Season 9 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2009 on The CW

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  • Great Episode!

    Loved the episode.

    enjoyed Speedy/Mia. Her opening fight sequence I was very much enthralled. She's an animal. Her story, my first impression is that I like it. I feel for her, she's made a lot of wrong turns in life and ended up in this horrible situation where she is "owned" and cannot get free. She's obviously had a tough life, with no breaks at all, then suddenly here comes Oliver. I believe he really will save her, in every way imaginable.

    Chloe was great, I enjoyed that this new guy challenges her. She obviously got a lot of enjoyment from the back n forth with regards to who-can-out-hack-who. It was very thoughtful of Chloe to tell Clark to leave the Kandorians to her for one day, almost like heroes need a break to recharge once in a while since the world wasn't currently ending at the moment. Nice to see Chloe smile and have some story of her own. Also, I was very surprised that it was Chloe who told Clark to go for it...!

    Tess was excellent. Tess was beautiful in that dress and with her hair like that. She seemed very vulnerable to me in that moment. I was so darn proud of her at the end scene. That's what you get Zod!! Tess isn't just any human. muaaaahahaha (that was my sad version of an evil laugh, LoL!)

    Zod was killer as well. Man, he certainly knows how to scare me. I do not know how the actor does it, but I fear the man. LoL!

    Clark as the Blur was niiiiice! I really liked how that moment played out, I sensed some anger from Clark toward the guy. I was very much pleased with the effects, as well as the homage to sr... very schweeet! LoL!

    Need to watch again to fully put together my thoughts on Lois n Oliver, Lois, as well as Lois n Clark... Still kind of speechless with the end scene. I looked at the time and was thinking, crap! Will there even be any time for it? Is it not going to happen?

    Again, loved this episode.