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Continuing the "Top 10," I started a while back, I will be going over my favorite episodes from seasons 6 to 10. I'd like to point out that season 6 and 9 where my favorites but I felt like it was mainly the overall arc that was attractive to me as a viewer. With that said let's get on with it.

*Spoilers will consistently appear here so don't read unless you haven't seen this great show before!*

10. Bizarro (Season 7, Episode 1)

With a shockingly great start to season 7, I was quite disappointed when I eventually ended up at the last episode. Where did it all go wrong? This episode had everything that Smallville consistently provided us with; twists, strong villain, heroic moments and comedic ones at that (Bizarro and Lois in the manor)!

Through the comic lore, Bizarro has always fascinated me with all his different origins. Since Joker was out of the question in Smallville why not change it up and make Bizarro a phantom zoner! That was a great idea, really... Wouldn't have thought of that myself. In any case, this did explain why he was the way he was in an elegant way and would set us up to what could be Clark's greatest challenge yet, himself.

Oh and Lana's alive, dammit!

9. Luthor (Season 10, Episode 10)

This episode showed us what would've happened if Clark was raised a Luthor. I really quite enjoyed that because any time I get to see Tom Welling play a bad guy, is a good time and I think he plays bad really really good! Clark Luthor was a ruthless killer, vigilante and daddy's boy back in his world, so when Clark Kent switched places with him things quickly went south. It ends up with Clark getting his over-timed whopping from Lionel Luthor whilst Clark Luthor is trying to ensure he stays in Kent's world forever and ever. It's nice to see just how different they are and what Clark could've been if Davis Bloom wasn't the one found by Lionel that day. Not to mention Clark Luthor returns later as well!

8. Absolute Justice (Season 9, Episode 11)

You know if Absolute Justice is this far up, then the ones below ought to be good! Maybe you don't agree at all about the quality of this episode but I generally thought it was really good. The Justice Society of America, in modern time, got together with some current heroes (Clark, Martian Manhunter and Green Arrow) to fight their common enemy. The official one being Icicle but the one behind the scenes, the real enemy, being Checkmate. On top of this epic movie-episode (approximately 2 hours long episode), we get to know more about Tess' background and we see Clark's evolution to becoming the hero he's destined to be.

7. Combat (Season 6, Episode 17)

Alrighty then! This right here brought us a un-red kryptonite bada*s Clark Kent. He's as we've always known him, a guy with a LOOOOOT of guilt. This was no different; he was so feeling so much guilt in fact that he considered killing the zoner, since they're aliens anyway who cares right? Seems when you deliver the blow that leads to suicide by own weapon, that isn't really the same thing now is it?

The last fight is probably the sole reason to this episode showing up here. It had a bada*s level that topped the charts! Clark can be macho when he wants and if his leather jacket doesn't prove just that then his fists will...

6. Legion (Season 8, Episode 11)

With this came pure joy! This episode had so many references to the future of Clark as Superman and seeing the Legion was just really awesome. Even though they're the equivalent to "Guardians of the Galaxy" in Marvel (in other words, unknown), they certainly had personality and they quickly realized that the hero they looked up to and the hero they all respected, Superman that is, happens to have been a young man once that made mistakes. It's nice seeing these "fanboys" meeting their hero before he became the man they looked up to and it's just such a pleasant episode that I can't help to look forward to it every time I initiate a run of season 8. Truly the gem of season 8! + Brainiac = awesomesaucyness!

5. Disciple (Season 9, Episode 10)

I'm a huge Green Arrow fan so this episode right here was a treat! Seeing the Dark Archer (altho not the classic Merlyn) was quite nice, no better way really to tell Ollie's past story and also break him down. This was a filler, yes, but it was a really really good filler! Learning more about Ollie was nice EVEN though I think this episode should have happened a lot earlier than it did. At season 9 no one expected a filler episode about Green Arrow that doesn't really further Clark's progression to becoming Superman, but it worked and this episode is one of the many reasons season 9 happens to be my favorite season!

4. Homecoming (Season 10, Episode 4)

Lois and Clark are a good couple? This show had me raging when I was first introduced to Lois Lane in season 4 because... well she simply wasn't Lois! I wasn't feeling it but then as the show progressed Erica simply won me over. She changed her hair color and became Lois Lane. This episode is so great for so many reasons, one of those being Brainiac 5. James Marsters' return as Brainiac was a warm welcome for the shows 200th episode and really made this episode so very very memorable! Going through key events in Clark's life to see what leads him to the future not so far away, we get a ride we won't soon forget. Not only this but reminiscing on the good times of high school life is always nice as we get to see the wall of weird one last time. The real treat here is when Clark accidentally travels to the future where he meets himself (future self) and see's what he can become, who he can become. So epic.

3. Finale (Season 10, Episode 21)

This episode here wasn't all I hoped for but nevertheless unambiguously one of the most important ones for this entire show! This was the conclusion, the end. I shed a tear watching this episode because that's what happens when Clark learns to fly and receives his suit from Jonathan (my soft spot). Complete and utter epic for the final moments of one of the finest shows to have implanted itself in my brain. Nuff said.

2. Justice (Season 6, Episode 11)

A lot of you guys probably thought this would be number one didn't you!? Well sadly I have another one that takes the spot. This episode on the other hand featured a sort of Justice League and my oh my was it done well, epic and gracefully. All though we knew Clark wasn't much of a team player I think this episode was important for him because he really wouldn't have made it without everyone else. Not only did this episode show the importance of teamwork but featured all of them (Impulse, Green Arrow, Cyborg, Aquaman and Boy Scout) uniquely and equally to a point where you end up saying: this was simply awesome! Which is exactly what I did. So... Awesome! Lex really picked the short straw this episode didn't he...?

1. Salvation (Season 9, Episode 21)

Sorry peeps but I'm a true sucker for blue kryptonite and for Zod, not to mention Matrix-esque fight scenes in rain. I said Clark was bada*s in Combat well Zod was bada*s here. Nothing quite like a kryptonian mano-a-mano and knife... Let's put this simply, this was the first ever cliffhanger ending that left me sitting in fetal position for minutes after. I was genuinely wondering how they were going to solve this and make things right. Not just that but how we could get some more Zod before it's all over (we did yaaay). I just love everything about this episode; it was so smartly made and didn't look bad either.

Honorable mentions go to: Phantom, Apocalypse, Identity, Pandora, Persuasion, Lazarus, Scion and Dominion!

Now to the finale of my thingy here! Wrapping this up with a poll on my next Top 10, so if you want me to add something specific you can write it in the comments or message me but otherwise just vote!


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