Season 9 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2009 on The CW

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  • Lois and clark are cast as the new hosts of a show. Oliver tries to help out a young girl put her life back together.

    This episode was great. Were to begin, how about the beginning. The first scene with Lois and Clark was funny, I like that they were cast because they fight like a married couple. The rest of the stuff with them through the rest of the episode was great just as usual. I liked when they were on there online dates and the other one disapproved of the other ones date. I will get back to them later. On the other note Chloe got a little bit bigger part in this epsiode and she was kinda like the Chloe of old. The stuff with Tess and Zod was cool, she made him mad when she killed a fellow kandorian. Waiting to see what happens with them next. With Oliver, I like that he's finally back and helping people, but it still doesn't seem right that he's not doing it as the Green Arrow. I'm sure he will soon though. The parts with him and Mia were good. Then with Lois and Oliver, Clark thought Lois liked Oliver back and he was definitley jealous. The end fight scene was cool, I bet Oliver wet his pants from a bullet that close. Finall the ending scene was great, not because they finally kissed, but because Clark stepped up, was a man, and made the first move. That was great. This season is being written really well, I hope they keep up the good work.