hid his mom, at Oliver's place, but Kara is stupid enough to tell her father where they are. Lara gives Clark his father's Blue-K ring, as a heirloom, not knowing it would rob him of all his powers. Zor-El comes and takes Lara, and threatens to kill Clark if she don't go along with his plans to wipe out the humans. In the end Clark must sacrifice his mother to save the world, and Kara disappears, only to wake hundreds of miles away, with no memory. And in a rather interesting twist ending Jor-El tells Clark he is going to be punished, and it cuts to the credits.

    This ep is slightly better than the ones before it and I'm looking forward to next episode.
  • I don't know if its because of the writer strike, but the story line of this episode was not good.

    this season of smallville has yet to pickup. this episode was totally useless to the story line.. we came to know that clarks uncle is evil, but we allready knew about it from last weeks episode with kara's flashbacks... and the clarks mom has no meaning to this episode, she does nothing to influence the story.
    they should bring back the green arrow to spice a bit the show. it's been a poor start of the season.. i personly ove this show, but writers should really pick it up.. smallville is competing with other shows.. like heroes, prison break, etc..
    the show should try to keep their audience and not loose them!
  • The writing needs to keep developing. Clark is like Bill Murray stuck in a timewarp in Groundhog day.

    I wish the series would let Clark grow up. He is living with Lana, in an adult relationship. I think we're all happy to see that. Let's see some of that relationship develop. I would like to see him go to MET-U. Is the series going to just get STUCK in Smallville?- BORING! It would be great to see Clark go to college, get a journalism degree and move on. He's a grown man. His parents are gone. Let's see him do grown man things. This business about digging up dead people from the past is ridiculous. Who's next? One of his dead fathers? I don't even like watching the live series anymore and I OWN series 1 thru 6.
  • One of the better ones this season, but still not impressive enough.

    Lois and G.G.
    Lois and her very mysterious editor hit it off, but both Chloe and Lex are very against the idea of those two hooking up. Lois and G.G. finally get into talking about their relationship and whether they should continue seeing each other or not. Well what do you think guys? Will the confident Lois Lane listen to her concerned cousin? Will G.G. listen to a very powerful companion?

    Clark and Kara
    They deal with their family that has finally come back to haunt them. We also discover anew type of Kryptonite, that doesn't seem to do anything at first, but Clark then later discovers what great power the color blue has. Very average storyline for the main plot. End this show after this season, I'm begging you.

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Chloe): Lois, gossip spreads faster than a bad rash. And sooner or later, people are gonna start scratching, assuming one thing--Lois Lane jump-started her career on her managing editor's Diehard battery.
  • Retcon--and a bad one at that. Clark not learning from former experiences. Isn't that the definition of insanity?

    Did SV writers go on strike sooner than everyone else? !?!?!?

    This episode's reveal of Grant's true identity was the worst retcon since Dallas' "dream" season with the "dead" Bobby showing up in the shower and his death retconned as a dream. I'm all for the WGA strike, but these writers didn't expend the least bit effort crafting a decent episode.

    Noted from Omar, "All right, this pretty much f#*! up a significant portion of Lex's mythology, unless Julian is a clone and doesn't know it, which is very likely. Either way, this is some old **** right here."

    Pure dreck. I sob for potential thrown away. Remember Season 1-hell the pilot was out of this world. Alas.
  • Finally we meet Lara-El and also the bad guy Zor-El :D

    This episode it was nice we finally meet Lara-EL.
    We meet Kal-EL biological mother,Lara (Helen Slater young supergirl from '84)we all wanted to know here from the moment we heard her name in season 3 episode 'Memoria' when Clark is yelling his biological mother name,we also see what blue kryptonite can do on a kryptonian person , and once again Clark disobey his biological father warnings and show that he is more human and show that he have fillings like a real human and is impulsive like a human. And we all hope that Lana will become that person that was before married Lex ,become better and forget for revenge.
  • I really like Smallville, but this episode has tested my loyalty and intelligence as a fan. I wonder if the writer's strike has anything to do with the poor story development and overall sluggish pace of season 7. Probably.

    A few of the other reviews are spot on. There's too many plot holes in this one. The biggest plot hole was how Clark got to the fortress without his powers. And Kara being dropped off in the middle of Detroit with amnesia? How does that happen? I hope the writers have a good explanation to these two gaping holes in logic. Also, at the end, the fortress seemed to shake or glow. I'm sure that'll be explained in the next episode, or that'll be another mystery plot hole. It's like someone from the CW just hired someone off the street with no writing experience to fill in for their writers, who are probably on strike. And if they're not, maybe the writers purposefully made this poorly scripted episode to show the studio what kind of crap they can truly generate if they don't get paid more. C'mon CW, pay these guys what they're worth so that we can get some coherent storylines going again!
  • Not a bad episode. I enjoyed the fight scenes.

    Lara's character being introduced was perfect for where Clark is in his life. I believe that he is searching for a mother figure since Martha left. I believe it also gave him answers to his origins as well as the man his father (Jor-El)was. I enjoyed the scene with Lana and Lara, I wish it wouldn't have been so rushed. Actually that would be my one complaint about the episode, it felt very rushed.
    I still do not like Kara's role. It is apparent that she brings the performances of the other actors down. I think she is very weak and there is no chemistry with her and the other cast members. Nothing like when Lois was introduced she just melted right in with the other actors/characters.
    The introduction of Lex and his brother Julian; is going to be interesting, I believe the writers will not let us down with that story line. Not sure how I feel about the office romance between Julian and Lois.

    What stands out the most is Clark's fight scenes...that is always my favorite. (Or second to when they portray him as a "geek.")

    Have a feeling we have not seen the last of Zor-El
  • I'll tell you why people din like this one - Smallville is getting limited without Clarks POWERS

    Seriously, how many Kryptonians with full powers do we have to through over and over and over before someone decides that its time to incorporate Clarks full powers into the storyline.

    Smallville can only be stretched so far without some room before cracks ,in this case boredom, starts appearing. Oh wait, it's already starting to crack. Anyway, limited storylines aside, this is probably the best eps so far this season. Hardly does an episode keep you on the edge of your seat like this one. And yes, Jor-El was rite - in the series, Clark never learns his lesson. Any wonder why we see repeated storylines?
  • I thought this was a good episode.

    The best part of this episode was the last five minutes. I am excited to learn that Grant is actually Lex's brother, who was supposed to be dead. I'd been speculating on what their connection could possibly be. This revelation completely took me by surprise.

    I thought the story about Kara's father was weak. It was, however, exciting to see Clark go up against his uncle. I like Lara. I wish she could have stayed around for a couple more episodes. I think I just miss seeing Clark have a mother look after him.

    My favorite part of the episode was when Lana went crashing through the glass. I love when Lana gets beat up. She was nervous around Lara, with good reason. Lara saw right through Lana's facade. This episode made me like Kara a little less. I'm also not happy that she's stranded (in Michigan?) with amnesia. Hopefully her story won't totally get screwed up.

    The romance between Lois and Grant is a little cute, but getting it on in the office doesn't seem like something Lois Lane would do. I feel so sorry for Chloe. Being an ace reporter was her dream and now she's worried that Lois has stepped on her toes. Grant is stupid if he thinks he can fool Lex for long.
  • What happened with this one? Trully dissapointed

    This episode could have been so much better . It could have been the best episode in the season instead it was the worst. Huge mistake but very huge mistake that Julian is alive. We 've been told in the 6 previous seasons that Lex never got over his brother's death and all the psichological drama it was for him and all of the sudden he is alive it's a silly excuse of a new character not to mention there is no way he is as old as he is according to other episodes. Finally another huge mistake was Clark arriving at the Fortress of Solitude without his powers that is a rookie mistake and one that can't pass unnoticed. The eclipse? Completely unnecessary and out of topic. I expect this doesn't repeat.The idea of the episode was pretty good but there were many plot holes and big mistakes.
  • Clark fails to learn from his mistakes and listen to Jor-El and lex has a secret brother - how original! still waiting for a decent smallville episode this season.

    Compared to season six which was a step forward in all the right ways, season seven has started off as two steps back. Season six was a turning point in the series with original plots and well written story lines. There was fantastic development within the character as well as the overall show. Season six ended with a meteor-infected chloe, a clark who was determined to embrace his destiny (hooray! finally!) and an evil lex (awesome, the way it should be!). However what should be a progression on all these storylines (which had great potential!!), has been undone within the whole of season seven. Lex is a born again nice guy (again), clark has decided he's comfortable being boring on the farm with lana (boring), and so far nothing much has happened with chloe (shame because she's awesome).

    Blue was no exception from this. the storyline was just past storylines recycled back together. Clark fails to listen to Jor-El (Jor-El promises there will be repercussions) and the whole lex has a secret brother storyline (which wasn't the best the first time around) has another go.

    hopefully, like some previous smallville seasons, this one is just off to a slow start, and is leading to some more exciting and original, with cleverly written episodes, just like it use to.
  • Good ep, but few problems...

    I don't get why Green Kryptonite affects him when it's around him, but when it comes to Red and Blue, it only affects when it's in Ring form.

    Because Clark put on the Blue Kryptonite Ring, and then his powers went. When Zor-El was upclose and personal with Clark before he threw him, you'd think the Ring is close enough to affect his powers.

    It's the same for Red Kryptonite in previous episodes, it only REALLY affected him when he put on the Ring. But still, the Red Kryptonite is in close range. I also don't get Kara being in Detroit. Out of all places, they chuck her in Detroit. That better have some purpose to it. They coulda thrown her in another Time Zone, Parallel Universe, another world, but they chuck her in Detroit. Has she lost her powers? Or just memory? Not liking that aspect of the episode.
  • Episode is full of unexplained plot holes, plus Lois going out of character.

    To repeat criticisms I made on the forum:

    Clark should have known the ring wasn't an heirloom-- the crystal created it (though it could have been a copy)

    Zor-el's claim to have repented "over time" is ridiculous -- he's been frozen ever since separating from Kara.

    A crystal that pre-dates Krypton's destruction is able to create Kryptonite.

    Lois as boss's pet is utterly out of character.

    No explanation of how powerless Clark got to Fortress.

    Why did exploding crystal zap the invulnerable Kara but not the powerless Clark?

    Special Effect of Zor-El picking up people and throwing them around was done much too often.

    No explanation (either how or why) of eclipse, which looked like a Heroes imitation anyway.
  • Clark finds his mom, G.G. is actually Lex's brother Julian, and Lana is closer to leaving Clark. Helen Slater appears as Clark's mom.

    The only thing I didn't like about this episode is the end. What is supposed to happen to Clark now?
    And why does Lara wake up with memory loss in another state??
    Anybody know the possible answers to this??
    Overall, a good episode though..
    I loved how they brought back Helen Slater!
    Just another great cameo from back in the days..
    I wonder when they'll bring someone else from the past...
    Besides, why did Clark lose his powers with the blue kryptonite? If Lara told him that the ring was from Jor-El, wasn't it supposed to help him defeat Zor-El??
    Some good things in the episode, and some not so good.
    I loved how G.G. is Julian!! I found this very smart!
  • excellent episode

    Clark hears his mother's voice calling him through the blue krystal. clark gets the crystal and it transports him to the fortress. combining it with the other crystals, it releases her mom's replicate. Clark also releases a replicate of zor el. it's a really exciting episode, we get to see things that relate to the superman universe, this episode is so awesome. kara had a big role on this one, it's a real treat. the blue crystal is a good way of bringing dead characters back to life. the writers came up with a genius way of doing it. i can't wait for the next episode.
  • House of El Gone Wild!

    Blue-Clark hears his mother's voice trapped in Kara's crystal, and releases her. She gives him Jor-El's ring made of Blue Kryptonite, which strips him of his powers.

    Wow, is all I can say after watching "Blue"! While most fans will depise this episode because of it's flaws (which I will get to later!) It's rare we get a mythology episode this action packed and epic this early in the season! Helen Slater returns as Lara and excells once again. I just love her presence and the way she spoke as she interacted with the cast. The mother/son scenes were nice with both Helen and Tom working well with each other. Christopher Heyerdahl's Zor-El made for a good if not Zod-like villain who the costume designers for some reason mad him look like a Neo knock-off which was distracting at times. But I loved the mixed emotiones between the four last members of El family. Even though Kara knew her father was evil and know this Zor-El is just a clone, she still holds onto the memory of what her father meant to him. She was gullible for following him but understandable how she just wanted her father back. Clark determined to protect his mother from Zor-El and struggling with the thought of losing the woman he's wanted to meet his whole life. The action and special effects were top notch with Clark and Zor-El really going at it. I also loved Zor-El confrontation with Loinel as Jor-El's vessel. The intense acting from John Glover made that seen so amazing. The eclipse special effect was especially stunning. The sub-plots were actually interesting with Chloe finding out and the Lois/Grant relationship. I'm so glad Chloe got on her about that since Lois should be better than that. And just when you think it's over between those to, they hook back up in a few seconds...yeah...*shruggs*. I also liked how Lara saw through Lana could tell she had darkness inside her. I wonder why everyone but Clark seems to know EXACTLY what kinda of person Lana is! I mean Clark even forgives Lana at the end after she went psycho last week and almost killed a man..on purpose! Just let Clana go writers, PLEASE just let it go ALREADY!!! And since we're on flaws the episode ends with 2 shocking twistsL one of them being Gabriel and Lex revealing that Grant is actually...Julian Luther! Yeah cool right! Only we found out Julian was killed by Lex's mother when he was a baby in like Season 3! No I'm not coming to any conclusions to she how this storyline play sout, but if it turns out that Grant is really in Julian, then the writers have really shot themselves in the foot this time! But Kara waking up in Michigan and with no memory is an interesting development if not an overused plot device. Like I said, it all depends on how the writers plan out this development. The episode ends with Clark confronting Jor-El about Kara's whereabout but Daddy Dearest is pissed at his so and when Jor-El gets pissed Clarky gets punished. By the looks of it, this punishment will be the worst one yet! Uhh ohh, despite poor inconsistency, "Blue" is one of the strongest episodes this season with great emphasis on the House of El, some great action, amazing special effects and interesting developments in this storyline.
  • Lana reflects on her actions. Clark is still having trust issues with Jor El. Further devolpments with Grant's connections and his relationship with Lois.

    Lara talks to Lana about her "Dark Side", this leaves Lana wondering about her redemption. Lana is learning that every action has a consequence.

    Clark had another bad experience with other Kryptonians and he has upset Jor El again. The Grant and Lois relationship is supposedly over as it would be inappropriate for the work place. But the looks they gave each other shows the fire is still lit.

    We learn that Grant is working for/with Lex and supposedly he is Julian Luthor. The problem with this is that Julian is younger than Clark by about 6 years. Meaning he would still be in High School and definitely not old enough to be the Editor of the Daily Planet. Also Lois may have some legal issues with him being a minor.
  • Some great material, but also some issues

    If the previous episode was about paying off Lana's character thread since the beginning of the season, then this episode is about paying off the elements introduced by Kara's character. This episode introduces a huge chunk of Kryptonian mythology and connects very well with the elements previously referenced.

    The basic conflicts at play are all relatively simple. Clark learned that a replicated version of his true mother Lara was contained within Kara's crystal. Despite Jor-El's warnings to the contrary, Clark activated the crystal and brought Lara back into being. Unfortunately, this also brought Jor-El's power hungry brother Zor-El back, and Zor-El proceeded to use the Fortress of Solitude to begin taking control of Earth, neutralizing Clark with blue kryptonite along the way.

    It might have been more interesting if Zor-El's true plans were explored over a longer period of time, since it's clear from the moment of his resurrection that he's evil (hence the black leather). I'm sure the constraint was Helen Slater's availability, given her part in the story. Whatever the case, this made the progression of the story rather predictable. Kara was obviously going to side with her father until it was too late, Clark was obviously going to overcome the effects of the blue kryptonite, and Zor-El was obviously going to be defeated.

    What happened after that was the intriguing twist. Whether or not Zor-El is gone for good is incidental at this point; he is currently defeated. Jor-El's "punishment" for disobedience, on the other hand, could have serious consequences. Kara seems to have lost her memory and possibly her powers, and there's no telling what will happen to Clark in the next episode. It's probably something that will be resolved quickly and efficiently, but it's certainly interesting.

    While it was anticipated that Grant would be working with Lex, given his constant directives to leave Lex alone, it was a complete shock for Grant to be revealed as Julian Luthor, Lex's brother. For one thing, the first few seasons made it very clear that Julian was dead, killed by Lilian Luthor in his crib ("Memoria"). Either the writers have something very specific in mind, or they just attempted one of the most blatant and needless retcons in recent memory.

    The revelation about Julian is enough of a problem to offset most of the satisfying aspects of the Kryptonian plot thread. Add to that the rushed nature of the Zor-El conflict, and what could have been the best episode of the season becomes something more mediocre. Because this is more or less the first part of at least a two-part mini-arc, the remainder of the story could resolve some of the issues, but for now, this is a step backwards.
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