Season 10 Episode 12


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2011 on The CW

Episode Recap

Lois is at the Kent farm, looking at photos of herself and Clark. She is on hold waiting for the VRA to respond to her call. They finally answer and Lois demands answers, but they hang up on her. She hears someone outside and goes to the door to see Clark come in. He smiles and she runs into his arms, and Lois informs him that they released her a couple of days ago. Clark tells her that the VRA were waiting for them at Carter Hall's funeral, captured them, and finally let them go. Lois notices that Clark seems out of it, but Clark insists that he's fine. However, when he picks up a piece of shattered glass, he cuts himself and explains that the VRA took away his powers. Neither one of them remember anything specific. Clark starts to have flashbacks of someone holding him down and conducting medical experiments on him: Chloe Sullivan. Lois tries to snap him out of it, and Clark explains that he saw her cousin. At LuthorCorp, Oliver returns to his office and discovers the doors sealed by order of the U.S. government. Ripping aside the tape, Oliver goes in and pours himself a drink. He notices a cellphone with a picture of Chloe on it, and has flashbacks of Chloe conducting medical experiments on him. Clark returns to Watchtower and finds Dinah Lance, Black Canary, waiting for him. He explains that he lost his powers, and Dinah informs him that the same thing happened to her. They compare notes and realize that they both saw Chloe conducting experiments on them. Dinah suspects that Chloe has betrayed them, but Clark insists that Chloe learned her lesson after she allied with Doomsday. They prepare to investigate the facility where they last saw Chloe, and Dinah asks if Clark can do what he has to if Chloe is responsible. Before they can leave, they get word that Oliver has been taken to the mental ward at Met Gen. Clark goes to see Oliver, who is in a straitjacket. Oliver says that he's seen Chloe in his flashbacks, and Clark refuses to tell him what he saw. He leaves, assuring Oliver that he'll find out what's going on. Once Clark is gone, the lights in the room flicker and then shatter. The bricks at the far end warp and mutate, and Chloe steps through the walls to greet Oliver. She tells Oliver that he's not insane, and tells Oliver that she's there to save him. He accuses her of torturing him and the others, and refuses to believe her denial. Chloe explains that the VRA captured all of the heroes and placed their minds into a virtual world. Oliver doesn't believe it, but Chloe insists that all of the heroes are unconscious in a video reality being driven by their subconscious. She broke in and hacked into the computer, creating an avatar of herself to warn them. The flashbacks are moments of reality when she tried to pull them out. When Chloe removed Oliver, he started to die so she hooked him back up. As she goes to release him, she tells Oliver that he's only trapped as long as he believes in the "reality" around him. The lights crackle again and Oliver realizes that his straitjacket has disappeared. They escape out into the halls of what appear to be Met Gen. Chloe explains that in the virtual reality, the system has anti-virus hunters disguised as men in black, and that the backdoor escape she built into the system is suspended above the street in front of the Daily Planet. The anti-virus "troopers" spot them and close in, and Chloe asks Oliver if he trusts her. When he says that he does, she takes out a pair of guns and shoots the men down. Clark meets Lois at the Daily Planet and tries to locate the facility. Dinah shows up and insists that Chloe has betrayed them. She shows the others camera footage of Chloe shooting down the men and insists that it proves her suspicions. As Lois and Dinah argue, Clark gets a text from Chloe asking him to meet her on the roof. Chloe and Oliver are there, and explain to him what has happened. Chloe insists that the government is trying to shut down their powers in the virtual reality, and use that knowledge to strip Clark of his powers in the real world. She directs Oliver and Clark to the edge of the roof so that they can jump into the portal that is suspended in midair dozens of stories below. Clark demands answers, but Chloe asks Clark if he trusts her. She offers him his hand, but Clark says that he can't trust her. Chloe and Oliver leap off the roof, disappear halfway down... and Oliver wakes up in the lab. Chloe kisses him, but they're interrupted when Rick Flag and Deadshot arrive. Chloe orders them to stand down, and Oliver realizes that she's working with the Suicide Squad. Deadshot covers the outside exit and Flag sends Oliver to one of the other routes, while Chloe attempts to free the others. They've detected VRA troopers moving in, and Chloe works to free the others as she reenters the system. The Chloe avatar tries to find Dinah, who attacks her. The heroine ignores Chloe's explanation that they're in a virtual reality and demands her powers back. When Dinah attacks Chloe, Chloe uses her mastery of the virtual reality to fight back with advanced martial arts training. Dinah throws a knife at her, but Chloe stops it in midair using her abilities, and asks where Lois is. In the real world, Lt. Trotter tells her VRA troopers to move in. Oliver helps Dinah out of her cell, and Chloe says that she'll need 20 minutes to get the rest of the team out. She tells Flag to delay the troopers, and Dinah apologizes to Chloe for her suspicions before going outside with Flag. Oliver warns that they need Clark, and points out that Clark doesn't trust her because she left them. In the virtual reality, Clark meets with Lois and tells her what he saw. Lois tells him that she knows what's going on because Chloe has told her they're in a virtual reality. Clark still doesn't believe that they're in a computer simulation, and Lois says that he needs to trust Chloe. She asks him what's really going on, and Clark admits that he doesn't know who Chloe is anymore, and she left without saying why. Lois points out that he hasn't admitted to his feelings about how Chloe has betrayed him, and that he has to trust her the way that he expected Chloe to trust him. She figures that his heart is telling him to believe in Chloe, and he has to go on his instincts. He'll have to accept that they're in a virtual reality to escape. Trotter and her men break into the facility and knock Chloe out. The lieutenant has her programmer take over Chloe's avatar and stop Clark from escaping. In the virtual reality, the Chloe avatar hesitates and staggers, and then continues under VRA control. She goes to the Planet as Clark and Lois head for the roof to jump. "Chloe" claims they're both suffering from post-traumatic stress, and warns that they'll be committing suicide. Lois realizes that the avatar has been hijacked, and knocks the avatar unconscious. In the real world, Trotter goes to oversee the transfer of the prisoners. She tells her programmer to keep the Blur where they want him, and then goes to join her men. Outside, Flag and the others open fire, and Trotter orders her men to kill Chloe before fleeing. They prepare to shoot down Chloe... and Deadshot kills them first. Green Arrow knocks out the last man, while Black Canary knocks out Trotter with her sonic scream. In the virtual reality, Clark and Lois arrive on the roof and find "Chloe" waiting for them. She tells Clark that from what they've learned from the captured superheroes, Clark has always been the one who denies reality and refuses to accept his abnormalities. Clark just smiles and walks around her, but "Chloe" warns that if he is less than 100% sure, he'll die. More of the corrupted avatars appear, and Lois tells Clark to trust himself, just as he did when he told Lois his secret. She tells Clark that she believes in him, and he grabs her and flies into the sky, around the Daily Planet, and then enters the escape portal. Later, Clark is back home and finds Chloe looking at photos of them together with their friends. She admits that she's been cut off from everyone she cared about, but Clark notes that if she had been there, she would have been captured with Clark and the others. Chloe explains that she corrupted Flag's missile system and then gave him the choice of working for her, or Chloe turning him over to the government. Clark asks how she managed to trust him when she knew he was keeping his secret, and Chloe tells him that the measure of trust is not asking someone to explain themselves. She assures Clark that she never gave up, and never will. Lois arrives and tells them that Tess told her that Trotter and her men have been placed in the virtual reality. She then asks Chloe to be her maid of honor at their wedding. Later, Oliver is waiting at Watchtower with roses when Chloe arrives to meet him. He admits that he stopped looking for her because he figured that's what she wanted. Chloe thanks him for trusting her, but he asks why she didn't call. She explains that the Fate helmet warned her to stay away, and Oliver tells her how much time he spent waiting just to see her smile. Chloe says that she didn't trust herself, and if she came back then she could never have left him alone again. However, now she'll be staying around. Oliver smiles and kisses her. At the Kent barn, Clark is reading the journal of Carter's exploits and finds a photo of the archaeologist and superhero. Lois arrives to tell him that she's picked out the flowers and the bridesmaid's journal, and Clark admits that he's been thinking about Carter. He thanks Lois for believing in him and getting him to fly in virtual reality. Lois figures that he'll eventually fly in the real world, and leaves for a conference call with Perry.