Season 9 Episode 14


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2010 on The CW

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  • The Kandorians are being kidnapped one by one, and when Faora's sister Vala is next, she enlists Clark's help to search for her. Meanwhile, a strange man approaches Lois, claiming to have proof that aliens are among them. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD)

    OK, this episode has got to be one of the worst, if not *the* worst, ever made! And I'm not just talking about SMALLVILLE episodes; I mean every episode of every TV show ever made. For one thing, the whole there-are-aliens-among-us-and-I'll-stop-at-nothing-to-prove-it story has been done to death. And for another, Zod now has powers; not only that, but he flat-out lied to Clark about it. There might be a nice, heroic guy buried in there somewhere, but under no circumstances whatsoever would I ever want Zod to have powers, no matter what Faora says about him. Plus, he flew before Clark! Thirdly, nitpicking though it may be, 'The Wall' is a stupid, unimaginative nickname for Amanda Waller. Anyhow, now for the good news. I loved seeing Zod incognito as a mild-mannered Daily Planet reporter (hee! :D), though for a second when he was standing on the stairs, I thought he was going to do something evil, like blow up the basement or out Clark as The Blur or something. And speaking of Zod, I liked that Lois tried to save him, because as much as I don't like Zod, Lois helped restore *some* of Zod's faith in humans. That is, if Zod and what he told Clark at the end is to be believed at *all*. Anyway, I also liked that Lois tried to point out that Vala had actually saved Dr. What's-his-name, and speaking of, I was pleasantly suprised when, at the beginning of the episode, Vala seemed to understand that the Kandorians don't need powers with Clark around and that the humans need Clark as much as they do. As for Clois, I hate that they're back to keeping secrets from each other (and that Checkmate somehow made its way into the episode), but I'm more than willing to overlook it because of that first Clois scene. It was both hot and romantic, especially with the way Clark said "Hello" to Lois and got lost in her eyes. :D *However*, not even Tom Welling's hotness or the Clois moments were enough to save this fiasco of an episode, but they were enough for me to keep from giving this episode a rating of five. Instead, I'll give CONSPIRACY seven alien blood samples out of ten.

    Highlights -- Clark checking on Faora and his sister Vala (I especially liked Faora's remark to Vala about Clark being in love with a human); Clark and Lois flirting, and making plans to rendezvous later; Clark catching Zod's fist, and staring him down; Faora filling Clark in on her history with Zod; Zod donning glasses and charming information out of a woman; Lois trying to save Zod; Lois and Clark discussing Zod and "full disclosure," before having a Mexican standoff over their cell phones; and Zod flying (if only for the visuals).
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