Season 3 Episode 16


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 03, 2004 on The CW

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  • The "You're About To Die" Hotline

    Crisis-Clark receives a panicked call from Lana and hears a gunshot before the line goes dead, but when he arrives at the Talon he is stunned to discover she is alive and well. Clark realizes the phone call came from the next day and that Adam is the one who will shoot Lana.

    A fast-paced episode that sees the conclusion of Adam's storyline and sees the writers changing the way Smallville usually structures it episode. The concept of phone call from the future is not that original, but the writers manage to creat a solid episode out of it. While Lana is the damsel in distress again, the episode actually does well by creating actually suspense, which Smallville rarely does half the time. I love how the darkness of the episode and the reason behind Lana's call from the future is never explained until the last minutes as it builds actually builds tension for the episode. The opening teaser Ian Somerhalder convinces throughout as Adam grows more pyschotic and restless. But the same time you feel bad for him as his second life was forced on him. The episode develops well as the pieces of the phone call come trut like the storm, the baseball game, the cell phone, etc. Everything builds to a very intense climax as Clark gets to Lana literally at the last second to save her once again. The special effects as Clark jumps behind Lana to stop the bullet was beyond stunning. The only problem is that Lana never wonders how Clark got all the way across town to save her...during a just 2 seconds! But it's a satisfying conclusion, especially Adam's death which is slightly sad, but fitting end to the character. It's also a great development how Lionel uses the massacre at the lab to get Lex arrested, but the FBI saves him at the end. The team-up between Lex and the FBI makes for another interesting little storyline as we are getting back to finding out the truth about Lionel's past with his parents. All and All, a great episode with some good thrills, suspense, and developmets.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show smallville clark gets a frantic phone call from lana but before he anwsers it goes dead after hearing a gun shot thing is he does not know how he got the call so he investgates and he got it from the future and its adam who is going to shoot her . and he must figure out were and when its going to happen today. and linel and lex are battling over the fate of the lab that has alot of info in . this was a goood ep i thougt and it was really good .
  • Good but stupid episode

    To be honest i liked this episode but the fact that Clark went around looking for Adam and everyone else seemed to leave Lana was stupid, If Clark would have just stayed with Lana everything would of been fine he could have sorted out Adam without any of the worrying.

    All that was left at the kent farm to protect Lana was Mr Kent with his gun and to be honest it isnt a hard obsticle to bypass considering his condition and the fact that Clark got to Lana in a split second kinda annoyed me because in different episodes his superspeed seems to differ in how fast he is actually going
  • A frantic time-shifted call from Lana to Clark warns she is to be pursued by Adam, then a shot rings out. Clark, Chloe, and Lana put all they have into solving this mystery, while Lionel and Lex battle over the fate of the lab and its staff.

    When Clark picks up a crisis hot line at the Youth Center, he hears Lana, whom we then see frantically running from a man armed with a rifle - Lana is shot in the back. Is this the end? Clark speeds to the Talon, but Lana and Chloe are there together...what did he hear? A hoax? Later they listen to a recording of the call in the presence of Sheriff Nancy, but there are no answers. This story setup comes fast, but that's ok, the story keeps up that pace.

    Chloe tries modifying the recording, but Clark's super hearing is even better at analyzing the waveform, and they hear a man's voice. And another sound - a basketball game, which has not even been played. In an all-to-easy conclusion, they decide the call was from the future. Well, of course, after all, it's Smallville.

    Lex shows Lionel a vial of an experimental medication, which he discovered last week in "Resurrection," saying he knows about the lab at Metron, but of course, Lionel denies knowing the details. Lex pursues the question - he wants to be a partner in the scheme, he wants to be in charge. Lionel is skeptical.

    Back in the shadowy lab, Dr. Teng is met by Lionel, who's canceling the project. He wants the lab moved elsewhere, threatening her with deportation. Dr. Teng gives Adam one more chance at survival, injecting him with the serum. His deterioration instantly is relieved, but with the lab shutting down, Adam is doomed. Twelve hours to live. This story line bears some resemblance to "Blade Runner," with Adam playing the latter-day replicant.

    Clark discusses the time shift theory with Lex, asking his help to find Adam - and Clark knows he was at the lab and met Dr. Teng. Lex has to yield on this one, due to the threat to Lana. He says Adam cannot survive or leave the lab, but Clark insists, and Lex takes Clark to the lab. The entire staff has been murdered, including Dr. Teng, and Experiment #1, Adam, is gone. Things have gotten out of hand for the Luthors again.

    Lex later accuses Lionel of the debacle, but Lionel denies knowledge of the murders. Lex has covered it up (no, he hasn't) and now Lionel offers Lex the project. Nice time to come on board, but Lex declines the promotion. Back to you, Dad.

    Clark tells Lana about Adams's escape, and Chloe has traced the futurecall that Lana will make...tomorrow. Lana is justifiably worried. At the hospital, Clark meets the woman who owned the cell phone Chloe traced...he says her phone is going to be used in a crime - so she admits she loaned her phone to her husband, whom we next see on the side of the road, when he is suddenly mugged by a creepy-looking Adam. Clark speeds to the scene, but Adam escapes.

    Now a storm brews, and Lana has taken refuge at the Kent farm, but things area happening anyway. The storm, the phone. Jonathan breaks out the family rifle. Lex and Clark are trying to track Adam too, and they discern he is searching for the rest of the serum. An unnecessarily arrogant police officer enters the mansion with a warrant, and with questions for Clark about the lab murders.

    At the Torch office, Adam surprises Chloe, she remains pretty calm, until Adam sees the Kent's truck that Chloe is using. The terror grows as he forces her to the Kent farm. Jonathan goes out to Chloe, who yells a warning, but Adam clubs Jonathan and roughs up Choe. Tough stunts in the rain for our regular cast, but we have to admire the Smallville crew for going to this much effort for a good scene. Adam threatens to kill Jonathan, and Lana has to come out, and become his prisoner.

    Lex realizes he's being set up to take the fall for the murders. Of course Clark is released in time to speed to the Youth Center to take the futurecall. Adam has taken Lana to the storage unit where she stashed his stuff. He frantically looks for the serum; finding none, he's in a rage. Now the forseen events play out as he pursues her through the building, and Ms. Kreuk does a pretty fine job of fighting back, even as she exhibits terror.

    Clark arrives home to find things have gone bad to worse, and he knows they're looking for the serum. Clark takes Lana's call again, as Adam shoots. In some pretty cool super slo-mo of the bullet speeding through stationary raindrops, Clark speeds to the storage area and stops the bullet with his own body. Adam saw this save, but he's dying. and warns Clark about Lionel with his last breath. The cast has been shown many times out in the rain without adequate protective clothing, but in this case it works well - adding to the desperate situation resolved by Clark's ingenuity and determination.

    As the police arrest Lex, the FBI appears, and takes over the case. Lex wants to make a deal - immunity in exchange for the goods on his own father. Deal? Meanwhile, Lionel has a new lab director on board, and wants the "Resurrection" lab back up and running in a week. He claims to have been diagnosed with a liver disease.

    Lana looks quite like wow really sharp in green, with matching eye shadow and earrings. She probes Clark again - how did he get from the Youth Center to the storage unit in a few seconds? He lamely suggests it was maybe the time anomaly. In turn, he asks why she called the hot line rather than the police. She answers - because she knew he'd be there, so not too many questions from the police. She was terrified, he was too, so is it time to stop being so afraid?

    Now back to Lionel, looking very disheveled in his office, listening to opera. What now? Is that his terminal diagnosis for hepatic disease? A gun. Will he take his own life? Nice cliffhanger, good for at least a week to see how this turns out.

    "Crisis" is a pretty darn good episode, fast-paced, offering some fun strife between Lex and Lionel, and finally resolving the Adam-Lana romance - it's over. Nice job by everyone, lighting, special effects, action sequences, and general scariness. Re-run rating B.
  • Lana's phone has great coverage!

    Once again, season three delivers with an episode that's on the one hand self-contained, waving adieu to a mini-arc, and yet teasingly hints at the ongoing struggles of the Luthors, a fascinating conceit that's one of the main strongpoint's to the hour. And there are many – take the pre-title teaser for instance, it's ambitious and shocking, a knock-out combo that really leaves you in a state of awe during the credit sequence, even if you knew that Lana was alright (as shown). There are also a few unusually violent scenes for this show with Adam's escape. I was glad to see his return, as his previous farewell proved to be rather disappointing, so it was good to see him get a crazed send-off like every good 'ol fashion bad guy should. While the ending was fairly obvious, how the episode got to it proved to be interesting. More like this, please.
  • Great Episode

    While working as a volunteer with Pete Ross in Smallville Youth Center, Clark Kent receives a distress call from Lana Lang, who is shot by Adam Knight. His further investigation shows that the call was made from the future. Meanwhile, Lionel Luthor shuts down the obscure Metron Laboratory and the research that Dr. Lia Teng is developing with blood platelet. Adam Knight becomes aware that he has less than twelve hours to be injected with the serum, otherwise he will die. He escapes and apparently kills Dr. Teng and her team. Lex Luthor is framed as responsible for the massive murder.
  • Adam finally gives in to the crazy.....

    And about time too! Quite liked this episode, the special effects were good, particularly liked the scene at the end, when Clark super speeds to take the bullet. Lana is a dumbass, nothing new there, someone gets to you in a second from god knows how far away and you accept the excuse 'It must have something to do with the weird time anomally;! I'm still feeling the luv for Sheriff Adams, she makes me laugh - Clark: Lana didn't have anything to do with this.
    Sheriff Adams: Yeah, unless Miss Lang has grown several inches and developed an affinity for plaid, this would be a good time for you to pipe down. Anyway watch this episode, as its kinda important to the story arc.
  • A dark Smallville episode

    Clark is helping Pete at a Crisis hotline and receives a panicked call from Lana and hears a gunshot before the line goes dead, but when he arrives at the Talon he is stunned to discover she is alive and well with Chloe...weird or what. After the tag scene I was confused for most of the episode but inytrigued when Clark realizes the phone call came from the next day and that Adam is the one who will shoot Lana. This leads to everyone trying to prevent Lana from dying to no avail when Adam knocks Jonathan unconcious and uses Chloe as bait to kidnap Lana. Clark stops the speeding bullet when he finds that kryptonite on a fallen telephone mast jumped the call to the future.

    Superb episode with fantastic writers. Definetly had me hooked.
  • Great episode.

    Clark receives an emergency phone call from Lana, it goes dead just as the sound of gunshots erupt at the background. Clark rushes to the Talon coffee shop and finds her safe and sound. Clark theorizes that he witnessed an event that will take place a day from now. This is a really exciting episode. There's some mystery that Clark investigates so he can save Lana. Something about Adam is shown in this episode. I really had a good time watching this episode, it's really exciting. The writers came up with a really good story this week, I'm really having a good time watching this.
  • Clark receives a call from Lana, she's really panicked and he hears a gun shot. When he finds her, she's in the Talon, chatting with Chloe...

    This was an amazing episode!! I loved the future-thing, it wasn't over the top, it was almost realistic. I always think that Smallville makes the weirdest things believable! And Clark and Lana... They are doomed, and I mean doomed. Will they ever ever be together, possibly yes. I still don't understand why Clark doesn't tell Lana his secret. I am sorry, but they have been thrue so much and I think she deserves to know. I thought it was amazing how he ducked the question about how it was possible he was so fast. I doubt that Lana believed it completely but hey she has already accepted it. Conclusion: Amazing episode!
  • Lana is in great danger and calls for help, but this call comes from the future. Can the future be changed and Clark save her?

    Good quote:
    Clark: “Lana didn’t have anything to do with this.”
    Sherif Adams: “Yeah, unless Miss Lang has grown several inches and developed an affinity for plaid, this would be a good time for you to pipe down.”
    This is the fourth time the producers have killed off a "future character" - i.e., a character who in the comic books appears in adult Superman's life. The other are Morgan Edge, Claire Foster, and Dr. Hamilton. In at least a couple of instances the "deaths" were left a little vague. Another Lana episode and why is Adam want to kill Lana. When he should just go after Lionel who has the medicine that will keep him alive. Though this episode isn’t the best just watch the special effects of the bullet Adam shots at Lana....the rain drops falling and seeing Clark save her. Smallville has a lot of interesting storylines some good some bad, but the special effects make up the reason in why the show is great. We finally understand the true reason in why Lionel is looking into the blood; what an ending.
  • Great episode!

    This episode is really cool, first of all Clark recieves a call from the future from Lana telling him that is happening, later Clark tries to investigate all what he can and discover that someone kill Lana and it was Adam, they tried to stop everything for not happening, but it does not turns OK, and they end up in the same thing, luckily Clark manages to get in time to get to save Lana, is really cool, too bad Adam died!
  • Crisis

    This was truly one bad episode by the writer. I wish they can go back and do this one all over again. The storyline was totally off. this one I would forget about. From the begining of this til the end I was lost about this. Clark saving Lana from adam and the phone call just didn't explain enough to me of how he gotten that call in the first place. I'm sorry but this one I will have to give a 4.9
  • Hello? This is me in this future. How do you do?

    Clark gets a panicked call from Lana that hasn't happened yet. A call from the future sends Clark scrambling to figure out how to save Lana from the future. It becomes clear Adam Knight is back and is the attacker. In a degenerating state, without the formula that Lionel Luthor created, Adam becomes extremely dangerous.

    Despite Clark's best efforts the events still lead to Lana's being shot by Adam but Clark still manages to save her from her fate barely in the nick of time.

    In this episode we find out about Lionel Luthor's deadly liver disease, and it appears that Lionel is going to commit suicide at the end.
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