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Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2009 on The CW

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  • The most boring and pointless episode of Smallville!

    This episode marks the decline of Smallville. An entire episode filmed like a soap opera sentimental? What a joke? Boring!
  • A big moment does not make an episode

    After a couple of episodes devoted to Oliver, positioning him as a hero again in time for the real fireworks to start, this seems like a bit of a transitional installment. It's focused mostly on the relationships and setting up subplots, and for that reason alone, it feels a little bit like filler. If progress hadn't been made on the Clark/Lois relationship, it might have been completely unnecessary.

    As it is, there's not much to the episode. The playful banter between Clark and Lois does speak to their chemistry. After so many years together on the show, they've fallen into a good rhythm and the verbal sparring comes naturally. Erica Durance has really settled into the role, even to the point where she seems to be enjoying the chance to be more than the eye candy.

    I suppose the writers had to address Lois' previous relationship with Oliver, especially now that he is back on the mend. It makes sense that Oliver would turn to Lois as "the one that got away", and it's a good mechanism for forcing Lois to admit openly that she's in love with Clark. Thankfully, the writers didn't try to leave the situation as a love triangle, because that would have gotten annoying very, very quickly.

    I noted in the review for the previous episode that the writers were on the verge of repeating the mistakes of the past with Clark and Lois. It's too easy to have the two of them run hot and cold like a yo-yo to maintain the tension. For that reason alone, avoiding the love triangle was a good move.

    But it's even better when taken in context. For quite some time, it's been clear that "Smallville" is not bothering to align with the other versions of the Superman mythos. While some plot points still pretend to adhere to expectation, others are a clear departure. I like the fact that they've stopped stalling with Clark and Lois for that reason alone. I still think the writers undermined the credibility of this obvious plot progression with the Lana arc in the eighth season, but at least they're trying.

    The rest of the episode fell flat, particularly Oliver's subplot with Mia. A little research has revealed that this is yet another example of the writers porting a comics character into "Smallville", and I assume that this was supposed to be noteworthy, as it sounds like a fairly faithful representation. Unfortunately, to the uninitiated, it felt forced.

    If Mia doesn't appear in later episodes to give this subplot a point, then it will feel like an even greater waste of time. The sad thing is, I think this has potential, if handled correctly. My concern is that the writers tend to assume that the audience knows the character history, leading to poor characterization for the "Smallville" version. (Catherine Grant was also apparently a well-known secondary character from the comics, but her appearance here seems incidental.)

    The business between Zod and Tess is clearly setup for the long-term story arc. I was a bit worried that the writers would forget that Tess is supposed to be deadly in her own right, especially after they kept having Mia, the underground fighter, forget her skills whenever it was convenient for the plot. I thought the reference to Krypton's star was clever, and I look forward to whatever it is Zod is preparing to do.

    Transitional episodes tend to be all about the setup for future payoff, and I can see how some of these elements could play into that kind of design. But the episode itself just didn't seem to shine on its own. Fans of the Clark/Lois relationship will be pleased, but now that the November sweeps period is finally here, it will be good to see the writers turn their attention to something a little more substantial.
  • 906

    Not a bad episode of Smallville and it's definitely better than the last episode as predicted, but the whole plot overall was not the best. Everyone rated this a 10 because Lois & Clark kissed in the end, well let me tell you folks, if you did that, you don't know a thing about television.

    Rating an episode high because your favorite couple got together is just biased, you have to rate an episode based on quality, not on shock value. Also why is everyone getting so excited for Lois & Clark anyway. When they kissed, it felt forced, like Tom Welling was forced to kiss his step sister, there is no chemistry there. As for the plot goes, we did get some good moments even though the writing continues to be lacking and the plots are losing their originality. Clark & Lois on a morning show for an episode? Smallville jumps the shark yet again, what was up with this plot? The backdrop fulfilled the plot but not subtly or cleverly. I got to say, the most enjoyable scenes were with Chloe, who is the best thing about this show right now. Her getting Stuart in the end was a great scene. Tess & Zod, another great plot, it seems as though the supporting characters are stealing the show here.

    Why has all the season 9 episodes been so Oliver-heavy. I enjoyed the focus on him in "Echo" but now it's just annoying and uninteresting. Did anyone else care that he's helping a hooker with incredible strength? Overall a lackluster episode, but enjoyable in small doses.
  • A disappointing episode with perplexing actions by Oliver trying an ill-conceived rescue of a prostitute, followed by a pointless attempt to reunite with Lois. Clark watches passively, until an abrupt take-what-he-wants scene at the end.

    I was disappointed in this episode and found myself cringing at the contrived and manipulative plot. It's pretty loaded with cliches and worn-out plot devices, such as Oliver playing hero by trying to rescue a prostitute from herself and her too-civilized pimp. Sorry Smallville has to take on this flavor - dressing up the street women in the latest fashions, and putting the Green Arrow in this mode - if he's going to convert prostitutes, he can spend all day every day doing that. Prostitution is not fashionable - it's seamy, depraved, and devastating to women - and pimps are the lowest form of life on the planet. How did it become stylish?

    The next story line is Oliver (shirtless again, for the young teen females) making a play for Lois, but the writers are just manipulating us with this teaser. I was pretty sure last week that the romance between these two would never be restored - that would cause even more fan consternation and further delay the developing Clark-Lois relationship, which most fans seem to want this season. So they're just creating contrived conflict. Sure enough, Lois takes a powder, but not before we have to watch Clark playing jilted lover for a few scenes. It doesn't go over well - the Lois/Oliver thing has been squeezed dry.

    The Tess-Zod story line was lots better, Ms. Freeman looking awfully good and Zod surprising her with the sneak attack on her (ecologically-fashionable) green energy plant by taking the CEO position at the acquired company. She discovers late that one of her security guards is a Kandorian, who gives her only an hour to turn over the RBB. But are we to believe that she's protecting Clark/Kal-El? You could write a plausible alternative that would have her giving him up to force a confrontation between Zod's horde and Kal-El, following the plot line from last season. Tess was even more to be admired when she turned the tables on Zod by somehow eliminating his henchman's threat, wish we could have seen how. Ms. Freeman had real strength and presence in this episode.

    Then there's the quickie plot summary in words - with Clark telling Chloe that he's been off tracking down Kandorians. Gee, I'd much rather see this story line acted out than have it presented in summary, verbal form. They could do an entire season with Clark going up against a variety of Kandorians all over the world. Sounds more interesting than dismissing much of the crisis by implying that he's taking care of them off-camera.

    Even Chloe's part in this episode is a bit forced and rushed. She didn't seem nearly as in control and confident as she did in "Roulette" last week.

    Then there's The Kiss, apparently based on Chloe's advice to Clark to go for what he wants. He cuts out all that second-date discussion and just grabs. And sorry, but that kiss was not that well-done and convincing, in fact, Mr. Welling was a bit awkward with that. Their near-kiss last season had a lot more tension and emotional content. And what a non-romantic spot - down there in the DP basement, and not a word of confessed love. Ok, it's done with, but I have no confidence in continutiy here - he might later apologize for his actions, and movement on their relationship could easily be re-wound, just as the writers have done before. I think we need to hear more from Clark about his feelings for her than just showing his determination to protect her from harm. If he wants her, and loves her, he needs to tell her.

    Last week's finale - Clark and Oliver together on the roof-top, ready to take on the Kandorian threat to the world - they set the stage for a great follow-on episode, then frittered it away with streetwalkers. Re-run rating C-.
  • A solid episode ends with a bang.

    The promo for this episode relied heavily on one particular scene: the Clois kiss. It certainly was the most significant moment to come out of this episode, but I think that all characters have something to take away from Crossfire. And that's why this episode was very good. It had a something for every character. Tess and Zod's power game continued, Oliver continued his return from his dark place by helping out a potential sidekick and Chloe found herself a match in her own department. My only gripe is that Chloe, Zod and Tess should have got more screentime. I felt that some scenes in the dating game, as well as Oliver and Mia's arc, we could have done without. My main focus in this show is always the hero aspect of it, so the kiss wasn't the part that captivated me the most. I like the way the Zod plot is going. The Tower that Tess unveiled, is the same one Lois sees in her visions. This, along with the promo for Kandor have me very curious about how this story will unravel. The writing for this episode was quite good. They managed to squeeze in and develop 4 different plots. I can't remember a Smallville episode in receny memory with so much action all over the place. I hope it's something they keep on doing, but with a more balanced screentime schedule. The directing was very good and the special effects are looking fantastic at the moment. I loved the scene where Clark saved Oliver and Lois. How Superman Returns-like!

    I liked Clark's scenes in this episode. His chemistry with Lois was much better this week. When he went to Chloe for advice you felt the conflict in him. That's why it was great to see him take the initiative in the final scene. I just wish we saw him more in action, but the bullet stopping made up for it! Lois had a memorable outing. I wasn't too fond of her commentary during Clark's date, but that's what jealousy will do to you! It was also nice to see her clear the air with Oliver. Chloe's appearance in this episode was a disappointment for me. She deserves more screentime and a better arc. I think it was a step down for Roulette. She can do so much more than just help Clois happen and try to outhack Stuart. Tess should also have appeared more. But, as was the case in Echo, she sure made her presence felt. I like Callum Blue as Zod. I can't wait to see a lot of him next week. Oliver was fun to watch again. I liked his mature reaction to Lois' confession. Finally, i liked Mia's short story here. I hope we get to see her again soon. All in all, an actio packed episode that left fans with a sweet taste in their mouth. Roll on Kandor!
  • There are quite a few significant character moments in this one.

    There's a nice shift in gears this week, as almost every main character gets something to do – even Chloe! The focus once again lies heavily on Oliver, and it's good to see the writers follow through with these storylines, even if this TV-Budget version of Pretty Woman doesn't necessarily click together as well as it could have. Having Lois and Clark on the backburner was a smart move – this episode could have easily been all about the kiss (it's not exactly uncommon for this show to market a storyline and then milk it for all it's possibly worth); but their TV shenanigans didn't take centre stage, and thank the lords, cos I seriously wouldn't have been able to hack that ''ooh look at us being kooky'' music that played whenever these two were onscreen together. + Erica and Tom are having blast playing these two in such a fresh light; hopefully we'll get more of this dynamic.
    + The kiss was good, but not exactly the best onscreen kiss I've seen.
    + I think I liked how underplayed it was – usually Smallville goes all out for its apparent ratings-grabber-scenes, but this low-key ending worked well.

    Oliver and his new protégé fumbled between the lines of homage and full on cheddar cheese: some scenes worked, a lot of them didn't. Smallville had its very own chance to inject new life into a newly reinvigorated season, in the form of Mia, aka, Speedy. She's given a badass entrance scene and we're shown she can handle her own. Unfortunately, she lacks any sort of personality and seemingly forgets how to fight towards the end…she literally could have been Smallville's very own Faith; the writers have an opportunity to take this story down a dark path, at the very least, a compelling one. + That action scene was fairly kick ass. More please!
    + Less leather and more development would have been nice, writers.
    + I wonder if this incarnation of Speedy will have aids…

    There are quite a few significant character moments in this one. Chloe may have found her male counterpart. These few scenes were really something. Well, actually, they weren't a whole lot of anything, but I got my Allison Mack fix, so I'm good. Tess offing one of Zod's men was great. That crazy-cool bullet-time sequence (brought me back to the old days) was filled with tension (Clark just saved Ollie's life as a hero, but unknowingly crushed him as a friend); I'm thrilled that the writers dismantled any possibilities of a triangle budding between arrow/lois/clark and are actually moving these characters forward.
  • A mixed-bag for fans wanting a reminder of the glory-moments spurring our addiction to this eye-candy dependent rendition of the classic Superman mythos. Clark grows a pair; Chloe makes a play for Tess' obviously gay assistant & Lois loves who exactly?

    First, my apologies to my many fans for taking longer than usual to post my review of this particular episode of Smallville. I watched, like many of you, this mostly well-played installment and was left feeling both elated, and a little let down. Some have suggested that this episode deserves more than a single viewing; but, I fear doing so would only further twist my already mixed emotions concerning a surprisingly complex and well-acted episode. Notice, I stated "well-acted." I don't think it was well-written because the writing lacked the discipline required of strong and consistent storytelling.

    Let's begin with the kiss. While it was refreshing to see Clark stepping up and acting like a grown person, the writers did a real disservice to the very entertaining dynamic painstakingly established between Lois and Clark. It is silly as-well-as lazy of the writers to have Clark and Lois start macking on each other in the middle of the office. I could only imagine what the presumed witnesses must have been thinking: "For Pete's sake people, get a room!" And what of Lois' infatuation with the Blur? To me, the kiss just came off as two horny adults seeking some relief; and a cheap and easy way for the writers to add some last minute cliff-hanger type of drama. And while some may have enjoyed the opening banter between Lois and Clark, I found the precious musical soundtrack and the constant bickering between the two mostly annoying.

    Fortunately, the writers wisely had Tess make a long overdue appearance, and her mysterious defeat of General Zod's maid-servant was certainly a "wow" moment and well played. However, it does make one raise an eyebrow at Tess' apparent lack of the ability to adequately vet her personal staff. And I remain very tired of any plot involving Zod. It simply demonstrates a lack of creativity. Again, can we just be done with the whole Zod threat? Part of the magic appeal of Smallville, is the idea that you have this alien (Clark) from another planet trying to fit in among humans and feeling so isolated while doing so. Now, it seems as if Clark would have more than enough reasons to search out and build good relationships with his kinfolk. And exactly why is it that these kinfolk don't have the same abilities as Clark beneath our yellow sun? The writers had better come up with a good reason. But I fear it will only prove to be somewhat cheesy. And exactly why was Mia presented as such a powerful fighter, only to be dominated by a street hood pimp? And Oliver has more than 3 billion dollars in his bank account. I'm thinking Oliver needs to be doing a great deal more to help out those of a particular need. And the whole last minute "I still Love You" pitch at Lois was just not believable on any level. Oliver has up until recently been portrayed as a much more sophisticated man and well-schooled in all manner of love and loss. His realization that he was still in love with Lois deserved to have been demonstrated in a sophisticated manner. After all, it was already established in a previous episode that he was well aware of Lois' strong and developing feelings for Clark. I would have liked to have seen them put in a situation where each realized they still had strong feelings for each other – much in the way the whole Lana/Lex relationship developed. This would have given the writers an opportunity to better demonstrate Clark's evolution from a boy to a man who knows how to fight for the woman he desires. Oh, well. I'm starting to wonder if Smallville has indeed jumped the shark? Or, maybe, some of you might argue I just need to get a room.

    As always, I'm just keepin' it very real. Peace Out!
  • Despite a slow start this turned out to be another great episode.

    Lois and Clark are great together, simple as that. The best thing about season 4 was the chemistry between Clark and Lois but somehow it kind of got lost in the 5th season. It didn't really get back on track until the 8th season when once again most of Lois and Clark's scenes were with each other. The reason I say this is because their relationship has obviously grown over the years and while I was dead against them ever getting together on Smallville originally, now it works nicely and their dynamic has evolved to the point where it feels right to have them like each other.

    Most of their scenes here were whilst working for "Good Morning Metropolis" and the tension between the two was handled well. Their scenes were fun while making it clear that Lois was still hurting after being stood up by Clark. It was a good balance that prevented it from getting bogged down and depressing (which was what happened with Lana) but also didn't treat the issue as a joke.

    Meanwhile Oliver was trying to help his future side-kick Mia. By not knowing a lot about her from the comics all I have to go on is her interpretation here. Well she pretty much won me over with her first scene which was an incredibly well choreographed fight sequence. Oliver could see himself in her so it made sense that he tried to help her. This was important as it might've seemed a bit dodgy if it was implied that he just went around recruiting everyone he saw participating in a fight club! Mia was handled well and came off as sympathetic but still strong. She couldn't believe that Oliver wanted to help her with nothing in return which made sense and was well played.

    The other main plot that was going on here was between Tess and Zod. Zod tricking Tess into helping him harness the power of the sun was a nice touch and I'm glad to see him working his way into the real world (so to speak) rather than just hiding in the background as a mercenary. He's not just strong, he's smart which makes him a very dangerous foe and he's looking more and more like being a great villain this year. Again Callum Blue was great as Zod and it can't be an easy role to play. There needs to be a certain amount of camp evil genius while staying realistic and he does it wonderfully. Tess on the other hand is never going to be a fantastic character but she serves her purpose and is still good on the show. I felt the ending to her story with delivering the Kandorian's blood stained dog tags was a bit predictable but it was needed to show that she will be able to hold her own against Zod this year.

    While Tess and Zod's story was pretty much completely separate from the rest of the episode the two main plots interconnected nicely. That said the only real crossover was because Lois got caught when Oliver was attacked. Again Mia was good here as she tried to fight back when she realised they wouldn't let Lois go. Despite causing the situation it was a no win for her and again you could empathise with her. Which was the name of the game as we needed to like her! When Lois' earpiece fell out I thought that would allow for an easy fix to the situation but what was great was that Clark didn't come straight away, allowing for Oliver to show his awesomeness.

    After being deceived a bit too easily last week for my liking he was back to his awesome self here and considering I was expecting Clark to stop the gunman firing that it was Ollie who dived in was a great cheer moment. That said when they were running from the gunfire they didn't seem to be that bothered by the ricochets going off around them! Of course they did eventually get cornered which was when it was Clark's time to shine. Sometimes superhearing seems like a bit of a cop out as it conveniently activated just when he was needed. I might've preferred it if they'd found a different way for him to have found the earpiece, and not just because then they could've avoided the awful superhearing effect.

    Clark stopping bullets has been done dozens of times, so finding a new take on it is always impressive and here it was absolutely fantastic! As usual the Clark-time effects were awesome (first use this season by the way), although I did notice there was no trail behind Clark as he was moving. Still the way he handled it with the first few bouncing off him and then melting the rest to get to the gun was just amazing! The icing on the cake was the one bullet that got past him only for him to expertly catch it right in front of Ollie's face. That was one of the best action moments Smallville's done in a long time and that is a big complement on this show!

    One of the advantages of the smaller cast on Smallville now is that every character can be in an episode like this without it seeming too crowded. Which brings me to Chloe who I'm afraid was the weak link this week. Again she was just Watchtower girl with some unthankful dialogue to get through. I actually thought Tess's hacker handled the techno-babble quite well, but Chloe's "now you've made me angry" line was cringe-worthy. Her recruiting him at the end seemed a bit off too. It could've done with a bit more detail than a dialogue free scene but I guess it wasn't the most important part of the episode so they didn't want to dwell on it too much.

    Which brings me to the episode ending; the kiss that was shown in the trailers. First off the Cat Grant name drop was awesome (or at least it would've been if Kryptonsite hadn't spoiled it on their news page). The kiss itself was done very well. It wasn't a cheesy slow moving into each other kind of kiss, but instead a bit of a surprise action with Clark grabbing Lois mid sentence. If I hadn't known about it then it would've been a great shock ending. It worked perfectly and was a great moment to end the episode on.
  • Holly & Don the dream writing team ; top notch direction and production ; Olympic editing ; twisted, funny and numerous story arcs ; great character development of the death

    Don Whitehead and Holly Henderson did it again ! These great writers already worked on Metallo and now that I have seen Crossfire I can't wait to watch their next episode. Until it airs there's one thing most viewers will do, watch the episode over and over. Many things happened and it almost felt like a second pilot but thanks to Michael Rohl's good direction it succeeded in fixing all Savior issues. The editing was really smooth and each scene had the precious minutes it deserved. In fact it's impressive what they were able to tell in only fourty minutes. However I was so pleased by most story arcs that I wish they had split it into two parts. The ending was cut sharp for example.

    Let's start with the arc I enjoyed the less. The one involving Oliver was clearly a reference to some cult romantic comedy film but I found it too cheesy and predictable. Moreover it wasn't flawless as a scene with both Lois and Clark seemed rushed and even if it was intense I still wonder why it ended the way it did. Will it have some sort of impact in the upcoming episodes ? However I was pleased by the arc's ending because a new character was introduced and I found the performer's work quite charming. Let's also not forget the shiny lighting, colorful set, supercar and Fight Club moment.

    Tess and Zod were back and he's finally starting to grow on me when I thought it would never happen. As usual Cassidy Freeman did a gorgeous job but I still wonder why the writers haven't developed Mercy & Oliver relationship further. We had a Tomb Raider moment in Echo but now they haven't made a single sound. Anyway her few scenes were delightful and her twisted profile keeps surprising me. One minute she's a white dove, the next she's black kryptonite. The monochromatic lighting of their last scene also contributed to make us feel uncomfortable. It was specially wise not to show us what really happened because it left the event free for our imagination. So it wasn't a shortcut but a well played move by the writers and director.

    Roulette was a disaster and Chloe's role in Echo was anecdotic but our favorite hacker was back. It's really the first time in season 6 that the writers took Allison Mack's talent seriously. From now on I really hope she'll be featured in every single upcoming episodes because I can't get enough of her. However her scenes were short but quite funny. In fact it's the writers ideas that made me laugh. It's like if they asked Bryan Miller for tips on hacking a computer, because of the easy writing shortcut he used in Echo. But it doesn't matter as her interactions with an other character were more important. Of course how she achieved her goal was a bit absurd but it was an unexpected twist and should definitely lead to some interesting new story arc.

    Last but not least, Clois. The very first minutes I knew their scenes would be funny. In fact I hadn't read Crossfire's summary so I didn't know what to expect. That's why their arc was such a great surprise. You can feel how good the chemistry between Erica Durance and Tom Welling is. And if they can't bare each other in real life then it makes them even better performers. But after what happened in Roulette it was obvious something either good or evil would happen between them. I let you appreciate the path chosen by the writers. I specially enjoyed how a third character was used to develop an existing triangle. So when at times it feels like the episodes are not perfectly linked, Crossfire proved the contrary. It even reminded me of one of the best season 8 episode. Like Metallo it's really a model and I really hope the other Smallville team members will learn from Don Whitehead and Holly Henderson skills.
  • ok...

    I'm giving it a 8 but I have a few things to say about it:

    Like in the end of the last season, Clark threw a tantrum and apparently was going to embrace his kryptonian heritage. But now he's back working and fooling around just like one year ago.. I mean.. sure, keeping Clark isolated would do no good in the storytelling department but all I'm talking about is coherent plots.

    I'm used to Smallville's cliff hangers when the world is about to end.. just to be put back on track and the villain bashed to oblivion in the first 20 minutes of the premiere. So I knew he was gonna get back to his regular live eventually.

    Another thing. I'm talking about Clark searching everywhere and every single clue and not finding any kryptonian, even tho they have no powers but like they have some kind of spider sense and successfully avoiding Clark while doing their thing.

    Not to mention, Zod becoming CEO of some company in a few months just like that.. without any ID, money and stuff.. ok then..

    Tess is afraid of Zod but as a convenient idiotic behavior plotline, she protects Clark by destroying his blood samples but without telling him anything about the big bad. Like it would be so tough for him to handle a batallion of powerless kryptonians....

    Better to keep everything a secret and revealing parts as we go. Supernatural style. You don't know where Lucifer is, what the angels are thinking or planning. Pure mystery.

    But allowing Zod to walk around a few hundred miles from where Superman lives and talking to his colleagues is just bad storyline.. you lose the surprise card and makes it look like too forced and artificial..

    My 2 cents..

  • Lois is trying to get on tv, poor Clark Kent is just trying to help, and the whole time I'm screaming at the tv, "Just get together already!"

    Firstly, did you know that the girl that Clark went on a date with is actually a character in the comics? If you did not then her name is Catherine (Cat) Grant, look her up. So, Lois is trying to get a job as a hostess on a television show and poor Clark Kent is pulled in to help. It doesn't help that the sparks are flying. It was surprising that they did not ignite.

    But enough about Lois and Clark! Ollie meets his kid!! Well, one his kid of his kids. As all Green Arrow fans are aware of he has multiple kids (adopted, biological, and a possible biological). Not to mention that he is married to the Black Canary (with an adopted daughter of her own). Mia is a prostitute who Ollie rescues and takes under his wing. I will not bother to compare Ollie from the comic books to Ollie as he is portrayed on the show. They have similarities but a lot of differences as well. It is a shame that they skipped Ollie's oldest adopted son, Roy, and went right to Mia. Then again, they skipped Barry Allen (Bart's grandfather) and Wally West (Bart's cousin) and went right to Bart. Though it would have been weird if they had introduced Bart and then Roy (major age difference). I am glad that they included her nickname, "Speedy". They even used her main colors of choice, yellow and red. There is also still room (if the writer's wanted to) to introduce the son that Ollie knew about and dismissed, Conner Hawke. Now that would be interesting. And as always, I love the character Tess. Man, she is a great actress and adds so much to the show. I love how she interacts with the other cast members and how developed (and yet interesting) her character is. I also really like the new character, Stuart the hacker, for some reason. I just feel as if the writers could really expand on his character. And mostly... I loved the last five minutes! It was worth watching the entire episode if only for that last five minutes. :)
  • Clark helps Lois audition for "Good Morning Metropolis", only to find they've both been hired. Meanwhile, Oliver meets streetwalker Mia Dearden, a.k.a. Speedy, and offers to train her as his sidekick. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD)

    Only one word can describe this episode: cu-ute!! The Clois moments were spot-on, especially when Clark just up and kissed Lois, without so much as a prelude. Then again, it's not like Lois would've let him have a word in edgewise. Also cute was the "hack-off" between Chloe and Stuart. And I gotta say, I didn't much care for Stuart when he was first introduced, but as of this episode, he started to grow on me. As for Mia, I would've liked a little more background on her, but the Clois moments make it easy to forgive. ;) By the way, it was a pretty badass moment when Zod found the bloody Kandorian dogtag and saw Tess standing across the street; made me wonder what exactly she did to that Kandorian. All in all, nine online blind dates out of ten.

    Highlights -- Clark helping Lois audition; Clark and Lois going over her online dating profile; "hack-off" between Chloe and Stuart; Lois and Clark flirting while waiting for her date; the cardboard cut-out of Lois holding Clark's tie; and (of course) Clark kissing Lois.
  • 9.0
    In the Earth 2 Green Arrow storyline - Mia Dearden was a teenaged girl who ran from her home after being abused by her father and fell into child prostitution. Mia was rescued from one of her clients by Oliver Queen, who had just recently returned from the dead. (sound familiar) There's more, but eventually Green Arrow lets her become part of the team. Oh and by the way the colors she wears in the comics - Red & Yellow.... Wow! Clark actually makes a move. It's about time. Was ready to see Lois go back to Oliver. Not totally sure where they are taking the Zod storyline, I guess I will just have to wait and see.
  • Finally!!

    Thought this episode was excellent - from the relationships (Chole/Stewart, the Oliver/Mia, Tess/Mr Zod and of course Clark/Lois) to the introduction of the Luthorcorp Towers as featured in Lois's flashbacks. It's nice to know that the story is still winding along.

    The only thing that puzzles me is where was future Lois when current Lois went to the future? Possibly not the place.

    This series has enjoyed a few comic storylines but I think this episode was necessary to clear the air a little and to get the characters moving on - don't get me wrong, I thought the end was superb (and long overdue) - but hopefully now we can settle in for some serious action.

    Bring it on!
  • Kneel Before Mythos

    Crossfire-Oliver offers to train a new girl, Mia, to keep her safe from danger. Lois and Clark are stunned when a TV morning show wants both of them to be their new hosts. WOW, talk about a homerun! Okay, "Crossfire" wasn't exactly a masterpiece, but there were so many great moments in this episode to make it my new favorite so far of the season. There are 4 plots in this episode (Clark/Lois, Oliver/Mia, Tess/Zod and Chloe/Stuart). Not only do all these plots work, the writers manage to connect all of them in a cohesive fashion. Usually a Smallville episode packed with so much story ends up being a disaster ("Doomsday" anyone?) But all the storylines are well paced, well written and the whole cast as well as guest stars got something good to do in this episode, which is rare for Smallville. I think its best I review this episode by critiquing each plot separately:

    Clark/Lois-What can I say? Simply magic! The opening teaser was priceless and the Clois banter was the sharpest since "Committed". Tom and Erica's chemistry was through the roof in this episode and I loved the scenes where they're making comments about their blind dates. So cute and the actors had great comedic timing. Oh and do I even have to mention the kiss? It felt like a moment straight out of the comics! From Clark's lovingly staring at Lois to the way he finally grows a pair and goes in for it, not to mention the way they hold each other as they kissed. I think this is the few time the writers outmatched the hype! It will go done in history as one of Smallville's best moments! That kiss was beyond LEGENDARY; it was passion and love personified!!!

    Oliver and Mia-An actually decent storyline! It's good to see Oliver back and being a mentor to a future hero. Mia/Speedy was a pretty good character and one hell of a fighter. Yeah, she double crossed Oliver, but at least she tried to save Oliver and Lois toward the end which shows she's learning what it means to be a hero. I also liked the Lollie scenes. Justin and Erica were so compelling when Lois confesses her feelings for Clark and Oliver respects her decision even though he is heartbroken. Just shows once again how Lois and Olvier has always been a logical pair when dealing with their feelings for each other since they meet in Season 6. It was a nice end to Lollie that didn't ruin what they had in the past and showed how they are adults now.

    Tess/Zod-Man, do I love the scenes between these two. The villain rivalry between Tess and Zod is probably my new favorite storyline of the season. Callum Blue is perfection as Zod. He's cruel, he's evil and I loved his line about "a human not being on equal footing with a Kandorian." It's a line that defines who Zod is and how he'll always think of himself as above all! I loved how Tess didn't back down from Zod's threats and how badass was that scene of Tess giving Zod the bloody dog tag of one of his soldiers with Tess casually waving and smiling at Zod. Again, I love these two together, more writers, we need more of scenes between these…NOW!

    Chloe/Stuart-This is probably the most I enjoyed Chloe in...well...a good long while! What a good storyline for her with her having a "hack off" with Stuart. It's obviously there is some hidden attraction between the two of them and I actually would be all for it if it happened. I mean Chimmy was never a believable couple and Jimmy was always better not with Chloe around. Maybe a fellow hacker will be a match for her both professionally and romantically. That last scene between them looks like will be seeing more of Stuart in the future, so we'll see. Not to mention, Chloe gave Clark good advice for once about pursuing his feelings for Lois, who would have thank it?

    I also wanted to add that I loved; I mean LOVED that bullet sequence when the Blur saves Oliver and Lois. The effects were pretty mind-blowing and very reminiscent of Superman stopping the machine gun of "Superman Returns." That's another scene that will go done as one of my favorites from this series and great job SFX for creating such a epic save for Clark. Some people will see "Crossfire" as just entertaining filler with nothing much that happened besides the Clois kiss. But there are so many stories in this episode that I wouldn't even consider it one. There was tons of story progression and character development making "Crossfire" a stellar character driven episode and is easily the most entertaining and re-watchable Smallville episode since "Hex"! Next week...looks like epic stuff and we meet Jor-El in person!
  • More comic book characters.

    This is another episode where Clark doesn't really get to do much besides emote all over Lois. We've been getting a lot of those lately. Once again, the Lois and Clark relationship takes center stage over actual super-stuff. Which is fine, don't get me wrong. But they've been leaning on it a little heavy lately. And this is Smallville, not Gossip Girl, after all. I will say this, the one "super" thing Clark does this episode, the bouncing bullets scene taken from Superman Returns, was very impressive, especially catching that one at the end. Also, the introduction of Cat Grant was enjoyable, even though she acted nothing like her comic book self during her date with Clark. I'm hoping she'll be back.

    I was kind of pleased that Oliver wasn't the main character again, as I was sure he would be, give his acquisition of a sidekick. However, I actually liked Mia, along with Oliver's "big brother" act, which actually came off as more genuine that Clark and Kara from a few seasons back. Although, I wish they had given them a better reason for connecting than just "they both cage-fight." But if she is going to be on there for a while, they've got time to deepen things. And I really didn't like Oliver trying to get back with Lois, as I'm pretty sure he knew Clark and her were getting closer. But like Lois said, all's fair in love and war. Hopefully Lois's confirmation that she's in love with Clark has put an end to that, but did we really need more confirmation? We already know they like each other. Zod and Tess' story was probably my favorite, especially the ending with the dog tags. I really love the way they play off each other. But I'm not sure if I like the idea of making Zod another corporate bad guy. It feels like it turns him into a Lex Luthor clone. But the plan to build a tower that uses solar energy was so ominous that I almost didn't care about the change. One thing that's bugging me though is the constant use of the word Kandorian when they should be saying Kryptonian. Like when Zod said "No human is equal to a Kandorian." Kandor is a city, Krypton is the planet and Kryptonian is their race. After all these years, why are they suddenly so afraid to say Kryptonian? It sounds so awkward. It's like last season when people kept saying "the Beast" instead of "Doomsday." Someone like Tess saying it is one thing, but Clark knows its actual name, so The Beast sounds weird coming from him. Zod would identify himself to an Earthling as a Kryptonian, it's almost like the writers are trying to pretend they are a different group of aliens or something, which is weird. Overall, this episode could have used an explosion or two. It's funny; a few weeks back I was complaining that there was too much action, and not enough character-development on this show. Now all we are getting are "soap opera" character stories and no action. This really wouldn't be so bad if they actually focused on Clark instead of Lois or Ollie. Oh well, next week looks like a face-melter, so fingers crossed.
  • back from the rutt

    this was the best episode i have seen in a while...some twists and turns...clark stopped a bullet for the first time in a while, some one upping for zod, and clarks getting some again...WITHOUT puke and vomit Lanna Lang!!!
    there hasnt been any sexual tension in this show in a while which has been at a loss, and i needed to see clark really save the day with some vulgar display of was abundent until around the time his dad died. i hope they continue to bring it back....LOVE this show. I hope it continues with this kind of content as it is what brought it so far and lost ratings as it disappeared to a large degree.
  • Little slow in the beginning, but the best and most confusing ending of the season.

    While this episode started out a little slow (as a good percentage of the Smallville episodes do), it ended with a bang. The story subplot (or maybe not so anymore considering the ammount of time it is focused on now) was perfectly woven into the episode and accounted for a major part of the story.

    Green Arrow takes a fledgling UFC-style streetfighter, Mia, under his wing and rescues her from a life of abuse on the streets. I look forward to her place in the show and wait to see if she develops into the next member of the fledgling Justice League. Meanwhile, Tess and Zod are still rivals in their own agreement, and the two make for a very interesting duo. Chloe meets Tess's version of her, and the two team up at the end.

    The ending is amazing. I wait to see if it is actually real or it Clark is simply dreaming it.
  • Great Great Episode...

    Lois and Clark try out for the good morning Metropolis, with their first assignment, going on blind dates with people that find on the Internet, Oliver tries to help a troubled girl, and chloe tries to hack into Luther corp...

    Oliver taking the position as lois date, tells her that he still loves her, and for her to be truthful, she did too "Clark"... Oliver and Lois getting run down by bad man with oliver new friend, with no other choice... A great start to an even better finish... Chloe making a deal with someone from Luther Corp, Tess getting rid of a kandor, And CLARK finally showing us his feelings for LOIS, AMAZING EPISODE, AS LIKE ALWAYS...
  • One of my favorites. A very strong, character-driven episode!

    I really loved this episode. In fact, it is one of my favorite episodes of the series.

    I like that the writers ditched the freak-of-the-week storyline that we have had in almost every other episode of the series, opting for a character-driven episode full of development and hints at the future. This was a strong route to take, and the writers did a wonderful job with the execution (although, like others, I would have liked to have seen Chloe a little more).

    I was interested in the Mia/Oliver story, and I'm glad it didn't end too predictably. While Mia could have been a one-time guest star who died or had all her issues resolved in one episode, it seems she may be a recurring guest star who will work with Oliver in the future. I loved that aspect.

    Of course, like most Smallville and Superman fans, I was really pleased about seeing Lois and Clark together. Highlight of the series! They're scenes were sweet and real, and I look forward to future episodes where they are trying to be/become a couple. This season may end up being my favorite one yet, and that's saying something, considering it is the 9th season and shows usually deteriorate almost to the point of being unwatchable, after that long!

    As for Zod/Tess, interesting as usual, and I liked seeing the tower that first appeared in Lois' dream at the beginning of the season. Things are definitely in motion! Tess' hacker geek fit in well with Chloe and the watchtower, and I did not see that end coming. Honestly, it was a pleasant surprise to see Chloe potentially offer the guy a job doing good rather than try to destroy him to get info. The more important thing was to get a new ally, and that was very cool. I also love the way those scenes were shot, with the slow motion and the music.

    So, yeah...this was a beautiful episode in most/all aspects. One of the shows' best, I think. I'm giddy for the rest of season 9! :-)
  • Lois and clark are cast as the new hosts of a show. Oliver tries to help out a young girl put her life back together.

    This episode was great. Were to begin, how about the beginning. The first scene with Lois and Clark was funny, I like that they were cast because they fight like a married couple. The rest of the stuff with them through the rest of the episode was great just as usual. I liked when they were on there online dates and the other one disapproved of the other ones date. I will get back to them later. On the other note Chloe got a little bit bigger part in this epsiode and she was kinda like the Chloe of old. The stuff with Tess and Zod was cool, she made him mad when she killed a fellow kandorian. Waiting to see what happens with them next. With Oliver, I like that he's finally back and helping people, but it still doesn't seem right that he's not doing it as the Green Arrow. I'm sure he will soon though. The parts with him and Mia were good. Then with Lois and Oliver, Clark thought Lois liked Oliver back and he was definitley jealous. The end fight scene was cool, I bet Oliver wet his pants from a bullet that close. Finall the ending scene was great, not because they finally kissed, but because Clark stepped up, was a man, and made the first move. That was great. This season is being written really well, I hope they keep up the good work.

    k ill start with the beginning of the show with lois and clark,the chemistry between them was there and in clark eyes it can be seen that he want lois.
    oliver and speedy it was okay. chloe and the hacker it was cool i didnt know that there is somebody better than chloe at hacking.
    that amazing part with the bullet it was "MAD" i love it i had to back up and watch it over and over again. felt sorry for clark u could see the pain inside when he saw lois and oli.
    chloe giving clark (the guy she love all her life) advice that was good.
    tess and zod "WOW" i love those two wont say more. now that kiss wow it was amazing they looked good.
    great show over all everybody take part, we need more off this and im asking for more action from clark only 1 in this episode.
    now friday episode the trailer looking mad cant wait to see it. keep it up peeps
  • The kiss that finally came

    I almost jumped out of my chair when I saw the clois kiss. Finally, a full on kiss. I almost died. But I'm glad that the whole episode wasn't about them. Poor Oliver wants Lois, but Lois finally confessed that she wants Clark and Oliver's face dropped into sadness. Clark did the whole jealous thing on point. He thought Oliver and Lois still wanted each other and the look of pain came across his face when he was watching over them from the rooftop hugging. I'm glad Chloe had more of an important role and is being used properly. Tess is a strong woman to take down a Kandorian. Can't wait for next's week's episode. Looks epic.
  • Great Episode!

    Loved the episode.

    enjoyed Speedy/Mia. Her opening fight sequence I was very much enthralled. She's an animal. Her story, my first impression is that I like it. I feel for her, she's made a lot of wrong turns in life and ended up in this horrible situation where she is "owned" and cannot get free. She's obviously had a tough life, with no breaks at all, then suddenly here comes Oliver. I believe he really will save her, in every way imaginable.

    Chloe was great, I enjoyed that this new guy challenges her. She obviously got a lot of enjoyment from the back n forth with regards to who-can-out-hack-who. It was very thoughtful of Chloe to tell Clark to leave the Kandorians to her for one day, almost like heroes need a break to recharge once in a while since the world wasn't currently ending at the moment. Nice to see Chloe smile and have some story of her own. Also, I was very surprised that it was Chloe who told Clark to go for it...!

    Tess was excellent. Tess was beautiful in that dress and with her hair like that. She seemed very vulnerable to me in that moment. I was so darn proud of her at the end scene. That's what you get Zod!! Tess isn't just any human. muaaaahahaha (that was my sad version of an evil laugh, LoL!)

    Zod was killer as well. Man, he certainly knows how to scare me. I do not know how the actor does it, but I fear the man. LoL!

    Clark as the Blur was niiiiice! I really liked how that moment played out, I sensed some anger from Clark toward the guy. I was very much pleased with the effects, as well as the homage to sr... very schweeet! LoL!

    Need to watch again to fully put together my thoughts on Lois n Oliver, Lois, as well as Lois n Clark... Still kind of speechless with the end scene. I looked at the time and was thinking, crap! Will there even be any time for it? Is it not going to happen?

    Again, loved this episode.
  • Episode six showed a great progression with all of the story lines in Season 9!

    Wow-I loved this episode! Thank goodness for DVR. I was not thrilled with CW moving Smallville to Friday nights since it is a very event-filled night. However, when I watched it at 11:45 p.m., it was a great way to end the evening. The first scene with Lois and Clark auditioning for the morning talk show was very funny and it definitely hooked me for the rest of the episode. I really liked how the writers are developing this relationship. They are doing a good job on showing how a relationship might progress between two adults that work together and are dealing with their individual insecurities. In Clark's case, it is not only insecurities but having a secret identity to keep. I really liked the scene that he had with Chloe on how he was torn between his feelings for Lois and wanting Oliver to have happiness even at his own expense. Lois showed a great deal of maturity and warmth as she clarified to Oliver how she felt about Oliver. Of course, being the romantic that I am, the final scene will be an all-time Smallville favorite of mine. The scenes between Tess and Zod were very chilling. Tess is a formidable foe for the condescending Kandorian. I also liked how Chloe interacted with Stuart. It should be interesting how this story line progresses.

    Another great installment for Smallville. I am not only looking forward to next week's show about Jor-el but I am rooting for a Season 10!