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Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 18, 2005 on The CW
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After a nightmare, Clark goes to the cave to confront his father Jor-El. Jor-El warns that the crystals have fallen into human hands and have triggered a new meteor shower which will annihilate the Earth unless he reunites the three crystals. Meanwhile, Lex helps Lana, who has apparently committed murder, but then turns against her to get possession of her Kryptonian stone. As disaster looms, Chloe and Lois try to find Lana while Clark attempts to reassemble the stones, and Jason returns to make things unpleasant for the Kents.moreless

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  • The best ever episode of Smallville.

    I don't normally write reviews for episodes. But with "Commencement", I had to make an exception. While this is not my favourite episode of anything ever (that distinguished honour goes to "Two Cathedrals" of The West Wing), it is certainly a close second, and the sheer awesomeness of this episode is hard to come to terms with.

    It has everything you would expect from a season finale - action, emotion, mystery and a cliffhanger ending... I was glad that the running time of this episode is slightly longer than a normal Smallville episode - at 55 minutes (on the DVD version at least), it really makes every second count. All the threads from this season and some from previous seasons come together (and this is reflected in the "previously on" segment which is slightly longer than normal).

    I won't spoil it for you. But if you are a Smallville fan who is currently in the process of watching seasons 1-4, you should look forward to this episode.moreless
  • As Season 4 ends, the Smallville High seniors are graduating, but a threat from space is heading to Smallville, and Clark must face the danger to his future and to his family.moreless

    Season finales are usually cliffhangers, and make us wait months to see if our favorite characters survived the latest peril. "Commencement" closes Season 4 with all those expectations met. Lana's back at the Talon and so is Genevieve, demanding the stone she believes Lana has taken from Jason. Neither yet knows of Jason's fate from last week ("Forever") and neither do we. When Lana refuses, Genevieve pulls a gun, and Lana yields the stone but tries to escape. Genevieve gets a choke-hold, Lana is fading fast, until she has a final transformation into witch-ancestor Isabelle, who gains control and stabs Genevieve with the stone - is this the end of Jane Seymour's season-long run on Smallville? It's a great fight scene, even allowing or a few cuts with stunt players. And the kryptonian symbol on Lana's back disappears. Now guilty of murder/self-defense, Lana is herself again, as Lex appears to witness the murder scene. Clark is awakening to strange phenomena, and outside, the aurora borealis suddenly coalesces into an intense light - something is coming - and he awakes - it was a nightmarish vision. And the something is a large meteor beyond the moon's orbit, heading for Earth as it breaks into thousands of pieces. Fourteen hours to impact.

    Lana and Lex go to his mansion, Lex appearing protective of her as she fears the murder charge she must face, and Genevieve was a powerful political force. Lex obviously sees an opportunity to possess the stone for his own purposes, but Lana still has it. Jonathan and Martha discuss with Clark his nightmare, and Lois, in her cute bunny slippers, joins them, informing the Kents that she will be leaving the farm to join her father in Europe to search for her grifter sister Lucy. Her latest nightmare was about a guy wearing a red cape - Clark remarks, "That sounds horrible, Lois." So it looks like Ms. Durance is being written out of the cast for a couple episodes.

    Lex returns to Lana's apartment to inspect the crime scene, but Lionel arrived first, and has already removed the body. Now it's his turn to demand the stone in exchange for hiding the evidence of Lana's crime. At a local observatory, scientists suddenly detect the meteor swarm heading to Earth, although the antenna array shown is the VLA radio astronomy station on the Plains of San Augustin in New Mexico; it has no optical or radar capability. Anyway, it's now nine hours to impact.

    It's Commencement Day. As Lois helps Clark get ready, they talk about careers in journalism, but she's still bustin' his chops. Clark's hair looks ludicrous under his grad cap, but Chloe looks just right. Uh, oh, Lana is missing the graduation ceremony - which is interrupted by an overzealous force of armed troops announcing an immediate evacuation ahead of the meteors' impact on Smallville. Are those AR-15 rifles really necessary to get the families moving? Cringing at these overblown plot devices is appropriate. Chloe is excited, Clark is concerned, and stays to search for Lana while Chloe and Lois leave via New Beetle convertible. No luck in town, Clark goes home, trying to think of a way to prevent disaster. Lex appears and offers evacuation via corporate jet; Clark refuses, but Lex then reveals the existence of a hidden chamber in the cave. Clark takes the key and goes to the cave, inserts it, and Jor-El's voice castigates Clark for denying his heritage and failing to bring the three stones together. Clark continues to resist, but Jor-El says human blood has stained one of the elements and awakened a great danger from the darkness of space. Even Clark's survival depends on bringing all three elements together. Jor-El's force disappears even as the meteor shower enters Earth's atmosphere. Martha and Jonathan have loaded that Dodge pickup, while Clark returns to tell them he must stay, and Jonathan supports Clark's decision.

    Clark finds Lana in the barn, he urges her to flee, but instead she gives him the bloodied stone, and asks for his trust. After a farewell kiss, she leaves. Lana goes to the mansion where Lex attempts to get the stone from her - she refuses. Now we start the quick cuts toward the finale. As the Kents leave home, who blocks their path...but Jason! He has survived, but is wounded, and threatens them with a shotgun, demanding to know where Clark is. Clark now has two of the three stones in the cave. Lionel and Lex argue over Lana and the missing stone, with Lionel denying that he has it, but at the instant that Clark inserts the two into the cave glyph, Lionel is hit with an unknown force, placing him into a catatonic state and throwing Lex across the room. But Lionel did have the missing stone, and it begins signaling to Clark, who races to the mansion, finding it in Lex's safe, which is full of kryptonite, rendering Clark unable to escape with the stone. Jason tells Martha and Jonathan of his suspicions about barn symbols, Bridget Crosby, and the lack of a birth record on Clark. A helicopter arrives to evacuate Lana, with Lex making one more desperate attempt to extract the stone from her. The helo departs with Lana, leaving Lex at the mansion. Chloe arrives to find Clark disabled but with the third stone in his hand; she frees him just as Lex enters, and Clark zips off, leaving Chloe to face the wrath of Lex over the final break-in. Martha and Jonathan battle Jason, who finally gets the upper hand just as as one of those slow-moving meteors - maybe 200 feet per second rather than the real speed of meteors of 45 MILES per second - slams into the Kent home. With meteor strikes all around, Lana's helo pilot can't keep it airborne, tail rotor gone, they're in a bad-looking autorotation to the ground, killing the pilot and seriously wounding Lana. But Clark now has all the pieces, and the stones form a large crystal. When Chloe and Lex arrive at the cave, Chloe sees Clark grab the crystal and disappear in a flash of light. Clark is instantly transported to a glacial field in the frozen Arctic - no special effects here - he's actually in the middle of nowhere, set in place by the camera helicopter. Lana crawls out of the helo, dragging herself to a nearby crater (why?), made by...a large black spacecraft, about F-117 in shape. As Clark throws the crystal into the Arctic sky, we fade out - to be continued next season! Rerun rating B+, don't miss it.moreless
  • The Sky Is Falling...Again!

    Commencement-After a nightmare, Clark goes to the cave to confront his father Jor-El. Jor-El warns that the crystals have fallen into human hands and have triggered a new meteor shower which will annihilate the Earth unless he reunites the three crystals. Meanwhile, Lex helps Lana, who has apparently committed murder, but then turns against her to get possession of her Kryptonian stone. As disaster looms, Chloe and Lois try to find Lana while Clark attempts to reassemble the stones, and Jason returns to make things unpleasant for the Kents.

    After a season of mostly funless fillers and light hearted whimsy storylines, Smallville returns to an ultimate level of greatness not seen since...well...a long while! "Commencement" (along with the 5th season opener "Arrival") showcase the most epic, pivotal and powerful moments in Smallville's history. Both episodes almost feel like a 2 part Superman movie as the series makes a huge transition from Clark finding out about his destiny and actually starting the journey toward it. All the storylines of not only the season, but the series at this point, all come together to create this fabulous hour TV! The episode opens up with a terrific teaser as Geneiveve Teague is about to kill Lana for the stone, yet Isabelle returns and does the only good thing she's done all season which is kill Genieveve with stone. This releases Lana from Isabelle's possession and her mysterious tattoo disappears (thank god!). But at the same time, Isabelle's actions set into motion another meteor shower which is about to hit Smallville yet again!

    The whole cast really does a sensational job of reacting to the up-coming tragedy that's about to hit their town once again. At the heart of the story is Clark, who after a horrifying dream, goes to Jor-El in the caves and is told by his father that he must find the all 3 stones if he wishes to stop the major threat once and for all. Tom Welling does better as Clark more than usual as Clark realizes his the only one who can save the day. I also love the scene between Clark and his parents before they rush off to leave town. Annette O'Toole is heartwarming as always and John Schiender delivers one of his best performances as his mini-speech to Clark before they part ways is so moving as Jonathan finally puts all his faith in his son, who is now a man. Micheal Rosenbaum begins to truly shine as Lex gets darker and manipulates Lana throughout just to get the stone. The scene where he loses it and yells at her about the stone is chilling. Then there's Chloe trying to still support Clark even at a time where she can easilly die like when she brought Clark out of Lex's vault filled with kryptonite. Lois is her usual storng willed self as she sneaks and fights her way back into Smallville to find Chloe. Heck, I even enjoyed the Clana scene! Kristin Kruek really nails the scene as Lana gives Clark the stone and both characters speak as if they'll never see each other again.

    Smallville's staff must be truly commended for creating a surreal sense of dread throughout this hour as all the residents of Smallville flee in terror of the chaos about to be brought on the town. The special effects also have never been so visually stunning, the second meteor shower actually beats the one in the pilot! Other amazing sequences is Clark saving a little boy from a falling meteor, which is a classic Superman moment, the Kent house getting hit by a meteor with Jason and the Kents inside, Lex and Chloe being overwhelmed by Clark's tranportation in the cave and the shot of Lana discovering a large black spaceship after the meteor shower ends. The episode ends with probably the best cliffhanger the show's ever done. After Clark combines the 3 stones, it becomes a crystal and transports Clark to the Arctic. It's a powerful scene as we know what's about to come as Clark throws the crystal throw the air which looks like the iconic Superman symbol. "Commencement" is an epic powerhouse episode which sets up not only the next season perfectly but the whole second half of Smallville!moreless
  • During a fight, Isobel possesses Lana and stabs Genevieve Teague with one of the stones. As a result, the Smallville High graduation is interrupted by another meteor shower, forcing Clark to find and unite all 3 stones or risk Earth's destruction.moreless

    Upon returning to her apartment, Lana finds Genevieve Teague waiting for her, demanding the stone Lionel said he gave her. A fight ensues where Genevieve gets the upper hand and begins choking Lana, until Isobel emerges and fights back. Isobel grabs the stone and uses it to stab Genevieve, before a bright light engulfs Isobel/Lana. The mysterious tattoo glows purple and disappears, then Lana is shocked to see blood on her hands and a disheveled Lex (see FOREVER) standing in the doorway to her apartment. At the Kent house, Clark has a dream he believes is a warning, while in outerspace, a meteor begins heading straight for Earth. The next day, the Smallville High graduation ceremony is interrupted by military personnel who announce an impending meteor shower and order everyone to evacuate. Visiting the caves, Clark learns from Jor-El that he must unite all three of the Kryptonian stones, or Earth will be destroyed. Meanwhile, Jason turns up at the Kent farm, bloodied and covered in dirt, and takes Martha and Jonathan hostage.

    It's finally graduation day, not that Clark and the gang get to enjoy it much, what with the world about to come to an end. It's also the third and final appearance of Lana's witchy ancestor Isobel, as well as being Isobel's briefest possession. And speaking of possessions, how big of a cop-out was it for Isobel to take over just long enough to kill Genevieve before permanently disappearing? To add insult to Genevieve's injury, Isobel's never mentioned again, at least not throughout the episode. And why would she suddenly just disappear after killing Genevieve, when she failed to obtain all the stones, her number one priority? Like I said, cop-out. Anyway, while Clark was rushing to save the world, and a fine job he did, things got hectic and confusing. First off, I don't doubt that Lex's intentions were noble and sincere when it came to helping Lana, but then he did a complete 180 and obsessed over getting the stone to the point that he started digging through her purse. What was the deal? Also, how did Jason survive getting shot AND falling off a cliff? Oh, well, I still give COMMENCEMENT ten out of ten stars. Aside from the chaos and confusion I've complained about, I enjoyed the few, yet memorable, Clois scenes, and watching Chloe play sidekick to Clark's frantic hero. Plus, the effects were awesome, but then again, they spent more money for this episode than the pilot, so there you go.

    Highlights: Genevieve confronting Lana, and the subsequent fight; Clark's dream; Lex helping Lana wash blood off her hands; Clark's interpretation of his dream, and Lois's announcement; Lois helping Clark with his tie while discussing their respective futures; Clark receiving his diploma, with his parents and Lois cheering him on (:D); Lois, while panicking, telling Clark not to panic; Clark visiting Jor-El in the caves; Lana giving Clark the blood-stained stone; Jason taking the Kents hostage ("I'm having what you'd call a rough day." Yeah, no kidding.); Lois distracting a soldier so Chloe can retrieve Lana; Lionel getting zapped by the stone in his pocket (How cool is it that he's now Jor-El's oracle?); Chloe helping Clark at Lex's mansion; Jonathan and Martha's fight with Jason; Clark saving a (dimwitted) kid from a meteor; Chloe knocking out Lex in the caves (:D); and finally, Clark uniting the stones and winding up in the Arctic.moreless
  • Great Episode

    On the Smallville High graduation day, Lana Lang is attacked by Genevieve Teague in her apartment, and she mortally stabs Genevieve with the Kryptonian stone, killing her. The blood in the element triggers a meteor shower toward Smallville. Clark Kent goes to the Kawatche caves and after inserting the disc in a stone, he talks to Jor-El, who orders him to join the three stones to save Earth of destruction. Lana Lang surprisingly gives one of the stones to Clark, and the other one, which is in possess of Lionel, "calls" him. A deranged and wounded Jason goes to the Kent farm and threatens Martha and Jonathan trying to find the stones. And Chloe saves Clark in the Luthor mansion. "Commencement" is certainly the best episode of the Fourth Season of "Smallville", with many new situations: the death of Genevieve Teague; the declaration of Lana to Clark; another meteor shower in Smallville; Chloe secretly saving Clark; Lana apparently seeing a spacecraft; Clark sent to the Artic.moreless
Tom Welling

Tom Welling

Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk

Lana Lang

Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum

Alexander ('Lex') Joseph Luthor

Allison Mack

Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan

Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles

Jason Teague

John Glover

John Glover

Lionel Luthor

David Orth

David Orth


Guest Star

Tom Pickett

Tom Pickett


Guest Star

Craig Veroni

Craig Veroni


Guest Star

Erica Durance

Erica Durance

Lois Lane

Recurring Role

Jane Seymour (I)

Jane Seymour (I)

Genevieve Teague

Recurring Role

Terence Stamp

Terence Stamp

Voice of Jor-El

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (23)

    • While everybody else is trying to escape or hide somewhere from the meteorites, someone thought that the safest place to be is their huge fuel truck on an open road under the falling rocks.

    • In the third "running clock stamp" Deep-Impact style during the episode, the clock is shown counting down from 02:21:03:83 to 02:21:01:37 which then jumps straight to 02:20:59:33, missing 02:21:00.

    • When the CGI LuthorCorp helicopter carrying Lana is dodging the falling meteors it is clearly empty. When the camera zooms in towards it Lana and the pilot fade in from nothing. This is presumably because they didn't have time, or enough money left, to add a CGI pilot or Lana into the cockpit.

    • Trivia: The astronomer at the research facility that spots the asteroid is reading Adbusters, a popular sub-culture magazine.

    • As Lana limps toward the crater, you can see flames over the edge. But when they cut to an overhead shot, there's no sign of flames.

    • Why does the soldier snap to attention when he realizes he's talking to General Lane's daughter? Regardless of the rank of her father, Lois has no authority whatsoever to warrant that kind of respect, especially in a crisis situation. Every military man knows from day one of boot camp, you give attention to officers (and their superiors) and the Medal of Honor and that's it.

    • When Lois gets out to talk to the soldier, there is a red Explorer directly next to Chloe's car. However, when Lois walks ahead of the car toward the soldier, the same Explorer is seen, about two or three car lengths in front of where Chloe is.

    • In the previous episode, "Forever," Lionel said he gave the stone to Lana. This episode establishes he's lying (since he still has the stone) but...why? By telling the Teagues that Lana has the stone, he endangered her, but again...why? There seems no reason he'd want her to be killed by the Teagues. And if he's doing it because she has the second stone, why not just get it himself?

    • Despite her kung fu skills that have allowed her to toss around grown men, Lana is unable to deal with a woman roughly three times her age, in hand-to-hand combat.

    • Why does the shrill "come get me" signal or whatever it is activate after Clark places the second key, but not after he places the first one?

    • The security guard comes in after Lex gets Lana settled and says that they have a situation. Ummm, what's the situation? They don't know about the meteors, and Lionel at the Talon is hardly a "situation." Also it's pretty clear Lex doesn't know Lionel is there when he goes back.

    • During the scene of the end of the commencement ceremony, Clark's shirt alternates between dry and dampened by raindrops from shot to shot.

    • Lana is freaked out about killing someone...but she impaled one of Morgan Edge's henchmen on a rake at the start of Season 3 and never seemed too concerned, then or now.

    • High schools almost always take role before graduation in order to prevent the speaker from calling the name of any students not present, such as when the speaker calls Lana's name several times. Clearly Lana wasn't there before the ceremony to take role then.

    • Why doesn't Clark use his x-ray vision to check out the vault for green kryptonite? It's not like Lex and others don't keep the stuff in storage for Clark to stumble across.

    • You would think by now Lex would be keen on security in the manor. Jason just broke in and darted him the previous week. And yet he still doesn't have any security cameras, which he could have used to see who broke in and stole the stone.

    • Why does Lana wait until she travels from her apartment to Lex's mansion to wash the blood off of her hands? And why does she use a pitcher and bowl of water, instead of a sink with running water? Doesn't Lex have indoor plumbing?

    • It's very dramatic, but is Isabelle really so lazy she just can't reach over three inches to grab the stone rather then use her vast magical powers to slide it those epic three inches into her hand?

    • Given everything she's been through, working at the Talon, going to Paris, assorted kidnappings, assaults, and wild sprees under the influence of mutated plants, even given a liberal interpretation it seems impossible that Lana has never missed a day of school or been late, as Clark claims at graduation.

    • Clark, Jonathan, and Martha are all at the graduation. The Army shows up and starts moving people out. Jonathan and Martha go back to pack and Clark goes to do...something. By the time Clark gets back to the farm (in the very next scene), his parents are already back there and are least halfway through packing. But...where has Clark been during the time it took them to pack? He has superspeed - he could have been all over Smallville (presumably looking for Lana) dozens of times before they even got back to the farm.

    • Why is Lex in such a hurry this episode? He doesn't really pressure Lana for the stone at first, but later he's in a desperate rush to get them. Why? There's no reason he would think the caves might be destroyed in the meteor shower (they survived the first one just fine). But suddenly after talking with Clark, Lex just seems insanely obsessed with getting the stones now, in the middle of a huge crisis situation.

    • When Jason holds the Kents hostage, he says he ran into Clark in Shanghai, but the closed captioning says "Beijing."

    • Clark insists that he has to hurry and talk to Jor-El before the meteors rain down, but he still takes time to change out of his slacks and into a pair of jeans and a shirt. If he was in so much of a hurry why would he have gone and changed? Or did he just want to look good for Dad?

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Lex: If you didn't break into my library, you know who did. Who are you trying to protect?
      Chloe: No one.
      Lex: Is it Clark?
      Chloe: Clark? Of course not. What does Clark have to do with any of this?
      Lex: You tell me. You've known Clark a lot longer than I have. In fact, you might know him better than anyone.
      Chloe: You're right, Lex, I do. And the Clark Kent I know would be the last person to go super thief on your library for some stupid piece of rock.

    • Chloe: Why do I get the feeling we're not in this cave for cover?
      Lex: You know as well as I do. It's the epicenter.
      Chloe: Of what?
      Lex: Come on, Chloe! You're the town purveyor of all things unexplained! You know damn well about this cave and the stones.

    • Lex: You know more than you're telling me, Chloe. Who did this?
      Chloe: Lex, honestly, I just came to find Lana.
      Lex: Your curiosity seems to always have a way of landing you in precarious positions. Only this time you are on a very narrow ledge with only one way back! Now, who took the element?
      Chloe: Lex, I swear it, I don't know what you're talking about. But I think we need to get out of Smallville before the meteor shower hits.
      Lex: We'll find that stone, Chloe, even if that means dodging a few meteors in the process. You're coming with me.

    • Lex: Now, Lana, for your own safety, I need that stone. Look, we all have a need to cling on to things, but eventually you have to loosen your grip. It's too dangerous for you.
      Lana: I don't have it!
      Lex: Lies don't become you.
      Lana: It's the truth, Lex. I don't have it. Trust me, it's safe, I promise!
      Lex: Where is it?!
      (Lex snatches Lana's purse and begins digging through it)
      Lana: This was never about my safety, was it? This is about you getting your hands on that stone!
      Lex: (composing himself) Lana...your safety is more important than any of this. You mean a lot more to me than you know.

    • Jonathan: There is a meteor shower about to tear this town apart!
      Martha: You need to get to your mother and get her to safety!
      Jason: Don't you think I know that? I can't find her anywhere! But I'll tell you one thing. When I do find my mother, I finally be able to give her the one thing she's been searching for all these years. Now tell me where the stones are!

    • Jason: You know, when my mother came to Smallville, she thought the Luthors would lead her to the stones. But she was wrong. It was a farm boy. The one who has no record of ever being born. He's more connected to those stones than any of us.

    • Jonathan: Jason, why don't you let Martha go? She doesn't know anything about any of this.
      Jason: Oh, a mother always knows her son's deep, dark secrets.

    • Lana: (to Clark) Remember all those times that I asked you for an explanation, but you said you couldn't give me one? That I had to trust you? Well, this time I need you to trust me.

    • Martha: Those meteors can kill him, Jonathan.
      Jonathan: I know that, sweetheart. But if we have faith in our son, then we can't let that faith waver now.

    • Lois: Now listen to me, Smallville, if there's one thing that the General has taught me is that you cannot panic in times of crisis. Do you hear me? Okay, whatever happens, you have to stay calm. You cannot panic.
      Clark: Lois...
      Lois: Because if you lose your cool...
      Clark: Lois!
      Lois: What?
      Clark: You're panicking.

    • Lois: Nightmare? So that's what all this commotion is about?
      Jonathan: Lois.
      Lois: (to Clark) You know, if it makes you feel any better, I have them all the time. I had this one last week. Really scary. This, uh, guy wearing a red cape.
      Clark: (sarcastic) Oh, that sounds horrible, Lois.

    • Genevieve: I have to applaud you, Lana. I raised my son to have a willpower that couldn't be broken by anything. Except his love for you, apparently.

    • Jonathon: Lois, you're welcome here anytime.
      Clark: Actually...
      Martha: We'll all miss you.

    • Clark: But I'm the only one that can do this.
      Jonathon: All the years that your mother and I spent raising you from a wide-eyed toddler running around on this farm to the man who is standing in front of me right now, was for this moment. (pause) You do this son, you make us proud.

    • Jonathan: Son, you might be stronger than steel, but you're not invincible.

    • Chloe: Hey, Clark, can you believe it? Twice in sixteen years. I mean, this is crazy. Smallville has some extraterrestrial bullseye on it.
      Clark: It's pretty weird, huh?

    • Lois: Clark, I know how devastated you must be, but if you could just keep your tears to a minimum, I'd appreciate it.
      Clark: I'll try.

    • Lois: I took this career test in some magazine - it said that my perfect job would be disc jockey.
      Clark: That would make sense - you certainly talk enough. There won't be any dead air.

    • Lionel: You know, for a woman without a heart, Genevieve Teague certainly did have a lot of blood.

    • Jason: I'm having what you'd call a rough day.

    • Lex: What happened to your survival instincts, Dad? Fire and brimstone are about to rain down from the sky and you're sipping a cocktail like it's Sunday at the country club.

    • Lex: Can you hear me, Dad? Before you leave this Earth, I want you to did create the son you always wanted.

    • Lois: Oh, come on, Clark, your future's laid out right in front of you. You're going to go to community college, major in agriculture, probably minor in law enforcement, and then you and Lana are going to have a nice little church wedding.
      Clark: Excuse me?
      Lois: It's written in the stars and you know it. It's only a matter of time before you join the bowling league, take over the family farm, and then, well, you and Lana can bring little Clark Jr. into the world.

    • Lois: I just want you to know, Clark that when I'm sitting in the audience today at your graduation and you stand up on that stage in front of all of those people, I'm going to be looking up at you and thinking one thing.
      Clark: What's that?
      Lois: Please, God, don't let him trip.

    • Chloe: You have a way of getting things done in half the time a normal person would.
      Clark: And I'm not normal?
      Chloe: No, of course you're normal, Clark. You're as normal as they come. Now let's hurry and find Lana.

  • NOTES (7)

    • This was the show's most expensive episode since the pilot.

    • This episode received the 2005 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Sound Editing For A Series. This episode was nominated for a 2006 VES Award for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Series. This episode was nominated for a 2006 Golden Reel Award for Best Sound Editing in Television Short Form - Sound Effects & Foley.

    • One of the graduates mentioned at the ceremony is "Holly Harold" - Holly Harold is a Smallville writer of four episodes as of this episode's original airing.

    • On its original airing, this episode filled a 90-minute time slot with the last ten minutes featuring an exclusive 10-minute preview of the movie Batman Begins.

    • On its original 5/18/05 airing, the WB ran an ad for Jensen Ackles' new series Supernatural. The WB had officially announced that it was part of their fall schedule just one day previously.

    • Erica Durance, Terence Stamp, and Jane Seymour are all billed as "Special Appearance" - Stamp and Seymour are identified by character name.

    • Last appearance of Jensen Ackles as Jason Teague and Jane Seymour as Genevieve Teague.


    • Landscape
      When Lois comes over the hill to view Smallville after the meteor shower, the scene is reminiscent of Andrew Wyeth's painting, Christina's World which shows a young women from behind viewing a farm house. However, instead of an idyllic scene, Lois is viewing the devastated Smallville.

    • Lois: No. Kill me first, even if I could spell, the last thing I'd want to do is spend my time in a newsroom. With my luck I'd probably end up across the desk from the most bumbling reporter on the masthead.
      This is an allusion to Lois' future position in the comics and movies as a reporter, across the desk from Clark Kent.