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Season 10 Episode 12


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2011 on The CW
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Episode Summary

In the aftermath of Hawkman's funeral, the heroes are captured and released... and Black Canary believes that Chloe Sullivan is responsible. Clark and Oliver disagree on whether their friend and lover, respectively, is a traitor.

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  • Unoriginal

    The Matrix? Really? I especially hated some of the quotes like Chloe asking "I just have one question, do you trust me?" Did they find these writers off of craigslist?
  • Are you kidding us? Are you really thinking we are lacking intelligence? What kind of writing skills are these? Stealing from, ..THE MATRIX!!!

    Ok, so you have a team of writers sitting down to create an episode. In this episode, you have to explain the cliffhanger from the midseason finale. But wait. You have just realised that you only created that cliffhanger out of necessity and not because you knew what you were doing with it. You actually thought that it will sort itself out in a few months when we need to sit down again and explain what that cliffhanger was about.

    But then, after endless parties, consuming brain-cell burning drugs and contracting at least 2 STDs you sat down and realised that you have come up with NOTHING. A whole team of PROFESSIONAL WRITERS have got absolutely nothing.

    So here is what you do. You bring back Chloe, because, hey that is original. Then one of you remembers that movie that they are not sure if they saw or imagined during the boozing in which this dude is in a computer world, but he doesnt know it and this other black dude gets him out with some pill thingamangigies. The others look at each other, pretend that it's a good idea and that they have not heard of this before, let him carry on with this idea because they also have nothing.

    And if this goes bad, they could very well just pin it on this guy at the end, like they do in the Apprentice to their project manager when the project turns out to be a product that polishes turds.

    And there. There you have the worst, most offensive, plagiarising, unoriginal episode I have ever laid my eyes on.

  • You Are The One...Chloe?

    Collateral-In the aftermath of Hawkman's funeral, the heroes are captured and released... and Black Canary believes that Chloe Sullivan is responsible. Clark and Oliver disagree on whether their friend and lover, respectively, is a traitor.

    You know there is a reason why this review is so late, it's because it took my exactly one week to recover from this embarrassing disaster of a mid-season premiere. Don't want to offend anymore, but I can't understand how anyone could even slightly enjoy this borderline "offensive to the viewers intelligence" crap that had no business being an episode in the first. When news of Chloe's return revealed she'd be coming back in this episode, I had low expectations for "Collateral". The last two seasons have pretty much destroyed any decency they character had in the past with Chloe committing some of the most unforgiveable acts like hiding Doomsday, stock piling weapons, spying on her own friends etc. Now Chloe returns and all of sudden....She's Morpheus...excuse me...WTF!? O_0

    It's bad enough the the writers had made knock off episodes of "Saw", "The Game" and other movies. But this....this was just "The Matrix" with the Smallville cast replacing the original cast. Every piece of dialogue from Chloe's mouth seemed like it was stolen from that movie, telling Oliver to 'free his mind", that if he dies in the virtual reality he dies in real life, all the soldiers are apart of the program to keep the all the superheroes trapped in the virtual world and blah, blah, blah. Seriously, did the writers REALLY consider this would be the best way to open the second half? I just sat there in stun disbelief, thinking whether this was some how a sick parody that the writers came up with, because I don't see how anyon could have taken this episode seriously. This episode is the reason why Chloe has gonna from fan favorite to Lana Lang II, the character serves no purpose anymore! She's simply a plot device when the writers need her to be convenient to the storyline. All of sudden Chloe is a kung fu fighting, wall jumping, gun wielding badass who is the only one who can get out the superheroes from the fake world. Yeah, Go Chloe! Lame. What's worse, Clark is so OOC about the whole Clark thing! In "Shield", he trusted the reasons for Chloe leaving, now he doesn't all of a sudden? He sure picked the worst time to finally stop trusting Chloe! Why did it take him so long to figure out the virtual world wasn't real? Chloe and Oliver jumper like 50 stories and disappeared. Also, the whole plan of controlling the superheroes by shutting off their powers was interesting until you realize that "What, then why are Oliver and Lois there?" Shut off Oliver's skills makes no sense and Lois being there is never explained. The plotholes are numerous and the dialogue is some of the worst I've ever heard from the series, especially during that awful fight between Black Canary and Mor....I mean Chloe. Actually, most of the characters were making awful Chloe'like pop culture references that just came off forced. The only part of the episode that worked was the Justice League/Suicide Sqaud vs VRA fight scene. Where the h@ll did that come from and why can't we have more team-up fight scenes like that on Smallville? That's probably the closest thing to a JLA mash up will get on Smallville, but it's too bad it was smack in the middle of one of the most cliche and laughable hours of the series. Oh and why couldn't Clark be apart of it? Oh yeah, he was busy flying around the Daily Planet with Lois....in virtual world! *Sigh* More teasing this close to the end? In this episode? Like throwing gasoline on a fire. Oh Chlollie is back in full swing...Zzzzzzzzzz. Ehw! Can't talk about this one anymore. "Collateral" feels like something from the second half of Season 5 or anything from Season 7, so missed placed in the final season. Considering this was Chloe's big return episode, a conclusion to a mid season finale and VRA arc episode, this was so p!ss poor.moreless
  • Definitely entertaining, but points go off for recycled concept and a super lame ending.

    Well after an unbearable break that lasted an extra week thanks to a scheduling whoopsie, Smallville is back! When we last saw our heroes, they were mourning the loss of their good friend Carter Hall, who fell at the hands of Deathstroke. At the funeral, a mysterious white pyramid emerges from the sand and knocks the heroes out cold.

    "Collateral" is all about the aftermath of that spectacular cliffhanger. The League has been captured by the government and in an effort to steal their powers, the VRA has them trapped in a Matrix-esque virtual world that seems too real to question. That's where Chloe comes in, making a very cool return as she tries to convince her friends that the world they are trapped in isn't real. This leads to a lot of very cool action sequences including an amazing Clois flight scene through Metropolis. It wasn't real, but it's a nice hint of things to come.

    Overall, I really liked the episode. It never got boring and I was always at the edge of my seat. I know a lot of people have been complaining about this episode ripping off "The Matrix" and "Inception", but Smallville has been accused of "ripping off" movies in the past. It gets repetitive at times, but here, it wasn't bad enough to ruin the episode for me. If I have any complaints, it's definitely the last scene. It felt very oddly placed and it was a rushed way to finish the episode. But overall, I thought this was a very cool episode of Smallville. Definitely one of the season's weakest, but still enjoyable.moreless
  • That was arguably the worst episode of the series. I think the episode rating is merely boosted by Chloe fans who have missed her presence and are overlooking quality.

    I was a little late getting around to watching this episode but I wish I had just not watched it at all. I'm a fan of Smallville. I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan but I did brave the lines at comic con last year for their panel. Now, Chloe's acting has never been the highlight of the show. I like her character and she has definitely had some great moments but this episode was not one of them.

    As everyone has already stated, this episode was a blatant rip off of the Matrix. I'm not going to yell at the writers for stealing since it is clear they were not trying to hide this fact at all. My biggest complaint is that it was just stupid and uncreative to steal the plot of the Matrix and use it for this episode.

    The dialogue was just awful and cliche. How many times did Chloe dramatically say, "I need you to trust me." In fact pretty much every time Chloe opened her mouth to speak I cringed. It was just one bad cliche after another. I almost couldn't watch.

    I think all the people who love this show must just be die hard Chloe fans that are so overjoyed that their character has returned they are willing to overlook the episodes failings.moreless
Erica Durance

Erica Durance

Lois Lane

Justin Hartley

Justin Hartley

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

Tom Welling

Tom Welling

Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

Allison Mack

Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • At the 21:21 mark, Chloe says "one down, five to go." There are six tubes and she has freed Oliver. Lois, Clark, Black Canary, and Aquaman are all prisoners. It's not clear who the fifth prisoner is. However, Stargirl, the Flash, Cyborg, and Zatanna were also at the funeral, knocked out, and taken captive. Chloe should have said, "one down, eight to go," since there is no mention that anyone was taken elsewhere.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Lois: Chloe, we were just on our way.
      Possessed Chloe: Where?
      Clark: To meet you on the roof. I'm ready to jump this time.
      Possessed Chloe: What're you talking about?
      Clark: The portal to the real world.
      Lois: The one you tried to get him to jump through.
      Possessed Chloe: Okay, you both are obviously suffering from post-traumatic stress, and this delusion is a part of that. What you're talking about is literally suicide. Clark, are you actually going to let Lois jump to her death?
      Lois: Wait, you're not Chloe. Someone's hijacked you. and if none of this is real... (slaps Chloe through a wall)

    • Chloe: Hello, Oliver.
      Oliver: I'm not sure what these drugs are called, but they are working.
      Chloe: You're not hallucinating, Oliver, and you're not insane. Trust me.
      Oliver: Really? Well, that's kind of hard to believe, considering you just materialized out of a wall.

    • VRA Operator: Ma'am, don't get huffy.
      Lois: No, I am not getting huffy. I am a general's daughter, I don't even know how to get huffy, okay? I do happy, I do sad, and I do "stop giving me the runaround, bitch, or I will come for you."

    • Clark: Lois, you're trying to tell me that all of this, all of this is fake. And that makes more sense to you than us going through some post-traumatic stress because of what they put us through?
      Lois: Yes, and normally you'd think so, too.
      Clark: Because Chloe said so.
      Lois: Clark, you and Chloe have--have battled Luthors, you fought with demons from outer space, and you battled supernatural hexes together. In the world of Clark and Chloe, this is another day at the office.

    • Lois: Everything in this world that you see and hear is telling you that you shouldn't trust her. But I can tell that your heart is saying the opposite, and if I know one thing, it's that Clark Kent's heart is usually right.

    • Clark: How'd you do it? Trust me. I mean, back then before you found out.
      Chloe: I had my suspicions.
      Clark: That's what I mean. You knew that I was lying to you, and still you looked me in the eye every day and you trusted me.
      Chloe: I guess that's the true test of believing in someone. Knowing that their lies are there to protect you. It's not really trust if you ask someone to explain themselves.
      Clark: But that's hard.
      Chloe: It's really hard.
      Clark: You never gave up.
      Chloe: And I never will.

    • Clark: Well, who knows? Maybe one day we'll get to fly in the real world.
      Lois: I've always believed that you can do the impossible. And one day you will.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Chloe: I'm pretty much Chloe in the Sky with Diamonds.
      Referencing the 1967 song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds written by John Lennon, and allegedly containing veiled references to LSD.

    • Oliver: So where is this emergency exit out of Narnia?
      Referencing the fictional fantasy kingdom (and the primary country in it) created by C.S. Lewis in 1950 for his Chronicles of Narnia books. It is filled with a variety of mythical creatures and magic is common.

    • Oliver: All right, Alice, where's the rabbit hole out of here?
      Referencing the 1865 novel Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (b.1832 - d.1898), whose real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. Alice enters Wonderland by chasing the White Rabbit into his rabbit hole and falling for thousands of feet before landing in the strange reality.

    • Chloe: But I only have a few minutes to unplug this little Truman Show and get you back to the land of the living.
      Referencing the 1998 movie The Truman Show, which features Truman Burbank as a unwitting dupe raised in a fake town, and whose life is broadcast without his knowledge to millions of viewers as a top-rated reality show.

    • Chloe: I told you, Dorothy, this is all a dream.
      Referencing The Wizard Of Oz, a 1939 film adapted from Frank Baum's children's story, "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz." The main character, Dorothy is swept up by a tornado, and taken away from Kansas. At the end of the film, she wakes up in her bed and she and her guardians assume that she dreamed up the entire trip.