Season 4 Episode 9


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 2004 on The CW

Episode Recap

Lex is at a fund-raiser in Metropolis when he catches the eye of an attractive woman. She offers him a listen on his MP3 player. They end up in his apartment and the next morning he wakes up . . . and finds her dead in bed with him as a maid comes in. Lex gets out on bail, claiming his innocence and believing Lionel framed him. Meanwhile Lana is plagued by dreams of Isabelle and the incident at the cathedral where she got her tattoo, and sees a woman at Isabelle's burning who has glowing eyes. Clark goes to see Lionel, who is unusually chipper. Lionel denies everything and claims his liver disease was driving him to evil and that during the prison riot (in Transference) he was changed by a new type of energy within him. Lionel claims he sees the same evil energy in Lex, then asks Clark to help his son and gives him some advice on Lex's "patterns" to help in the investigation. At the Talon, Lana gets a visitor – the same woman from her dream. It's Jason's mother, Genevieve, who has dropped in for a surprise visit. She asks Lana to tell Jason where to find her, then leaves. Clark tracks down the car belonging to the victim and Chloe tracks it down. Clark goes to her house in Metropolis and finds Lex already there, burning pictures of him and her as the police arrive. Clark gets him out and reveals Lionel is helping him – Lex is suspicious. Chloe gets access to the tape of Lex and the woman in an elevator and discovers she's missing an earring but the murder victim was reported as having both – revealing that there was a second woman. It turns out the woman, Eve Andrews, was stalking Lex after he dumped her 18 months earlier and even Lex's lawyer Corinne was involved with Lex in the past – he thinks she might be involved as well since whoever set him up had access to the legal files. Chloe and Clark go to the elevator and Clark finds the earring with his x-ray vision. He takes it to Lionel who believes a scorned woman is involved. Lex goes to visit his lawyer when she calls him and finds her dead – as he calls 911 he spots the MPG player and then he's knocked out by a mysterious woman. When he wakes up he's back at the manor bound and the woman reveals she's Shannon Vell, another scorned lover who works for the law firm as an assistant and hates him for forgetting her. Lana and Jason have a heart-to-heart about his mother – he doesn't trust her and Lana reveals her dreams. Chloe and Clark determine the ID number on the earring's diamond and track it to Shannon. Clark goes to warn Lex as Shannon prepares to set him on fire. Clark gets there in the nick of time, knocks out Shannon, and puts out the fire at superspeed. Clark explains everything to his parents, including the fact he now trusts Lionel. Lex goes to visit Lionel and in return for his help Lionel asks Lex to let him be a father – Lex turns him down. Lex then visits with Clark and asks him not to give up on him. And Jason meets with his mother outside the Talon and warns her off, even though Genevieve seems taken with Lana. Jason is left to wonder if his meeting with her was accidental or not.