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This community has been dead for a while, naturally, but I thought why not jump onto my Top 10 Episodes for some sweet reminiscing! We all need it sometimes and I really need a Smallville fix right now. This is where the magic happened at CW before it got super-usual. This show is that rare instance where you saw it on TV and you knew you where watching the tale of a superheroes origin, or if you're Barney you will be referring to Lex's origin.

This is the one show that I have never faltered to like (surprising, I know) and most likely never will! I need to warn everybody first that my favorite seasons are 6 and 9, so my taste is more of the darker.. One thing I cannot complain about on Smallville are the season finales so you can almost guarantee they will be making their way onto my lists!

This list will only feature seasons 1 to 5 as there are too many good episodes to mash into one top 10 (I made that mistake with Buffy and had to sit for a good long while making up my mind on what episodes to include).

Onto the list!

10. Pilot (Season 1, Episode 1)

Never before had I loved a show as fast as I did this one! The pilot gave me all the Superman jitters I needed to keep me hooked for the remainder of what I consider a pretty dull season. Don't get me wrong, season 1 had it's charm but too much "freaks of the weeks" and too little of interesting juicy Superman stuff that came into play later on. The pilot gave us a showcase on each and every character and Chloe was easily one of the best right of the bat. This episode showed what a pain Lana was going to be and I was right even though I somehow ended up liking her anyway only to change my mind when they milked her character to an unnecessary extent (learn from this with Laurel in Arrow please, if you're not going to do something important then just kill her already).

This episode is simply a must see and the storyline about the "Freak of the week" is skippable. The only purpose it served was a more thorough introduction to Chloe and Pete in Clark's life but that's about it.

9. Vessel (Season 5, Episode 22)

This was one season finale that blew my Superman infected mind at the time! It included Brainiac, Zod's arrival, Clark being sent to the Phantom Zone (oh spoiler alert btw) and much more! I was simply sitting there in my couch planning my run to the nearest video store to buy myself season 6. So much was going on that also didn't make it higher on my list. Like the pacing was drastically amped from the beginning to the end and what could've been built up over the course of the season was rushed to simply happen during the end. Still love the episode though and think this is one of the many reasons why Smallville always managed to nail it's cliffhangers/finales and season starters!

8. Onyx (Season 4, Episode 17)

I like to have some unexpected episodes on my list and this one was very much like one of my favorite Xander episodes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer called "The Replacement" where through an accident a person is split in two, in this case Lex was split into Lex (his good personality) and Alexander (everything bad bubbling in Lex). Not only did this episode offer what I've always wanted to see from Lex but also featured the kryptonite ring on Lex's finger which sent me back to the comics and yeah you can imagine how much I smiled watching this episode the first time. Everything I ever wanted to see from Lex was right here and his rivalry with Clark here made me want for him to kill his good persona and just stay this way! Who knew they'd do what they did in season 7 and 8 to rob us of him all too early :(

7. Red (Season 2, Episode 4)

No list of mine would be whole without this episode. The introduction of Red Kryptonite. I love me red kryptonite! Clark becomes such a bad ass whenever he is infected with red kryptonite and considering how vague the effects of red kryptonite have been in everything before Smallville, I think they did a great job with making the kryptonite's effects on Kryptonians pretty clear. Yeah, this episode is just an amazingly fun watch and all the encounters really (excluding the rave one) have been amazingly fun or bad ass in one way or another!

6. Rosetta (Season 2, Episode 17)

Here is where we learn about Krypton and Clark's purpose, supposed purpose. We see the passing of the cape from the big screen Superman, Christopher Reeve, to the small screen Clark Kent on his journey to become Superman. It's truly an epic episode that simply floats by. You learn things in a satisfying way and at the end you realize just what Jor-El intended with sending Clark to Earth (but that is somehow not what he meant later on, yeah color me confused).

If you're going through the seasons and you come to this one and you're like, huh I'm going to skip this one for the funnzies of doing so, don't. Because I will find you and I will make you watch it.. With buttery popcorns and some drink of your preference! Yeah, hell I know. *dusts of shoulder*

5. Crusade (Season 4, Episode 1)

Here we finally figure out what Jor-El wants and it was pretty satisfying. All he wanted was for Kal-El to surface and be the best that he can be without morals standing in the way. Can't really argue with that one! The introduction to this season was stunning. We got some new faces showing up, (although too early in my opinion) amongst them Lois Lane. I wouldn't call her that just yet because she did nothing but annoy me and make no sense in the story at first, until maybe season 8 where she actually became a relatively good character. She was blonde for god's sake! Yeah she's the only reason this episode isn't closer to the number one spot. Kal-El was amazing. The flying scene blew my mind. Lex's turn out from the amazing season 3 finale was pretty interesting. Oh, and I actually liked Kal-El's interactions with Lois, they were somewhat funny and liked how she saw him naked before anything else! It was all out there, literally.

4. Reckoning (Season 5, Episode 12)

As a huge Superman fan, this episode was pivotal. In my opinion, it delivered. Though the reason for Jonathan's demise is also what kicked Clark's journey to being Superman into a slow one. It seems instead of fueling him it filled him with guilt and doubt. Hey, it gave me 10 seasons so I'm not complaining!
In this episode we saw the happy part and the "we know what happens during one part let's see the next one". The happy part was super jolly and everything was perfect, except for Lex's reaction to the proposal and secret revealing and of course Lana's death (wait that is a happy moment). Then comes the other one, where Lana doesn't die (sad moment) and instead another life is taken. Jonathan's life more accurately. This was necessary but slightly premature if you ask me. Even though I'm not so sure season 6 would've been as good with Jonathan in it. I just think this episode is so important and so good it deserves to be here, if this was a top 10 of all 10 seasons it would probably not be here but now it has to be!

3. Commencement (Season 4, Episode 22)

Best season finale out of all 5 seasons? I think so. This episode manages to blow minds. A lot happens, kind of the usual Smallville season finale. Clark goes to the arctic so we all know we will be seeing the Fortress of Solitude next season, Chloe goes along with him (finally!), Lana see's something that might just get her killed, Clark's parents might be dead and Lex goes a little bit crazy when his obsession get's the better of him. Lionel being in a catatonic state means something and we'll just have to wait to see what, but yeah the wait was worth it. He needed to stop being seen as the villain so that Lex could completely seise the spot. This finale was all about epic, and it delivered.
2. Exile (Season 3, Episode 1)

Best season starter out of all these seasons in my opinion. This episode showed us a really really bad ass Kal that robbed banks just to show other thugs how pathetic they were. We saw some Morgan Edge and we got some more of the red kryptonite. I just loved how everything in this episode was so very grande. From the reveal that Chloe knew where he's been to Lana going to see him and then his dad doing whatever he can to get his son back. This episode is simply amazing and a better start to the season, I could not have even hoped for!
1. Run (Season 4, Episode 5)

I like going for the unexpected with my last pick, but this might not be that unexpected for some... This is IMO the best stand-alone episode in all of the 5 seasons. There where a lot to pick from but I simply love the introduction to Bart Allen. Kyle Gallner is what I think about when I see Bart Allen (or Impulse) in my mind. In all honesty I'm not sure why I love this episode but it was just nice to see that Clark felt a little less lonely out there and he had someone he could bond with (the no secrets kind of way, well maybe some). This is one of those episodes you long to see and is over to fast when you've seen it. Thank god they bring him back for some epic stuff later on, which will be explored in my Seasons 6 to 10, top ten list.

Looking forward to making it quite soon. I have a lot of these planned as a matter of fact!
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