Season 4 Episode 22


Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 18, 2005 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • While everybody else is trying to escape or hide somewhere from the meteorites, someone thought that the safest place to be is their huge fuel truck on an open road under the falling rocks.

    • In the third "running clock stamp" Deep-Impact style during the episode, the clock is shown counting down from 02:21:03:83 to 02:21:01:37 which then jumps straight to 02:20:59:33, missing 02:21:00.

    • When the CGI LuthorCorp helicopter carrying Lana is dodging the falling meteors it is clearly empty. When the camera zooms in towards it Lana and the pilot fade in from nothing. This is presumably because they didn't have time, or enough money left, to add a CGI pilot or Lana into the cockpit.

    • Trivia: The astronomer at the research facility that spots the asteroid is reading Adbusters, a popular sub-culture magazine.

    • As Lana limps toward the crater, you can see flames over the edge. But when they cut to an overhead shot, there's no sign of flames.

    • Why does the soldier snap to attention when he realizes he's talking to General Lane's daughter? Regardless of the rank of her father, Lois has no authority whatsoever to warrant that kind of respect, especially in a crisis situation. Every military man knows from day one of boot camp, you give attention to officers (and their superiors) and the Medal of Honor and that's it.

    • When Lois gets out to talk to the soldier, there is a red Explorer directly next to Chloe's car. However, when Lois walks ahead of the car toward the soldier, the same Explorer is seen, about two or three car lengths in front of where Chloe is.

    • In the previous episode, "Forever," Lionel said he gave the stone to Lana. This episode establishes he's lying (since he still has the stone) but...why? By telling the Teagues that Lana has the stone, he endangered her, but again...why? There seems no reason he'd want her to be killed by the Teagues. And if he's doing it because she has the second stone, why not just get it himself?

    • Despite her kung fu skills that have allowed her to toss around grown men, Lana is unable to deal with a woman roughly three times her age, in hand-to-hand combat.

    • Why does the shrill "come get me" signal or whatever it is activate after Clark places the second key, but not after he places the first one?

    • The security guard comes in after Lex gets Lana settled and says that they have a situation. Ummm, what's the situation? They don't know about the meteors, and Lionel at the Talon is hardly a "situation." Also it's pretty clear Lex doesn't know Lionel is there when he goes back.

    • During the scene of the end of the commencement ceremony, Clark's shirt alternates between dry and dampened by raindrops from shot to shot.

    • Lana is freaked out about killing someone...but she impaled one of Morgan Edge's henchmen on a rake at the start of Season 3 and never seemed too concerned, then or now.

    • High schools almost always take role before graduation in order to prevent the speaker from calling the name of any students not present, such as when the speaker calls Lana's name several times. Clearly Lana wasn't there before the ceremony to take role then.

    • Why doesn't Clark use his x-ray vision to check out the vault for green kryptonite? It's not like Lex and others don't keep the stuff in storage for Clark to stumble across.

    • You would think by now Lex would be keen on security in the manor. Jason just broke in and darted him the previous week. And yet he still doesn't have any security cameras, which he could have used to see who broke in and stole the stone.

    • Why does Lana wait until she travels from her apartment to Lex's mansion to wash the blood off of her hands? And why does she use a pitcher and bowl of water, instead of a sink with running water? Doesn't Lex have indoor plumbing?

    • It's very dramatic, but is Isabelle really so lazy she just can't reach over three inches to grab the stone rather then use her vast magical powers to slide it those epic three inches into her hand?

    • Given everything she's been through, working at the Talon, going to Paris, assorted kidnappings, assaults, and wild sprees under the influence of mutated plants, even given a liberal interpretation it seems impossible that Lana has never missed a day of school or been late, as Clark claims at graduation.

    • Clark, Jonathan, and Martha are all at the graduation. The Army shows up and starts moving people out. Jonathan and Martha go back to pack and Clark goes to do...something. By the time Clark gets back to the farm (in the very next scene), his parents are already back there and are least halfway through packing. But...where has Clark been during the time it took them to pack? He has superspeed - he could have been all over Smallville (presumably looking for Lana) dozens of times before they even got back to the farm.

    • Why is Lex in such a hurry this episode? He doesn't really pressure Lana for the stone at first, but later he's in a desperate rush to get them. Why? There's no reason he would think the caves might be destroyed in the meteor shower (they survived the first one just fine). But suddenly after talking with Clark, Lex just seems insanely obsessed with getting the stones now, in the middle of a huge crisis situation.

    • When Jason holds the Kents hostage, he says he ran into Clark in Shanghai, but the closed captioning says "Beijing."

    • Clark insists that he has to hurry and talk to Jor-El before the meteors rain down, but he still takes time to change out of his slacks and into a pair of jeans and a shirt. If he was in so much of a hurry why would he have gone and changed? Or did he just want to look good for Dad?

  • Quotes

    • Lex: If you didn't break into my library, you know who did. Who are you trying to protect?
      Chloe: No one.
      Lex: Is it Clark?
      Chloe: Clark? Of course not. What does Clark have to do with any of this?
      Lex: You tell me. You've known Clark a lot longer than I have. In fact, you might know him better than anyone.
      Chloe: You're right, Lex, I do. And the Clark Kent I know would be the last person to go super thief on your library for some stupid piece of rock.

    • Chloe: Why do I get the feeling we're not in this cave for cover?
      Lex: You know as well as I do. It's the epicenter.
      Chloe: Of what?
      Lex: Come on, Chloe! You're the town purveyor of all things unexplained! You know damn well about this cave and the stones.

    • Lex: You know more than you're telling me, Chloe. Who did this?
      Chloe: Lex, honestly, I just came to find Lana.
      Lex: Your curiosity seems to always have a way of landing you in precarious positions. Only this time you are on a very narrow ledge with only one way back! Now, who took the element?
      Chloe: Lex, I swear it, I don't know what you're talking about. But I think we need to get out of Smallville before the meteor shower hits.
      Lex: We'll find that stone, Chloe, even if that means dodging a few meteors in the process. You're coming with me.

    • Lex: Now, Lana, for your own safety, I need that stone. Look, we all have a need to cling on to things, but eventually you have to loosen your grip. It's too dangerous for you.
      Lana: I don't have it!
      Lex: Lies don't become you.
      Lana: It's the truth, Lex. I don't have it. Trust me, it's safe, I promise!
      Lex: Where is it?!
      (Lex snatches Lana's purse and begins digging through it)
      Lana: This was never about my safety, was it? This is about you getting your hands on that stone!
      Lex: (composing himself) Lana...your safety is more important than any of this. You mean a lot more to me than you know.

    • Jonathan: There is a meteor shower about to tear this town apart!
      Martha: You need to get to your mother and get her to safety!
      Jason: Don't you think I know that? I can't find her anywhere! But I'll tell you one thing. When I do find my mother, I finally be able to give her the one thing she's been searching for all these years. Now tell me where the stones are!

    • Jason: You know, when my mother came to Smallville, she thought the Luthors would lead her to the stones. But she was wrong. It was a farm boy. The one who has no record of ever being born. He's more connected to those stones than any of us.

    • Jonathan: Jason, why don't you let Martha go? She doesn't know anything about any of this.
      Jason: Oh, a mother always knows her son's deep, dark secrets.

    • Lana: (to Clark) Remember all those times that I asked you for an explanation, but you said you couldn't give me one? That I had to trust you? Well, this time I need you to trust me.

    • Martha: Those meteors can kill him, Jonathan.
      Jonathan: I know that, sweetheart. But if we have faith in our son, then we can't let that faith waver now.

    • Lois: Now listen to me, Smallville, if there's one thing that the General has taught me is that you cannot panic in times of crisis. Do you hear me? Okay, whatever happens, you have to stay calm. You cannot panic.
      Clark: Lois...
      Lois: Because if you lose your cool...
      Clark: Lois!
      Lois: What?
      Clark: You're panicking.

    • Lois: Nightmare? So that's what all this commotion is about?
      Jonathan: Lois.
      Lois: (to Clark) You know, if it makes you feel any better, I have them all the time. I had this one last week. Really scary. This, uh, guy wearing a red cape.
      Clark: (sarcastic) Oh, that sounds horrible, Lois.

    • Genevieve: I have to applaud you, Lana. I raised my son to have a willpower that couldn't be broken by anything. Except his love for you, apparently.

    • Jonathon: Lois, you're welcome here anytime.
      Clark: Actually...
      Martha: We'll all miss you.

    • Clark: But I'm the only one that can do this.
      Jonathon: All the years that your mother and I spent raising you from a wide-eyed toddler running around on this farm to the man who is standing in front of me right now, was for this moment. (pause) You do this son, you make us proud.

    • Jonathan: Son, you might be stronger than steel, but you're not invincible.

    • Chloe: Hey, Clark, can you believe it? Twice in sixteen years. I mean, this is crazy. Smallville has some extraterrestrial bullseye on it.
      Clark: It's pretty weird, huh?

    • Lois: Clark, I know how devastated you must be, but if you could just keep your tears to a minimum, I'd appreciate it.
      Clark: I'll try.

    • Lois: I took this career test in some magazine - it said that my perfect job would be disc jockey.
      Clark: That would make sense - you certainly talk enough. There won't be any dead air.

    • Lionel: You know, for a woman without a heart, Genevieve Teague certainly did have a lot of blood.

    • Jason: I'm having what you'd call a rough day.

    • Lex: What happened to your survival instincts, Dad? Fire and brimstone are about to rain down from the sky and you're sipping a cocktail like it's Sunday at the country club.

    • Lex: Can you hear me, Dad? Before you leave this Earth, I want you to did create the son you always wanted.

    • Lois: Oh, come on, Clark, your future's laid out right in front of you. You're going to go to community college, major in agriculture, probably minor in law enforcement, and then you and Lana are going to have a nice little church wedding.
      Clark: Excuse me?
      Lois: It's written in the stars and you know it. It's only a matter of time before you join the bowling league, take over the family farm, and then, well, you and Lana can bring little Clark Jr. into the world.

    • Lois: I just want you to know, Clark that when I'm sitting in the audience today at your graduation and you stand up on that stage in front of all of those people, I'm going to be looking up at you and thinking one thing.
      Clark: What's that?
      Lois: Please, God, don't let him trip.

    • Chloe: You have a way of getting things done in half the time a normal person would.
      Clark: And I'm not normal?
      Chloe: No, of course you're normal, Clark. You're as normal as they come. Now let's hurry and find Lana.

  • Notes

    • This was the show's most expensive episode since the pilot.

    • This episode received the 2005 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Sound Editing For A Series. This episode was nominated for a 2006 VES Award for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Series. This episode was nominated for a 2006 Golden Reel Award for Best Sound Editing in Television Short Form - Sound Effects & Foley.

    • One of the graduates mentioned at the ceremony is "Holly Harold" - Holly Harold is a Smallville writer of four episodes as of this episode's original airing.

    • On its original airing, this episode filled a 90-minute time slot with the last ten minutes featuring an exclusive 10-minute preview of the movie Batman Begins.

    • On its original 5/18/05 airing, the WB ran an ad for Jensen Ackles' new series Supernatural. The WB had officially announced that it was part of their fall schedule just one day previously.

    • Erica Durance, Terence Stamp, and Jane Seymour are all billed as "Special Appearance" - Stamp and Seymour are identified by character name.

    • Last appearance of Jensen Ackles as Jason Teague and Jane Seymour as Genevieve Teague.

  • Allusions

    • Landscape
      When Lois comes over the hill to view Smallville after the meteor shower, the scene is reminiscent of Andrew Wyeth's painting, Christina's World which shows a young women from behind viewing a farm house. However, instead of an idyllic scene, Lois is viewing the devastated Smallville.

    • Lois: No. Kill me first, even if I could spell, the last thing I'd want to do is spend my time in a newsroom. With my luck I'd probably end up across the desk from the most bumbling reporter on the masthead.
      This is an allusion to Lois' future position in the comics and movies as a reporter, across the desk from Clark Kent.