Season 9 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2009 on The CW

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  • Kneel Before Mythos

    Crossfire-Oliver offers to train a new girl, Mia, to keep her safe from danger. Lois and Clark are stunned when a TV morning show wants both of them to be their new hosts. WOW, talk about a homerun! Okay, "Crossfire" wasn't exactly a masterpiece, but there were so many great moments in this episode to make it my new favorite so far of the season. There are 4 plots in this episode (Clark/Lois, Oliver/Mia, Tess/Zod and Chloe/Stuart). Not only do all these plots work, the writers manage to connect all of them in a cohesive fashion. Usually a Smallville episode packed with so much story ends up being a disaster ("Doomsday" anyone?) But all the storylines are well paced, well written and the whole cast as well as guest stars got something good to do in this episode, which is rare for Smallville. I think its best I review this episode by critiquing each plot separately:

    Clark/Lois-What can I say? Simply magic! The opening teaser was priceless and the Clois banter was the sharpest since "Committed". Tom and Erica's chemistry was through the roof in this episode and I loved the scenes where they're making comments about their blind dates. So cute and the actors had great comedic timing. Oh and do I even have to mention the kiss? It felt like a moment straight out of the comics! From Clark's lovingly staring at Lois to the way he finally grows a pair and goes in for it, not to mention the way they hold each other as they kissed. I think this is the few time the writers outmatched the hype! It will go done in history as one of Smallville's best moments! That kiss was beyond LEGENDARY; it was passion and love personified!!!

    Oliver and Mia-An actually decent storyline! It's good to see Oliver back and being a mentor to a future hero. Mia/Speedy was a pretty good character and one hell of a fighter. Yeah, she double crossed Oliver, but at least she tried to save Oliver and Lois toward the end which shows she's learning what it means to be a hero. I also liked the Lollie scenes. Justin and Erica were so compelling when Lois confesses her feelings for Clark and Oliver respects her decision even though he is heartbroken. Just shows once again how Lois and Olvier has always been a logical pair when dealing with their feelings for each other since they meet in Season 6. It was a nice end to Lollie that didn't ruin what they had in the past and showed how they are adults now.

    Tess/Zod-Man, do I love the scenes between these two. The villain rivalry between Tess and Zod is probably my new favorite storyline of the season. Callum Blue is perfection as Zod. He's cruel, he's evil and I loved his line about "a human not being on equal footing with a Kandorian." It's a line that defines who Zod is and how he'll always think of himself as above all! I loved how Tess didn't back down from Zod's threats and how badass was that scene of Tess giving Zod the bloody dog tag of one of his soldiers with Tess casually waving and smiling at Zod. Again, I love these two together, more writers, we need more of scenes between these…NOW!

    Chloe/Stuart-This is probably the most I enjoyed Chloe in...well...a good long while! What a good storyline for her with her having a "hack off" with Stuart. It's obviously there is some hidden attraction between the two of them and I actually would be all for it if it happened. I mean Chimmy was never a believable couple and Jimmy was always better not with Chloe around. Maybe a fellow hacker will be a match for her both professionally and romantically. That last scene between them looks like will be seeing more of Stuart in the future, so we'll see. Not to mention, Chloe gave Clark good advice for once about pursuing his feelings for Lois, who would have thank it?

    I also wanted to add that I loved; I mean LOVED that bullet sequence when the Blur saves Oliver and Lois. The effects were pretty mind-blowing and very reminiscent of Superman stopping the machine gun of "Superman Returns." That's another scene that will go done as one of my favorites from this series and great job SFX for creating such a epic save for Clark. Some people will see "Crossfire" as just entertaining filler with nothing much that happened besides the Clois kiss. But there are so many stories in this episode that I wouldn't even consider it one. There was tons of story progression and character development making "Crossfire" a stellar character driven episode and is easily the most entertaining and re-watchable Smallville episode since "Hex"! Next week...looks like epic stuff and we meet Jor-El in person!