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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 04, 2011 on The CW

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  • Unoriginal

    The Matrix? Really? I especially hated some of the quotes like Chloe asking "I just have one question, do you trust me?" Did they find these writers off of craigslist?
  • Are you kidding us? Are you really thinking we are lacking intelligence? What kind of writing skills are these? Stealing from, ..THE MATRIX!!!

    Ok, so you have a team of writers sitting down to create an episode. In this episode, you have to explain the cliffhanger from the midseason finale. But wait. You have just realised that you only created that cliffhanger out of necessity and not because you knew what you were doing with it. You actually thought that it will sort itself out in a few months when we need to sit down again and explain what that cliffhanger was about.

    But then, after endless parties, consuming brain-cell burning drugs and contracting at least 2 STDs you sat down and realised that you have come up with NOTHING. A whole team of PROFESSIONAL WRITERS have got absolutely nothing.

    So here is what you do. You bring back Chloe, because, hey that is original. Then one of you remembers that movie that they are not sure if they saw or imagined during the boozing in which this dude is in a computer world, but he doesnt know it and this other black dude gets him out with some pill thingamangigies. The others look at each other, pretend that it's a good idea and that they have not heard of this before, let him carry on with this idea because they also have nothing.

    And if this goes bad, they could very well just pin it on this guy at the end, like they do in the Apprentice to their project manager when the project turns out to be a product that polishes turds.

    And there. There you have the worst, most offensive, plagiarising, unoriginal episode I have ever laid my eyes on.

  • You Are The One...Chloe?

    Collateral-In the aftermath of Hawkman's funeral, the heroes are captured and released... and Black Canary believes that Chloe Sullivan is responsible. Clark and Oliver disagree on whether their friend and lover, respectively, is a traitor.

    You know there is a reason why this review is so late, it's because it took my exactly one week to recover from this embarrassing disaster of a mid-season premiere. Don't want to offend anymore, but I can't understand how anyone could even slightly enjoy this borderline "offensive to the viewers intelligence" crap that had no business being an episode in the first. When news of Chloe's return revealed she'd be coming back in this episode, I had low expectations for "Collateral". The last two seasons have pretty much destroyed any decency they character had in the past with Chloe committing some of the most unforgiveable acts like hiding Doomsday, stock piling weapons, spying on her own friends etc. Now Chloe returns and all of sudden....She's Morpheus...excuse me...WTF!? O_0

    It's bad enough the the writers had made knock off episodes of "Saw", "The Game" and other movies. But this....this was just "The Matrix" with the Smallville cast replacing the original cast. Every piece of dialogue from Chloe's mouth seemed like it was stolen from that movie, telling Oliver to 'free his mind", that if he dies in the virtual reality he dies in real life, all the soldiers are apart of the program to keep the all the superheroes trapped in the virtual world and blah, blah, blah. Seriously, did the writers REALLY consider this would be the best way to open the second half? I just sat there in stun disbelief, thinking whether this was some how a sick parody that the writers came up with, because I don't see how anyon could have taken this episode seriously. This episode is the reason why Chloe has gonna from fan favorite to Lana Lang II, the character serves no purpose anymore! She's simply a plot device when the writers need her to be convenient to the storyline. All of sudden Chloe is a kung fu fighting, wall jumping, gun wielding badass who is the only one who can get out the superheroes from the fake world. Yeah, Go Chloe! Lame. What's worse, Clark is so OOC about the whole Clark thing! In "Shield", he trusted the reasons for Chloe leaving, now he doesn't all of a sudden? He sure picked the worst time to finally stop trusting Chloe! Why did it take him so long to figure out the virtual world wasn't real? Chloe and Oliver jumper like 50 stories and disappeared. Also, the whole plan of controlling the superheroes by shutting off their powers was interesting until you realize that "What, then why are Oliver and Lois there?" Shut off Oliver's skills makes no sense and Lois being there is never explained. The plotholes are numerous and the dialogue is some of the worst I've ever heard from the series, especially during that awful fight between Black Canary and Mor....I mean Chloe. Actually, most of the characters were making awful Chloe'like pop culture references that just came off forced. The only part of the episode that worked was the Justice League/Suicide Sqaud vs VRA fight scene. Where the h@ll did that come from and why can't we have more team-up fight scenes like that on Smallville? That's probably the closest thing to a JLA mash up will get on Smallville, but it's too bad it was smack in the middle of one of the most cliche and laughable hours of the series. Oh and why couldn't Clark be apart of it? Oh yeah, he was busy flying around the Daily Planet with virtual world! *Sigh* More teasing this close to the end? In this episode? Like throwing gasoline on a fire. Oh Chlollie is back in full swing...Zzzzzzzzzz. Ehw! Can't talk about this one anymore. "Collateral" feels like something from the second half of Season 5 or anything from Season 7, so missed placed in the final season. Considering this was Chloe's big return episode, a conclusion to a mid season finale and VRA arc episode, this was so p!ss poor.
  • Definitely entertaining, but points go off for recycled concept and a super lame ending.

    Well after an unbearable break that lasted an extra week thanks to a scheduling whoopsie, Smallville is back! When we last saw our heroes, they were mourning the loss of their good friend Carter Hall, who fell at the hands of Deathstroke. At the funeral, a mysterious white pyramid emerges from the sand and knocks the heroes out cold.

    "Collateral" is all about the aftermath of that spectacular cliffhanger. The League has been captured by the government and in an effort to steal their powers, the VRA has them trapped in a Matrix-esque virtual world that seems too real to question. That's where Chloe comes in, making a very cool return as she tries to convince her friends that the world they are trapped in isn't real. This leads to a lot of very cool action sequences including an amazing Clois flight scene through Metropolis. It wasn't real, but it's a nice hint of things to come.

    Overall, I really liked the episode. It never got boring and I was always at the edge of my seat. I know a lot of people have been complaining about this episode ripping off "The Matrix" and "Inception", but Smallville has been accused of "ripping off" movies in the past. It gets repetitive at times, but here, it wasn't bad enough to ruin the episode for me. If I have any complaints, it's definitely the last scene. It felt very oddly placed and it was a rushed way to finish the episode. But overall, I thought this was a very cool episode of Smallville. Definitely one of the season's weakest, but still enjoyable.
  • That was arguably the worst episode of the series. I think the episode rating is merely boosted by Chloe fans who have missed her presence and are overlooking quality.

    I was a little late getting around to watching this episode but I wish I had just not watched it at all. I'm a fan of Smallville. I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan but I did brave the lines at comic con last year for their panel. Now, Chloe's acting has never been the highlight of the show. I like her character and she has definitely had some great moments but this episode was not one of them.

    As everyone has already stated, this episode was a blatant rip off of the Matrix. I'm not going to yell at the writers for stealing since it is clear they were not trying to hide this fact at all. My biggest complaint is that it was just stupid and uncreative to steal the plot of the Matrix and use it for this episode.

    The dialogue was just awful and cliche. How many times did Chloe dramatically say, "I need you to trust me." In fact pretty much every time Chloe opened her mouth to speak I cringed. It was just one bad cliche after another. I almost couldn't watch.

    I think all the people who love this show must just be die hard Chloe fans that are so overjoyed that their character has returned they are willing to overlook the episodes failings.
  • A fun episode with a disappointingly "status quo" ending...


    First off, I really liked this episode. It was a fun episode that played off The Matrix. Chloe = Trinity and Oliver = Neo. Chloe even wore the whole black leather getup (in the real world, but still). There were TONS of Matrix references that I laughed at (The Matrix is my favorite movie btw). From the leap of faith to the agents chasing them to the kiss after awakening. I was laughing my ass off the whole episode. The only bad thing was the ending... I fail to see how the government just suddenly "forgot" about all the heroes and they just returned to their homes like nothing happened. You'd think the government would come after Lois and Clark again since they obviously know Clark's secret... very disappointing... but then again Smallville does this all the time, so I guess it's nothing new... but still disappointing.
  • Chloe returnsand the VRA trys to take out the suicide squad.

    Well first off, yay Smallville is back on. This episode was good, a little weird but good. I like how they were stuck in the other reality and they had to get out by jumping off the daily planet that was cool. Chloe's return was nice they gave her a nice part this episode. I like the fight between her and Dinah who also returned fully in this episode. One thing I didn't fully understand was how clark was able to fly in the other reality. He didn't have powers unless he finally believed it was fake and he had his powers. That is all I can figure about that. The Suicide Squad made a return and it was good to see they are good guys. THe fight between them and the VRA was a nice little battle. We saw that some of the VRA was taken care of but I'm not sure if that's all of them. Guess we will find out. One thing I wish they would've done was give CLark a little battle. One the show is about him and I like when they give him fights at the end. Oh well though, I'm sure he will have plenty to do in upcoming episodes. Tess was mentioned so at least we know she's doing something useful. One thing they are forgetting about though is Darkseid and of course Lex. It looks like Lex will be back next episode though as a teenager or so (NO Michael Rosenbaum yet). Anyway good episode, nice return from break and look forwrd to nexty weeks.
  • *** Spoilers *** Welcome to Matrixville !

    I didn't really miss Smallville even if season 10 had been great so far. But reading about Chloe's role intrigued me so it didn't take me long before watching Collateral. What a come back ! The worst we could have imagined. Virtual reality is a fascinating theme and recently I found Virtuality mind blowing. However in Caprica most VR scenes were a complete disaster even if The Imperfections of Memory proved the show had potential. In Smallville what could have been a vibrant homage to The Matrix turned into a cheesy and ridiculous spin-off. I have always supported Allison Mack but here I couldn't help comparing her to Monica Bellucci and Carrie-Anne Moss. They made her play way out of her league ! Chloe as a white dove ? Chloe jumping and fighting like Supa Lana ? Mockery ! The references to the trilogy were so obvious and clumsy. From the poor shooting scene to the dialogs I can't see anyone enjoying that over the top masquerade. Still I had hope for the inevitable twist but it never happened. After the Inception incident and other creative bombs the story felt dry and flat. They could have created a virtual world to study their powers for example instead of shutting them down. Despite these numerous issues I still enjoyed the sweet moments shared by our loved birds and some lines were interesting. However it was not enough to hide that most of the episode was filled with disappointing elements. Let's hope the upcoming installments won't be as cliché because it could make the audience meter dive under the 2 millions limit. I don't wish it but after Collateral one can only have doubts. Last but not least we were served with an other annoying subliminal ad for some social network. Do they seriously believe they can manipulate us so easily ?
  • Cheesy, stolen and comlete lack of creativity.

    I think Smallville died for me.
    This was the worst episode I have ever seen, counting in any show I ever watched.
    Every single part down to the "exciting" detail of the dual Cloes getting knocked down by the power wave when Clark jumps to fly in virtual reality is ripped straight out of Matrix. Very bad and very much a lack of respect for the creators of Matrix. And I got to say that Cloe makes for a really bad Trinity.
    Can someone tell me if the silverbullets shot by the camera eye dude still was in the casings? ^^
    Before this episode I was sure to miss the show when it ends, but not anymore.
  • An interesting return for Smallville after its unwanted delay.

    I want to start off by saying that I really wanted to like this episode, i have been waiting so long to see Smallville again like everyone else.
    This episode felt like a lame attempt at a Matrix style episode. What you believe to be real is not real, you have to choose to stay or to leave. They were all in pods attached by tubes. Chloe dressed all in white, similar to switch in the Matrix, acting/fighting like Neo as she fought Canary.
    I also had some other problems with the episode, in the mid-season finale we saw all the heroes at the funeral get knocked out. After Oliver and Chloe get out she says that they need to get Clark and the other 5 out, but you don't see them get out and they don't even bother to mention if they got out or not. The other scene I kinda got a little confused was the flying scene, they take off from the Daily Plant in what looks like a strait line and some how end up in front of the Daily Planet and still go around the building, yes I know for dramatic effect, while knowing that they are trapped in a lab somewhere and from what they should know, after seeing Chloe's avatar being taken over, that they are in trouble and have no time to spare. I think that considering the extended wait time that was imposed the episode should have been better.
    It was nice to see Chloe again even though it seemed a little forced.
  • Smallville is back.

    Finally the show is back. It's been something like 8 weeks since Icarus aired. Collateral was a good episode I felt. I missed Chloe on the show and it was good to see her again. The concept of this episode is something that we've seen on the big screen in movies like the Matrix, but Smallville has always copied ideas from movies. I didn't mind that a lot, because the episode was still enjoyable. I am happy to see that the VRA storyline is starting to get deflated to a degree. I feel that it's time to move on from that, as well as the Suicide Squad. I wasn't a fan of Chloe teaming up with them, but at least it was under her terms. The one part of the episode that I didn't enjoy was Clark being told what he has to do, to the point that you were wondering if he can think for himself. In Shield, Clark showed Chloe enough trust about why she left. I don't get why that had to change. As for flight, my hope is that when it does happen, Lois or anyone else won't be around. It has to be something that he conquers on his own.

    Overall, it was a good episode to get us back in business. Roll on Beacon.
  • Finally!

    After weeks of waiting Smallville is back on our screens and it comes with the return of one of the major characters of this show: Chloe Sullivan.
    I am quite happy that she is back because this character bring something to the show that we can't find in any other characters, plus I was kind of sorry for the lonely Ollie who was waiting for her to come back even if he wasn't looking after her... All right, I'm really a fan of this couple and I like the characters to be in love and all the stuff...
    Enough about that I was kind of lost at the beginning of this episode because I wasn't understaznding the stuff between the cyber space and the reality... Yes, it kind of looks like some SF films and no wonder why I didn't understand. But it was a good way to explain the captivity of our super heroes crew and how they want to take their superpowers. The scenes between Lois and Clark were really interesting because it show us the part that she will play in Clark's future and it brings us closer to the final episode...
    In conclusion it was an original episode which was a good one...this final season is getting better!
  • Their Baaack... And they are off an running.

    After reading some reviews and the forum, and then watching the episode I'm ready to add my two cents. Will first of all let me say that I really did enjoy Collateral. This episode was about the return of Chloe. And everyone is saying it's a Matrix like episode. And I would say yes, it is something like that. The VRA has has Clark and the others trapped in a virtual world in order to learn how their powers work. So they can see how to turn them off and on as they want. (A lot of people are not getting this. WHY??) Chloe explains this to Oliver. This world is not real, and when they figure this out BAM! The exit for the VR world was well placed. Who in their right mind would know to look there. Let A lone do what you have to do, in order to get out. I like how they brought Chloe back. Doing what she does best, working with computers. The fight scene with Black Canary was good. They let Chloe kick some butt. The Suicide Squad is back, and Chloe has them jumping. The fight scene between them and the VRA was great. If Clark had of been there it would have been done so fast we wouldn't get to see it. We do get to see Clark fly, But it's in cyberspace.(SORRY)!! Good news is, I believe Lois will help him to in the real world. This is a filler story to bring back Chloe. Very nicely done. There's a nice moment with Lois and Clark and Oliver and Chloe. People are saying we don't get to see the others released. WOW! They what a lot. But let us remember they are on a budget. In order pay for the VRA ,the Suicide Squad, Black Canary, and Chloe. Somethings have to be given up. We didn't see a lot of extras running around or Tess. We do hear that this VRA team may have been running of the books. I hope reading this makes watching this episode a little bit better. UP! UP! And Away.........
  • Great Episode!

    I loved this episode.
    Lois was so great in this episode, I loved her scenes with Clark and her banter with Dinah was nice as well. Dinah was a bit bitter in cyber world, but it was necessary IMO. It´s not like everyone should have same opinion and she pointed out her reasons why she didn´t trust Chloe - she wasn´t right about her, but it created some tension........and she thanked her in the end so it was good. Also she looked awesome with long hair, and her catfight with Chloe was nice too.
    Special effects were much better than I expected, and it always score points in my book.
    I liked fight with the VRA as well - group fights are something I appreciate very much, and this one, although not too long, was very well executed and all of characters present at the scene were involved.
    And Chloe - I´m so glad she is back She looked absolutely stunning and she was heroic (I liked that), but the scene I liked the most was her scene with Clark on the farm - it reminded me of the old days
    I´m also glad they all ended the episode in happy mood - Oliver with Chloe and Lois with Clark. It´s always nice to have final seconds of Clark smiling.
    And of course - Clark was flying with Lois - it would be more awesome if it was in real life, but I found the scene very nice nontheless.
    Another thing I like about episodes are references - Hawkman was not forgotten (that happens to many dead characterson SV coughAliciacough) and Perry got mention as well - hopefully he will come back before series ends.
    Now I´m pumped for next episode.
    Collateral gets 10 from me
  • Collateral

    Collateral was a superb episode of Smallville with the return of Chloe, but to what end was quite the mystery. I really enjoyed watching this episode which took on a Matrix vibe. I thought it was cool how Chloe was trying to show people the truth, though they were confused about their flash backs about her. This episode was fun, full of action, and had some serious issues of trust explored. I thought the story of the episode was great, and I enjoyed the ending where Clark was remembering Hawkman while looking through his book. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • Collateral

    I really wanted to like this episode, but there were just too many holes. For starters i really love that Chloe is back and i think Allison did a great job, as always, but i did not really like the whole matrix meets smallville. What happened to all of the other heroes? AC, Stargirl, and others. I also thought that it ended rather abruptly. It was not a normal Smallville ending with music playing and usually a surprise or montage it just kind of ended. All in all it was an ok episode but i am still hoping for an amazing episode with Allison in it.
  • 1012

    Wow, I went on this site, to expect a higher rating for this episode, only to be welcomed by an 8.3? Are you kidding me? An underrated mid-season premiere of Smallville. The first episode of 2011 was not disappointing, we got the return of Chloe, action, an interesting plot, and even some nostalgia. I've been waiting for Allison's return all season and what better way to bring her back than in cyberspace?

    Clark's speech to Lois about Chloe brought back a lot of memories, and it's completely understandable why he wouldn't trust her. That scene was probably the best of the episode, we also got a cat fight between Canary & Chloe and that wasn't awful. The flying scene was another great scene and it was great foreshadowing for the future.

    I really hope Chloe sticks around for more than 2 seconds, or at least appears in the series finale, because her appearance here was just awesome. I absolutely loved the plot, not knowing what's reality, definitely a scary thought that Chloe could have betrayed them and they would have plunged to their untimely deaths. Superb episode overall, just a great comeback.
  • Trapped by distrust**SPOILERS WITHIN**

    After being knocked out at Carter's funeral and taken by the VRA for experimentation, Clark and Oliver return home to realize that Chloe may have played a part in the loss of their abilities. Of course, Ollie takes it pretty hard and immediately gets taken to a lovely white padded room that comes with a matching jacket. Clark visits Ollie in the bin. Ollie tells Clark that Chloe was the one experimenting on them and Clark's reaction confirms it. After Clark, pretty much, abandons Ollie again, Chloe appears outta one of those padded walls. She explains to Ollie that the world they are currently in isn't real. He believes her after his straightjacket disappears(Ta-Da!). They escape, BUT...Um, Chloe was very Trinity.That's all I'll say about that. Follow the blond rabbit right off the roof of the Daily Planet..Well, not Clark. As usual, he takes some convincing. Also, as usual, Lois is...Well, Lois. Virtual reality, reality reality: It doesn't really matter. She's awesome, cool, and hilarious. She will always stick up for her cuz. Dinah is officially classified as Lex Luthor's former organ grinder monkey. So quick to throw knives and spinkicks before gathering all the facts. Lois convinces Clark that they are not functioning in reality, but within their minds. After they go up to the DP roof, they are surrounded by multiple Chloes(Agent Smith,anyone?), who had her avatar hijacked by the VRA. After a nudge from Lois to "free his mind", Clark realizes that he is The One as he takes his ladylove on their first virtual flight around the DP globe and down, down the rabbit hole. One thumb up for virtual flight. I'll throw in the other thumb and 2 big toes once it happens for real. In the end, Clark learned that his inability to trust someone who has, literally, died for him could have kept him trapped in virtual hell.
  • Awesome Episode!! Justice League FTW

    Well, I was surprised when I started watching the episode and realized there was some kind of matrix stuff going on, made me chuckle a bit...
    However, thats not the part of the episode I wanna talk about, something bothered me at the end, but more to that later. First, let's talk about the scenes where the Heroes intercept the Zeros (C what I did there?) lol. I mean, ok, there could have been a little more soldiers to take out, kinda would've liked to see Oliver take out 3 guys by himself, just to show us that he is actually relevant to the team (jk, love Oli). Now to the really awesome part: I mean, how awesome was Black Canary? With the heroic soundtrack in the back, I was all like: Whaaat?! get owned!!
    But the thing I really wanted to talk about is Clark flying... I mean it was awesome to see him take to the skies and all, but I kinda expected that it meant he had overcome this barrier, his fear of hights or whatever is holding him to the ground... There were a couple of moments where I thought its gonna happen, he's going to take off now!!

    Takeoff Moment Nr. 1: When the camera slowly went up to the window of the farm, I thought: OMG he's gonna be standing there looking to the sky and really do it!! False Alarm

    Takeoff Moment Nr. 2: When he told Lois she's the one that made him fly, with that smile he had going on, I thought he already knew he was able to fly now and we would get to see it... False Alarm Takeoff Moment Nr. 3 (actually more like 2.5): right after TOM2 (lol, happy accident) when he told Lois maybe they'll get to fly in the real world someday (still with that weird smile), there I thought he was levitating (cause he was looking to the ground when he said it, guess i'm kinda overinterpretating here) and Lois didn't realize it yet and I was hoping she would fall down after they were done cuddling... False Alarm

    Well, over all an awesome Episode, with a bit of teasing at the end (writers are mean ppl) lol
  • Welcome back Mack - we missed ye. Chloe met all my expectations, and having six of her on screen at once was six times better than only one.

    The induced-reality theme in "Collateral" is an often-used gimmick, but it works well with Allison Mack in the lead role, one she plays with a flourish of strong emotion. The others are supporting actors, notwithstanding the opening credits, which listed her as "and." Consider the character range she portrayed - strong leader, persuasive friend, tearful reconciliation, implacable martial arts fighter, joyous bridesmaid.

    The virtual reality theme is taken from "The Matrix," even including Morpheus saying, "The body cannot exist without the mind," which Chloe paraphrases when her avatar rescues Oliver. Chloe gets a well-choreographed hand combat scene with Canary, as she stands in for "Neo." The weapons battle with the DDS agents is another Matrix idea, but all well done.

    Clark's initial reluctance to trust Chloe's leap-of-faith urging was maddening, making him appear indecisive. At least it allowed Lois to play her key role in his life - pushing him to reflect on his past, his need to trust, and his commitments. Without her, he'd be a diminished hero. His eventual leap is straight up, then down on another flight with Lois. Believing you can fly is best followed up with a certified flight instructor - don't try this at home.

    The SV directors have a strange habit in Clark - Lois scenes. They always maintain too much personal space between them, as if they're only acquaintances. When they approach each other on the street, they should be getting close, and perhaps touching affectionately. Otherwise they appear strangely distant - physically and emotionally. Why doesn't he hold her hand as they walk, or put an arm around her?

    After Icarus - and I'm glad it was aired again - the jump from heroes on the floor at Hawkman's funeral, to heroes in test tubes, was too abrupt. It glossed over the implausible knock-out gas administered to the Man of Steel, neatly avoiding the complexity - or overuse - of perhaps Kryptonite to put him down. So don't ask any questions.

    Alaina Huffman looked so much different this season without her cool page-boy 'do and acrobat costume, I almost didn't recognize her. An action heroine should not have long tresses waving in her face and blocking her view of her assailants.

    The Nazi-like garb of the Dept. of "Domestic" Security is just too much - they did everything but goose-step. Do we really need such obvious reminders that these are the bad guys? These overdrawn characterizations are too much fluff and not enough real acting. Don't misunderstand - I liked this episode lots, but the directing and lighting is so overdone that I'm more aware of the pretension than the dialog.

    "Collateral" is a first-rate SV episode, and just as good the second viewing. Believe I'll try a third. Re-run rating B+.
  • Welcome back, Chloe!

    This was bundles of fun!

    After waaay too many episodes without Chloe Sullivan, we're treated to an overdose of the computer wiz, and although this episode may be a tad silly for some, I was grinning from ear to ear as Chloe went from suspected villain to dual-pistol wielding badass to wiping the floor with Black Canary.

    This is essentially a standalone episode in terms of the overall season (even with a slight attempt to web it into the VRA arc) but it does a great job of reintroducing Chloe into the fold and playing off her absence and the effects it has had on various characters.

    What about those action scenes, eh? The second Chloe whipped out those two guns I knew I was in for a wild ride. And, uhm, ok, so Smallville is rarely, if ever, subtle when it comes to cribbing ideas and scenes from other films, and Chloe's fight with Canary was a direct riff on the fight between Neo and Morpheus (and about ten years too late), but it was still frickin' awesome! Chloe has had some of the best fights on the show: Chloe vs Lana, Chloe vs Tess, Chloe vs Tess again, and now Chloe vs Canary. And not once has she had any karate lessons. Nice.

    Speaking of action of the awesome variety, we're presented with the season's first notable superhero ensemble fight sequence. I absolutely loved it! Watching Flag, Dead shot, Green Arrow and Black Canary team up in order to rescue Chloe, each with their own signature move on display, once again left me pining for a Justice League spin-off series! Make it happen already!

    Anyways. What of the episode itself, kickassery aside?

    It just barely works. Part Inception, part Matrix, part typical Smallville with an overwhelming amount of unfunny pop-culture references, ''Collateral'' could have worked had it played up to the possibility of Chloe gone rogue. But what we do get is some serious lag-factor, and Clark comes off far too naive, far too paranoid, and very much like Clark Kent of season one.

    It appears to be a sore topic, and yeah, it was a bit of kick to the face watching Clark fake-fly in this virtual world. After so much progress this season, with so many steps forward, this sort of sh**y teasing, once again, felt like something from an earlier season when the execs had no clue when the show would end. But they do know, damnit, and they should have actually let Clark fly before the credits. I was seriously expecting him to nip out the barn window once Lois had gone and fly like a leaf on the wind.

    I did appreciate Oliver's scenes with Chloe and the fact that he apologised and chastised her at the same time. It felt right. I also liked Lois' pep talk with Clark, but there was that nagging feeling at the back my mind that, while Lois should be there to inspire Clark and offer him support, he should be at that stage himself where he can deduce whether or not the reality is fake, whether Chloe is good or bad, and whether or not he's bloody well ready to fly!!

    And don't even get me started on where the hell Darkseid is at...

    The more I think about it, the more this episode frustrates me. BUT I did have fun and that's more than I can say about the last few episodes of the show. Watchable fluff. (Hmm, maybe that's not such a good thing considering how close we are to the series finale...)
  • Collateral

    After being gone for awhile Chloe returns to the gang as they are all locked into a virtual world after being kidnapped by the VRA. Oliver is quick to believe that Chloe is there to save him. The world they are currently in is a virtual world where they can only be hurt if they believe that they will be, but once that they realize the world is fake they will awaken. Unfortunately Clark and Canary aren't as quick to believe as Oliver. Chloe has to fight Canary in order to get her to believe, and Clark must be convinced by his love Lois. Eventually all are awakened in the real world where Chloe then explains where she has been, and who she has teamed up with.