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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 2008 on The CW
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Chloe and Jimmy have unexpected arrivals at their ceremony. Oliver is shocked to see Lana after expecting to find Lex. Lois and Clark begin to fall for each other.

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  • Lana... Oh Dear

    Lana gets one self defense class from Lex, has a few episodes away and now she's a force to be reckoned with. I love Smallville, but stuff like this really annoys me. She is teeny, has no powers yet can still send 200lb guys across a room, she can't handle a 60 year old woman in Jane Seymour mind you, and the same nonsense has been carried over to Beauty and the Beast. Her character spoiled the episode for me. Martial arts is martial arts, it's not magic arts.moreless
  • Let the wedding bells ring!

    This is one of the best Smallville episodes ever! You have got to love weddings in Smallville (even if they happen in a barn, lol). First off, I have to say that Erica Durance was just amazing! She looked so in love in all of the Clois scenes (unlike Clark who was a little to stiff...). I also like that she and Ollie had some closure. It's great to see that they can be good friends after all. I have to say I hated Lana so much when she interrupted the Clark-Lois kiss! Speaking of Lana, her return was handled much better than I have expected (even with ninja moves and all). We finally get to see an adult conversation between her and Clark and both of them moving on. I'm not sure that she is working for Lex, since it would be a little odd and non-intelligent, but I'm not sure who else she could be working for. Also, why would Lex call Green Arrow "the Archer"? It makes no sense. But we have yet to see... I'm sorry we didn't see Tess in this one, but there was no room for her, so I guess it's okay. Davis was great as Doomsday, and Doomsday itself was very scary and awesome. I'm not sure what's gonna happen to Chloe now, but the wait will soon be over... I also dislike the fact that Ollie is looking for vengeance. As for Clark, he has finally walked away! I was a little scared that he was going to diss the search for Chloe and stay with Lana in the hospital (in his old "Lana is the most important thing in the world" manner), but I was pleseantly surprised that he didn't. That also means that Clana is officialy done with. All in all, this was a great episode and I am looking forward to seeing "Legion" since "Bride" has left us hanging off a lot of cliffs (lol)... :Dmoreless
  • Jimmy and Chloe wed in the presence of Clark, Lois, Oliver, and a surprise guest. Clark and Lois see each other as the personification of something greater than before. The Doomsday threat becomes real.moreless

    No wedding in Smallville ever goes off as planned; Jimmy and Chloe get only a few moments of happiness. In a pre-ceremony flashback, Lois is the organizer, but Jimmy sets her to thinking again about Clark by suggesting that his sometimes negative attention to her has positive meaning - "Flirtation 101." While she overtly rejects Jimmy's observations, we can see the idea of Clark perking in her mind again, and if you can see it without words being spoken, that's good acting. That's the fun part. The not-so-fun part is seeing Chloe again slip up by listening to a voice mail from Davis, who asks for a callback, so she's still concealing all that from Jimmy.

    The storylines are pretty far downstream from last season to bring up Lex again, but that's what the script calls for - Oliver interrupting the wedding preparations to tell Clark that he's found a way to track the location of Lex via his ghost emails to Tess. I have just about succeeded in letting Lex go - this resurrection should only work if Mr. Rosenbaum is actually going to make a guest appearance soon. If that happens, I hope it's more than just a quick cameo - we need some substance in a plot involving, say, both Lex and Tess and their partnership. Some kind of personal confrontation between Clark and Lex just doesn't sound appealing. And if Lex does not reveal to Tess much more about Clark, what's the point?

    And Oliver's idea of locking up Lex makes little sense - how would that work? Through a public trial? Smallville has never had a courtroom scene. Put Lex in their own prison? Not feasible. There's just no logical way to put away Lex anywhere for good, especially when he knows Clark's secret. And why must we assume that Lex is keeping silent? His ambitions surely would be closer to fulfillment if he could expose and deter Clark. The writers and producers have no doubt had many debates on how to handle the Lex issue, and in some future episode I expect to see another good resolution of this character dilemma. Let's hope one of the best screenwriters gets the task.

    Clark confides in Oliver that he had Jor-El selectively erase part of Chloe's memories. He should have been more diligent here - he took the unnecessary risk that Oliver might have seen Chloe first and revealed something about Clark that was part of her memory loss. The memory erasure still bothers me - Chloe spent so much time and effort with Clark, not just brief moments watching him exhibit his powers, but days and weeks of investigating, plotting, and thinking about how to help him while keeping his secret. Those times represent big chunks of her life memories, and now they are gone. We could imagine how those gaps might seem to her mental life - so many illogical actions left for her to wonder about.

    The opening scene is amateur video of the wedding, which takes place in the Kent barn. [Note to cinematographers: amateurs jerk the camera around, pan, zoom, spin and tilt incessantly because there's nothing on screen worth watching - which is why we call them amateurs!] Phew! The livestock odor can never be eliminated. All goes well, the vows are recited, the groom-bride kiss seals their union, but then all is wrecked by an unseen force. We know it's Doomsday, now in some form other than Davis.

    Again flashing back, Clark discerns that Oliver's motivation in searching for Lex may be some kind of revenge against the son for the sins of the father. Oliver says, "That's not what I'm doing." Clark has done his part for Oliver in finding a router that will help them trace Lex, but keeps it from Oliver until he can join the hunt after the wedding. Oliver's tech supposedly pulled the router data via wi-fi - an electronics gaffe because the router is not plugged in - they aren't battery-powered. We see no reason for Oliver to proceed alone, undermining his relationship with Clark, but he's going anyway.

    Chloe does become a lovely bride, with help from Lois. When she lets it out that Davis has been calling, Lois says, "Are you starting to have feelings for tall, dark, and scary?" I would have had Lois come on much stronger - this is no time to go weak in her commitment to Jimmy. Maybe Lois should intervene and tell Davis to go far, far, away - where is her usual overprotective self? Again Chloe shows her new, abbreviated memory by pulling out Clark's chunk of kryptonite, causing him to sag with weakness. When is he going to put that rock away where it can't threaten him? He presents Chloe with a pressed flower, a memento of their freshman year, a thoughtful gesture that causes Lois once again to see him as a gentleman, thoughtful, admirable. She is now observing him closely, searching her own feelings and trying to discern his.

    When Oliver tracks messages from Lex to a warehouse in Cuba, he stalks him in his Green Arrow guise, firing an arrow at what he thinks is Lex. Several reviewers think his motive is revenge against Lionel, but I believe the G.A. intends to kill a serious threat to Clark and his secret. He knows Clark could not commit this act.

    The hidden figure is a mannequin, with a note, "Sorry I missed you." Lana's entrance here is not only a surprise for the scene, but quite welcome. Ms. Kreuk is more beautiful than ever, more mature, and I'm not one of the fans who thinks her series exit was overdue. Lana can still be an asset to the story, and she's not convinced that Lex is alive. She came there to protect Clark. Oliver informs her that Lex learned Clark's secret. She chastises Oliver for his vengeful actions, urging him to take a higher road - "Maybe we all have to be a little more like Clark." She tells Oliver she won't return for the wedding - it's all too complicated for her. But Oliver responds, "What would he do?"

    Pre-wedding preparations complete, Lois descends the staircase in a stunning gown, stopping when Clark appears, handsome in his dark suit. Moment pass as their eyes meet, no dialog necessary, Clark finally showing more signs of attraction, as subtle as it is. As Clark begins to read Jimmy's vows, her heart beats faster, thinking for a moment that Clark was speaking of her. Lois is falling fast. Have fun guessing how this relationship will develop - neither of the two options has worked out before. 1. Their love grows and they acknowledge their feelings toward each other - Clark conceals his secret from her. But her breakup with Oliver demonstrated that she could never be left behind again, and Clark will always have irregular work hours. 2. He shares his secret identity with her. Then we're right back to a Chloe scenario, and how much of Chloe's memory, and Clark's relationship with her, has been sacrificed in a futile attempt to insure her safety? Are there any other story line options? Character development #1 needed.

    Time for the unpleasantries. Out on a dark street, Davis is covered in blood, beginning a dreadful transformation, Chloe still uppermost in his warping mind, as he/it kills a guard.

    Post-ceremony, Clark and Chloe dance; he watches her closely, seeking confirmation that his decision to alter her memories has succeeded. She tells him she can move on - she senses that a weight has been lifted from her. With this scene, the change in Chloe seems even more solidified, and my hope for restoration of the Chloe of the last few years diminished. What part can Chloe play in Clark's life now? She will be reduced to a minor character, just another friend with only a shared memory of some high school days. With Davis making a play for her, she continues to be a major player for now, but she's just another "damsel-in-distressy." It's too late for a complete re-set - she's married. Character development #2 needed.

    Out on the dance floor, Clark spots Lois - and he finally makes an overt move - taking her hand, for the first time demonstrating that Lois is a person of interest. No words, just looks, an engaging scene - ending in a kiss? Almost. Lana arrives, Clark looks away, and Lois slips into the background, obviously wondering about Clark's feelings. But we confidently assume this won't lead to any kind of Clark-Lana reconciliation.

    Lois shows her frustration by plopping down on the porch alone with a bottle of champagne, and no glass. Oliver is the caring friend, offering to talk. "Trust me, it'll be a reall buzz kill listening to me whine like Patsy Cline," she responds. She admits to having feelings for someone, but does not answer his question, "Who's the lucky guy?" She tried to ignore her feelings, she says, but they sneaked up on her. While we're wondering if she'll reveal the name of The One, Oliver surprises her, and us, by saying, "Well, I'm sure he needs you...Lois" Looking at Oliver with wonderment, Lois asks, "How do you know?" "Because I know Clark." Ok, but what does Oliver sense about Clark and his destiny? He has just learned how strongly Lois feels about hooking up with a closet superhero, so how can he support her finding a future with another one? Oliver has given Clark lots of career advice, now I wonder if the writers will have him giving advice on Lois.

    Lana gets a message on her phone - "Did the archer believe you?" The shocks just keep coming. Who could that be from? Only two I can think of - Tess or Lex. Who makes the most plausible co-conspirator? This short clip sets up Ms. Kreuk, first, as a returning guest star (good!), and second, as either a new member of the dark side or as an undercover protector of Clark. I'll guess the latter - Tess may not know much about her, and Lana could serve a good role in heading off Tess and her potential threat to Clark. She earlier told Oliver that Lex could even kill Clark - and Tess is suspect #1 as a Lex surrogate. Lana and Clark talk, and to give us a sense of their changed relationship - she admits she was not planning to return. "What changed your mind?" he asks, wondering if she is happy she left. Obviously it was difficult, but she is "glad I finally had the guts to do it." Nice tension here. He then tells her that he had Chloe's memories of his secret erased. Would this not seem like a threat to Lana? How is her knowledge of his secret any different from Chloe's? She is the one to conclude, "Maybe Clark Kent and Lana Lang just weren't meant to end up together." The writers really do seem to be trying to end this relationship, but is there a new role for Lana as an occasional protector of Clark? Finally we see how Clark responded to the wedding reception power outage and the stomping noise outside. The roof collapses, and Lana is struck by debris. A monster crashes into the crowd, and Clark's first action is to rush to Lana. She's ok, and the amateur video continues. Clark attempts to bash the 'bot, but gets flung clear across the barn, landing near that pesky meteor rock, rendering him helpless. The Thing approaches, dealing Jimmy a tremendous blow, and Chloe looks up in terror at this new menace as it emits a sound...C h l o e. It abducts her just as Lana comes to Clark's aid, securing the meteor rock. Quod erat demonstrandum - Clark still needs support and even a rescue here and there from a close friend who knows his secrets. If Lana can still do that, why not Chloe? Oliver joins them - "The Thing took Chloe."

    At Smallville Medical Center, the injured guests are treated, including Lana. What's a Smallville episode without her in the same old hospital bed? By now it must be called the "Lana Lang Unit." Clark comes in to see her, and Lois sees them together, stung by the thought that it's just not yet over between him and Lana. But he's there only briefly, meeting Lois in the corridor to hear that Jimmy's injuries require transfer to another hospital for surgery for internal injuries. "Why do these terrible things keep happening all around us?" she cries. He takes her into his arms in loving support, then she departs with Jimmy.

    Why is Lois The One for Clark? Is it only because Lana has finally left him? Making the Lois-Clark relationship work still looks like a writing challenge to me - how can Clark let himself fall for her unless the dynamics between the two, and knowledge of his secret, differ greatly from those he has had with Lana and Chloe? If the producers and writers can come up with a deepening, believable bond between Clark and Lois, they will merit all the praise we can heap on them for a concept which is not yet clear.

    And in the blackened Fortress, the Thing-Doomsday-Davis has brought Chloe, the Davis part of this monstrosity coming through as it/he lays her gently onto the crystal platform. Chloe's eyes open - they are strangely altered, eerie, and she smiles at Doomsday. Now that's a cliffhanger.

    The shocks aren't over. The final scene is a replay of the wedding video. The viewer is a man...a man whose face we do not see, his body covered with electrodes, his head bald. It is Lex, but this is not a guest appearance. No reason to believe this is actually Michael Rosenbaum, but perhaps this is a chilling (and welcome!) precursor to his return to the cast.

    The final two minutes are slowed, only a poignant song of loss, no dialog - Clark, Lana, Lois...and Lex. A perfect ending.

    "Bride" needs no further accolades. It's practically a cast reunion - everyone but Tess is featured. Everything works, it's a great adventure with every plot element brought out with good directing, a great script, top-notch acting by Mr. Welling, Ms. Durance, and Ms. Kreuk, dozens of open questions, and high expectations for the next round. Smallville is on top! Re-run rating A-.moreless
  • Something Old, Something New, Something Bored, Something Doom!

    Bride-Chloe and Jimmy have unexpected arrivals at their ceremony. Oliver is shocked to see Lana after expecting to find Lex. Lois and Clark begin to fall for each other.

    Well, it's wouldn't be a Smallville wedding without chaos and carnage would it? "Bride" had a lot of hype to live up too, the return of Lana, the Clois kiss, and Doomsday's debut in live action! While there were some aspects that left me a bit underwhelmed, "Bride" is without a doubt, a stunning episode as it takes the ongoing storylines of the season up a notch. Like most of the episodes this season, "Bride" starts of slow before gaining a lot of intensity toward the end of the episode. Before old Doomsday drops by, we see the characters maturing on the day of Jimmy and Chloe's wedding.

    The most skeptical aspect of "Bride" I was worried about was the return of Lana. I mean after 7 seasons of the writers torturing us with Clana, I was surprise to find I got more than I bargained for. Despite her random fighting moves, Kristin Kreuk's return was pleasant and Lana seemed to have matured since she last saw Clark. The conversation between Clark and Lana is probably the most mature one they've had in...well..ever! It's glad to see Lana finally moving on and it seems Clark was okay with that. Of course, I would have rather has Clark say, "maybe Clark Kent and Lana Lang weren't meant to be together", but hey, at least it was said, thank god! You could easily tell that both characters have grown up immensely and it's refreshing after those tedious conversations they had the past 7 years. I also loved the development of Clois in this episode. At first, it seemed liked the writers were rushing their iconic hook-up, but you can tell that they are developing genuine feelings for one another, especially Lois. Erica Durance was so believably natural during her scene where Lois reveals her feelings about her "new guy" to Oliver. I really liked her line about thinking she found someone who needed her and feeling like she'll never have that. A beautifully acted scene!

    Other great moments are Oliver going after Lex by using his Lionel's murder of his parents as an excuse. It makes sense for his character as he wants to settle his vendetta. There's Chloe unknowingly using kryptonite to hurt Clark as her something bored, lol. But nothing could top moments with Doomsday. Davis' transformation scene was very creepy and Sam really sold the terror of what he becoming. Doomsday crashing the wedding was only about 2 minutes, but dare I say it was the most epic 2 minutes of Smallville in years! I mean we had people running for their lives, Doomsday sending Clark flying through the barn, and Jimmy getting nearly mutilated by Doomsday. Those few moments were darker than Smallville has ever gone and Doomsday looks top notch so far despite not being fully seen. My only disappoint we didn't have more of a confrontation between Doomsday and Clark, not to mention Clark conveniently landing next to kryptonite...such wasted opportunity! But episode ends on a high note with some stellar cliffhangers. We have Doomsday carrying Chloe into the Fortress of Doom as Chloe is being re-possessed by Brainiac and someone watching the wedding video that seems to be our former billionaire play-boy turned evil mastermind: Lex! All I can say is Smallville has never been as good as this in a long while and I'm shocked to see fanboys and fangirls nit-picking at this episode saying things like, "Doomsday looked like crap, too much Clana, Lana ruined everything, etc. as this is far better than what we've been getting for years! "Bride" was a sensational episode with some fine acting, dark moments, wonderful developments and great cliffhangers that will make the 2 month hiatus a very long wait. Can't wait to see where "Legion" will take the season!moreless
  • Lois and Clark almost comes Lana

    First off, I'm glad Clark wasn't a whiny baby over Lana. I thought he would turn to goo and fall in love with her all over again. But I'm glad both Clark and Lana, especially Lana realized that they weren't meant to be together. I'm glad that Clark initiated the dance with Lois. It shows that Clark really is falling for Lois and Lois is falling head over heals for him also. Doomsday/Davis kept his promise that he will not let Chloe go and put Brainaic back into Chloe. I wonder if Chloe knows Clark's secret again. The long wait is going to kill me.moreless
Allison Mack

Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan

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Erica Durance

Lois Lane

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Aaron Ashmore

Jimmy Olsen

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Sam Witwer

Davis Bloome/Doomsday

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Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

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Tom Welling

Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

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Jason Poulsen

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Jason Coleman (III)

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Kristin Kreuk

Lana Lang

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Lana refers to an astronomical amount of "LutherCorp RAM" - four hundred and thirty thousand "MegaGigs". A "MegaGig" in such a case refers to roughly one Terabyte, and a thousand Terabytes would be approximately one PetaByte... therefore Lana actually meant roughly 430 PetaBytes. Such a huge reference standard for measurement probably won't surface for decades.

    • Chloe's father Gabe, last seen alive and well, is absent from his own daughter's wedding without explanation or reference.

    • On Oliver's jet, Clark brings him the router, from which Oliver's cohort wirelessly retrieves the data. 1. Routers generally don't keep logs of traffic; systems requiring those logs generally send it to another network appliance for storage. 2. Routers that do keep logs generally keep them in RAM and are lost when the router is unplugged. 3. Even if a router did store logs in persistent storage, how could the accomplice have retrieved the data off of a router that was unpowered?

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Lana: But maybe Clark Kent and Lana Lang just weren't meant to end up together.

    • Jimmy: I've seen the way you two look at each other.
      Lois: You need to get your eyesight checked, Olsen. Clark doesn't like me, he likes... driving me crazy.

    • Lois: I know it sounds sappy... but I thought, just for a minute... someone needed me.
      Oliver: Well, I'm sure he needs you, Lois.
      Lois: That's sweet of you to say, but how do you know?
      Oliver: 'Cause I know Clark.

    • Lois: (on videotape) And remember what the general always says: "Marriage is the only war where you get to sleep with the enemy." (pause) You can edit that last part out, right?

    • Jimmy: Trust me. Lois and Clark would be great together. I can feel it in my gut.
      Lois: Well, take some Ex-Lax, get over it.

    • Lois: I need to get bitten by the love bug about as much as I need a bite from a black widow.

    • Lana: You're Green Arrow. You're better than this.
      Oliver: You sound like Clark.
      Lana: If we want to fight for the greater good, maybe we all have to be a little more like Clark.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Oliver: So you want to tell me what started this lost weekend?
      Referencing the novel The Lost Weekend (1944) written by Charles R. Jackson and the subsequent movie adaptation a year later starring Ray Milland. It chronicles the story of an alcoholic, Don Birnam, on a weekend bender.