Season 8 Episode 12


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 2009 on The CW

Episode Recap

Detective John Jones is in his car pursuing a murder suspect and drives him off the road. He arrests the man and calls in the officers to take the man away. After they leave, John goes back to his cover and a sniper wearing a Metropolis police opens fire on him. The shots puncture the car door and hit John in the chest.

Clark is at the Metropolis hospital going over a coroner's report and Lana arrives to pay him a visit and brings coffee. He's discovered that two ambulance drivers and a watchman were killed the night of the wedding. Lana leaves him to it and leaves, and Clark sees a badly wounded John brought in.

As Clark watches the doctor work on John, Oliver arrives and informs him that the doctor, Emil, is on his payroll and in charge of "special" cases. Clark feels guilty because John sacrificed his powers to save him, but Oliver tells him to start investigating and agrees they should work separately.

At the Luthor manor, Tess is training when Lana arrives to thank her for the Daily Planet not announcing her return. Tess is impressed with Lana's presence and notes that Lex spoke highly of her. Lana asks her if Lex would be impressed if he knew Tess was siphoning money into a project named Prometheus, but she figure Lex does know about it and Tess knows where he is. Tess denies it but Lana figures that Tess will do anything to protect Lex. She warns that Lex has a way of turning people's devotion to him against them. As Lana leaves, she checks the wifi unit in her purse.

Clark goes to the Isis Foundation as Chloe prepares to fly back to Star City. She reveals John has been checking police profiles and complains that with Brainiac gone, she has to rely on normal computers. Chloe asks about Lana and notes that things always get messy and wonders if he might hurt Lois. Clark admits he might still have feelings for Lana and Chloe tells him to get his closure without hurting her cousin. Chloe determines the armor piercing bullet that struck down John is now missing. They figure it's an inside job and they need to tell someone higher up in the force. Chloe agrees to help set him up with credentials.

The next day, officers Simmons and Talbert tell fellow policeman Danny Turpin that he has a new partner. Danny meets the new cop: Clark Kent, using the alias "Joe Fordman." They go on patrol and Clark notices Danny eating candy left over from his kid's Halloween. Clark brings up John but Danny says it's typical in Metropolis. He complains about the costumed vigilantes and mysterious heroes and notes that cops have rules but they don't. Clark notices a photo of a crook but Turpin puts it away and says it's someone he's looking for.

They respond to a dispatch code at a pharmacy and a junkie runs away from the crime scene. Turpin goes after him but the man gets the drop on him. Clark arrives at superspeed, catches the bullet, and knocks the junkie out before Turpin can turn around.

Lana uploads Tess' data from her wifi to her employer but discovers it's from an unknown wifi.

Clark visits Turpin's house for a barbeque and meets his wife Cindy and their son, who is wearing a "red-blue blur" costume. When Danny checks on his son, Cindy thanks Clark for looking after her husband and notes that Danny's last partner Mike was shot and killed. The other cops congratulate Clark on keeping Danny alive. Clark brings up John but the other cops, led by Simmons, note that nobody really knew John. They all get a page and leave.

Tess visits Lana at the Isis Foundation and accuses her of stealing the information from her. Lana says that Lex saw her as an equal and Tess draws a gun on her. She explains that when Lana stole the information, she corrupted the data and jeopardized Lex's one chance for survival. Lana disarms her and the two women spar fight. Lana finally manages to get the gun.

Clark and the other officers arrive at a dockside warehouse where the criminal Danny is looking for has been captured. Danny beats the man, who killed Mike. Simmons goads Danny into killing the crook, while another cop tosses Clark a tire iron and tells him to man up and help his partner. Before Clark can do anything, Green Arrow and stun the cops with taser arrows. Clark tells him to leave and Green Arrow departs as Danny looks on.

Lana tells Tess that she knows about how she had a survey team in South America three years ago when an explosion destroyed her camp. She was left for dead and Lex saved her life. Lana taps into a nano-transmitter secretly placed in Tess' eye: Lex has been watching through her all along without her knowledge.

Clark checks on John and the doctor says that the Martian isn't out of the woods yet. Danny confronts Clark about his "friend" Green Arrow, and asks why he's interested in John. Clark tells Danny he knows the shooter was a policeman and John was onto the cops' secret vigilante actions. Danny is confused and forced to reconsider when Clark notes that he's protecting cops by shooting another cop. Danny wonders what he can do and Clark tells him to remember why he became a cop.

At the Kent farm. Clark is going over the files on the police when Oliver arrives. He's not happy with Clark's intervention, and Clark notes that Danny lost a partner and Oliver should understand. He wants to help them find their way back to the right side. Oliver insists that some of them are beyond saving and shows him a file on the suspect John arrested, who died in custody. Clark has it narrowed down to Simmons and Talbert, who have sniper training. Oliver says he's going to do what he has to, to stop them.

Simmons goes out to his car to find Danny waiting for him. Danny tells him that Clark isn't who he says he is.

Clark goes to Simmons' house and uses his x-ray vision to find a sniper rifle in the car. He's interrupted when the cops shows up and arrest him for the attempted murder of John Jones. As he's taken away, Clark tells Danny that he's better then this. Simmons assures Danny that he did the right thing but now he needs to take a direct hand in things… and kill Green Arrow.

Danny and Talbert take the junkie to a warehouse to use as bait. They start beating the man while Simmons sets up with a sniper rifle from an adjoining building. Green Arrow arrives and the junkie runs, and Danny tells Green Arrow to surrender. Over the radio, Simmons tells Danny to take the shot. Green Arrow tells him it's not too late to stop, but Danny says he's got a family. The hero says that Clark trusted him but if Danny needs to shoot him, go ahead. Danny hesitates, and then puts down his gun. Simmons prepares to shoot Danny and Green Arrow pulls him to cover. Simmons calls in backup, saying Danny is down.

The cops are getting Clark out of the car when they hear Simmons' backup request on the radio. Clark superspeeds away. At the warehouse, Simmons wings Danny in the shoulder but Clark arrives and knocks away the sniper rifle. Simmons draws a gun and shoots Clark, but the bullet ricochets off and hits him in the arm. Clark claims he has a bulletproof vest on. Danny arrests Talbert as the rest of the police arrive.

Some time later, Clark and Olive visit a recovered John as he prepares to leave. Clark thanks him for getting him out of trouble with the police. John admits he didn't call on them for help due to pride: that after all the power he once had, he couldn't admit he needed help. Clark and Oliver admit that they work better as a team.

At the manor, Tess sends a message for Lex via her hidden camera about how she trusted and respected him, but now she's going to cut him off and make his life disappear. She puts the transmitter away as she admits she loved him. Oliver arrives because of her invitation: she wants to discuss any kind of merger he wants. They go, leaving behind a Daily Planet with a headline declaring Lex dead.

Danny is at home with his family when Clark pays a visit and apologizes for not admitting he was a reporter. Danny understands and admits that he got turned around, but he knows that his family can be proud of him. Clark asks him if it's hard to put his family through what he goes through as a cop, and Danny says that he does what he does to protect his wife and son. He asks if Clark has someone who makes it all worth it.

Clark finds Lana at the Talon making coffee. He asks why she's staying and she admits leaving was harder than she thought. He says he's glad she's there now and explains that he's sacrificed everything for the greater good in the last year. Lana says that the world needs him but he kisses her and she kisses back.