Season 9 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2009 on The CW

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  • A solid episode ends with a bang.

    The promo for this episode relied heavily on one particular scene: the Clois kiss. It certainly was the most significant moment to come out of this episode, but I think that all characters have something to take away from Crossfire. And that's why this episode was very good. It had a something for every character. Tess and Zod's power game continued, Oliver continued his return from his dark place by helping out a potential sidekick and Chloe found herself a match in her own department. My only gripe is that Chloe, Zod and Tess should have got more screentime. I felt that some scenes in the dating game, as well as Oliver and Mia's arc, we could have done without. My main focus in this show is always the hero aspect of it, so the kiss wasn't the part that captivated me the most. I like the way the Zod plot is going. The Tower that Tess unveiled, is the same one Lois sees in her visions. This, along with the promo for Kandor have me very curious about how this story will unravel. The writing for this episode was quite good. They managed to squeeze in and develop 4 different plots. I can't remember a Smallville episode in receny memory with so much action all over the place. I hope it's something they keep on doing, but with a more balanced screentime schedule. The directing was very good and the special effects are looking fantastic at the moment. I loved the scene where Clark saved Oliver and Lois. How Superman Returns-like!

    I liked Clark's scenes in this episode. His chemistry with Lois was much better this week. When he went to Chloe for advice you felt the conflict in him. That's why it was great to see him take the initiative in the final scene. I just wish we saw him more in action, but the bullet stopping made up for it! Lois had a memorable outing. I wasn't too fond of her commentary during Clark's date, but that's what jealousy will do to you! It was also nice to see her clear the air with Oliver. Chloe's appearance in this episode was a disappointment for me. She deserves more screentime and a better arc. I think it was a step down for Roulette. She can do so much more than just help Clois happen and try to outhack Stuart. Tess should also have appeared more. But, as was the case in Echo, she sure made her presence felt. I like Callum Blue as Zod. I can't wait to see a lot of him next week. Oliver was fun to watch again. I liked his mature reaction to Lois' confession. Finally, i liked Mia's short story here. I hope we get to see her again soon. All in all, an actio packed episode that left fans with a sweet taste in their mouth. Roll on Kandor!
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