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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2010 on The CW

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  • 914

    A good episode of Smallville, and this show has just been good in general as of late, lets just hope they stay this way. The whole season so far has been a complete mess, and it looks like Smallville is picking up slack, but you never know with this season, things can go from good to horrendous in one episode, so you never know. What this episode lacked was development. Last time we saw Chloe & Oliver together, he was giving her a bow & arrow lesson, now their each others booty calls. It just didn't make sense, and I would have liked to know how a couple as random as this one got together. The writing, however, was tons better and I think that's why this episode was good.

    The writing all season has been lacking but this episode gave it some redemption from the conversations between Zod & Lois to the conversations between Clark & Zod. I'm really enjoying Callum Blue's stay on Smallville, he definitely stole the show here.

    Chloe's plan is interesting, but both relationships going on in this show just really... they really don't make sense. Clark & Lois: Destined to be together? Yeah they have no chemistry. Chloe & Oliver: Talk about Chloe being sloppy seconds to Lois. Oliver has more chemistry with Tess at this point, and Chloe needed to be with Jimmy, but I guess that's ruined too. Oh well, all relationships aside, this was a good episode.
  • -The whole flying thing with Clark/Superman has really gotten on my nerves now! Plus I agree with -DeepSecret's post on Mar 27, 2010. -What's up with Lois constantly getting knocked out!?

    We've been following Clark for 9 years now as he discovers his powers and he still can't fly! Even after he met is cousin who can fly and was willing to help teach him, Clark brushed it off. Knowing that you might have the ability to fly, wouldn't you try to find out or be curious? I'd be out at my farm at night trying to figure it out.
    (WARNING SPOILER) So for now, Clark can't fly but he gives Zod a drop of his blood to save him and with in hours, Zod has the same powers and can fly!!! Are you kidding me!? For 7 years Clark has been going back and forth whith Lana (who by the way in my opinion is more appealing than Lois physically and mentally) but now he jumps into a relationship with Lois. What is up with Lois's head? That girl is always getting knocked out! She has more knockouts/concussions than a boxer or football player! It's getting a little crazy how much she gets knocked out, "Uh oh, Lois fell over a table and got knocked out", "Oh no, Lois combed her her wrong and got knocked out."
  • smallville the show that keeps on going and getting better and better each episode

    in this episode there was allot of action and suspense especially about the guy that captures the kandorians he was not that good of an actor but still he did his part in this episode and actually Loise was a bit mysterious in this episode working with checkmate and not telling Clark about it, it is fare by Clark doesn't tell Loise everything about himself where he is from and who Zod really is i think that she will discover that so soon maybe this season and maybe the next yes people Smallville has been renewed for a 10th season just about a week ago and i think it will beat Stargate's record and this is good news for Smallville is the best show airing now with supernatural and the vampire diaries of course i hate that vampire diaries took Smallville's spot but still have to admit it is a good show this episode ends with Zod flying it is cool that at least someone is flying nearly every episode of this season and the next
  • The Kandorians are being kidnapped one by one, and when Faora's sister Vala is next, she enlists Clark's help to search for her. Meanwhile, a strange man approaches Lois, claiming to have proof that aliens are among them. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD)

    OK, this episode has got to be one of the worst, if not *the* worst, ever made! And I'm not just talking about SMALLVILLE episodes; I mean every episode of every TV show ever made. For one thing, the whole there-are-aliens-among-us-and-I'll-stop-at-nothing-to-prove-it story has been done to death. And for another, Zod now has powers; not only that, but he flat-out lied to Clark about it. There might be a nice, heroic guy buried in there somewhere, but under no circumstances whatsoever would I ever want Zod to have powers, no matter what Faora says about him. Plus, he flew before Clark! Thirdly, nitpicking though it may be, 'The Wall' is a stupid, unimaginative nickname for Amanda Waller. Anyhow, now for the good news. I loved seeing Zod incognito as a mild-mannered Daily Planet reporter (hee! :D), though for a second when he was standing on the stairs, I thought he was going to do something evil, like blow up the basement or out Clark as The Blur or something. And speaking of Zod, I liked that Lois tried to save him, because as much as I don't like Zod, Lois helped restore *some* of Zod's faith in humans. That is, if Zod and what he told Clark at the end is to be believed at *all*. Anyway, I also liked that Lois tried to point out that Vala had actually saved Dr. What's-his-name, and speaking of, I was pleasantly suprised when, at the beginning of the episode, Vala seemed to understand that the Kandorians don't need powers with Clark around and that the humans need Clark as much as they do. As for Clois, I hate that they're back to keeping secrets from each other (and that Checkmate somehow made its way into the episode), but I'm more than willing to overlook it because of that first Clois scene. It was both hot and romantic, especially with the way Clark said "Hello" to Lois and got lost in her eyes. :D *However*, not even Tom Welling's hotness or the Clois moments were enough to save this fiasco of an episode, but they were enough for me to keep from giving this episode a rating of five. Instead, I'll give CONSPIRACY seven alien blood samples out of ten.

    Highlights -- Clark checking on Faora and his sister Vala (I especially liked Faora's remark to Vala about Clark being in love with a human); Clark and Lois flirting, and making plans to rendezvous later; Clark catching Zod's fist, and staring him down; Faora filling Clark in on her history with Zod; Zod donning glasses and charming information out of a woman; Lois trying to save Zod; Lois and Clark discussing Zod and "full disclosure," before having a Mexican standoff over their cell phones; and Zod flying (if only for the visuals).
  • Aiming high, shooting low

    This is another one of those episodes that doesn't seem to be going anywhere, but manages to sneak in a major plot development in the final moments. In this case, it was a bit predictable. Who didn't realize that Clark's blood was going to transfer power to Zod? I have no idea if that was something established in the DC canon as a possibility, but it just seemed like the obvious consequence.

    In fact, it could be said that this was a largely transitional episode designed to remind the audience of all the plot threads that are currently up in the air. The situation with the Kandorians is particularly complicated. Some of the Kandorians are eager to follow Clark's lead, while others are devoted to Zod. Some of the Kandorians are acting without Zod's permission, experimenting on humans, but somehow this is not to be taken as a lack of confidence in Zod's leadership. There are enough factions and subsets within the Kandorian camp to allow the writers to do pretty much anything without contradicting themselves.

    Unfortunately, it's a tangle that the writers are going to have to unravel if they want the season to succeed. There are already plenty of fans complaining about the Kandorians, so making them obtuse and fractious is one hell of a risk. It's already clear that Zod is manipulating Clark with half-truths and lies, so why not simply leave it to that?

    Zod's characterization is another issue. I still think it would have been more interesting to portray Zod in a more positive light, even if he was maintaining a certain degree of Kryptonian brutality. After all, the writers keep reminding the audience that Zod and Jor-El were friends and allies, even with the apparent betrayals that came towards the end. If the message is that Zod has a good and noble side, why do we only see the duplicitous part? It fits audience expectation, but it's also predictable as a result.

    The same complaint can be lodged against the current portrayal of Tess Mercer. In the eighth season, I thought the writers did a capable job of taking her from her Lex-clone origins to something a bit more substantial. Despite her actions and choices, she seemed to have a genuine desire to help Clark. The issue was less her design and more her method. Now, it's hard to fathom what her goals are.

    One bright spot was the revelation of Chloe's secret plan to defend against powered Kandorians. While the visions of the future may no longer apply, the end of this episode strongly suggests that at least some of the Kandorians will be regaining their powers and making trouble for Clark. Chloe and Oliver now have the weapons to help in that fight. (Of course, as the future vision aptly demonstrated, this could be just as easily used against Clark.)

    As far as the rest of the episode is concerned, it was nice to see Lois show off her fighting skills again. Her romance with Clark is coming along very well, even if it sometimes strays into overly sweet territory. The central villain wasn't particularly interesting, and his methods seemed a bit more gruesome than has been the standard for "Smallville". It felt like the writers were going for edgy, but settled on "shocking".
  • Just AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wait a min..we had to endure 7 STUPID seasons of why Clark cannot be with Lana, but with Lois its straight up perfect? What the heck was all that for then?

    My review title says everything i need to say really. This show is good, yes, except that they just won't introduce Superman. They've got every superhero and villain they can find, but not Superman. And we wonder why storylines just go around in circles. I'm still wondering why we had to endure 7 seasons of non-stop "I can never have a normal relationship" only to find now....well, with lois, its as if nothing ever happened. But dont worries, hordes of emo's watching the show isnt going to get all this. So they're going to just keep doing htis for sure.
  • a good ep

    in this ep clark starts talking to the candorains trying to help them and given them new idenites and a new place to live . thing is there is a guy that is kidnapping them and doing experiements on them. he claimes they did that to him and that is why he is back to life. he supposive ly died. in hospital. louis meets a guy that comes to her to write a story about aliens and she does not belive him then goes to try to call 911 but she gets taking and he the guy trys to force her to write the story and then zod comes to try to fight the guy but there is krpto night down there he gets weakend and then he is shot to the stomica and he fall down and praticly dies and clark comes and saves him given him his own blood but that in return gives zod powersagian which clark does not know about till later on.
  • It's all in the blood

    Zod showed some pepper in this episode. His people were being abducted, which was a nice switcheroo on humans being abducted by aliens. The guest villain was quite good and his circumstances horrific enough as to make the label of 'villain' hard to stick on him. He had been resurrected from the dead by a handful of Kandorians who experimented on him in an attempt to find a way to trigger their super powers. He turned the tables on them and not only got his revenge, he planted the seed of suspicion with Lois Lane that "aliens live among us". Though his return to worm food was kind of funny. LOL

    Clark keeps trying to help the Kryptonians, but he doesn't know that the fake documentation Chloe has been providing for them has been embedded with tracking devices. And now Chloe has stolen money from Oliver to amass an arsenal of anti-Kryptonian weaponry. But I give Oliver points for hiding the arsenal from her. He paid for it after all. But the whole Oliver doing Chloe thing? To each his own, dude, but I'm not feeling that one.

    I liked Zod's 5 minute transformation into Clark Kent at the Daily Planet! LOL! And he flew at the end! I know some fans hate that he flew before Clark, but now Zod is really dangerous and there will be times Clark literally can't reach him unless _he_ learns to fly. This episode had a lot going for it and the time went by fast, so I was really into it. Keep it up! This season has been the best by far.
  • The flying ending...

    I liked it, yes, but i am already sick and tired of seeing a lot of people flying but Clark! what is up with that? now Zod flies with a drop of Clark's blood...that is great, but what about him? writers please...c´mon already! And Lois...aren't we seeing too much of her being in trouble? damsel in distress ok for a while, but in my opinion is too much. How is it superb for so many people beats the hell out of me, i mean, how did the bad doctor ends? what was it? a suicide or he was just clumsy? and now what is it with the kryptonite? doesn't affects Clark the way it used to?
  • A shocking episode, full of surprises, great action and superior story line. Clark goes to work to save the Kandorians, and his sacrifice of himself will have consequences he cannot foresee. Chloe and Oliver continue hiding their plans from Clark.

    Within just a couple scenes, "Conspiracy" showed it was going to be one of the best of the season, and a top-rated episode for much of SV overall. This one held my attention every moment. Does anyone think the screenwriters don't make that much difference? Al Septien and Turi Meyer wrote, and Meyer also directed, and their experience showed in creating a classic Smallville episode.

    The dialog was good, the acting excellent, the directing noticeably superior...but the big winner was the overall story line. All the top characters got good parts and screen time, even with introducing a new one-shot character, Dr. Chisholm. Clark and Zod had one of the best confrontations in the series - tension high, incisive dialog by both, each making compelling points about the basis of their actions. Zod reveals that he knows Clark destroyed the solar tower; Clark supports the Kandorians but won't endanger civilization by empowering the aliens.

    Callum Blue performed his best scene in the series down in the DP basement. He even seemed to diminish his accent (to Americans) while wheedling his way into getting newspaper correspondence leading him to Dr. Chisholm. Putting on his Buddy Holly eyeglasses, he looked and acted like a mild-mannered reporter, a clever way to compare him to Clark. The slow-motion and stop-motion camera technique used while he descended the stairs and lifted a company i.d. was very effective.

    I enjoy Ms. Durance more when she's playing her role straight, and this was a strong performance for her. Her fight scene with Dr. Chisholm was done so well I could not detect which cut had a stunt player and which was Ms. Durance. That's good direction and editing. Then we're hit with Zod being shot. While we know that can't happen, Zod can't die, the scene was an SV shocker, and then Clark endures a painful kryptonite incision to offer his own blood to save Zod. These one-after-another scenes of high drama are why I watch Smallville.

    Chloe's assumption that Oliver was heading for a romantic move on her was pretty convincing - they're manipulating us, but it's fun. The stories continue to show how busy Chloe is in the background, always looking ahead and trying to head off some problem. And the scheming between Oliver and Chloe creates more tension for upcoming episodes. I'm enjoying what she does - just hoping the producers don't push her over the edge into total alienation from Clark.

    Dr. Chisholm's lab, or rather autopsy chamber, was ghastly, and his skull surgery a shocking surprise, to us and to Lois. But SV still has some overzealous lighting technicians who pile color effects on top of more effects - red spots, blue spots, green spots. It's too much, the same overkill as seen on CSI Miami.

    And they save the best for last. For a moment, we are to accept Zod's expression of gratitude to Clark, and believe that perhaps they will form an alliance. But Clark's drop of blood to heal Zod's wound has had an unexpected effect. That finale will stay in my memory as the zenith of SV's best - Zod stands at the precipice and, although I knew what was coming, I had no expectation that it would be so electric. Zod flies! Re-run it, it's an A rating.
  • Finally a really good episode that made me like the Kandorians.

    My first thought early in the show was ; "Oh no..another dead Kandorians". I thought that the cutey that had a crush on Clark was a goner right off the bat but I'm glad she survived.
    But that does bring about an odd aspect of her character. When we see her, she seems not very military and a real sweety. Kara and her would get along well.
    But then I heard about the things she did like experimenting on cadavers, going against Zod and in a sense mutilating a human back to life. The idea of who she was seemed to make me gag a little. Don't get me wrong...I still like her but it was an odd twist.

    Zod doing his own "mild manner reporter" look was very nice. It wasn't thrown into our faces as a Superman moment, but was worked in quite nicely.

    Overall a good episode though Oliver and Cloe are starting to bug me. They keep too many secrets and I don't care the reasons.

    My only concern is whether Zod's blood can now release the other Kandorian's powers or if it has to be Clark's blood.
  • Men in Black

    I thought this episode was great, mainly because for the first time in a long time it felt well written, imaginative, and purposeful.

    Here we have two men in black (Clark and Zod) both pursuing a missing person's case in two separate ways, one making a series of logical investigative moves (Clark) and one using a mixture of logic and intuition (Zod). This worked well to show us that even though Clark is becoming more accomplished, Zod still has greater experience and ability, as would be befitting of a great military leader from an advanced society. Whilst Clark took one step at a time to lead him to the killer, Zod intuitively deducted that the killer would be reaching out to the world with his discovery of an alien presence rather than trying to keep it secret. Despite Jor-El's tests in helping Clark to better understand human nature (which he still used well in interrogating the hospital orderly) he lacks the worldly experience that Zod has on account of his years.

    It was enjoyable watching these two respectable men pursuing leads to reach the same destination, and Zod's method showed us that he is more than just a soldier, he can be a great people person too, and a talented infiltrator (I also really enjoyed the directing of this segment, kind of reminiscent of National Treasure). In fact Zod, beyond reputation, has proven that he is a force to be reckoned with even without his powers; he seems comfortable in any situation, a battle commander in any respect. Now that he has a true Kryptonian's powers, this is one dangerous man.

    In comparison, Clark is still lacking that same composure and confidence that comes from truly discovering yourself and being sure of your beliefs. The Clark Kent of seasons 8 and 9 has been one in conflict of conscience, never truly sure that his actions are the right ones, and so he often gets angry when people question his decisions. This wasn't the case before he took upon his shoulders the burden of a hero, and it is a burden that he still needs to work out how to carry. Looking out for his friends and family was relatively easy, but the added complexities of being a hero to two worlds, never mind just one, is taxing him to the limit. Despite my reservations for Smallville's current production, I think a tenth season is needed for Clark to finally establish and be comfortable with his own code of conduct.

    We also got a third sequence of events to follow, in Oliver and Chloe. More and more I am seeing these two as equals, despite Oliver's advanced age and experience. Seeing the two of them playing off against each other is enjoyable, although eventually their shadow and dagger ways are surely going to come home to roost. And Chloe's amassing of Kryptonite weapons... Rather than a prudent insurance policy, it's a ticking time bomb for Superman in the future. If these weapons ever fall into the wrong hands once Clark has revealed himself to the world and someone learns what Kryptonite can do, as Lex Luther eventually does... Foolish decision by Chloe, but also an exciting one.

    My only real gripe was the final conversation between Clark and Zod. From the moment that Clark bled into Zod's body, I guessed that it would not only heal Zod but give him his powers. This was fine, but the dialogue as usual in recent seasons let the episode down. Zod asks Clark, how did you know that your blood would heal me? Clark lies, I didn't. And that's it. Now any sane person would then ask Clark, well why then did you do it? An honest response from Clark would be that in the past he had learnt that his blood had regenerative powers. Now that he has proven this to Zod there is no point in hiding the fact. This conversation falls into the same category of the ridiculous as the conversation between Clark and Chloe at the end of season 8, when Clark confesses not to knowing how he escaped from the trap he laid for Doomsday. Sometimes it's as though the writers can't work their way out of a jam, so they just fudge it. Disappointing, but this was such a good episode that it can almost be ignored.

    So what does the future hold? Zod will surely seek a way to obtain some of Clark's blood to restore the powers of the rest of his people. It's evident that he will do so by keeping his agenda hidden from Clark. What I would really like to see at the end of this season is a battle between Clark and Zod in the skies. This would mean Clark learning to fly, but if the producers still want to keep him earth bound then I'm sure they can have him flying out of great need, but then later not being able to remember how he did it. There have after all been less rational developments in Smallville. We will see.
  • Nothing offensively bad this week, but still just an above average episode.

    This episode's a strange one to review as I feel that depending how the rest of the season plays out it could be quite an important one. It felt very much like a transition episode as we saw Chloe's stockpile of Kryptonite weapons, the chess piece organisation contacting Chloe and of course the ending with Zod, that I'll get to later. All of this sets up for what could be a great ending to what has been, mostly, a good season. However as 42 minutes of entertainment in its own right, it was far from great.

    The Kandorians experimenting on humans was an interesting idea that towed the line nicely between evil and unethical. There were only using dead bodies and therefore not hurting anyone, however as Clark said that still didn't make it right. It also nicely addressed how and why John Corben was given a Kryptonite heart, It was strongly implied at the time it was Zod's people that did it, so confirmation of that was good here.

    Another good thing here was dealing with the fallout from Clark burning down the tower at the end of the previous episode. Zod was the only one who knew Clark had done it, and I did like that Clark didn't deny it. He knows who Zod really is and the two of them were really good to watch here. Callum Blue continues to be great as Zod and he has some good lines too, probably because due to his origin he doesn't spurt out pop culture references every other sentence.

    So someone was taking Kandorians hostage and trying to expose them to the public. It was a nice play on the alien abduction thing and worked well enough. Visually though it wasn't Smallville's strongest moment; nothing bad but the containers the Kandorians were in just looked a bit like big freezer bags. The captor himself was nothing special, but did well enough. He was simply there to drive the story forward as it was Clark and Zod's relationship that was more important here.

    Lois seemed a little bit shoehorned into the main plot here as she was forced to write the alien story. I think it would've been better if she'd just had a smaller role in this episode, as there were a few things that felt forced. I mean it seemed a bit convenient that of all the reporters at the Planet he chose her. I'm fairly sure Lois is still a low level reporter at this point, so why he targeted her specifically I don't know. Zod claiming to her he was a CIA agent was a bit dodgy, as despite Clark's explanation to her I still think her journalistic intrigue would've had her asking questions. Her being involved also led to another typical case of her getting knocked out. It's always been a cop out trick and can undermine a scene. Another typical Smallville bad writing trick is the bad guy falling on their own sword, so to speak. And we had one of the worst examples of it here as he accidentally cut through a power line and electrocuted himself. Clearly they didn't want to trouble of having to write an intelligent ending for him, or bother with how Zod would've dealt with him and so just wanted to get him out of the way.

    Zod getting shot would've been a shocking moment if it hadn't been the first line of the press release. Clark's scenes with the other Kryptonians were nice, especially when he heard the very intimate story of how Zod had risked his life to save one of them. Without this change in view of Zod would he have saved him? Maybe not, but there were issues with the healing scene anyway. While it was explained at the end how Clark's blood saved him without even a hint of that before hand it made the moment fall flat. Instead of thinking "that was really cool" I was thinking, "should that have worked?". Also the healing effect was pretty cheap, by hiding the morph under a bright light.

    With Zod saved it seemed he'd changed his attitude towards Clark. The Kryptonian handshake looked a bit naff, but worked and was a nice moment. Then there was the big finale reveal of what Clark's blood had done to Zod. After moaning about the music all the time I'm going to give praise where it's due and say that overall it was fine in this episode, and its use in the last scene was great. Unfortunately what should have been an epic scene was let down by a few things. First was the overly slow motion and holding the moment of Zod standing on the edge of the building for far too long. As soon as he went to the edge it was obvious he was going to jump off so it wasn't needed held for that long at all. Also while the flying effects in Smallville can eb a bit hit or miss, I thought this was particularly badly done. The false zoom as Zod was falling looked very bad and then when he did actually fly I felt the trail effect was completely unnecessary. It might be a superficial complaint, but considering the impact that moment should've had I wish they'd spent more money on it.

    So like I said this was very much a transition episode. Things have been moved into place nicely to set up the last few episodes of the season for all the main characters, which will hopefully give us a strong ending to the season. I just wish they could've had a good episode while they did it here.
  • One bow and arrow lesson later and suddenly there's 'booty call' involved. I'm sorry, WHAT! Dear writers, it's called development. We'd like to see this happen onscreen!!

    Am I missing something? Did I watch the same episode as everyone else? Having missed it Friday, I had to wait a couple of days to catch this one. After reading a few reviews, I was expecting quite a wild ride. I was pretty much bored throughout. In fact, this episode stands to highlight exactly what's wrong with this show on almost EVERY level. Of course, of course, I found bits to enjoy, but certainly not enough to sustain my attention – I didn't care whether Zod lived or died.

    He lives, no thanks to Clark's incredible naivety. After last week's episode, I was back on the Clark bandwagon. But no, after taking one giant leap for Kandorian-kind, Clark misinterprets his father and saves the one man Clark knows – from Lex's stint as Zod, as well as the apocalyptic future Clark witnessed first-hand – will prove to be his toughest battle yet. Did a kryptonite laced piano fall on his head? It's frustrating to follow a lead that makes such dumb decisions. Thank goodness Chloe has that arsenal of weapons to put this Boy Scout in his place.

    Now, onto the episode's main downfall. The script. My word, the script! Smallville writers simply don't know how to plan out a season. The main plot centers around the emergency of retrieving a Kandorian we've never met before. The emotional beats are supposed to come from Faora, a character we've seen around 3 times before in brief passing. If we had been introduced to these women at an earlier stage, and they were given enough air-time to become fully fleshed characters, then maybe, just maybe, this aspect of the hour could have worked. Instead, Lois is thrown into the mix to keep us engaged, but was there ever any doubt as to whether or not she'd be conscious come the climax?

    What really got me was the whole Chloe/Ollie thing. WHAT? One bow and arrow lesson later and suddenly there's 'booty call' involved. I'm sorry, WHAT! Dear writers, it's called development. We'd like to see this happen onscreen!! I know this show takes the biscuit when it comes to credibility, and the same rules for other shows don't necessarily apply here, but c'mon, Chloe is my favourite character, I'd like to see her story blossom naturally…

    I didn't hate this episode upon watching it, but now that I'm here writing up all of this, it may be my least favourite episode so far this season. Zod's slow-mo entrance has to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen on television that wasn't trying to spoof something else. Actually, every Zod-in-slow-mo was painstaking. The guest-stars were great, though. And I loved almost every Clois scene. Sadly, twas not enough to save this one for me.

    And I've only discovered we've to wait 5 weeks for another episode? Yeah, cos this one will whet our appetites till then.
  • Hostel Part III: Kandorian Massacre

    Conspiracy-When a doctor that the Kandorians resurrected for experimentation becomes determined to prove that aliens have invaded Earth, he kidnaps several of Zod's people and Lois in the hopes of exposing the truth. Zod disguises himself as a Daily Planet reporter, but is shot during his efforts.

    I have to say I am very intrigued on where this season is heading with the Zod/Kandorians arc for the second half. "Persuasion" and now "Conspiracy" have really made me more excited than I was about this arc than the first half. One of the main reasons is the wonderful dynamic between Clark and Zod. One disappointing aspect of the Doomsday arc last season was that there wasn't much of a rivarly between Clark and Davis, let alone enough scenes between them to create one. But here, the Clark/Zod's intense animosity between each other is great to watch Tom Welling and Callum Blue have been producing some fanatastic scenes with Clakr and Zod going back and forth on what exactly is best for the Kandorians. It reminds me of Clark and Lex dynamic of the later years when they would just go at it verbally. It's nice to see the writers have found an powerless enemy that can be a match for Clark morally. My favorite scene of the episode is when Zod loses his temper over over Clark destorying his towers and tries to punch Clark, but Clark catches it without hesistation. Just brillaint acting from both Tom and Callum, not to mention the way it was directed added to the moment.

    Speaking of directing, Smallville writer Turi Meyer made his directoral debut. For the most part it was uneven, I loved certain shots like zooming into Dr. Chisholm's eyes while in his Hostel-esqe outfit, but the constant slow-mo shots were unnecessary like Zod's entrance in the Daily Planet. WTF!? I loved about the episode was it had a old school Smallville feel to it, especially with another psychotic doctor on the loose. Dr. Chisholm isn't exactly an original villain for Smallville but at least guest star JR Bourne hold your attention in a creepy enough performance. Not to mention, when he revealed his deformed skull...yuck! Another thing I liked about the epsidoe was the use of the characters. The whole cast is present and gets part contributing to the storyline. Clark's investigation with Foara was great to watch, especially getting to know Foara a bit more considering she's been such a minor character. Lois is kidnapped once again, but gets to kick some butt and we learn she's been looking into Zod's past as well as getting more messages from Checkmate. Zod does some investigating of his own, Tess tries to manipulate everyone's decisions as usual and Chloe and Oliver....I'll get to that latter. But before I do, I want to address the issues fans are having with this episode aka, Clark saving Zod's life with his blood, which inadvertantly gives him his powers. 1) Clark is a hero and he saved Zod because he knew he could save him. That will never change, because his morals are that geniune 2) Zod getting his powers actually was a good twist, predictable, but atleast now Zod is now a bigger threat than before. it will be interesting to see how Clark and Zod interact now that Zod will be hiding his powers from him. Will he be sharing his blood with the other Kandorians? Hmmmm

    My only grip with this episode is Chloe and Oliver. 1) This sudden hook-up continues to sicken me, especially Chloe expecting a "booty call" from Oliver...Oh GOD, WHY!! 2) Chloe and Oliver once again are hiding these from Clark and don't trust him? This is coming from the girl who ran off with Doomsday and the guy who shot his best friend in the back with a substance that could kill him! There are so many things wrong with where these two are headed, especially Chloe! Didn't these two learn anything from the JSA? Where's the supportive family that Clark needs? I swear if this leads to more betrayal from these two for yet another finale, I will be disgusted with the show..yet again! Anyway, "Conspiracy" still mananges to be a good episode overall, with some great plot development and levaing anticipation for the final 7 starting in April!
  • An alien chase is underway.

    Smallville has been on a pretty good roll since it's hiatus, but this episode was a bit of a letdown. The main story was quite good. And it was interesting to see humans kidnapping aliens for a change. Also, Turi Meyer's directing debut was very good. My main issue I guess is the characterization. I am in favor of Zod regaining his powers. It sets up an interesting showdown between him and Clark. But why did it have to happen like this? Clark doesn't like playing God, so he should have let Zod die. Also, he was dealt with the same situation in Kandor and he didn't save his father in similar fashion. Another thing that I didn't like was the Chlollie development off screen. Smallville has a tendency to do things off screen, but they dropped the ball here. Chlollie has received plenty of positive reviews since Warrior and people wanted to see it unfold. Finally, after enduring the "lies and secrets" drama for the first 5 seasons, I was looking for Clois to be dealt in a better fashion. Instead of them having an honest relationship, they are just content to have secrets from each other. It doesn't make the relationship stronger in my opinion.

    As I said, many characters' portrayals just didn't feel right. Clark was unbalanced. He was way too helpful with Zod, but he was pushy for no reason with a Met Gen employee. Lois had a very good episode I thought. I didn't appreciate how she just lost the blood sample, but overall she had a good episode. Chloe seems to be back to her dark arc, which I am not a fan of. After Absolute Justice, I can't understand why we are back to Chloe, Oliver and Clark acting on their own? At least Oliver seems a bit more conscious about the whole situation. Zod was my favorite part of the episode. I like how there's a method to his madness and how he played Clark in the end. Tess didn't feature much in this episode. Seems like her Checkmate arc is starting to pick up.

    Overall, it was't the best way to close this good run of episodes. Bring on Escape.
  • I did some research on the latest installment of Smallville 'Conspiracy'

    It is noted that 'The Conspiracy' was once the alliance of five villains in the 'Marvel Comics' theme. Faora and Zod formed some kind of pact in 'Disciple' and that hasn't been discussed since and yet it seems as though Zod planned the entire thing. He would have surely died before he lived in his human form for much longer. Zod shouldn't get too comfy yet, Clark's weakness is now his and there is only so much he can do so long as Chloe is the holder of the Kryptonite-well now Oliver.

    I am surprised I did not begin this review with the Chloe and Oliver revelation. Who knew that for the past possible two episode Chloe and Oliver have been fooling around? Enough to call Oliver's surprise visit a 'booty call'. Honestly I was shocked, I didn't believe that his bow shooting lessons went beyond just that. She surely got hit with Cupid's Arrow. On the serious end, we can't ignore Chloe's new found obsession with Kryptonite. According to Bob Marley "Your best friend could be your worst enemy". Enough said, Chloe has crossed many limits with her definition of 'Doing the right thing' for 'mankind'. What's next? The part I am not happy with is her keeping the Kryptonite a secret, for Clark's own good. What if Tess really found her stash, she would have been putting him in great danger, especially since he's establish that he's not a friend of Tess', yet he is still willing to work for her.

    Anyway, Smallville would be taking a very long break, in my opinion - why! I guess we can absorb the moments we had between Lois and Clark. I know last week I mentioned how disappointed I was with Clois moments, this made up for it. Lois realized how distant Clark has been with her, ever since they got together. He is probably the same 'distant' he's always been, it's just that Lois realizes it more as they are together. I am not loving it as much as she is. Every time Clark is in 'Kal-El' mode, he dismisses her abruptly. I am focusing on the intense scene the writers placed for us, right before Faora interrupted for the sake of her sister. Nothing else really mattered to me except that moment, at least it took Clark a good few moments to pull away, that says the connection they have together is strong.

    Secrets are the only thing separating them for the moment. It kept the episode interesting when they jumped through hoops to avoid each other at times, but because Lois knows nothing about 'The Blur's' true identity, she is at a disadvantage. Clark was unable to express to her why she shouldn't completely trust Zod or let her discover who Faora really was. I believe their relationship would be taken on a whole new level if the truth were revealed, but it wouldn't change the way they felt for each other. Lois would always be independent and I am curious into 'THE WALL' text Lois kept getting? It has something to do with something.

    The villain story line was a bit chaotic, they had to get a good actor to play that part, otherwise it would have easily been eaten up and spit for for sake of rubbish. That actor almost touched the line of 'oh please' moments. The only parts I didn't like was how easily it was for him to be defeated. The entire human experimentation transpired from the Metallo deal. There has actually not been any mention of Metallo since Oliver's suicide attempt and the Toy Man being apprehended into Tess' custody - somewhat. There has also been no mention of what transpired between Tess and Amanda Waller's character. A ploy probably by the writers, but questions would surface during this long break.

    Tess for instance was interesting to watch here. I thought she was going for the jealous ex-girlfriend theme when she showed up by Oliver's - who by the way was breathtaking with his shirt off - something for the ladies (good). I didn't believe that Tess actually ever had real feelings for Oliver, probably because we haven't seen much of her soft side. So when she mentioned being able to 'look into his brown eyes and believe anything he said' I didn't believe it. The fact that Tess ever had true feelings for anyone would be a head teaser. Maybe I could buy the jealous ex-girlfriend bit, by her staking out Chloe's apartment and framing her for embezzlement, but the truth was far beyond the craziest on Chloe's part. I give Allison Mack and Justin Hartley credit for that intimate scene. I didn't believe Chloe would embezzle money from him, so the true revelation was intense, especially performing a scene so close to the lips of each other. I wonder how many takes that took?

    Tying up some loose ends, the moment Zod died I was waiting for some kind of bizarre scenario to come about. I believed my draw dropped the moment Clark's blood became the key to his survival. Questions like "Then he could bring anyone back to life using his blood" and "Really?" came to mind. Of course they had to explain it using the " worked because you are a Kandorian" speech. The moment Zod acted as though he was still in pain, I believed something was up! When he stood over the edge of the building, I knew he could fly. The visual effects on that scene needed a bit of work though, the 'green screen' mechanism became apparent, but it was still a shocker to have Zod fly and Clark - not.

    I am eagerly anticipating the next episode, really and truly I loved the spin. The only thing I didn't appreciate was Lois being hampered into dangerous scenarios and the villains of the hour meeting their demise so early and horribly. Zod is really hot, Callum Blue could really act don't mind he's the villain. I felt Lois desire to be kissing Clark when she was in that cafe alone, so I would hold that scene and the one in 'The Daily Planet' very tight. Until the next episode.

    Lexa Reviews


    Four and a half Stars

    Grade A-
  • WOW

    This season just keep getting better and better. this was a episode well done. the directing was good all senses was great and im just loving the show.
    zod getting his powers is so great we looking for a big show down with him and clark. this is unfair though clark need to get in to the sky too, he is with his people now and know and embrace the fact he is not human and think of him self as a kryptonian so their is no reason for him not flying. the guys who develop the show is gone so let the no flight rule go with them. season 10 we need a flying clark or dont bother. the show would improve on ratings if he was taking the sky. people wait for year and some are gone but im still her and many more so give us what we want
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Jaw dropping Zod driven story, top notch production, cult references, masterful writing and direction, fascinating topics and twisted character development

    Even if Absolute Justice and Warrior were marvelous homages to comics they didn't cover the Zod arc. So beside a few random developments, specially Persuasion's ending, we didn't have much to chew since Kandor and Pandora. Although they were pivotal and received with good ratings some people complained about their lower entertainment appeal compared to the comics focused episodes. I appreciate both genres but admit that their criticism was pertinent, until Conspiracy. Al Septien and Turi Meyer from Kandor were back at their writing desks and the second even directed it. That's why it's not a surprise the story was so captivating and intriguing.

    However the very first minutes worried me because they reminded me of Rabid. An other horror B movie spin-off ? Far from it ! First the production quality was excellent, from the surreal and industrial lighting to the new sets design. Second they were plenty of references to cult franchises like The X-Files and Hellraiser. The guest character itself was definitely inspired by Fox Mulder but its profile was darker and scarier. In fact the story could even be considered as a direct sequel to Metallo and John Corben was even mentionned by name. That's why I'm surprised Don Whitehead and Holly Henderson didn't write it and that Mairzee Almas wasn't its director. But it doesn't matter as the execution was masterful.

    But Smallville wouldn't have reach its ninth season without its demanding followers. So we were also served with other tasteful elements. Big Sister Chloe did it again and this time there was even an explicit reference to George Orwell's 1984. Her intriguing relationship with Oliver developed further. Of course there were also some Lois & Clark moments but they were quite different from the previous ones. Mature and unpredictable could describe the character development in general. It seems some people have learned from their mistakes but others didn't. But like in Metallo things are not just red and blue. The super Warrior has to fight his inner daemons not to become a vilain. It's also hard to trust anyone when you don't even believe in yourself and others only see you as an Idol. And even a Savior has to be rescued from time to time.

    Would you like to know more ? Do your part, join the Conspiracy !
  • Great Episode!

    I loved this episode. Loved, loved, loved it. It had everything I love in an episode and more. I'm a horror fanatic, and I mean fanatic so from the previews I was already excited but I tried not to get too excited because I was extremely excited about "Rabid" and though the episode was good and had some of the most beautiful scenes of the entire Smallville series, as a whole (and especially story-wise) it disappointed me a bit.

    This episode did not disappoint at all. I love the story about the Kandorians doing experiments and then one of the experiments going wrong and then the "hunters becoming the hunted" type of story developing from that. That was just all kinds of awesome!

    The entire first sequence was extraordinary!

    The director of this episode deserves so much praise! The angles, the delivery of lines, the editing--it was all perfect. That first sequence just sold me for the rest of the episode and I was just in this huge high until the very end. I was actually scared when Vala put the "Closed" sign on the door, turned off the lights, and then was confronted by the masked intruder.

    Seriously. It was awesome.

    Then I love how for the first time in a long time Clark was actually doing something! And not just for a few minutes either. He was investigating and helping all the Kandorians throughout the entire episode. That was great. On reflex, I kept on waiting for Chloe to butt in and then start doing all the "research" like she tends to do but I was happily surprised that Clark headed all the investigation in this episode and saved the day. I love seeing Clark be Ssuperman. That's when I really love his character above all others.

    Now onto my universal favorite character, Lois! Ha! She was so awesome in this episode! I just love how this episode proved that Lois can in fact be heavily involved in a Kandorian-centered story. I hear it often that Lois doesn't fit in with this story and that they "shoehorn" her in and that next season if she gets 22 episodes she won't fit into all of the stories and this episode just proved all that WRONG. Lois fits if the writers can make her fit and these writers made her fit perfectly into this episode!

    And how cool was it that Lois mentioned "The X-Files"? Lol I was smiling so much after that scene. That's my favorite series ever so I was just thrilled!

    I love that Lois was so heroic in this episode and wouldn't leave Zod's side. That was really cool. I didn't like Clark and Zod lying to Lois, but I understood the lies. Clark's protecting Lois and Zod, well, he's protecting his people and himself, I guess, so I didn't *love* that part but I wasn't upset by it.

    I wish there would have been more Clois, especially in the last scene. I really wanted something romantic, guess I've been spoiled all season long so I was a bit disappointed...until Zod freakin' flew!

    And this team of writers got me. I had no clue that Zod would end up with powers. I mean, I knew that the whole blood healing scene was strange and there had to be more but I didn't put all the puzzle pieces together. I didn't know until the second that Clark left and then Zod stood up and I realized, "Wait, he's faking it..." and then he started walking towards the edge of the building and I literally screamed, "Oh my God he has powers now! He has powers!" (Thank God I'm home alone, by the way; otherwise I'd sound really nutty).

    Again the direction of this scene was amazing. I love Zod just opening up his arms and absorbing the rays of the sun and just basically powering up and then he lets himself go and oh my God, it was just epic. And he flies away and that scene was just very reminiscent of the Bizarro scene of season 6.

    I did feel a bit like, "Sigh, why isn't Clark flying..." but that only lasted for a moment. It's not happening and that's it. I mean, I want Clark to fly. I can't think of a reason for him not to fly. He doesn't need the tights to do it. But the writers obviously don't want him to fly so what can I do? I won't stop enjoying these really cool scenes like Zod flying because I'm a bit bitter about the most powerful Kryptonian not flying...

    Going back to Zod, I love that he interacted with Lois in this episode. That was one of the things that I secretly wanted and I got it. I was so thrilled with their interactions. I want more Zod/Lois in the upcoming episodes. That's probably at the top of my list along with Lois investigating more. for the Kandorians, I'm really starting to feel for them. I really enjoy how they are and love that these stories are showing them to be as diverse as humans. Not only that but it was great to hear a bit of a background story on Zod and how much he cares for his people and how much they care for him.

    So I'm giving this episode a 10.

    I know this episode wasn't perfect but it was as close to it as possible and my level of enjoyment was as high as ever and that's where the rating comes from. I don't need perfection to be 100% satisfied. I just need to be entertained and engaged. This episode accomplished both of that.
  • WOW!

    Even though I saw Zod gaining powers from Clark's blood coming from a mile away, it was still a pretty good episode. So many secrets were setup. Ollie/Chloe "romance", Ollie/Chloe not trusting Clark, Chloe still spying and now stealing, Kandorians/Clark, Kandorians/Zod, Clark/Zod, Zod having his powers, and Waller/Lois. So much going on and we have to wait a whole month to see how these stories unravel. Lois and Clark are hiding things from each other and well we all know that's going to blow up in Lois' face down the line. Season 9 is getting better and better with every minute!
  • A mysterious man is kidnapping the kandorians. Zod gets shot.

    FIrst off I'm glad that they let us know that there was something going on between Oliver and Chloe. I like that those two are on a mission of there own. The stuff with chisolm was good. I thought the part in the hospital was cool when they said that all the bodies except for John Corben's had been found. I'm awaiting his return. THe stuff with Lois was great. THey set her up to be involved with the group that Tess is running with the chess pieces. Speaking of Tess, she still has a plan of her own, wonder when they are going to reveal what she's up to. The Zod Clark story was good in this episode except I don;t know why Clark would be so stupid and give Zod his blood. He should have known that it would give Zod powers. I knew that before they even showed it. I just hope Clark realizes what's happening before it's to late. Guess we will have to wait and see.
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