Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2001 on The CW
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A jock named Sean gains the ability to absorb heat from everything and everyone around him, and begins preying on people to gain the heat he needs to survive.

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  • Another fantastic episode

    Two in a row! Nice! Once more, the premise was fantastic. The story itself just got better and better as time progressed, feeling less and less kiddish and even feeling rather dark. That was great directing and the story just got better and better. Once more, Lex was perfectly placed in this episode and his trust and belief in Clark was fantastic to witness
  • What "cool" episode!

    Ehhh...this is probably the first episode of Smallville thats not great. It still waent bad though and I still was liking the "freak-of-the-week" episodes. But this episode is where it got too "teensy" for me. I mean im a teenager,but still...not watching Dawsons creek with Buffy...

    Clark-For the first time in the series this episode dosent really focus on Clark as the main character. Hes still got a good share of course. Him finally manning up to Lana was awesome amd for the first time he has to give up time with Lana to save the day. An interesting concept that was eventually overused later in the series.

    Lana- Going on a "date" with Clark. Even though she said it was just a friend date I could see she suppressed some feeling for Clark. But she ending up being ditched by Clark and going back to Whitney. Then at the end you see Lana saying Whitney was the best guy a girl to have right in Clarks face. That,IMO was awesome, just showing that Clark can never date Lana without being truthful to her. The whole date storyline is the best in this episode.

    Lex- Lex is the man in this episode! Not only does he help the Kents in debt, but he helps Clark get his first date! A good man right there...oh,wait. But still you cant help but feel sorry for Lex. He tries the help the Kents but Johnathan screws him over. Paying for the sins of his father...

    Chloe- She finally gets a big part in a episode! But you cant help but feel bad for her...falling for a killer... Also I think she never liked Sean and she just wanted to get Clarks attention. So finally theres a episode centered around a Chloe stalker/killer instead of a Lana stalker/killer...YAY!

    Sean- Probably the downfall for this episode. While I do like the idea of a villain with a heat-sucking power instead of the usual freeze power,there are some issues I have. For one, they were showing WAY too much of his personal life and that would OK, but its just him hooking up with girls 24/7. Also he turned evil too fast. No charcter development whatsoever. I doubt a high school student would think about killing a fellow student so quickly.

    So, while this episode had its flaws, its still a enjoyable episode too watch. Even if youre not a Clana fan like me you will enjoy this episode.moreless
  • 1.05 - Cool

    another good episode of SMALLVILLE, so that the villain has changed not only the way, again the villain was exposed to kryptonite and it ended up messing up the meeting Clark with Lana, as the Superboy (Clark) had to face it.
  • Chill Out, Chloe!

    Cool-A jock named Sean gains the ability to absorb heat from everything and everyone around him, and begins preying on people to gain the heat he needs to survive.

    Yet another average freak of the week outing, "Cool" is only interesting because of the great special effects for it's time. Only 5 episodes into the series and the SFX crew are getting a bit more creative. Michael Coristine (Sean Kelvin) wasn't much of a villain and seemed like a Mr. Freeze knock-off for the most part, but ice effects were crafted well. I especially love the scene where Sean freezes Jenna after her shower and she falls to pieces, which was quite disturbing. Also, Chloe get some time in the spotlight when she becomes Sean's next target and needs to get...uuhh...warm. Too bad Chloe becomes slighty b!%@#y throughout, especially when she attacks Clark about being mad that Chloe getting attention from a guys, other than Lana. While she is right, it sad that the writers resort to Chloe being the "victim in denial" before being put in danger so Clark can be proven right. But the ending makes for interesting demise for Sean as Clark throws him into a lake and is complete frozen solid with in, which provides more eye-candy effects. "Cool" is pretty average hour from Smallville and isn't that memorable.moreless
  • A highschool jock falls through ice into a frozen lake contaminated with Kryptonite. He emerges frozen, and will absorb body heat from anyone who touches him. Meanwhile, Lex orchestrates a date between Clark and Lana. Not as good as some of the others...moreless

    This review contains spoilers.

    "Cool" is a fair enough episode in itself, but I didn't find it as engaging as some of the other stories of the period, and, as the fifth episode in the series, is probably my least favourite up to this point.

    The writers seem to have been going through conditions and phenomena that they could exploit; after the sports coach who controls fire in the (superior) "Hothead" a couple of episodes ago, here we get the opposite – a character who turns people to ice.

    The plot of frozen Sean wanting "quick fixes" of heat from girls is presumably a metaphor for quick relationships. While I try not to compare the two shows, as I feel they both have their own very strong merits, I have to say that I feel this metaphor is the sort of thing that 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' does so much better and more successfully.

    These early episodes seem to often call into play the concept of either Lana or Chloe in danger, and in this one, it is Chloe's turn, as Sean tries to "suck the heat" from her!

    The episode also develops the Clark / Lana "just friends" relationship, with Lex orchestrating a date between them. Naturally, this date is doomed, as Clark must instead deal with ice boy Sean. Although I can buy that this relationship-of-characters element is all part and parcel of the series, as in a way quite like it, I found it a bit too much in this one for my personal taste.

    All-in-all, "Cool" isn't a bad episode at all, but, as I say at the top, is my least favourite episode up to this point, and just appeal to me as much as the others. It's okay on its own merit but nothing special; I give this one 8 out of 10.moreless
Tom Welling

Tom Welling

Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk

Lana Lang

Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum

Alexander ('Lex') Joseph Luthor

Allison Mack

Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan

Sam Jones III

Sam Jones III

'Pete' Ross

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson

Whitney Fordman

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • When Sean is trying to get a girl to come over, he is trying to light matches but they keep freezing, yet the phone in his hand doesn't freeze.

    • When Sean goes into Jenna's bathroom while she is taking a shower, he is in desperate need of heat, yet the candles stay lit. It isn't until after he kills Jenna, and restores himself, that the candles freeze as he exits.

    • Right after Sean gets the football on the frozen lake, there is an aerial shot of him walking back to the shore as the ice starts cracking, and the frozen lake is covered with snow. In the next shot, when Sean falls through the ice, he is shown under the clear surface of the ice, as if there were no snow on it at all, or had been swept clear for the shot of his face under the ice.

    • Right after Shawn breaks out of the lake, he moves to the fire. We see in the first shot that his hands are right close to the fire. However, in the next shot, Shawn is bending down to get his hands close to the fire.

    • In the begining of the show, they're all at Crater Lake having a good time. The lake is completely frozen over, enough for someone Sean's size to walk around on. At the end of the episode, Clark sends Sean through the air and he lands in a pond in Lex's back yard...that doesn't even have the beginning stages of ice. Unless they had a heat wave strong enough to completely thaw the pond, there should be at least a little ice on Lex's pond.

    • When Shawn is kissing the girl (right after she comes out of the shower), she gasps when he is kissing her, right before her body turns into a solid block of ice. How could she gasp if her mouth wasn't open? Even if it were just a little bit open, the sound of the gasp would still be different.

    • When Sean freezes Jenna in her bathroom, you can clearly see that as he lets her fall backwards, she is quite pliable where his hands were holding her shoulders, so she couldn't have been frozen enough to shatter. Contrary to popular belief, a person who is frozen won't shatter when dropped. This can be easily verified by dropping a piece of frozen steak. The skin might crack because it is less pliant than before, but the muscle and bone tissues won't become glass(or ice)-like. Also, freezing a metal lock won't make it breakable by a human either. Freezing things makes them more rigid and less pliant--which won't affect metal much because it is already rigid and non-pliant. This can be verified by the Apollo moon modules which had to endure the freezing cold of space and then land on the moon safely.

    • In the final battle between Clark and Sean, Sean is in "frozen mode" but there is no blue makeup on the side of his neck in a couple of shots.

    • When Clark instantly figures out the family bills (see Quotes), the implication is that he has some kind of super-calculating mental ability - this has never been referred to before or since.

    • So...what happens to Sean? Is he still frozen in the middle of the lake near the Luthor mansion, or did the police or someone eventually show up, chip him out, and haul him off to the Asylum for Krypto-mutants? (We find out in the Smallville comic and the Chloe Chronicles Volume 2 that Sean is in a government research center but is barely alive and has a little bit of a heart beat. How official this is, isn't clear.)

    • When Whitney is driving Lana home, and they swerve to avoid Sean in the middle of the road, the dubbing of Lana saying "Whitney-look out!" doesn't match up with her lip movement.

    • If Sean escaped from an frozen lake once, couldn't he escape from the one that Clark trapped him in?

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Clark: You deserved a lot better than Sean even before he...tried to kill you.
      Chloe: That's sweet, I think.

    • Clark: Maybe I can help.
      Jonathan: You already have. Last season you saved us four part-time hands.
      Clark: No, I'm thinking bigger picture. You know, forget about this whole high school thing and try out for a pro sports team. I could make a ton of money in endorsements. (off his parent's stern looks) Just trying to lighten up the mood.
      Martha: Much as we'd love to see your face on a cereal box, we'd settle for you getting to school on time.

    • Clark: I thought you came over for fashion advice.
      (Clark shows her a shirt)
      Chloe: Burn that. What else have you got?
      Clark: I'll check the laundry basket.

    • Chloe: Are you from an ice planet? It's freezing. I'm going to go thaw out by the fire. Have fun.

    • Chloe: Don't sound so shocked, Clark. Guys do find me attractive even though I don't have raven hair and the initials "L.L."

    • Lex: A high school boyfriend isn't a husband; he's an obstacle.

    • Jonathan: We already talked about that.
      Martha: I talked, you grunted.
      Jonathan: I thought that I was rather articulate.

    • Clark: Hello, citizens.
      Martha: I'm not familiar with this child. Where's the moody one? Lives upstairs, runs real fast?

    • Chloe: Your online horoscope suggests that you try not to flaunt your excitement which I know will be hard since you've been waiting for this date since, like your first growth spurt.
      Clark: I'll say this one more time, and then I'll print up bumper stickers: this is not a date.

    • Pete: Clark Kent, international man of mystery.

    • Chloe: This is what I love about high school parties: people will gather anywhere as long as there's illegally purchased alcohol and even the slightest chance of hooking up.

    • Pete: I can't believe both your dates went straight to hell and I ended up with the limo.

    • Chloe: I'm swearing off men.
      Clark: We're not all bad.
      Pete: Maybe you should just swear off heat-sucking horn dogs.

    • Sean: If you want I could rub them for you; nothing heats up the body like friction.
      Chloe: Wow. I can't believe you just delivered that line with a straight face.

    • Martha: The distributer gets 12.5.
      Jonathan: Feed bill over 6 months at 5%
      Martha: Plus the mortgage at 8.2 plus the harvester repairs gives us...
      Clark: (instantly) $54,501.38.

  • NOTES (6)

    • Music: "Rescue" by Eve 6, "Standing Still" and "This Way" by Jewel, "Let Your Shoulder Fall" by Matthew Jay, "On Your Side" by Pete Yorn, and "We're At the Top of the World" by The Juliana Theory.

    • When Chloe and Clark are going through Clark's clothes, she tells him "blue's a good color on you." -Reference to his costume to come?

    • Originally advertised as "Freeze"

    • Even more in-jokes: Chloe comments she doesn't want to be a crash test dummy for the guys' dating lives. The band Crash Test Dummies put out a hit single about Superman.

    • When Lex approaches Martha Kent at her farm and she almost cuts him with a chainsaw, he comments apropro of nothing, "Good thing you didn't have an arc welder." In the TV show The Adventures of Lois & Clark, Martha Kent was an artist who used an arc welder to make metal sculptures.

    • In-joke: note Sean's last name, and the nature of his powers.