Season 3 Episode 22

Covenant (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 19, 2004 on The CW



  • Trivia

    • At 28:26 the reflection of the boom-mic and operator is very visible in the TV, as Lex turns and walks to Clark.

    • As she runs to kill Loder, Kara runs through a fence on the Kent's farm. The fence is not damaged. Can she also pass through solid matter?

    • When did Clark hear Lionel tell the doctor to up Lex's electroshock dosage? It wasn't at the actual therapy session itself, as Clark only arrived just as it was finished. Nor was it when Lionel was talking to Dr. Foster. So when did he hear it?

    • Lex says that he has survived countless brushes with death starting with the car crash in Season 1. He should have said that it started with the meteor shower since he almost died but survived that day as well. Judging from the various stories about his past, it seems like he survived one or two brushes with death during his wilder days before coming to Smallville as well.

    • Clark seems surprised to see the chunk of green-k in Lex's secret room. Why? Didn't he take the precaution of scanning the room with his x-ray vision to make sure it wasn't a trap and/or Lex wasn't in there?

    • No wonder Lex has such trouble with security. The lock he has on his supersecret room, his "Fortress of Lexitude," as it were, is...a standard Yale lock, judging by the key Lionel gives Clark. He's paying roughly $10 an hour for the power to maintain all those continually-running graphics and all - you'd think he'd put out a little money for a decent electronic lock.

    • Clark and Lex seem to allow each other pretty much open access to each other's homes. Lex's secret room is off limits, but here's the question - Lex doesn't seem to wonder how Clark got in there. Wouldn't he wonder who gave Clark the key?

    • Chloe says what she found out on the tea cup is weird even for her. Umm... Why exactly? All she found out was that a girl died and is now walking around. We saw a kryptomutant do this in the first season and a major part of this season was Lionel's ability to resurrect people with the serum. So that isn't too weird. Was it the age thing? We saw kryptomutants do that in both seasons 1 and 2. We saw Lionel possessing the ability to clone, etc. So what was so weird, "even for her," about Chloe's discovery?

    • After Kara kills Loder, Jonathan tells Martha she killed an FBI agent. However, how do Jonathan, Martha, and Clark know who was in the car? None of them got a chance to see it. They may know she killed a man but there's no possible way they knew who.

    • When Lex visits Lionel in jail, and Lionel gives his "I'm dying" speech, Lex says the speech would have been more effective with "a string quartet in the corner playing Barber's 'Requiem'". It's actually an error on the part of the script writer; Samuel Barber never wrote a Requiem. The piece they probably meant was his "Adiago for Strings."

    • How much stuff is in the walls of the cave? Adrenaline parasites, keyholes, portals, whatever computer system holds the essence of Jor-El, and now a human body on ice for over a decades. And yet Luthor and his crack team of scientists don't seem to have discovered any of this.

    • Shouldn't there be at the Kiwatche caves? Kara wanders out, Clark and Kara go in, and later Clark and Kara and Jonathan wander in. Lionel's in charge of the place and knows there's something weird going on there - why doesn't he hire guards, put in security cameras monitoring the place 24-7, and install security gates that Clark can't go through without busting down, thus showing that someone broke in? Or did all of these disappear just because Lionel got arrested?

    • Okay, Clark thinks Lex, Lana, and Jonathan have betrayed him (and maybe Pete, and maybe Chloe even though the two of them seemed to have made up). Still, it seems kind of out of character for Clark to just decide to leave with a murderer just because she claims to be from Krypton. He saw her kill Loder. As long as she's hot and likes to wander around naked, and she hasn't betrayed him in the last 30 minutes, apparently he can overlook the murder part.

    • At the farm when Clark and Lana are talking, Kara shows up and Clark explains Kara's his cousin. Lana seems to take this as a personal affront ("How dare Clark have his cousin visit when I'm leaving?!?") and abruptly break off their "Tell me your secret" conversation #32. Clark nicely says goodbye, and then...Lana just turns around and leaves without saying anything. Because, apparently, she got Clark to acknowledge her and that's all that need be done. With all this, it's hard to imagine why Lana got the idea that people in Smallville think she's self-centered and shallow. :)

    • This is the first time that we see that Clark has a real definite idea that he himself can fly. But if he thinks that, it'd be because... Kara demonstrated the ability to fly. So does that mean Clark will also think he can disintegrate things with a touch and practice it in the future? Because he also sees Kara demonstrating that ability. Or will he ignore both "clues" to other potential superpowers, since the producers have said we'll never see Clark flying on his own?

    • So Jonathan's deal with Jor-El was that he'd agree to bring Clark back to Smallville, in return for... giving up Clark anyway and dying himself? Somehow this doesn't seem like a very good deal. As noted in Trivia for "Exile (2)", Jonathan did have other options, such as exposing red-Clark to green kryptonite and then taking the ring off. And his idea that Jor-El might never call in his marker, as it were, seems incredibly dumb.

    • At the beginning when Kara flips the car it explodes immediately. We did not see her do anything to it but flip it over. It would not explode that fast.

    • Lex's explanation that his investigation into Clark's background is about him, not Clark, doesn't seem very believable. You can clearly see huge pictures of Clark and his family on one wall. What would they have to do with whether or not Lex is a Kryptonite freak? Not to mention the Kryptonian family tree Clark drew in "Rosetta" is hanging with the Kent pictures, which doesn't seem logical if Lex's investigation is really about himself.

    • Clark's testimony would be pretty much meaningless in a pretrial bail hearing. That kind of hearing determines how much of a flight risk the defendant is - Clark's testimony that Lionel threatened his son's well-being would have very little significance there. It's not like murderers in real-life have eyewitnesses testify against them at bail hearings.

    • While in "prison," Lionel gets brought in and has a nice long chat with the agent that arrested him (Loder). Not only that, but he gets to have the witness against him (Clark) visit his cell, and make intimidating threats.

    • The kryptonite, once, again, fails to affect Clark until he notices it's in the room.

    • What type of jail or prison allows visitors to visit the inmates at their cells?

    • Where did Kara get her cute outfit after parading around naked? Looks like nothing Martha Kent would wear and you'd think people would wonder if Martha went into town and started buying new clothing for a girl clearly not her size.

    • For what seems to be a pretty big, press-covered bail hearing, Clark doesn't even bother to formally dress for the occasion.

    • At the end, Jor-el tells Clark to step forward so they can be rejoined. After Clark agrees to go with Jor-el, he does not step forward but is still sucked in. If Clark didn't have to step forward, why wouldn't Jor-el just suck him in before Clark agreed? If it's a matter of Clark just agreeing to go, then why doesn't Jor-El just say that instead of going on about "stepping forward"?

    • Why does Lex always keep the stuff turned on in the room where he keeps the items he has gathered on Clark? He's rich, but there still doesn't seem any reason to have the TVs and computer monitors on.

    • Why did Lex show up at Clark's house at the beginning, other than to interrupt their interrogation of Kara? He asked if Clark had a minute, they walked out into the barn and Clark started a conversation about Lionel's imprisonment (which led to him agreeing to testify and admitting he'd been an eyewitness). But why did Lex even show up there in the first place?

    • Does Clark ever even notice that a girl who claims to be from Krypton and knows little about Earth customs such as drinking tea just so happens to wear lipstick and knows about other Earth customs like knocking on doors to introduce oneself?

    • At the beginning of the episode we have yet another example of "Near-faceless person gets killed early in the episode and nobody ever mentions them again." Does the Smallville police (and the now often-missing Sheriff Adams) even bother anymore?

    • Didn't Chloe ever tell Clark about her using her temporary "truth" power to get Lionel to confess? Yet he seems to be buying Lionel's denial of murdering his parents.

    • According to both the on-screen dialogue and the closed captioning, Loder says, "I made sure any discriminating recordings disappeared into the ether." when talking to Lionel. Unless the recordings were very particular and had very specific tastes, the word the writers are looking for here is incriminating.

    • Lionel seems to be allowed very...flexible visiting hours. When he and Loder first arrive, it's sometime relatively late in the evening, about 8 - 10 p.m. (since the two of them talk between shots of Clark and Lex's conversation after Kara arrives when she destroys a truck with no one noticing). Later, when Lex visits Lionel, it's 6:05 p.m. (look at Lex's watch). Apparently the courts and the prison visiting hours don't run on a 9-to-5 schedule, or Lionel is getting a lot of special perks.

    • When Loder pulls away from Kara at high speed, she appears in front of him and he brakes to a stop. Given the speed he's travelling at, it seems highly unlikely he could stop to avoid hitting her. There's no indication she blocks or anything - the car just stops a foot or so away from her.

    • Why does Clark just jog up to Kara at normal speed while she's dealing with Loder? He doesn't seem too concerned about stopping her kill a guy, but even so, wouldn't he go at superspeed to find out what's going on?

  • Quotes

    • Lex: There's so much of my own life I can't explain. I've survived countless brushes with death, and it all started with this car crash. If I'm guilty of anything, it's that I've inherited my father's eccentric curiosity for the unexplained.
      Clark: You've inherited his dishonesty.
      Lex: Clark, look me in the eye and tell me you don't have any hidden places of your own where you keep your deep, dark secrets.
      Clark: Ever since I've met you, I've been defending you, making excuses for you to people like Pete, like my parents. Telling them, "You can trust Lex Luthor. He's a good guy. He's nothing like his father." I was wrong.

    • Martha: (Kara) killed a man, Jonathan. We have to call the sheriff.
      Jonathan: What are we gonna tell the sheriff, sweetheart, that a Kryptonian girl vaporized a federal agent?

    • Lionel: You have no idea what it's like to grow up under the thumb of an abusive father... someone who'd stop at nothing to establish absolute control over you.
      Clark: Your son does. Lex is an expert by now.

    • Clark: I didn't come here for you, Lex. I came because it's the right thing to do. This friendship's over.

    • Lex: Orange is a good color for you, Dad, although it might get a little old after 25 to life.

    • Lionel: You're venturing into very dangerous waters, Loder.
      Loder: I'm a pretty decent swimmer. Night night.

  • Notes

    • Terence Stamp is listed as "Special Guest Star."

    • In the Superman comics, Kara is one version or another of Supergirl. When Lana is talking to Clark at the Kent farm and notices "Kara", Clark identifies her as his cousin who is visiting from California. In pre-Crisis (before 1986) DC comic book continuity, Supergirl is Superman's cousin. Her Krpytonian name is Kara and her father, Zor-El is Jor-El's younger brother.

    • In the repeats the scene where Chloe looks out the door before the building blows up is cut.

    • The piece playing during the final Godfather sequence was from the Mozart Requiem.

    • At the end when Clark is floating away naked he is in a five-sided "S/shield" light similar to the S/shield he will (presumably) wear on his costume in the future. The curled Clark makes the S-shaped design complete.

    • When Clark goes to the Luthor Mansion, to the 3rd floor wing where Lex keeps items about Clark, you can distinctly see the "S" logo that Clark will eventually wear on his chest when he becomes Superman, on a whiteboard behind Lex (from when Clark wrote out his family tree at the Talon). You can also see one of the adrenaline parasites from "Rush" in a glass jar.

    • The Smallville Season 2 DVD was released a day prior to the original airing of this episode.

    • Robert Wisden and Daniel Bacon appear and are credited, but have no dialogue.

    • Music by Mindy Smith (One Moment More).

    • Samuel L. Jones is listed in the credits for contractual reasons, but doesn't appear.

  • Allusions

    • Final Scenes:
      Lionel getting his hair shaved while (presumably) his underlings dispose of Chloe and Lex bears a strong resemblance to a similar sequence in The Godfather.