Season 9 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2009 on The CW

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  • A mixed-bag for fans wanting a reminder of the glory-moments spurring our addiction to this eye-candy dependent rendition of the classic Superman mythos. Clark grows a pair; Chloe makes a play for Tess' obviously gay assistant & Lois loves who exactly?

    First, my apologies to my many fans for taking longer than usual to post my review of this particular episode of Smallville. I watched, like many of you, this mostly well-played installment and was left feeling both elated, and a little let down. Some have suggested that this episode deserves more than a single viewing; but, I fear doing so would only further twist my already mixed emotions concerning a surprisingly complex and well-acted episode. Notice, I stated "well-acted." I don't think it was well-written because the writing lacked the discipline required of strong and consistent storytelling.

    Let's begin with the kiss. While it was refreshing to see Clark stepping up and acting like a grown person, the writers did a real disservice to the very entertaining dynamic painstakingly established between Lois and Clark. It is silly as-well-as lazy of the writers to have Clark and Lois start macking on each other in the middle of the office. I could only imagine what the presumed witnesses must have been thinking: "For Pete's sake people, get a room!" And what of Lois' infatuation with the Blur? To me, the kiss just came off as two horny adults seeking some relief; and a cheap and easy way for the writers to add some last minute cliff-hanger type of drama. And while some may have enjoyed the opening banter between Lois and Clark, I found the precious musical soundtrack and the constant bickering between the two mostly annoying.

    Fortunately, the writers wisely had Tess make a long overdue appearance, and her mysterious defeat of General Zod's maid-servant was certainly a "wow" moment and well played. However, it does make one raise an eyebrow at Tess' apparent lack of the ability to adequately vet her personal staff. And I remain very tired of any plot involving Zod. It simply demonstrates a lack of creativity. Again, can we just be done with the whole Zod threat? Part of the magic appeal of Smallville, is the idea that you have this alien (Clark) from another planet trying to fit in among humans and feeling so isolated while doing so. Now, it seems as if Clark would have more than enough reasons to search out and build good relationships with his kinfolk. And exactly why is it that these kinfolk don't have the same abilities as Clark beneath our yellow sun? The writers had better come up with a good reason. But I fear it will only prove to be somewhat cheesy. And exactly why was Mia presented as such a powerful fighter, only to be dominated by a street hood pimp? And Oliver has more than 3 billion dollars in his bank account. I'm thinking Oliver needs to be doing a great deal more to help out those of a particular need. And the whole last minute "I still Love You" pitch at Lois was just not believable on any level. Oliver has up until recently been portrayed as a much more sophisticated man and well-schooled in all manner of love and loss. His realization that he was still in love with Lois deserved to have been demonstrated in a sophisticated manner. After all, it was already established in a previous episode that he was well aware of Lois' strong and developing feelings for Clark. I would have liked to have seen them put in a situation where each realized they still had strong feelings for each other – much in the way the whole Lana/Lex relationship developed. This would have given the writers an opportunity to better demonstrate Clark's evolution from a boy to a man who knows how to fight for the woman he desires. Oh, well. I'm starting to wonder if Smallville has indeed jumped the shark? Or, maybe, some of you might argue I just need to get a room.

    As always, I'm just keepin' it very real. Peace Out!