Season 6 Episode 13


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 2007 on The CW
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Clark is once again exposed to red kryptonite, and his "other self" goes on a rampage of sorts on Valentine's Day, kissing the women he's most attracted to and expressing his uninhibited feelings for the various relationships around him.

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  • A seasonal episode built around Valentine's Day displays the seen-it-before effect of red kryptonite on Clark's and Lois's inhibitions, but plays out with good humor. Lana and Lex have an unwelcome guest at their engagement party.moreless

    Chloe and Clark are sucked into an unexpected V-Day party at the Talon, featuring several good lines - Clark to Chloe: "You're the only person who can make me feel guilty, relieved, and a little sad, all in one sentence." And Chloe: "You never know when the next love of your life is right around the corner," and the camera pans over to - surprise - Lois, as she enters with Jimmy, who's saving her from a lonely night after the split with Oliver. And Jimmy gets to suggest, "Then it hit me - Lois...and Clark." What insight, Jimmy! - but Chloe can't see it. Lois chimes in about being set up with Clark, "That's like hot fudge and halibut."

    As Clark starts to duck out, Lois tries a love-potion lipstick; the vendor colored it with red meteor rocks, so here comes another out-of-control cast member. First one she lays eyes on is her new love; doesn't Lois need the potion for some guy who will stick with her? She's never been short on romantic impulses. Oops, Clark is the sight in her love-at-first-sight. But she waits until the next day to put the moves on Clark out at the farm. Annette O'Toole does her usual fine job of acting, stunned by the hot-mama appearance of Lois at the door. Watch the expressions on her face. When Clark spots Lois, you expect to hear his line from way back in Season One's "Nicodemus," - "I think the operative word is 'Gulp!'" As Lois gets real close to Clark, he starts backpedaling fast, that is, at super-speed clear out of the county. The carry-over story is the engagement party for Lex and Lana, who offers Chloe the Maid-of-Honor position - she accepts. At the DP, Clark tells Chloe that "Lois is in to me," which of course floors Chloe. Lois slinks in, looking for Clark and displaying her new chest tattoo. This is all fun-filled scenes, and Chloe splits. In a lip gloss transfer from Lois to Clark in the office phone booth (another clever historical reference), Clark gets infected, and his inhibitions are gone. The red kryptonite is a familiar setup, but here it's written with more humor. Lois recognizes his kissing style, and thinks he was the Green Arrow she encountered in the alley, but Clark lets on that he was covering for Oliver. Acting like he's competing with Oliver for Lois, he says it's time for her to meet the real Clark Kent. Uh oh, he's going to blow his cover.

    Lex surprises Lana with a completely-furnished nursery for their upcoming baby - it's just like Lex to do it all with money, leaving no choices for her, and nothing for them to do together. She nixes the idea of announcing the baby at their engagement party, and in this exchange, the writers have developed very effective dialog between the two. She's being second-guessed about marrying Lex, so has good reasons for keeping it quiet for now. Back with Clark and Lois on the DP rooftop, it looks like he's competing with Oliver in derring-do. In a single bound, he carries a terrified Lois to the next rooftop. Dorky farm boy? Not Clark. In Oliver's apartment, they're about to do something they'll regret, but an engagement invitation distracts Clark, and he bolts to crash the party. Jimmy looks for Love Potion #whatever himself, or an antidote for Lois, and finds it - the green stuff.

    The engagement party has a terrific set decoration job with everyone dressed to the nines, but at the wrong moment, dark Clark and Lois burst in, ready to spoil the event. Clark's downright nasty, lashing out at Martha, too. He reveals Lana's pregnancy as the reason for the wedding, and throws Lex into a table, then drags Lana out. Bad memories for everyone.

    Chloe has the green love-remedy, it rolls down the table, quick Jimmy squirt it! It hits Lois, and she's back to her real self. The familiar plot device of short-term amnesia saves a lot of complications here.

    Clark has Lana at the loft, insinuating that she's still in love with him, and declaring that he still loves her. Poor Lana is getting mighty confused, especially when he proposes to her. She rejects the offer, as Lex arrives, since Clark is so predictable. Clark rags on Lana, trying to tell her she's just a trophy to Lex, who finally pulls a gun, and Clark shoves him through a couple walls, Lana trying to stop all this mayhem. Just before expiring, Lex grabs a tool, stabs Clark, and Clark stays down, but only because of Martha's timely arrival with a chunk of green rock. Later, Clark remembers what he did, and Martha urges him to be more honest about his feelings, but he still insists that he can't let Lana marry Lex. Lois comes by; she and Clark both have some awkward explaining to do, since Chloe filled her in on "Lois Gone Wild," another clever allusion. Bemused Clark isn't going to make it easy for Lois, but they didn't get too close.

    Back at the DP, Chloe has to support Clark, even when he wasn't himself, but Jimmy can't understand that, and a short break in their relationship is coming, something neither wants. But they'll get over it.

    Lana's been examined by Lex's doctor, she's ok. She confronts Lex about being prepared to shoot Clark. His ominous reply reveals he'd go to extremes to keep Lana. Something sinister is developing - the doctor tells Lex that everything is on schedule with Lana's "irregular" pregnancy, so another secret has come between Lana and Lex.

    In the closing scene, more good dramatic tension comes in - Lana has recovered the chisel from the fight between Clark and Lex; it's bent by it's impact on Clark. She looks, and wonders.

    "Crimson" could have been a trivial episode about the lovesick, but it was played with good humor and a "what-if" twist, with Ms. Durance getting the acting challenges and tight close-ups. Tom Welling showed he can be downright ominous and intimidating, especially as he played it at the engagement party. An entertaining episode, with romantic fun as well as heavy drama. Re-run rating B+.moreless
  • It's Raining Anvils!

    Crimson-Clark is once again exposed to red kryptonite, and his "other self" goes on a rampage of sorts on Valentine's Day, kissing the women he's most attracted to and expressing his uninhibited feelings for the various relationships around him.

    This season has been picking up greatly since "Hydro" and doesn't seem to be letting up. A gimmick episode that starts out playing for laughs yet gets into some tense drama by episode end, "Crimson" is unbelieveably entertaining throughout. Okay, so the fortune teller/red kryptonite lipstick/kryptonite stray were very hookey plot devices but who really cares? If your a Clois fan, like me, you should be eating this episode up like I did. It's about damn time these 2 characters got some major screentime together and it really pays off in this episode.

    Tom Welling and Erica Durance looked like they were really having fun working with each other for the majority of the episode. Lois was just priceless as she becomes lovesick for Clark. The Clark CD and the tattoo were especially hilarious. Also, the best Clois scene of the series is in this episode as Clark jumps off across Metropolis with Lois in his arms. That scene is beyond classic and reminiscent of so many Superman moments when Superman flies off with Lois so amazed in his arms. But the episode turns from sweet to sour when Red K Clark returns and crashes Lexana's rehearsal dinner. Tom Welling really owns that scene and the words to everyone there built such great tension. I also his delievery of "I'm not done yet!" to Lex was perfection. Kristin Kreuk was surprising good here as her breakdown scene to Clark in the barn was quite moving. I loved the brief fight between Lex and Clark as it was building up since the beginning of the season. Clark's line to Lex saying, "I should have left you in that lake to drown" was powerful and well peformed by Clark.

    Another great development touched upon is Lana's pregnancy and the fact that it might be abnormal. The last scene where Lex talks to Lana's doctor and tells them it's not a natural pregnancy makes you wonder if the child might be a meteor freak. Also, Martha's words to Clark at the end were great, especially the stay away from Lana. But or course, Clark won't do that. Then there's the fallout between Chloe and Jimmy which is pretty sad as they are a genuine couple and it's silly for Clark being the reason why they both break up. Not to mention, Lana kept the chisel that Lex hit Clark with, which means she's onto Clark's secret! Who knew! All and All, "Crimson" isn't moving or powerful, but it's the perfect mix of hilarious comedy, intense drama and mythology anvils that you'll find it irresistible.moreless
  • I thought this would be goofy but it was just dumb.

    I thought that this episode would at least be funny but it wasn't. There were a lot of mistakes in this episode. How was Clark able to show Chloe the CD when Lois was putting it on as Clark supersped away? How did Lana end up with the bent tool when it was lying on the ground as she led Lex away? I hope this is leading up to Lana finding Clark's secret. There have been so many clues along the way she should have been figured out. If she does figure it out, I hope Clana is not in the works. The only interesting thing to happen in this episode was that Lana is being used as some sort of experiment. The question of the day is what is Lana carrying?moreless
  • Definitely.

    Lana: Personally, I liked her on this episode. I think this season she has been much more enjoyable to watch, I've been feeling it, because (not considering one time or another) she hasn't been the perfect-whiny-girl from the last seasons. She's finally showing her true side. I still remember her line on "Subterranean": "Money isn't just luxury, Lex. Is power." The girl is definately worthy of the name Mrs. Lex Luthor. It's also a nice touch that they showed how Lana was hesitant when she saw the baby's room. She reacted exactly like a girl who got pregnant early from a man she cares deeply about, but she isn't sure she loves. Very good acting of Kristin on that scene.

    Lex: How freaky was to see him as a soon-to-be father? Seriously, I love Michael Rosenbaum, I really do. He does COMEDY so well and he plays drama in a great way. He rocks. It's amazing how he can be evil and still show a slight caring side, at the same time. And that scene with the doctor... whoa. Gave me the creeps. I also loved to see the fight between him and Clark - even though it was because of Lana. I also loved how they showed Lana exactly like she has become to both of them: a competition. I have no doubts Lex cares about her, I think he really does. But Clark was right when he said Lex has always wanted what he had, and that she was a prize.

    Lexana: Is it wrong that I actually think they were kinda... erm... cute, not to say anything else, in screen? I think Michael and Kristin have a great chemistry. That scene on the baby's room was so... strange. Lex knowing exactly what was going on Lana's mind, and Lana knowing that Lex knew, but she still didn't admit it.

    Lionel: Wasn't there.

    Clana: I really thought it would be worse. I really did. I thought the whole scene was going to be played in a "Lana, oh Lana, I love you, don't marry Lex, marry me" way. But it was actually more like "Oh, Geez, are you blind or what? He's evil! Will I have to save you again from him? Don't marry Lex, marry me" way. I'm so glad they showed how Clark is actually obsessed with Lana. That sweet little love he felt in the first seasons? Long gone. I LOVED Lana's line "You don't love me, Clark." Clark loves that perfect-girl image of her, he has put her on a pedestal and he's having trouble realizing she's not perfect like he thought she was. And indeed. Like Lana said after, Clark just can't stand seeing her with anyone else. I think he has been so used to see her having eyes only for him that he finds hard to realize she might actually care about someone else - even thought she is still in love with him. Specially because the 'someone else' Lex, and he has always been jealous of Clark, and has betrayed him and all the other stuff. And to be honest, I'm not bothered with her finding Clark's secret, because that's how it happens on the Comics. I'm actually glad, because if the show does it right, they can bring a side of Clana we've never seen before: the friendship. No feelings, no regrets, no hurt, no I'm-still-in-love-with-you crap, just friendship.

    Chloe: I'm not sure I liked her on this episode. She wasn't the **** she was being on the first episodes, but she also wasn't the amazing friend we saw back on "Hydro" and "Justice". I mean, we actually saw a little bit of jealous Chloe towards Lois and Clark. Sure, it must be a shock to see your cousin all over your best friend when she's used to see them bicker, argue and occasionally flirt. But honestly, where was that girl that was playing the hilarious cupid between those two three episodes ago? I certainly missed her. I mean, I'm not gonna complain entirely. There were some moments where she was actually pretty much amused by the entire thing - like when a desperate Clark came to tell her Lois was "into him". When he showed her the CD, she just burst into laughter and amusement. And at the Valentines Day Party, earlier, she was shocked that Jimmy had just set up Lois and Clark, but she didn't stop the whole act, she actually dragged Jimmy away from them, so that was good. My 'dislike' for her might have something to with the fact that yes, she is with Jimmy, but yes, deep inside, she still has some kind of freakin' old feelings for Clark. It bothers me, God, why can't they just make her get over it? It's about damn time, they should have made her get over him two seasons ago. Yes, Clark has considered a relationship with her. Not because he has feelings for her, but because she's safe. She's smart, beautiful, funny and she knows his secret. But it takes a lot more than that to keep a relationship. Don't get me wrong, Chloe's a golden girl, but having any traces of lingering feelings for Clark is not healthy for her. Or for us. Besides, Chloe, Jimmy Olsen rocks. Look at him. No, really look at him. He isn't just "a guy", he's sweet, gentle, funny, determined (not to mention spotter =D ) and he loves you. So open your damn eyes and get over Clark already.

    Chlimmy: I love Chlimmy, they're so cute together. It was so sad, that last part between them... Jimmy didn't deserve that. He doesn't deserve to be half-loved. As long as Chloe doesn't figure and get over her "feelings" for Clark, she won't be good enough for Jimmy. But the good thing: she was really hurt. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to see the girl hurt. I just think that now that the break-up happened, she'll look inside herself and (finally) see longing for Clark is a waste of time, and how much she really cares about Jimmy and she hadn't figured. Or so I hope. But, hopefully, Chloe will realize how there are other things in the world than lurking around Clark, how much she likes Jimmy and they will get back together. And I don't mean to be harsh, but first she has to prove herself worthy of Jimmy's love.

    Jimmy: Aaron Ashmore deserves an Oscar. No, not an Oscar, the Oscar belongs to Erica Durance. But maybe a Tony Award. The way he teared up when he broke up with Chloe was sooo heartbreaking... I just wanted to hug him. Seriously, I'm in love with this Jimmy. He's so... so Jimmy!!! He's slightly dorky, but he's also really intelligent, funny and spotter! Really spotter! I mean, the whole thing with him setting up Lois and Clark was so hilarious!!! Damn, the boy could work as a cupid, he sure has the gift for it! The look on his face was so priceless. Like if he had discovered the Americas, or something. "You've got to admit, they've got chemistry!!"

    You bet they do. The entire episode was a living proof of it.

    Martha: Have I ever told you guys how much I love Ma Kent? Even though she might have the hots for (ew ew ew ew) Lionel, she rocks. I loved how she "saved" Clark from the Red-K-cra-a-a-azy state. And she gives the best advices. It's time for him to leave Mrs.Lex Luthor alone, she needs to find out her path on her own. Thank you, Martha, for telling him what we all have been wanting to tell. And maaan, her expressions when she saw Lois dressed like that, in the beginning of the episode, were just priceless. First she kept staring at her, then she remembered it was Lois and finally let her in. And I swear, she had this amused look on her face, and shocked at the same time... It was just hilarious. She is great. Well, I guess every super son needs a super mother.

    Clark: Alright. Complicated, really complicated. First of all, He has, like Martha said, to stop trying to solve everyone else's problems, and focus on himself. Sure, in the future he'll be Superman, he'll try to save everyone and save the world, but right now, if he is willing to move towards his future, he has to STOP moping around because of things like his already annoying obsession for Lana. Second of all, Kal is a jerk! Pure hot stuff, but still a jerk. Even though everything he said was pretty much the truth. He keeps bottling everything inside, and as long as he keeps doing that, he won't be able to move forward. Move on, for crying out loud. I hated when he left Lois to kidnap Lana. Yeah, sure, Lana is his past, Lois is his future and this is the present, but see, that's exactly the problem. The future won't come if you don't let the past go, and right now, that's exactly what our Clark need to do. He feels attracted to Lois, but he thinks he's still in love with Lana (which isn't really love, in my opinion, it's just an unhealthy obsession) and he keeps Chloe like a safe rebound - if it doesn't work with anyone else, yeah, Chloe sounds decent, let's do it. Amen to Martha and her "You're the only one that can sort that out.". Let's just hope he does it really soon.

    Lois: Another amazing performance of Erica Durance, once again. It was so funny, her 'madly in love with Clark' state and the way she played it, it was simply hilarious. I laughed the entire time. And boy, the woman knows how to be sexy and funny at the same time. There were moments where Clark, not in Red-K yet, was definately drooling all over her. I also loved how she was playing on the defensive at the beginning of the episode, when Jimmy dragged her to the Valentine's Day party.She was in the middle of the healing, and then bam, there comes a bright red lipstick to suddenly accelerate the process. Not that I'm complaining. I don't have much to say, except I just loved her. I always do, Lois rocks!!!

    The Creepy Cosmetic-Lady with a very refined sixth sense: Brief, but she deserved an item only for her, she rocked. "I usually have a sixth sense about people. Something tells me Lois and Clark's destinies are a little more entwined than they realize."

    Lois & Clark (Forever, as it was said on her tattoo): Anvilicious. Amazing. Priceless. Muy caliente. Oh.My.God.

    I... I just... This was SO good. Seriously. Tom and Erica are simply... simply... awesome. Incredible, really. They were so perfect. I don't even know where to start!!! There was so much in just one episode... okay.

    Lois & Clark set up... it was very interesting that, in the Valentine's Day Party, both were still mourning their losses (Lois/Oliver and Clark/Lana), and they were not thrilled by being there. Their sarcastic tone pretty much said everything. The silence and the weird glances they kept giving each other were SO funny. Like "Okay, what's going on here?" Nice how he was uncomfortable around her but, at the same time, still had the nerve to banter. Halibut... And let me tell you... Lois's face after she was infected with the Red-Kryptonite and she saw Clark was just so "I'm gonna get ya'."

    Clarkie... Poor, poor turned-on Clarkie!!! I laughed so hard at those scenes where Lois was all over Clark and he was just "OKAY, what's going on????" So interesting the way he totally checks her out when she arrives, completely open-mouthed... the uncomfortable smile he gave her... When she started to walk towards him he just could not keep his eyes out of her face. When she wrapped his hands around her waist he did everything but pull away. And there were these seconds, after she was done with her flirting, when he just looked at her, seeming completely lost, staring at her lips, when I actually thought he would kiss her. But then he just snapped out of it, reminding himself that something was wrong and he just distracted her telling her to put the CD on. And he ran away!! He ran away! He superspeeded out of there, running for his life, it was so hilarious, dear Lord, I laughed so hard!!! Also, when Clark goes to tell Chloe Lois is "into him", at the Daily Planet, and she arrives and shows him the tattoo... The look on Clark's face was like "whoa"! After Chloe left them alone and Lois was all caressing his face, once again he had that same look on his face that gave me the clear impression he was going to kiss her. But then bam, he grabs her hand and takes her out of the room. Thank God our Lois thinks fast and quickly made a move as soon as she saw that phone booth.

    The chemistry... Oh my, the chemistry. It nearly blew up my computer screen when I watched it, today. I was like "Phew, is it hot in here or is it just me?" Those two definitely hit it off. I mean, the chemistry between Tom and Erica has always been awesome. But those make-out sessions were like "whoa". If I was wearing a tie, I'd loosen it. When Lois grabbed his jacket and threw him into that phone booth... rowr!!! I still don't know what she said exactly, but it was something like "You know, you can pour on the modesty all you want Smallville. I think that only makes you much more adorable." When Clark looked at her after being affected, smashed her against the wall and gave her one hell of a kiss, I'm serious, the phone booth would have burst into flames if they both weren't meant to live. Clark "cleaning" the desk was also very fun to see. And at Oliver's, when they were leaning against the clock, there were clothes being thrown all over the place, it was so funny how they edited that scene. But their chemistry just playing a couple is absolutely adorable. The way Clark hugged her from behind on the DP made me go all "Awww!!!" They looked so natural and cute together! Has this really happened? I mean, sometimes, it felt like someone grabbed a great, canon fanfic and put it on screen. So great.

    Kal and Lois... Funny, funny thing, there were moments where it didn't look like they were affected at all. Lois was being Lois, the only different thing was that she was "in love with Clark". I thought it was very nice how she recognized Clark's kiss and ended up finding out Oliver was Green Arrow. I also loved how Clark/Kal was starting to get angry, and Lois actually kinda calmed him down. By then he was already calm, and it was a very nice touch to show how she's actually able to get into him. And they were SO playful. I've never seen Kal playful with anyone before. When he was in Red-K, he was always rude towards women - pretty much like he was with Lana, when he kidnapped her. But not with Lois. With Lois he was playful, happy and teasing, and it was so nice to see.

    The anvils... This whole episode was one big, fat anvil!!!There were so many hints about their future and they were not suble. The whole thing with them being together on the same room is already an anvil. The way they said "Lois & Clark" the entire time was definately an allusion to "Lois & Clark: TNAOS" And needless to say, that woman saying "Lois and Clark's destinies are a little more entwined than they realize." was like a big sign falling from the sky. And there's the fact that they kissed at the Daily Planet, which was like... duh, Lois & Clark. There were also several Clois scenes where they played Superman-ish songs. And the flight... oh God the flight!!! It was sooo sweet and like the movies!!! I was like "Did he actually say that???"

    That was seriously romantic. The way Clark pulled her against him when they were still at the railing and she was looking down, afraid to fall, was so sweet. It gave me the warm fuzzies. And her reaction to the flight was perfect. She looked up at him and smiled, while they were flying, and when they landed, all she could do was grin.

    The loft scene... How. Cute. Was that? The awkward tension on the beginning of the scene was palpable. But then, after Clark realized Lois was way more nervous than he was, he was soooo having fun, seeing her all disturbed!!!She was sooo uncomfortable, and he was just raising his eyebrows and smirking, pretending to know he had no idea what she was talking about and actually trying to make her say it!!! Naughty Clark. But then, of course, he had to give in. And then the most awkward and strange thing happens! Clark actually mentioned the CD, ready to tease her about it again... The exchange of glances on this part gave me the shivers. There was definitely something behind their eyes. The way Clark's smile faded when he saw that it actually had a deeper meaning behind it than just a little gift... And she was so vulnerable. They looked so scared and nervous. It was so nice to watch.

    I don't care about the Clana. I just know that this episode was HUGE, amazing and foreshadowing. And it rarely happens, but to me, it was actually better than I thought it would be.moreless
  • Great Episode

    During a Valentine's Day party, Lois is given a tube of lipstick laced with red kryptonite. Designed to cause her to fall in-love with the first person she sees. When Lois kisses Clark, he becomes immediately affected. Chloe and Martha quickly realize the truth and grab some green kryptonite to neutralize the affects. Before they can, a fight with Lex causes Lana to grow more suspicious about Clark's secret. I thought personally that it was the best of the season so far. The normally passive pushover turns in to the indestructible, unstoppable Kal-El we all know he is destined to become. I did not like the return to the Lana obsession. I think that the writers should give Clark some credibility and allow him to move on. Open his eyes to the other women around him.moreless
Allison Mack

Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan

Annette O'Toole

Annette O'Toole

Martha Clark Kent

Erica Durance

Erica Durance

Lois Lane

Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk

Lana Lang

Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum

Alexander ('Lex') Joseph Luthor

Tom Welling

Tom Welling

Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • When Lois goes in to kiss Clark in the phone booth, her head is leaning to her left. But in the next camera shot, her head is tilted to the right.

    • When Lois and Clark are kissing in the Daily Planet room and Lois stops to say "I knew I'd kissed you before," her lipstick is smudged. The camera cuts to Clark then back to Lois, and her lipstick is suddenly perfect.

    • When Jimmy was visiting the potion lady, he never once mentioned Clark's name. She must be really in touch with her sixth sense to know who Jimmy was talking about, when she talks about Lois and Clark's destiny being more entwined than they realize.

    • In the opening scene at the Talon when Jimmy and Chloe are discussing about Clark and Lois, Clark and Lois can be seen in the background turning their backs to the camera. In the following shot from the other angle, as Jimmy and Chloe leaves, Clark and Lois are seen turning their backs again.

    • When Clark jumps across to the clock tower with Lois, they land on the roof but there is no effect to their surroundings.

    • Chisels are meant to be driven into hard objects and not break. It would be impossible for Lex (or most other human males) to drive a chisel into an inpenetrable object with a brief blow and bend it to the degree seen.

    • When Clark and Lois go to Oliver's place, it's night time. But in the next scene at the Daily Planet, there's bright sunlight shining through the window.

    • How did Lois get to the Daily Planet so fast? Clark would have super-sped there, and Lois had to take a three-hour drive, but she was there mere minutes after Clark and had time to get a tattoo in between as well. Also, how did Chloe get there so fast if she was at the Talon and had to meet Clark 20 minutes ago?

    • When Clark jumps with Lois the moon behind them is full. But when he kidnaps Lana later, the moon is much smaller.

    • Why are Lois and Clark surprised that there's a Valentine party at the Talon? Lois works there (sometimes), Clark's mother is connected with the place (sometimes), it's almost certainly a tradition to have Valentine party's there (so they'd remember it from the past), and as shown in many previous episodes the Talon advertises its events on the marquee out front.

    • Despite the fact she's being kryptonite-compelled into feeling endless devotion and love to Clark, Lois only gets a temporary tattoo.

    • Lois doesn't remove her original lipstick before putting on the new lipstick, which would result in a mis-colored mess.

    • How did Clark get Lana from Lex's manor to the barn? Normally an uninhibited Clark would use super-speed and get there instantly. But Lana clearly doesn't know he has super speed. It seems extremely unlikely uninhibited Clark would just walk or drive a truck.

    • In the scene where Lois shows Clark the CD she made, Clark tells Lois to play the CD. Clark gives the CD case to Lois and superspeeds off. But soon, where Clark tells Chloe about Lois, he holds up the CD case. If Lois had the CD case, how did Clark get it off of her when he went straight to Chloe?

    • When Lois is hitting on Clark in his kitchen, she wraps her arms around his neck, Clark then pulls her hands off of him to tell her to put in the mix CD. Then in the next shot, she takes her hands off him again.

    • At the end of the episode, Lana pulls the tool that Lex attacked Clark with out of a drawer in her room. The last time that bent tool is shown it is laying next to Clark on the floor of the barn. Lex is pulling Lana away from the scene and out the back door. She could not pick it up then and it seems highly unlikely that Lex would have left her alone long enough to allow her to sneak back to get it.

    • Lois gave her mix CD to Clark. The back side seems to read:

      The Way - Aeia(?)
      Electric Hippo - Net Water
      Bitter End - Fast
      Mojo Henry - Metro
      The Way - White Pyramid
      The Gaprelles (?)
      The Psychedelic Supermarket
      Stone City J (?) - Picadilly Light Show
      Dustion and the Gurus
      Rasta Mike's Reggae
      Portland Zoo - Menagerie (?)
      Soul Revolution - F(?)

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Clark: (to Chloe) You're the only person who can make me feel guilty, relieved, and a little sad, all in one sentence.

    • Clark To baby Luthor. The real reason that Lana's marrying you.

    • Lois: Well, I guess it's better that neither of us remembers. I can't even really picture the two of us, um... You don't think that we...
      Clark: Think that we what?
      Lois: You know...that we...
      Clark: No, Lois.
      Lois: Ahh.
      Clark: I think I'd remember.
      Lois: Yeah, of course you would.

    • Clark: (to Chloe) What is it you always say about Valentine's Day? Oh, yeah. "Our annual sneak peak at hell." That must have been before Cupid struck.

    • Star: Something tells me Lois and Clark's destinies are a little more entwined than they realize.

    • Clark: (to Lana) Now tell me you don't love me. Lana, tell me you don't...
      Lex: (points a gun towards Clark) Stay away from her!
      Clark: You don't want to do that. You can't win. You don't even know the rules of the game.

    • Lana: I'm not a competition.
      Clark: You are to Lex. He didn't tell you? (laughs) He's always wanted everything I've ever had and you were at the top of that list. You're just a trophy to him and he's nothing but your consolation prize.

    • Clark: (to Lana) Don't marry Lex, marry me.
      Lana: I have given you every chance. I have stood in this spot so many times just waiting for you to say something and you decide to do it now?! You don't love me Clark, you just can't stand the idea that I love someone else.

    • Lois: Clark, girl alert! You never know what I'll find in a grown man's clubhouse. (sees Martha Kent)... oh, sorry, Mrs. Kent.

    • Chloe: Lois and Clark?
      Jimmy: You got to admit, they got chemistry.
      Chloe: Yeah, so do nitroglycerin and peroxide, and I don't suggest putting them together.

    • Lois: Please tell me we weren't just set up.
      Clark: Looks like it.
      Lois: Us. That's like hot fudge and halibut.
      Clark: I take it I'm the halibut.

    • Chloe: I did some digging into our favorite Martian Manhunter, but it's just coming up empty.
      Clark: Yeah, but we have another man hunter to worry about. Lois.
      Chloe: Why does that make me picture her wielding an ax at every man in Metropolis?
      Clark: She's only after one man. Lois is... into me.
      Chloe: She's into you? What, like...
      (shows her the mixed CD Lois made him)
      Chloe: Wow. She really pulled out all the stops.
      Clark: She's not herself, all right. It's like she overdosed on Love Potion No. 9 or something and it isn't funny!
      Chloe: (giggling) Pretty funny.

    • Lois: I like the dorky farm-boy thing.
      Clark: Dorkier than a hood and a quiver? Just because I don't wear a costume and splash my face all over the papers...
      Lois: Clark! So what if your signature move is driving a tractor? I think it's adorable.
      Clark: You know, Lois, I think it's time for you to meet the real Clark Kent.

    • Jimmy: You just can't admit that I'm a natural-born cupid, can you?
      Chloe: Jimmy, I know that you would love to think that your little nudge actually caused this whole thing, but trust me, Lois would have to be shot out of a cannon to romantically land anywhere in the direction of Clark.

    • Lois: White Snake, wow, I must have really liked you.

    • Lois: (to Clark) Lana's your past, I'm your future.
      Clark: This is the present.

    • Lois: Is it really wrong that I want these chubby cherubs to burst into flame?

    • Clark: Welcome to the love fest.
      Lois: Yeah, and me without my Uzi.

    • Lois: I knew I kissed you before--in the alley. You're Green Arrow.
      Clark: Hardly--I was pretending to be so you wouldn't know it was Oliver.
      Lois: Oliver? Oh, my God. All those times he disappeared. What is my deal with emotionally unavailable weekend warriors?

    • Lex: I have this dilemma: I can't decide between Stegosaurus and Mr. Duck.

    • Jimmy: (about Lois) It's so weird to see her acting like a girl.

  • NOTES (10)


    • Love Potion No. 9
      Referencing the 1959 song written by Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller, and first performed by the Clovers. It has since been covered by performers such as Neil Diamond and Herb Albert, and a movie was made using the title.