Season 9 Episode 14


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2010 on The CW

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  • -The whole flying thing with Clark/Superman has really gotten on my nerves now! Plus I agree with -DeepSecret's post on Mar 27, 2010. -What's up with Lois constantly getting knocked out!?

    We've been following Clark for 9 years now as he discovers his powers and he still can't fly! Even after he met is cousin who can fly and was willing to help teach him, Clark brushed it off. Knowing that you might have the ability to fly, wouldn't you try to find out or be curious? I'd be out at my farm at night trying to figure it out.
    (WARNING SPOILER) So for now, Clark can't fly but he gives Zod a drop of his blood to save him and with in hours, Zod has the same powers and can fly!!! Are you kidding me!? For 7 years Clark has been going back and forth whith Lana (who by the way in my opinion is more appealing than Lois physically and mentally) but now he jumps into a relationship with Lois. What is up with Lois's head? That girl is always getting knocked out! She has more knockouts/concussions than a boxer or football player! It's getting a little crazy how much she gets knocked out, "Uh oh, Lois fell over a table and got knocked out", "Oh no, Lois combed her her wrong and got knocked out."
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