Season 9 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2009 on The CW
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Oliver offers to train a new girl, Mia, to keep her safe from danger. Lois and Clark are stunned when a TV morning show wants both of them to be their new hosts.

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  • The most boring and pointless episode of Smallville!

    This episode marks the decline of Smallville. An entire episode filmed like a soap opera sentimental? What a joke? Boring!
  • Great Great Episode...

    Lois and Clark try out for the good morning Metropolis, with their first assignment, going on blind dates with people that find on the Internet, Oliver tries to help a troubled girl, and chloe tries to hack into Luther corp...

    Oliver taking the position as lois date, tells her that he still loves her, and for her to be truthful, she did too "Clark"... Oliver and Lois getting run down by bad man with oliver new friend, with no other choice... A great start to an even better finish... Chloe making a deal with someone from Luther Corp, Tess getting rid of a kandor, And CLARK finally showing us his feelings for LOIS, AMAZING EPISODE, AS LIKE ALWAYS...moreless
  • 906

    Not a bad episode of Smallville and it's definitely better than the last episode as predicted, but the whole plot overall was not the best. Everyone rated this a 10 because Lois & Clark kissed in the end, well let me tell you folks, if you did that, you don't know a thing about television.

    Rating an episode high because your favorite couple got together is just biased, you have to rate an episode based on quality, not on shock value. Also why is everyone getting so excited for Lois & Clark anyway. When they kissed, it felt forced, like Tom Welling was forced to kiss his step sister, there is no chemistry there. As for the plot goes, we did get some good moments even though the writing continues to be lacking and the plots are losing their originality. Clark & Lois on a morning show for an episode? Smallville jumps the shark yet again, what was up with this plot? The backdrop fulfilled the plot but not subtly or cleverly. I got to say, the most enjoyable scenes were with Chloe, who is the best thing about this show right now. Her getting Stuart in the end was a great scene. Tess & Zod, another great plot, it seems as though the supporting characters are stealing the show here.

    Why has all the season 9 episodes been so Oliver-heavy. I enjoyed the focus on him in "Echo" but now it's just annoying and uninteresting. Did anyone else care that he's helping a hooker with incredible strength? Overall a lackluster episode, but enjoyable in small doses.moreless
  • A big moment does not make an episode

    After a couple of episodes devoted to Oliver, positioning him as a hero again in time for the real fireworks to start, this seems like a bit of a transitional installment. It's focused mostly on the relationships and setting up subplots, and for that reason alone, it feels a little bit like filler. If progress hadn't been made on the Clark/Lois relationship, it might have been completely unnecessary.

    As it is, there's not much to the episode. The playful banter between Clark and Lois does speak to their chemistry. After so many years together on the show, they've fallen into a good rhythm and the verbal sparring comes naturally. Erica Durance has really settled into the role, even to the point where she seems to be enjoying the chance to be more than the eye candy.

    I suppose the writers had to address Lois' previous relationship with Oliver, especially now that he is back on the mend. It makes sense that Oliver would turn to Lois as "the one that got away", and it's a good mechanism for forcing Lois to admit openly that she's in love with Clark. Thankfully, the writers didn't try to leave the situation as a love triangle, because that would have gotten annoying very, very quickly.

    I noted in the review for the previous episode that the writers were on the verge of repeating the mistakes of the past with Clark and Lois. It's too easy to have the two of them run hot and cold like a yo-yo to maintain the tension. For that reason alone, avoiding the love triangle was a good move.

    But it's even better when taken in context. For quite some time, it's been clear that "Smallville" is not bothering to align with the other versions of the Superman mythos. While some plot points still pretend to adhere to expectation, others are a clear departure. I like the fact that they've stopped stalling with Clark and Lois for that reason alone. I still think the writers undermined the credibility of this obvious plot progression with the Lana arc in the eighth season, but at least they're trying.

    The rest of the episode fell flat, particularly Oliver's subplot with Mia. A little research has revealed that this is yet another example of the writers porting a comics character into "Smallville", and I assume that this was supposed to be noteworthy, as it sounds like a fairly faithful representation. Unfortunately, to the uninitiated, it felt forced.

    If Mia doesn't appear in later episodes to give this subplot a point, then it will feel like an even greater waste of time. The sad thing is, I think this has potential, if handled correctly. My concern is that the writers tend to assume that the audience knows the character history, leading to poor characterization for the "Smallville" version. (Catherine Grant was also apparently a well-known secondary character from the comics, but her appearance here seems incidental.)

    The business between Zod and Tess is clearly setup for the long-term story arc. I was a bit worried that the writers would forget that Tess is supposed to be deadly in her own right, especially after they kept having Mia, the underground fighter, forget her skills whenever it was convenient for the plot. I thought the reference to Krypton's star was clever, and I look forward to whatever it is Zod is preparing to do.

    Transitional episodes tend to be all about the setup for future payoff, and I can see how some of these elements could play into that kind of design. But the episode itself just didn't seem to shine on its own. Fans of the Clark/Lois relationship will be pleased, but now that the November sweeps period is finally here, it will be good to see the writers turn their attention to something a little more substantial.moreless
  • One of my favorites. A very strong, character-driven episode!

    I really loved this episode. In fact, it is one of my favorite episodes of the series.

    I like that the writers ditched the freak-of-the-week storyline that we have had in almost every other episode of the series, opting for a character-driven episode full of development and hints at the future. This was a strong route to take, and the writers did a wonderful job with the execution (although, like others, I would have liked to have seen Chloe a little more).

    I was interested in the Mia/Oliver story, and I'm glad it didn't end too predictably. While Mia could have been a one-time guest star who died or had all her issues resolved in one episode, it seems she may be a recurring guest star who will work with Oliver in the future. I loved that aspect.

    Of course, like most Smallville and Superman fans, I was really pleased about seeing Lois and Clark together. Highlight of the series! They're scenes were sweet and real, and I look forward to future episodes where they are trying to be/become a couple. This season may end up being my favorite one yet, and that's saying something, considering it is the 9th season and shows usually deteriorate almost to the point of being unwatchable, after that long!

    As for Zod/Tess, interesting as usual, and I liked seeing the tower that first appeared in Lois' dream at the beginning of the season. Things are definitely in motion! Tess' hacker geek fit in well with Chloe and the watchtower, and I did not see that end coming. Honestly, it was a pleasant surprise to see Chloe potentially offer the guy a job doing good rather than try to destroy him to get info. The more important thing was to get a new ally, and that was very cool. I also love the way those scenes were shot, with the slow motion and the music.

    So, yeah...this was a beautiful episode in most/all aspects. One of the shows' best, I think. I'm giddy for the rest of season 9! :-)moreless
Allison Mack

Allison Mack

Chloe Sullivan

Erica Durance

Erica Durance

Lois Lane

Cassidy Freeman

Cassidy Freeman

Tess Mercer

Callum Blue

Callum Blue

Major Zod

Justin Hartley

Justin Hartley

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

Tom Welling

Tom Welling

Clark Kent/Kal-El of Krypton

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    • Lois: Do you even care if I get this job?
      Clark: Of course I care. I bought a new tie.
      Lois: Oh, well I bought a whole new outfit.
      Clark: Yeah, you look great.
      Lois: Don't do that.
      Clark: Do what?
      Lois: Don't you dare reassure me right now.

    • Chloe: (to Clark) Wow. Tackling morning television to get into Lois' good graces. You know, this has got to be one of your bravest moves yet.

    • Lois: If you want these mainframe matchmakers to pick you a winner, you really have to be careful to choose exactly the right words.
      Clark: I filled mine out in 10 minutes this morning.
      Lois: I guarantee that's the only 10 you're going to get out of it.

    • Clark: Well, let's see what you wrote. All right. Under "likes," you have the theater. You mean movie theater.
      Lois: Details.
      Clark: Favorite drinks--you have "bubbly." Yeah, if it comes in a six-pack.
      Lois: (steals a look at Clark's chest) Well, I do like a six-pack.

    • Clark: Look, there are a lot of good things about you that would attract a lot of great guys.
      Lois: Really? Like what?
      Clark: Uh... well, you're Lois.
      Lois: Thanks, Clark. But I already filled out my name.

    • Tess: Fix the situation, Stuart. Or I'll have you terminated.
      Stuart: Okay, By terminated, though, you mean fired, right? Right?

    • Lois: Okay, Clark. Let's talk about something else--like your online-dating profile.
      Clark: But that was supposed to be private.
      Lois: Well, I'll give you this. You definitely were honest. But admitting that you grew up on a farm is either going to get you a date with a country mouse, or a cougar looking for her next meal.

    • Lois: Ollie, I need your help.
      Oliver: It's not a good time, Lois.
      Lois: You know how Clark and I have this side job hosting Good Morning Metropolis?
      Oliver: Uh, Clark Kent's hosting morning television? I can't wait to watch him show me how to bake a cake.

    • Oliver: Clark's on a blind date? Talk about footage of a train wreck.

  • NOTES (5)

    • International Airdates:
      UK: June 29, 2010 on E4/E4 HD
      Sweden: July 9, 2010 on TV6
      Turkey: February 27, 2011 on CNBC-e
      Norway: March 13, 2011 on Max
      Czech Republic: October 3, 2011 on TV Nova

    • Music: End of the World (Dead by Sunrise)

    • The name of Zod's new company, R.A.O. Incorporated, is taken from the name of the planet Krypton's red sun, Rao. As they are sometimes depicted as sun-worshipers, Rao is also what Kryptonians call their God.

    • Catherine "Cat" Grant
      Catherine Grant first appeared in Adventures of Superman #424. A well-known gossip columnist, she moved to Metropolis and took a job at the Daily Planet. She decided to prove she was a real reporter and went undercover to infiltrate Intergang. She later became a TV station manager A single mother, her son was killed by the Toyman. She later became press secretary for Lex Luthor when he became President of the U.S. Since then she has returned to the Daily Planet and has an enmity with Supergirl.

    • Speedy
      In the comics, Mia Dearden is a teenager runaway who became a child prostitute. Green Arrow rescued her and she secretly trained to become the hero's sidekick, carrying on the name "Speedy" that Green Arrow's previous partner Roy Harper had used. Green Arrow finally accepted her and she went on to join the Teen Titans. She later discovered she was HIV positive.


    • Pretty Woman
      The advertising cut-out for Good Morning Metropolis references the 1990 film Pretty Woman, starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. The plot of that film, where a wealthy business man meets a prostitute and tries to improve her life, is similar to Oliver and Mia's story in this episode, as well.